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I don’t own Futurama or its character

Leela Is the One

Futurama Main Title Theme

“Don’t Adjust TV sets, she really is a Cyclops”

Droopy Cartoon

(This story takes place, after The Gulk and Fry Another Day and just before the final episode of Futurama, “The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings”. This story also has references to old episodes.)

(Scene of star-like balls of blue and white light in space and they are moving around as if they are gum balls trapped in a gum ball machine, but actually they aren’t stars, but universes.)

Narrator: There is not one universe, there is not one parallel universe. There are different universes or a Multiverse as it is referred to. In each universe there is a you that lives in it at the same time as you in yours. This would make a person feel like they aren’t unique, well actually that is true. I mean in another universe there is probably an even better narrator than me, that son of a b....(clears throat)...well moving on. Traveling through another universe without proper authorization is restricted. There must be balance in the Multiverse, or some really bad stuff will happen, I don’t know but I think my other self probably thinks he knows that lucky bastard. (Clears Throat) Well, a group people were establish to enforce and protect the balance of the Multiverse, but there is one person who will try and create an imbalance, for you see this person desires to be...the one.

(Cuts to the PE Ship, returning from another amazing delivery, we see the cockpit and there is Fry in control of the steering and Bender beside him while the captain is busy. Fry still is wiping something off his face and clothes.)

Fry: Man, this delivery blows, I can’t believe we didn’t see this coming. Delivering 1000 coconut creamed pies to the Stooge Planet in the Nyuk galaxy, should had told us that we were delivering the pies to the biggest pie fight. And my face hurts from all that slapping and eye-poking, I’ll have Dr. Zoidberg look at it, what a good and respectable doctor.

Bender: Yeah, well at least this delivery came with some benefits. (opens his chest and pulls out a glass and seltzer bottle and spray some in the glass and drinks and puts the stuff back) So, where is our beloved captain?

Fry: She’s still in the shower, wiping all that pie off of her.

Bender: Cheer up meatbag, at least we got this over with. We’d probably would still be delivering the pies there if we’d stayed longer at Planet Express, to listen to Cubert’s lousy oral presentation for school.

Fry: Well, thanks Bender, for getting us out of that.

Bender: Yeah, well you should thank me, deciding not to go on vacation this week.

Fry: Yeah why did choose to stay?

Bender: Well, I began thinking and I’m just starting to like this job of delivering.

Fry: But you didn’t even lift a finger to help.

Bender: What part of “just starting” didn’t you understand?

(Just then they take a hit and the ship shakes. Space Pirates are firing.)

Fry: Space Pirates!

Bender: Space Pirates?

Fry: You know, Pirates from...(takes another hit) oh never mind I got to inform the captain. (On intercom) Hello captain, come in we have an emergency up here. (Another hit. The door then opens to reveal the captain, who just put on her clothes from the dryer and is Amy.)

Amy: Space Pirates? Oh Um Fry man the laser.

Fry: Yi Yi sir.

(Heads for the laser and fires and destroys the enemy ship quickly but not before an escape pod from the ship heads straight for them and we hear the sound of someone entering the ship.)

Bender: The Pirates are on board, quick save the booze!

Amy: Listen men, (Fry enters) we’ll have to fight them. (Hands everybody a laser they are start searching the ship for pirates and then they get ambushed by pirates)

Pirate 1: Arr, we’ve caught the land lobbers.

Pirate 2: This shall please our captain.

Fry: Who’s your captain? Blue Beard? Green Beard? Yellow Beard? Stop me when I get the right color.

Pirate 1 (looking down the hall). Arr here’s our captain.

(A group of pirates show and behold their captain was Leela)

Captain Leela: Arr take the robot alive, but kill the humans.

(Fry and Amy hug each other out of fear.)

Bender: Yes.... um I mean I’ll miss you guys.

(Just as Leela was about to chop away at Amy and Fry with her sword, the lights start dimming and everybody is wondering what’s going on and then someone fires a laser at Captain Leela, she falls dead. The pirates are shocked and blame, Amy, Fry and Bender. They start getting closer to them.)

Bender: Now, now remember what your faithful captain said about letting the robot live.

(Just then a dark figure approaches the crowd and everybody just freezes and it’s another Leela, this one’s wearing her regular clothes and a jacket much like the one she wore in “Space Pilot 3000" only this one has DOOP stitched on the left side. This Leela exams the dead Leela with an advanced thingy on her wrist.)

Wrist Thingy: Leela 99, dead confirmed.

Leela: Yes!

(The pirates, tired of looking start to attack this Leela, she is able to beat the living hell out of all the pirates, beaking their necks and other limbs as Amy, Fry and Bender look on in fear as to what is going on. Leela manages to kill are the pirates then turns her attention to the PE crew.)

Leela: Now to take care of you three.

(But before she can make good on her word, she is almost hit by a laser of her own and from the shadows, come another Fry and Amy--This Amy will be Amy 2,-- with them wearing black pants and with the same jackets as Leela.)

Leela: Philip and Amy!

Amy 2: Don’t move, bitch! (Points laser directly at her, but the Fry she’s with tells her to ease off.)

Philip: Turanga Leela, you are under arrest for traveling to through the multiverse w/o proper authorization by the DOOP of our universe, we are ordered to bring you back and face trial.)

Turanga: Sorry, you two, but I have a job to finish, and she bolts out. (Amy 2 fires right at her, almost hitting Fry and Amy with no disregard. Philip manages to calm her down.)

Amy 2: She’s getting away, why did you stop me?

Philip: Because, regulations insist that we apprehend the suspects without endangering the lives of the innocent.

(Amy 2 merely shows signs of disapproval as they head off, leaving Amy, Fry and Bender stunned and creeped out. Amy2 and Philip chase after Turanga, but she makes it off the ship by stealing one the escape pods and Philip and Amy2 use another to pursue her. As they are changing her, Amy2 looks a her wrist thingy and it looks exactly like the advanced wrist thingy, Turanga has.)

Amy2: Gluck, she’ll be transporting in less than five minutes to who knows where.

(Shots of Turanga, expressing signs of annoyance, but is happy that the timer on her wrist thingy says she’ll be transporting very soon.)

Philip: I’ve got on idea. (He puts in a space helmet and opens the door and starts firing at Turanga’s escape pod and manages to hit part of it, causing Turanga to make an emergency landing on planet Earth. The escape pod makes a huge crash, but she’s able to walk away from the wreckage, with seconds to spare for her wrist thingy says she’ll be transporting in mere seconds. However just then, the escape with Philip and Amy2 arrive with Philip leaping from the escape pod before it actually lands and he lands right on Turanga. They struggle and Philip manages to hit the cancel button on her wrist thingy canceling, the transporting and then her smacks Turanga’s wrist on the ground to break the her wrist thingy so it no longer works.)

Philip: Amy! Set coordinates for our universe, and hurry.

Amy2: I’ve already done it.

(Fry struggles to keep Turanga pinned down. Amy2 walks up pressing buttons on her transporter wrist thingy –TWT– and it says, transportation in five, four three, two, one. They all three of them get caught in a beam of blue light and it looks like they are being ripped to shreds and their body parts are flowing upwards and sudden they and the beam of light disappear. The three are traveling through a worm-hole and they each are being put back together and then they disappear again. They all land in some futuristic-like room and they are all on the floor. They feel like hell as they try to get up, just then a door opens and out comes a group of people wearing the same doop jackets with lasers and they grab Turanga. They remove her broken wrist thingy and handcuff her, one soldier comes over to help Philip and Amy2 up and then Zapp Brannigan appears.)

Zapp: Good work men, now let’s get to business.

(Next scene. The next morning. Turanga is strapped to a chair and stands in front of group of people. From left to right is Zapp, The head of Doop and Hermes. The Head of Doop reads a list as to her right is a screen showing different verisons of Leela from different universes.)

HOD: Number 96, Hooker Leela, Number 97, Mermaid Leela, Number 98, 20th Robot Leela , and Number 99, Pirate Leela. (Pauses until screen turns off) Officer Turanga Leela you are charged with violating Multiverse Law, traveling through the multiverse w/o proper authorization and you are also charge with committing over 100 murders, 99 of them being versions of you. We have no choice but to fine you guilty and sentence you to be transported to the Prison Limbo, w/o the possibility of return. (Turanga merely has a plain look on are face, The HOD then asks the people beside her,) Do any of you have anything to say?

Hermes: Nope.

Zapp: I do. I’m ashamed of you Officer Leela. You were a good officer, no wait outstanding officer and for you to do this and murder our beloved Professor Farnsworth is inexcusable.

Turanga: (Seductive) Come on Big Z, I thought that night we had was special.

Zapp: Nice try, but that won’t work Turanga. Sure, I loved everything about that night, but I put business before pleasure and don’t let my love life affect my job, like I’ve always have.

HOD: Turanga Leela, have you anything else to say.

Turanga: Yes, I do, if you ask me this is a complete load, capturing me when I’m at 99, a lousy 99 not giving me a chance to make it triple digits. Sure, I’ll admit to killing innocent people, but could you call me a murderer for those 99 particular murders. How could I murder myself 99 times?

HOD: That is enough! You will have one last meal and visitor and you’ll be transported to the Prison Limbo in an hour from now which will be 12:00pm Wednesday. Meeting adjourned.

(Next Scene. Philip is in Dr. Zoidberg’s officer getting new bandages for his ribs.)

Zoidberg: Now, Officer Fry take it easy, you don’t wanna strain those ribs, now.

Philip: Thanks, Dr. Zoidberg, you are a blessing in the medical field.

Zoidberg: Vhat a nice thing to say, then again all of my patients always have some nice to say.

(Amy2 enters)

Amy2: Philip, you are okay? (Walks over to him and plants a huge kiss. Fry merely accepts the kiss.)

Philip: Did, you miss me, sweetheart?

Amy2: Yes, and so did our unborn son. I just visited him and he’s doing well in the pre-birth tube.

Philip: Only three more months and he can take him home.

(Zapp enters.)

Zapp: Aw Officer Wong and Officer Fry. How’s the ribs?

Philip: Fine, sir.

Zapp: Officer Fry, I came here to inform you that the prisoner chooses you as her last visitor in this universe. She requests that you speak with her.

Amy2: Just him?

Zapp: Yes.

Philip: Well, are right.

(The three head for the secure room where Turanga is being held, before she’s taken to the transport room. Philip enters the room. It is an empty room, only one door, no windows and hidden cameras monitoring every movement. Turanga is lying on the floor, knees crossed in shackles. When she sees Philip, she stands up.)

Turanga: Aw, Philip how are the ribs?

(Philip merely rubs his bandaged ribs.)

Turanga: yeah, I know you long enough to know about yourself.

Philip: I wish I can say the same.

Turanga: Here we go again.

Philip: Turanga, I must say my heart is broken again. What is your deal? I the mean the first time you killed yourself it was an accident, but what you are doing now is dangerous it could...

Turanga: (mimicking) Cause, an imbalance to the Multiverse. Right, I think I heard you tell that to me about once in about 87 different universes. Imbalance? That is what that Farnsworth said would happen the first time I killed and nothing happened and nothing has happened 99 times.

Philip: That still doesn’t mean something won’t happen, and don’t you dare speak the professor’s name. He was a good man.

Turanga: I just needed one more me to kill and I’ve got 100 and one step closer to being the one.

Amy2 (through the hidden glass): Why don’t you kill yourself and makes 100!

Zapp: Quiet, Wong, they can’t hear you anyway.

Philip: Well that is that is one goal you’ll never accomplish.

Turanga: That’s where you are wrong. Whatever it takes, I will be the one.

(Next Scene. Turanga is being taken by armed guards to the transport room to finish sentencing. We cut the actually room, where scientists are busy setting coordinates to the Prison Limbo. We cut see a group of people seated, who will witness the sentencing, including Hermes and the HOD. Philip, Amy2 and Zapp are not present.)

Hermes: It is a shame that Officer Bender mon isn’t here, he’d loved to see this.

HOD: He’s still on his much needed vacation?

Hermes: Yes, truly model officer such as him deserves time off.

(We cut to outside the room and Kif shows up with Nibbler and he is stopped by two guards.)

Guard 1: Halt, present yourself.

Kif: Aw Lit. Kif Kroeker with Nibbler.

Guard 2: Nibbler?

Kif: Aw he is or was the suspect’s pet. He’s come to bid his good-bye.

Guard1: Well, we normally don’t allow pets, but he’s so darn cute. You both are cleared.

(Kif then carries Nibbler to where the seats are and sits in the back. Then the group of guards show up escorting Turanga show up. She is strapped to the chair and a door ceiling from above opens comes out a ray that will beam the blue light to transport her.)

Scientist: Transporting will begin in less than one minute.

(Just then Kif puts Nibbler on the floor and Nibbler heads for one of the slurm vending machines only instead of the logo being green it is red, he gets to it unnoticed and plants something on the side and heads back to Kif and then and explosion from vending machine happens, causing a huge commotion. Kif then races to the controls and karate kicks the scientists. Two Guards try and stop him, but along with Nibbler manage to knock them down. Kif then stops the transporting process and proceeds to set new coordinates and since the transporter is warmed up it takes no time for Turanga to start being transported.)

Kif: Good luck, my love.

Turanga: Thank yoooooou. (She gets transported)

(Just then Philip and Amy enter and begin firing at Kif, Kif manages to seize a ray-gun from one of the knocked out soldiers and returns fire, but Amy2 manages to aim and hit Kif right in the chest. Nibbler flies out and tries to bite Amy2 in the face, but Philip fires on shot in Nibbler’s body. Kif still standing manages to fire a shot right at the controls and falls dead.)

(Enter Zapp with guards)

Zapp: What happened?

HOD: (coming out of hiding) Turanga, has escaped.

Zapp: (to one of the recovering scientist) How’s the transporter?

Scientist: It’s damaged, it may take a while to get it back on line. I’m checking to see what universe she was transported to.

HOD: Why would Lit. Kroeker do this and blast the transporter?

Philip: Because Turanga told her. (Everybody pays attention to him) She knows now that she’s stuck in whatever universe she’s in and the only way we can capture her quickly is to use this (shows the TWT on his wrist). She’ll stop a nothing to steal it from us to continue her murderous game.

Zapp: We’ll Officer Wong and Officer Fry, you’ll both have to go and do what you best, but only faster.

Amy2: She’ll have to pry this TWT off my cold dead hands (shows TWT)

Philip: She intents to.

Zapp: Well, doctor have you pin pointed her whereabouts

Scientist: Yes, she has been transported to...Universe A.

(A sure enough we finally are in the universe we all know very well and we see the PE ship with the Leela we all know steering and Fry and Amy are with her.)

Fry: Man, this delivery blows, I can’t believe we didn’t see this coming. Delivering 1000 coconut creamed pies to the Stooge Planet in the Nyuk galaxy, that should had told us we were delivering the pies to the biggest pie fight. And my face hurts from all that slapping and eye-poking. What sucks is that I have to have Dr. Zoidberg look at it. (Wipes his face with a towel to clean off the cream.)

Amy: And to top it off no benefits. Leela, I can’t believe you won’t let me take a long shower.

Leela: Amy part of this job is getting dirty, slimed, crapped on or in this case getting hit with pies and besides, I told you guys to not stay behind for the festivities.

Fry: It’s just a damn shame that it took so long for us to make this delivery.

Amy: Yeah, we’d have already been done if the Professor, hadn’t made us lesson to Cubert’s oral presentation for school before we left.

Fry: I wish Bender were here, he would’ve came up with something to get us out of that.

Amy: It’s a shame that Hermes gave him a two week vacation and he hardly does anything.

Leela: He had to give Bender the vacation after that beating you gave him when you were the Gulk.

Amy: Gluck, don’t remind me. So, where did he go?

Leela: The Tropical 4 planet in the Paradise galaxy.

(Cut to that very place and Bender is at the pool area, where aliens and humans are lounging around. Bender’s in a life guard’s uniform with sun glasses and stops a human couple.)

Bender: Excuse me, I’ll have to confiscate your wallets and jewelry, they are not allowed in the pool.

Man: But we just ate, we aren’t going swimming, we’re just going to work on our tans.

Bender: Wallets and jewelry are not allowed in the pool area then, fork em over skin tubes!

(The man and woman hand over their wallets and jewelry.)

Bender: Thank you. (Snickers)

Man: Aw, we’ll get them back when we...(Bender runs out)...leave, right?

(Cut back to the PE Ship and then they take laser hits.)

Leela: Space pirates!

Fry and Amy: Space Pirates?!

Leela: You know pirates from ,wait I’ve explained this to you both dozens of times. Fry, man the lasers. I’ll have to perform some maneuvers to dodge the rays.

(Fry heads for the lasers and fires and blasts the ship, but not before the PE ship takes a few more lasers.)

Amy: Did we get them?

Leela: Yes, wait a minute, I’m picking up a fourth life-form on the ship.

Fry: (coming in) Are they the pirates?

Leela: It could be, but how could they have gotten on the ship, w/o us detecting their escape pod?

Well, crew we’ll have to arm ourselves and find this intruder. Be careful.

(They each gather a ray-gun and proceed to scout the ship looking for the intruder. Leela starts searching and gets a feeling she is being watched. She then looks down the hallway and sees a shadow figure.)

Leela: Fry? Amy? Is that You?

(Shadow figure walks up to her to reveal, and Leela is shocked to see that the person is her.)

Turanga: The Good news honey, is that you are not crazy, but the bad news is... (pulls out ray-gun and fires, but Leela quickly dodges, but doesn’t fire back, for she is still with her jaw wide open at her double.)

Fry: (Entering and sees Turanga first) Leela, what happened? I heard laser shots, where did you get that coat?

(Turanga just karate kicks Fry and aims her laser right at him.)

Leela: No, Fry watch out! (Leela races and tackles Turanga and kicks the gun away from her. They begin to fight.)

Turanga: Sister you are as tough as Leelas 5, 35, 49 and Leela 60-72.

Leela: Who are you, are you really my sister? Or twin? Or Clone?

Turanga: I’m you and soon to be the one. (Applies kick, but Leela ducks.)

(Amy finally enters and sees Fry down.)

Amy: Fry, are you okay? (helps him up)

Fry: I think, Leela just tried to kill me.

Amy: What?

(They both hear the fighting and head over and are stunned to see two Leelas.)

Fry: What is going on? Leela?

Leela: This Leela, must be an imposter or evil twin or something.

(Just then Philip and Amy2 appear and Fry and Amy are even more stunned.)

Fry: Aw, Leela, don’t look now but I think we have more company.

(Leela is shocked to see Philip and Amy2)

Amy: (point ray-gun at them) Stand back and don’t move.

(Amy2 two just kicks the gun out of her hands and takes down Amy)

Amy2: You don’t move.

Fry: Hands off my friend. (Tries to get Amy2 off of Amy, but Philip takes down Fry. Leela sees this and stops fighting herself and tries to stop Philip and Amy2.)

Leela: Leave my friends alone.

(Amy2 and Leela start karate fighting.)

Philip: Amy!

Amy: Yeah

Philip: Not you

Amy: Oh

Philip: Amy stop fighting with her, she’s not the one we want.

Amy2: How could you tell? (They both stop)

Philip: Just by what she said she obvious cares about her friends.

Leela: Hell Yeah, now tell me what is going on?

Philip: That will have to wait, quick Amy is the suspect still onboard.

(Uses her TWT to monitor the ship.)

Amy2: She’s heading for the escape pods.

Philip: Let’s move. (They go OS)

Leela: Wait, you still need to tell me wants going on? (Races after them, but stops and heads back to check Fry and Amy who are starting to get back up.)

(Cut to Outside of ship and two escape pods shot out one at a time. Cut back the space deck and Leela races in and sits to start the ship in comes Fry.)

Fry: Where are we going?

Leela: After them! I have to know who that other cyclops was.

(CGI image of the ship heading straight after them.)

Leela: They are heading for Earth, it’s the nearest planet.

(They see the second escape pod fire lasers at the first one and it crashes on earth in New New York.) The escape pod crashes right in Central Park and out comes Turanga. Turanga then just runs into the woods and by the time the second escape pod lands. Philip and Amy2 pop out and they survey the area.)

Philip: Is she still around?

Amy2: (using TWT) She’s going out of range, but she’s heading West. (They about to leave when the PE ship crashes right in front of them and out comes Leela with a laser.)

Leela: Alright, I want some answers. Who are you people?

(They try and go around, but Leela just jumps in front and knocks Philip over. Amy2 starts to fight Leela, but Leela gives one karate kick and knocks her down.)

Philip: Amy! (Crawls to her and helps her to wake up. Amy and Fry show up and are stunned to see their doubles hugging. Amy2 wakes up.)

Philip: Good you are awake.

Amy2: Takes more than that to keep me down. (They hug harder, while Amy and Fry look at each other in an odd manner.)

Amy: Aw, Are you guys datings?

Amy2: Why of course not.

Philip: Yeah, we are married.

(Leela, Amy and Fry all gasp.)

(Next Scene. We find ourselves at Planet Express around the evening and everybody is shocked to see two Frys and two Amys.)

Hermes: Sweet, Lion of Zion, two Frys and two Amys. You know what dis means you’ll each have to share your paychecks, cause the company isn’t paying for twins.

Leela: Hermes that is the less of our problems.

Fry: Yeah there is another Leela and she tried to kill us.

Philip: Actually she was just trying to kill your Turanga Leela.

(Everybody quiets down. Then Dr. Zoidberg enters.)

Philip: Dr. Zoidberg can you take a look at my wife? I’m sure your good hands will take care of her.

Zoidberg: At last a compliment, but Fry when did you marry Amy?

Philip: We’ve been married for a year now.

Zoidberg: Really? How Come I wasn’t invited?

Philip: Yes you were, well our Dr. Zoidberg that we know

(Professor walks in)

Professor: What is going on everybody, I can’t get to sleep with all this racket?

(Philip and Amy2 are surprised and race to hug the Professor.)

Philip: It’s great to see you, professor, we’ve missed you so.

Amy2: Yes, just seeing your face in person is very heart-warming.

Leela: Alright, I want see answers now.

Philip: Fair enough.

(They all are in the conference room.)

Professor: So you are both saying you’re from a different universe?

Philip: Correct.

Professor: Well, we’ve dealt with parallel universes before, where’s your box?

Philip and Amy2: Box?

Professor: Yes the one you used to get here?

Philip: We came here with this. (Shows TWT)

Professor: Fascinating, who designed it”

Philip: You did.

(Everybody gasps.)

Amy2: I guess you’ll have to explain everything to them, honey.

Philip: Alright. (Uses the hologram to help explain.) Your universe is part of a spiral of universes that are close together in which forms the Multiverse.

Leela: Multiverse, how was it created?

Amy2: By these so-called boxes.

Philip: yes, at one point each universe had boxes that were doors to other universes, but people careless and started hurling the boxes to each of their suns causing a paradox.

Fry: Wow, good thing we have the box containing our universe. Hey where happened to it?

Hermes: It’s some where around.

Philip: When the boxes where destroyed it didn’t destroy the universes inside, but released them and it split into two different universes and it eventually formed the Multiverse.

Amy2: Since your box wasn’t destroyed, this happened w/o you realizing it.

Leela: So how did you get her?

Philip: I’m getting to that. Our universe was formed because of this. In every universe there are many versions of each of us. In one universe, Leela, you are evil, another good, another married to a man, another married to a woman, another you are man, and another you have two eyes while everybody has just has one and so on.

(Everybody is impressed.)

Philip: Our Professor Farnsworth, believed in the theory of the Multiverse and decided to prove it by building a transporter that will allow a person to travel back and forth from our universe to another. It was a brilliant invention.

Amy2: But people, wanted his invention so they stole his blueprints and made transporters of their own and started using them for illegal uses. The Professor feared that this would cause imbalance in the Multiverse and he pleaded this to our DOOP. DOOP decided to form a police force to monitor the Multiverse and stop people from traveling through different universes.

Philip: Doop deputized me, Amy and Turanga to help apprehend suspects.

Leela: So, this Turanga Leela was a cop?

Philip: Yes, she was good, the three of us worked together until one day we where arresting a suspect in a savage universe and we come across the Leela of that universe. That Leela would’ve killed us if Turanga hadn’t killed her. But after doing that she felt a surge of power, but what do you expect with her attitude.

Leela: How is it?

Amy2: She’s very competitive and always going on how she is number one on the force. When she killed herself she took it as if a competition to see who was the better person. It made her go nuts to know there were 100s of other Leelas, she decided that if that was the case, then she should be the best, by being the only one left alive.

Philip: She made that decision when she learned that our Professor was working on a prototype invention. (Shows them the TWT) This is the Transport Wrist Thingy, Professor was trying to make it easier us to travel through the Multiverse. You could go to any universe from any universe. The Professor built only three of them and we managed to destroy one, the one Turanga stole. So now she is stuck here, we’re lucky if she still had that TWT she’d be harder to catch.

Professor: So, how is your Professor?

(Philip and Amy2 look sad.)

Amy2: He’s dead.

Professor: Wha..? you said I’m dead.

Amy2: No, I meant our professor.

Philip: Turanga tried to steal one of the TWTs , but the Professor managed to hit the alarm. Sadly, before we could arrive, Turanga shot the Professor and escaped. The Professor was able to tell us what happened before ...he died.

Leela: I’m sorry, deeply.

Philip: You shouldn’t blame yourself, it wasn’t your fault, exactly.

Leela: it is just that to think that there is a me who is a murderer it just makes me feel strange.

Amy2: Yeah well, don’t let it get to you.

Fry: So, um I have a question for me?

Philip: Yes Philip.

Fry: Please I’d like to be called Fry.

Philip: Okay Fry?

Fry: How come you are married to Amy. I mean Amy and I dated in this universe, but it didn’t work out.

Philip: Well, you see, I used to have a crush on Turanga.

Amy2: Philip don’t.

Philip: No, I want to. [to fry] We went out once, but it didn’t work out.

Fry: Why not?

Philip: She was self-centered, sure I let her know my true feelings, but she didn’t care. I felt heart-broken, but then Amy came along and helped me get right back up.

Amy2: We dated for a year and then we were married. We are expecting.

Everybody: Congratulations.

Amy: You just found out?

Amy2: No, our son is back in our universe in a pre-birth tube, just three more months and we can get him out.

Leela: That great, but I want to know how to help you catch that other me.

Philip: Sorry, Turanga.

Leela: Please call me, Leela.

Philip: Sorry, Leela, but we have regulations and rules, and we are not allowed to have civilians interfere with our mission.

Leela: Look, this other me is looking for, she’ll obvious come here, so you guys can stay here and we can help you arrest her.

Amy2: That is a great plan.

Philip: No, when Turanga gets here, we’ll deal with her.

Amy2: Philip, she is offering to help and we’ll need it.

Philip: Sorry, Amy but we can’t risk their lives.

Professor: Maybe you can’t, but I can.

Hermes: Then it is settled.

Fry: Man, I wish Bender was here.

Amy2: Is he on vacation just like ours?

Fry: Yup.

Amy2: He must really be a model worker as well.

Hermes: If you consider a model worker to be a lazy robot who drinks and smokes and sits on the couch watching TV for hours.

(Cuts to Tropical 4. Bender is dressed as a maid and knocks on the door of a hotel guest’s room.)

Guest: Yes

Bender: Cleaning crew.

Guest: Aw good my wife and I were about to go to dinner, we won’t be a bother. (He and his wife walk out and are on their way. Bender merely laughs.)

Bender: 11 floors down, 1 more to go.

(Cuts back at Planet Express. The gang has been separated. Amy2 is with Amy and Leela in the conference room, while Fry is with Philip right by the ship.)

Leela: So how do you feel about.. ah Philip?

Amy2: He’s the greatest thing that ever happened to me, I just wish he didn’t go by the book all the time.

Amy: How’s your Kif?

Amy2: Dead after helping Turanga escape to this universe.

(Amy just looked stunned)

Leela: [to Amy2] Excuse, her, she’s dating Kif in this universe.

Amy2: That would mean you are dating Fry?

Leela: What? No?

Amy2: I noticed you looked jealous when Philip said we were married.

Amy: Gluh, she was jealous when Fry and I were dating.

Leela: I’m not jealous, I’m not interested in Fry. I can’t stand his childishness, and plus I have high standards.

Amy: Yeah you’ve slept with a bunch of jerks, hell you almost married one, if it wasn’t for Fry. Fry has always been there for you, he helped to reunite you with your parents. He gave you his oxygen when you ran out. He took a bee stinger to the gut to try and save you, and remember, he stayed with you in the hospital for two weeks. Face it Leela, you either reallylike Fry or you are just as heartless as their Turanga Leela.

Amy2: I don’t think you are, Leela.

Amy: You did once say, you like hanging out with him, ever since you and Fry came to Earth in the Lunar Lander from our very first delivery.

(Both Amys stare at Leela as she curls up in nervousness trying to hide her emotions. We cut to the two Frys.)

Philip: So, Fry since you broke up with Amy, does that mean you are dating Leela?

Fry: Well no, we are just friends, but I...

Philip: her.

Fry: Yes, ever since I first met her when I came to the future. She’s always been there for me. Like when I drank an emperor and she helped me to cry him out of my body, or the time when she saved me when I was attached to Amy’s body. And there was a time when she kissed me for saying I was a good friend. She’s kissed me before, but it was either because, to make Zapp thing we were married or remind me I wasn’t a robot. She kissed me that night, when she really didn’t need to.

Philip: Sounds like she is hiding her true emotions.

Fry: Yeah, well, I can’t seem to draw that out of her. The only thing close is my Holophoner lessons.

Philip: You play?

Fry: Yeah well not to well. I used to, but it kind of didn’t work out. I don’t know Philip, but it seems to me that Leela and I are meant to be together, but I can’t make her see that. I hope she doesn’t break my heart like your Leela broke yours.

Philip: Fry, I can feel it in her, she’s nothing like the Turanga I know, I don’t think Leela would never mean to break your heart. You just have to keep trying and be patient and someday, you’ll find that thing that lets her true emotions out, just as I did to Amy resulting in us being wed.

Fry: Thanks, Philip. (Shakes his hand. Philip they leaves and no sooner Leela shows up.)

Leela: Hey Fry can we talk somewhere private.

Fry: Sure.

(They go to the balcony and can see the ocean the moon is full and is shining down on the water and them.)

Leela: This is are creepy, to think another me and she is a killer.

Fry: Well you shouldn’t worry, I know you are nothing like her.

Leela: Yeah well..look Fry, I know you like me a lot and for so long, but I have been reluctant. I just wanted to say, you really are a good friend and I like you for that.

Fry: Look, Leela, I know we’re friends and I wish we can be more than that. I know that deep down inside you want that to happen as well, but you hide your emotions. I just got to know how long do you think you can keep them inside. Remember last week after I used the “what if” machine, you said you liked the ending.

Leela: Yeah, well it was a happy ending.

Fry: Come on, Leela, didn’t you like it because for once you were with a man, that respected you, liked you and didn’t make fun of you one-eye and for the first time in a long time helped to no longer make you feel alone, a feeling you have felt most of your life.

Leela: Well, sort of.

Fry: Sorry, I shouldn’t rush you like that, whenever you are ready to show your true feelings about me, that will be your decision. I’ll just have to try and help it come out.

(Leela just looks at him and she leans her head close to him Fry does so, too. This is it they are going to kiss. But wait Zoidberg sticks his head out the door.)

Zoidberg: Hey friends, Bender just called and instead of calling me Jerkberg, he called me a stinky overgrown shrimp, isn’t that wonderful. Well, he also said that he’ll be back from his vacation real soon.

(Fry and Leela just give mean looks at Zoidberg. Zoidberg, just sticks his head back inside.)

Leela: I think I’ll go back inside.

Fry: [signs] Well at least it’s great to hear that Bender is coming back.

[Cut to Tropical 4 Spaceport. Bender is on his way bak to NNY and has to take his luggage through security check.]

Guard: Please place your luggage through here.

Bender: Sure, I got nothing to hide.

(Puts his luggage on the x-ray and he has a lot of luggage. X-rays show him having jewelry, pottery, and other expensive stuff. Bender and the guard just look at the screen.)

Guard: Man, you sure liked your vacation, buying all those souvenirs.

Bender: Yeah, I bought all those. (Has that sneaky look in his eyes and looks left to right.)

Guard: You may pass.

Bender: Thanks. (Goes right ahead.)

(Cut back to Planet Express and Turanga finally shows up and pulls out a laser and heads right in the front door. As she comes in she runs into Zoidberg.)

Zoidberg: Why, Leela how did you get down here so fast? I really like your coat.

(Turanga sidekicks Zoidberg and contiues on.)

(Cut to the conference room. Amy2, Philip are sitting down and Fry and Leela just came in.)

Amy2: When we find Turanga we should just blast her.

Philip: Only if we have no choice, not because we just can.

Amy2: If you just had let me shoot her, when she started this sick game, we’d would have saved lives.

Philip: Amy, we can’t break the rules, then we’d be not different than her.

Amy2: [Hears a noise] Did you hear that? (Pulls out a laser.) Fry, Leela get under the table.

Leela: Why?

Philip: [listens then check s his TWT] She’s here, Fry Leela, do what Amy says.

(Too Late. Turanga enters and begins firing and into the room and Everybody dodges it, Amy2 fires back, but Turanga dodges the lasers. Leela, gets up and tries to take Turanga down.)

Fry: Leela, no!

(Leela races up to stop herself, but she slips and falls, she in perfect shot for Turanga, she fires, but then Philip, pulls a last minute rescue, by jumping in front of Leela and getting a laser right in the chest.)

Amy2: Philip!

(She fires right at Turanga, she manages to get up to Philip, kick Leela away and grab Philip’s TWT. She then smiles at Leela.)

Turanga: Kill you later. (Runs out the door. Amy2 runs up to where Philip is and Leela helps herself up to crawl over to Philip.)

Amy2: [to Philip] Are you alright?

Philip: I’ll be okay, just go after her now!

(Amy2 races after Turanga with Leela telling Fry to look after Philip as she goes to help Amy2.)

Fry: Philip why did you do that?

Philip: [coughing] Part of my job is protecting the innocent.

Fry: it should have been me, not you to save Leela, I love her you don’t.

Philip: That may be true, but we are the same person and we care for people we love, I acted on instinct. [coughs]

[Amy2 and Leela come in again unhappy.]

Leela: She got away.

Amy2: Philip, she has your TWT.

Philip: [in pain] Don’t worry, I know her she won’t leave this universe, until she kills Leela, it is her competitive nature.

Amy2: Philip, don’t leave me. [starts to cry] You are going to be a father.

Philip: That would be wonderful and you the mother, I’m already in heaven.

(They both kiss, when they finish Philip just lets out a final gasp of air rolls his eyes back and turns his head to the side, closing his eyes. Amy2 just sobs, while Leela and Fry look on.)

(Cut to the living room, Amy, Fry and Leela walk in still hearing Amy2 sobbing in the other room.)

Amy: Man, she really loved him, just like I love Kif.

Leela: This is all my fault, I shouldn’t have tried to stop her.

Fry: Leela, you wouldn’t have known the outcome.

Leela: I still feel bad, anyway, I think you should comfort her.

Fry: Alright.

(Fry enters the room where Amy2 places a chip on Philip’s body and hits a few buttons on her TWT and Philip dematerializes, while she’s crying.)

Amy2: There I’ve sent his body back to my universe.

Fry: I’m sure he was a great man.

Amy2: We always wanted a son, and I’ll guess he’ll always look down on me and Philip J. Fry, Jr.

Fry: That is a good name for the baby, anyway I’m sure Philip, would have wanted it that way.

(Amy2 looks at Fry.)

Amy2: It is weird looking at you and know, you are not the man I loved. You love Leela don’t you?

Fry: How did you know?

Amy2: Philip told me, I guess the me and this universe, missed out on you.

Fry: Don’t say it like that. Amy has a loving boyfriend, I don’t like Amy that way. I like her like a big brother liking a sister, because she really is a good friend. I was hoping we can be good friends.

(Amy2 smiles and shakes his friend, but Amy comes rushing in.)

Amy: Leela’s gone, she went to kill that other Leela.

Amy2 and Fry: Oh no.

Amy2: I have to stop her.

Fry: I’m going with you.

Amy2: No, it is my job to stop Turanga.

Fry: And it is my job to save my friend Leela, when she’s in trouble, and Philip said if Turanga kills her she’ll get away. You’ll need are the help you can get and I’m not letting you go alone.

Amy2:[starts to think and then say] Alright, but be careful.

Fry:[to Amy] Amy, you stay here it is too dangerous.

Amy: [disappointed] Aw, man I want to help.

Fry: I know, but Leela and me don’t come back at least you’ll be safe.

(Hugs out of friendship with Amy. Turns to Amy2.)

Fry: Alright, lets go find Leela.

(Next scene, Central Park. Leela searches for Turanga.)

Leela: Alright, Leela or Turanga or whatever the Hell you like to call herself I’m here come and get me.

(Turanga steps out and points the laser at her.)

Leela: Put the gun down, lets see if you really are the one.

Turanga: Alright, (throws the gun away) I was getting bored just shooting my victims.

Leela: You are going to pay for all the people you have killed.

Turanga: That is what Philip said.

(Leela charges and they fight and they block each other’s moves and then fight hard and rough. Truly they are equally good, but Turanga takes a cheap shot a throws dirt in Leela’s eye and kicks her down to the ground.)

Leela: You knew our one weakness. (Wiping her eye.)

Turanga: You know Turanga, you are a worthy opponent, but you must die so I can be the one, and you know, after I killed Philip, I felt the same way I did when I first killed me. So, after I kill you I think I go back to the universes and kill all the Philips starting with yours.

(Leela gets really mad and gets and fights hard, punching and kicking and soon gets the upper hand and kick down Turanga, but she manages to get hold of the laser.)

Leela: What about me being a worthy opponent and you getting bored of shooting?

Turanga: if anybody asks I’ll lie and say I won a hard fought fight.

(Starts to pull the trigger, but then a laser hits her laser and causing the her laser to catch fires, damaging her TWT and setting her fire to her jacket, she takes it off to show she has the same white tank-top as Leela. Leela gives one final sidekick and knocks her down.)

Amy2: Turanga you are under arrest. (Comes out of the bushes with a laser to show she fired at Turanga.)

Turanga: You could have killed, why didn’t you?

Amy2: A great man said to kill if I had no choice and I have to capture you alive, and having you sent to live for the rest of your life in the Prison Limbo would be my pleasure.

(Fry comes out and see Leela standing while Amy2 holds down Turanga.)

Fry: Leela, oh God I’m glad you are okay. (Walks over and hugs Leela.)

Leela: It is great to see you Fry.

Turanga: (checking her TWT) You broke it.

Amy2: That’s right which makes mine the last one. Fry, Leela get away while I transport the two of us back to out universe. (Turanga then gets up and wrestle Amy2 for the TWT. Fry and Leela race to help Amy2, but Amy2 hits the go home button and all four of them are transported to another universe. They all land in the very same room as before when Turanga was first caught. Then Zapp and his soldier come in and secure the room. The two Leelas get up, and the soldiers are confused.)

Zapp: Which one is the Turanga Leela, the criminal?

(Nobody can answer because they are dizzy.)

(One Leela gets up)

Zapp: She’s trying to escape get her, she is the one.

(The soldiers grab her and remove her TWT and proceed to hook her up to the transport in the other room that has just been repaired. Fry, Amy2 and Turanga finally get up.)

Fry: Leela are you okay?

Leela: Why, yes Philip.

(Amy2 eyes pop open and sidekicks Leela.)

Amy2: (running to the transporter) Wait stop, that is the wrong Turanga Leela, this the criminal.

(The soldier, unhooks Leela and takes the other Leela removes her TWT and hooks her up in the chair and then she is transported.)

Amy2: That’s it. It is over.

Zapp: No exactly, gentlemen arrest these two.

Fry: For what?

Zapp: For traveling through the Multiverse without the proper authorization, they must be brought up on charges.

Amy2: But they risked their lives to help me catch Turanga Leela.

Zapp: That may be, but regulations...

Amy2: Screw the regulations, the regulations suck, this two are heroes and they should go back to their universe.

Zapp: Now, Officer Wong, your husband.

Amy2: My husband would agree, with me on this one.

Zapp: (thinks then speak) Fair enough, let them go back to their universe. Let it be known that Zapp Brannigan wasn’t unreasonable.

Leela: I like this Zapp, he hasn’t tried to hit on me yet.

(Amy2 then takes off her TWT and blasts it.)

Zapp: [shocked] Why did you do that?

Amy2: So, nobody else would repeat what Turanga did.

(Cut to the transporter. Fry and Leela are strapped to the chair and ready to go.)

Amy2: Wait! (runs up to Fry and touches his hair) You may not be my Philip, but you have his spirit (Kisses him on the lips, Leela normal would be jealous, but isn’t.)

Fry: (confused) Aw, take care of that baby.

Amy2: I will, he’ll be just like his father.

Fry: I’m sure he will.

(The transporter turns on and Fry and Leela are transported.)

(Next scene PE building the next night. Bender’s back)

Bender: Hey losers, sorry to see all of you again. Esp. Zoidberg.

Zoidberg: [sad] Aw

Bender: So, what did I miss?

Amy: It’s a long story.

Bender: And I don’t want to hear it. (Sits down and drinks while watching TV.)

(Cut to the balcony and Fry enters seeing Leela, looking at the stars.)

Fry: Aren’t you coming? Bender’s back.

Leela: Well I just needed to think.

Fry: About?

Leela: Us.

Fry: Really.

Leela: When Turanga had me down and when she threatened to kill you, I just had a surge of energy.

Fry: You care about me.

Leela: I guess I do. (They both hold hands and look at the stars.)

(Next scene the stars are shining but as the camera goes down it isn’t NNY it is a prison world. And from a flash come Turanga lying on the floor. A whole bunch of criminals of aliens, humans and robot come over to her.)

Criminal: Hey, baby we don’t normally get beautiful women like you here.

Criminal 2: Yeah, who are you?

Turanga: [getting up] I’m here to be the one. (Starts kicking ass as more prisoners come over to her. Camera pans back to show just how big this prison Limbo really is and thousands of prisoners crowd over to Turanga.)


Well hope you enjoyed reading it.

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