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Title: I Wish I Were In Arlen

Fry, frozen for a 1000 years is freed in the year 3000 and doop decides to make him a secret agent and he becomes Agent 014. He is assigned to earth to Planet Express Head Quarters and his partner, Turanga Leela is Agent 1BDI. Together they save the world from evil, esp. Ironfinger.

Spy-A-Rama (The name of the show)

Ironfinger: Reloaded (The name of the episode.)

Spy Tip #1: Your tux can be used as a flotation device.

Philip J. Fry is Agent 014

Turonga Leela is Agent 1BDI

Bender B. Rodriguez is Ironfinger

Amy Wong is Agent Jinx

(Opening Scene. An Island and there is some sort of lab on it. We cut to the inside and Fry is hooked up to a table with Morbo with a lab coat on and laughing.)


Fry: You’ll never get away with this Dr. Morbo.

Morbo: Puny human, you have failed in preventing Morbo from creating his race of super mutants.

(Pan to see a mutated owl, mutated pig and mutated dog.)

Morbo: Now, puny human, Morbo will turn on laser and zap your ability to reproduce.

(Laser turns on and moves towards Fry’s fellas. Fry gets nervous. Then the glass ceiling breaks and Leela comes in with jet pack and fires from her wrist thingy a laser and breaks fry’s shackles. Fry dodges Morbo’s laser.)

Fry: Thanks leela.

Morbo: Mutants get them.

(Pig Mutant heads towards Fry.)

Fry: Take this you hideous, dumb creature. (Punches mutant in the face.)

Pig Mutant: (in British accent) dumb? You know I have majors in the fields of Science and Literature before I was mutated.

Fry: oh (fry gets punched in the face.)

(Leela flies in and karate kicks the mutant and grabs fry. Leela then takes out the other mutants in the same manner and then throws an explosive right on Morbo’s lab table and it causes a minor explosion causing a huge fire.)

Morbo: Morbo’s lab Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Leela carrying Fry flies towards Morbo and Fry grabs Morbo as the place catches fire. They fly out of the lab as the lab blows.)

Morbo: Morbo’s lab is destroyed, now Morbo will have to quit being a mad scientist and take that lousy news anchor job.

(Cut to PE headquarters. We see several spies training and we pan to see Hermes is in the landing area as the PE ship lands inside and Leela and Fry come out.)

Hermes: Good work Agents 014 and 1BDI. You are back just in time for your next mission.

(Cut to the conference room and the Professor is by a file cabinet. Leela, Fry and Hermes enter.)

Leela: So Agent Conrad, what is it this time? Another mad scientist plotting to rule the world by playing God.

Professor: (Panicked) Why of course not, (Closes the bottom drawer. We see a glimpse of what appears to by an parrot with tentacles.)

Professor: [heading towards the conference table.] I’m afraid it is more serious.

Hermes: It appears your arch-nemesis, Ironfinger has come out of hiding. (Uses hologram to show an image of both Ironfinger and Jinx.)

Fry: Ironfinger! That fink.

Leela: Jinx!

Hermes: We have reason to believe Ironfinger has planned another evil plan. This time he is planning to control the minds of all humans on earth.

Fry: How?

Professor: The only way for one person to control the minds of all humans would be to do it in the internet.

Fry: the Internet?

Professor: Oh my yes. Ironfinger is said to be in the internet world where he plans to take control of the world wide web. As you know the world wide web connects to every computer in the world, and if Ironfinger gains control of this, then he can control the mind of humans all over the world.

Hermes: So 014 and 1BDI you both will have to...ENTER THE INTERNET.

(Next Scene. The World Wide Web or WWW which looks like a big office building. A dark figure breaks in from a window with great athleticism and it is revealed to be Jinx.)

Jinx: (on communicator) I’ve entered the WWW building.

(Heads to controls and turns off security, causing the door to open and Ironfinger enters petting Nibbler followed by Scruffy.)

Ironfinger: Excellent Jinx, my plan is almost complete.

(Cut to top floor and they are standing right in front of a door with a sign that says, “Control Room” below that it says, “Please, No Solicitors.” They enter and Scruffy appears to be carrying a bunch of boxes. We see a big computer. Scruffy opens a box to reveal a AOL like disk that has a “Mind Control 2.0 Software.” Scruffy hands it to Ironfinger. Just then a voice is heard, it is from the computer.)

Computer: What are you doing?

Ironfinger: Sorry, but I’ll ask you to mind you own business.

(Places disk in computer and with a click of the mouse uploads software.)

Computer: Great now I have to obey you.

Ironfinger: Excellent. Now I have total control of the internet and now I can begin my next plan. Scruffy take out the cameras and make-up we have to prepare Jinx’s commercial depute.

Jinx: I still think this is a weird plan. (Takes out a bottle of what appears to be labeled “Power Slurm”.) Why are you using this drink? It doesn’t even taste as good as the original.

Ironfinger: Yeah, well the company practically gave me permission after I said I’d film the commercial for free. For you see, making commercials to sell Power Slurm is part of my evil plan. While humans are viewing, I will upload my mind control software to the public and I’ll have complete control over humans. I will have my revenge on the humans who cursed me with this finger (raises his iron finger), and this time no one can stop me. (Laughs evilly)

Scruffy: Scruffy is concerned, what about agents 014 and 1BDI?

Ironfinger: Curses, I forget about them. They foiled my last plan, but I must make sure they don’t interfere in this plan. Computer show me what I can use.

Computer: As you wish, jerk. (Shows web pages of certain things and Ironfinger’s eyes gleam up.)

Ironfinger: Super Digital Internet Powers? Hmm (Looks at Scruffy and Jinx and laughs.)

(Next Scene. PE HQ Fry and Leela are busy putting on their VR suits and are ready to ENTER THE INTERNET.)

Hermes: And before you two go we have someone who can help you. (Door opens to reveal Zoidberg now in his company doctor uniform.)

Zoidberg: I love the dumpster you have in the alley, great buffet.

Hermes: As you know, Dr. Zoidberg used to work for Ironfinger, but now he’s our company’s physician and he might be the key to stopping Ironfinger.

Fry: So, he is the key master.

Zoidberg: hurray a road trip with my friends.

Leela: Why would you make him the company’s physician?

Hermes: He’s cheaper then a real physician.

Professor: Now remember by the time you all have logged on to the internet, it will already be under control by Ironfinger. There are reports of riots and factions being formed in the internet due to the takeover.

Leela: How do we stop him?

Professor: You’ve have to get to the WWW building and find the Keeper of the Internet and free him from Ironfinger’s control.

Fry: Who is he?

Professor: No one knows for sure, but since Ironfinger is now in control, you won’t be able to log on any where near the WWW building. So off you go.

Fry: Hey, don’t we get cool spy stuff?

Professor: Not this time, once you have entered the internet, you’ll have all sorts of digital powers.

(Fry, Leela, and Zoidberg, in their VR suits are logging onto the internet.)

(Next Scene. They are in a city and they see so many buildings with different signs.)

Zoidberg: Wow a website with prawns (Licks his mouth.)

Fry: Not now Dr. Zoidberg we have to find Ironfinger.

Leela: How about that building? (Points to a night club that says, This looks like a place where Ironfinger might hang out.

Fry: The perfect place to start.

Leela: Remember, you two be careful, Ironfinger’s spies might be here and not to mention other radicals now that the internet is under Ironfinger’s control.

(They head towards the building. Camera pans to see Jinx spying on them while wearing sunglasses.)

Fry: You know Leela, I haven’t done this yet, so I better do so now, thank you for saving me back there on that island.

Leela: It was no problem.

Fry: Really, you have saved my butt many times, I just wish I could return the favor.

Leela: You’ll get your chance, Fry.

(They have already entered and we see Zapp, Kif and bunch of guys welcoming them.)

Zapp: Ah welcome to the Hit Joint. I’m the owner.

Fry: Hello, the name’s Fry, Philip J. Fry.

Zapp: Hmm your full name is very nice to hear.

Fry: See Leela, I told you.

Zapp: Let me introduce you to my girlfriend, Michelle.

(Michelle appears and her eyes wide open when she sees Fry.)

Leela: Let’s split up. Zoidberg you stand by the bar table and don’t attract attention to yourself. And Fry do whatever it takes to get information on where Ironfinger and the WWW building is.

Zoidberg: Will do.

Fry: You can count on me Leela.

(Cut to Fry, he heads down a hallway and opens a door and sees a huge room with two long stairways.)

Michelle: (appears) Are you looking for someone?

Fry: Eh yeah, I’m looking for a Mr. Bender Ironfinger.

Michelle: Ironfinger, I know him, I can take you to him, if you do something for me.

Fry: What?

Michelle: Make love to me.

Fry: Excuse me?

Michelle: Please, I want to make love with someone who isn’t a big gorilla like Zapp. Let’s go up those stairs, there is a bedroom.

Fry’s mind: What should I do? Leela did say do whatever it takes to get information.

Fry: The things I’m going to do for my Planet. (they head up the stairs and the bedroom looks like the bedroom from the movie xXx.)

(Cut to Leela talking with Zapp.)

Zapp: And that is how I met Michelle, she is very sexy, but you aren’t so bad yourself.

Leela: Excuse me. (ignoring Zapp and sees in the crowd of people dancing, Jinx as she heads to a back door. She runs after her and leela is outside in a courtyard. There is a bench and a chainlink fence and Jinx is sitting with her back turned to Leela.)

Leela: (Pulling out her laser.) Jinx, put your hands up.

Jinx: (still with her back turn) It is almost too late. Soon you and everyone will “obey ironfinger”.

Leela: Where is Ironfinger? Where is the WWW Building?

Jinx: Do you remember our last battle? Boy you where lucky, but now I have the upper hand.

Leela: What do you mean? (Now facing in front of Jinx.)

Jinx: Now that Ironfinger controls the internet, I have access to the internet’s most powerful digital internet powers. (Removes her glasses to reveal her eyes are black and little green numbers are moving up and down really fast. Leela gasps she turns around and then gasps to see three Jinxes all wearing glasses and are heading right towards Leela. Leela looks over by the fence and sees Jinxes entering the gate and soon Leela is surrounded by dozens of Jinxes.)

(Cut to Zoidberg having finishing four glasses.)

Zoidberg: I think I need to go to the little lobster’s room.

(Heads to a door that says, “little lobster’s room”. And is met by many little lobsters.)

Zoidberg: Steve, Mike how are you two?

Steve: Great come in.

(They all enter, but then there are sounds of a struggle and out comes Scruffy dragging Zoidberg. Steve and Mike walk out and they look like they’ve been beaten up.)

Steve: Lousy jerk.

Mike: At least he was polite.

(Cut back to Fry and Michelle and they’ve finished making love.)

Fry: So now can you tell me where I can find Ironfinger and the WWW building?

Michelle: Actually to be honest, I don’t know where he is. I just wanted to sleep with someone other than Zapp.

Fry: You mean I slept with you for nothing.

Michelle: Well I wouldn’t say that.

(Cut to Fry exiting room putting on his tux coat. And we see Zapp downstair with Kif and with an angry look.)

Zapp: So Mr. Fry, that sexy Jinx was right, you are a woman-stealing punk.

Fry: Actually, I’m a secr...

Zapp: Enough of this, men. (Men comes racing in and Fry gives a big gulp.)

(Cut to Leela surrounded by Jinxes.)

Leela: Wait a minute, Hermes said we would have internet powers of our own. (A Jinx comes at her and Leela bends back just like in some famous movie. If you haven’t figured out which movie I’m parodying, then you don’t deserve to have it explained to you. Jinxes start coming left and right and Leela starts taking them down. One Jinx whistles and a bunch of new Jinxes start come in from the fence door, a few of them slip and fall while doing this, but Leela quickly starts kicking them down. We pan to see a lady with a baby stroller and she and baby turn into Jinx clones and they head to join the fight. Leela then has an army of Jinxes surrounding her and she does a spinning heel kick and she spins like a top knocking Jinxes down.)

(Cut back to Fry. Zapp’s men start coming up both flight of stairs and Fry starts using his spy training to his limit. He kicks one guy in the gut then kicks another in the face and makes his way downstairs while beating up more henchmen. Fry makes his way towards Zapp and Kif.)

Zapp: Kif get him.

Kif: (sighs) As you wish sir. (Pulls out a pair of Nin-chucks and spins them around. Fry merely kicks him in the face knocking him out. Zapp merely has a cowardly look on his face as Fry punches him out. Fry merely walks out to look for Leela.)

(Cut to Leela. she is still spin kicking in place while the mob of Jinxes are circling around her. Fry comes out of the back door and he’s shocked to see are the Agent Jinxes and now they have dog-piled on Leela.)

Fry: An army of Jinxes. (Some Jinxes turn around and see him.)

Jinxes: (In unison) Spluh, Hi, Fry.

(Fry then just dives into the mob and he can fly, he smashes into the dog-pile and a huge eruption has occurred causing a whole bunch of Jinxes to be thrown left and right. Fry is now seen flying up carrying Leela.)

Jinxes: (in unison) Gluck!

Leela: Did you find anything?

Fry: eh No and worse Zoidberg has been kidnaped.

Leela: we must find him.

Fry: Leela, I did it again.

Leela: (annoyed but with a sense of already knowing) Let me guess you slept with another woman, but found nothing?

Fry: (Ashamed) Yes.

Leela: I’ll just kill you when we get back to HQ.

Fry: So how are we gonna free Zoidberg and fight all those Jinxes?

Leela: We’ll need help.

(Next Scene. A Jinx in a room wearing sunglasses and is sitting on a chair by a table with a bottle of Power Slurm on the table. This Jinx is facing the camera.

Jinx: While you are logged on to the internet and drinking Power Slurm, do you ever have the feeling that you are being brain-washed by a crazed robot, who believes that a difference in one of his fingers is a deformity? Whatever gave you that idea? (Pauses then takes off her glasses, we learn she is the real Jinx.) Gleesh Ironfinger, why did you write the script like this? (Camera pans back to reveal that Ironfinger was shooting a commercial there are lights, cameras and action.)

Ironfinger: It is simply Jinx, the humans will think I'm trying to sell them some power slurm in a clever angle, but in reality I'm brainwashing them to obey me. So pipe down and do the next commerical. (turns on camera and Jinx puts glasses back on.) Jinx: Brain-wash. Don't be silly, we weren't brainwashing you to drink power slurm. So remember there is no brainwashing when you are drinking power slurm. (Then a whole bunch of green numbers start to come down and the screen turns black with the green numbers and green words form that says, “Obey Ironfinger.” Cameras pans and it is a TV screen that Ironfinger is watching while videotaping Jinx. Then communicator starts beeping.)

Ironfinger: Cut Jinx, I need to take this. (Answers and it is Scruffy.)

Scruffy: Scruffy has Zoidberg, but Agents 014 and 1BDI are on Scruffy’s trail.

Ironfinger: Curses, what ever you do, lead them away from here.

Scruffy: Scruffy listens, Scruffy obeys. (Ends transmission. And we cut to Scruffy who has Zoidberg tied up to a chair and they appear to be in a wharehouse.)

Zoidberg: So again tell me why is Zoidberg worth kidnaping?

Scruffy: Ironfinger told Scruffy you were a traitor and was sent to make sure you don’t help the spies.

Zoidberg: Hurray, I’m worth being kidnaped.

(Just then Fry and Leela break right through the window. Fry and Leela pull out their lasers.)

Leela: Alright, surrender Dr. Zoidberg.

Zoidberg: My friends have come to rescue me, what an honor.

Scruffy: Scruffy didn’t think he had to do this, but Scruffy’s gonna have to use his super digital internet powers.

(He then transforms while beams of light coming out of his fingers. His eyes turn black and he turns all white. His hair turns into white dread-locks and then he splits into two Scruffys.)

Scruffy1: You have a great hair do.

(Scruffy2 just nods as a response.)

Leela: Fry, you take one and I’ll take one.

Fry: Right, uh which one should I take?

(Leela just gives him a angry look.)

Fry: okay I‘ll just choose. (They both fire and the two Scruffys become transparent and they fly right towards Leela and Fry. The Scruffys just punch them causing them to hit their backs to the wall. Just then the Scruffys turn to see Zoidberg, but someone has freed Zoidberg and it we pan to see Hermes helping Zoidberg get away. Hermes, once they are found out, starts to fire his laser at the Scruffys, but they become transparent to avoid being hit. As soon as they become soilds, Fry flies and punches them from behind and starts doing a two on one affair.)

Fry: Leela, Hermes, get Zoidberg out of here and get to the WWW building.

Leela: But Fry.

Fry: Just go!

(Leela helps Hermes to get Zoidberg out. Fry fights the Scruffys, but they have laser beams from their fingers and blast Fry. Fry just screams and is knocked out, the Scruffys proceed to chase after Leela and the others.)

(Next Scene. Leela and the others are running down the street and many hover cars drivng pass them. Leela has an idea and stops a white hover car and opens the door and pulls out Sal. Leela, Hermes and Zoidberg get in the car. Zoidberg is in the back seat, Hermes takes the wheel and leela gets shot gun. As they drive Sal is mad.)

Sal: Hey, I was usings that. (He then gets a funny look and he starts to turn into a Jinx copy with glasses and red suit and all. She stops a motorist with a red hover car and turns the motorist into a Jinx and then she gets in the car to chase after our heroes.)

Jinxes: (who was once Sal) You drive, for some reason I feel too lazy to do it.

(They drive away just as the Scruffys arrive and one sees a hovering SUV and they stop the motorist and take his car to chase after our heroes.)

(Cut to our Heroes’ car and Leela is returning laser fire back to the Jinxes.)

Leela: Hermes thanks for coming, but why are you here?

Hermes: the Professor had managed to find where the WWW building was and he sent me to tell you and help you get there.

Leela: Can you lose these guys?

Hermes: yes, I know just where to go. (Drives up a ramp with a sign that says, “Endless”. We can see all sorts of hover vehicles.)

Leela: Why would people want to drive on an endless highway?

Hermes: It was meant for people who have nothing better to do with their lives. It is to give them false hope that they have some place to go.

Zoidberg: hurray, we are visiting my favorite website.

(Just then someone rams into them in the back. It is the SUV with the Scruffys.)

Hermes: take the wheel, Leela. I’ll handle this.

Leela: Can you Hermes?

Hermes: trust me woman, I was like yourself going on missions, let’s see if I still got it.

(Crawls out of the window, jumps and lands on the hood of the SUV. Scruffys look puzzled, but Scruffy2 who is not drivng goes through the front of the SUV and starts fighting with Hermes. Then the red car with the two Jinxes get into the picture. The Jinx on the passenger side gets on the roof of the car and jumps on the roof of the SUV and waits to see what happens between Hermes and Scruffy2.)

Jinx: You clone, just get the crab.

Scruffy2: Will do (flies ahead to the white car. Jinx pulls out a laser, but Hermes knocks it out of her hand. They are fighting.)

(Cut back to Fry, who is still out cold and he is having a dream. He sees himself and Leela, falling from the WWW building, it is raining. Leela is trying to killing him while they are falling. Through this time, he is hearing a voice.)

Voice: You must restart. You must restart, it is only way to save Leela.

Fry: (Waking up) Leela! He gets up and flies out of the building and begins the long travel to find Leela.

(Cut back to Leela and Zoidberg. They are speeding, when Scruffy2 comes through the car is strangling Zoidberg. Leela places the car into auto drive and starts to help Zoidberg. They fight and Leela kicks Scruffy2 so hard that he becomes transparent long enough to fall out of the car. Then Jinx driving the red car fires at the white car causing it to caught fire. Leela hits the eject button causing her and Zoidberg to jump out and they land of the roof of a hover big rig.)

(Cut back to the SUV. Hermes manages to trip the Jinx causing her to fall and she gets run over by the SUV and she see that she is a digital clone much like a Lucy Lui bot.)

Jinx: Gluck I think I broke a nail. (Not caring she is broken in half and part of face is crushed.)

(Cut to Scruffy2 now on the highway, hover cars all passing him and he see the SUV and then he turns his back and he manages to phase right through the front of the car and land back in his seat.)

Scruffy: scruffy needs to work on his reentry. (Feeling his back.)

(Hermes then plants plastic explosive on the roof of the SUV and then jumps onto the roof of another car and fires his laser. It hits the plastic explosive and the SUV explodes. We get a bird’s eye view of the SUV blow up and we see th Scruffys go up in flames in transparent form.)

Scruffys: (in unison) Oh Marmalade.

(Cut to Leela and Zoidberg. They are still on the big rig as Jinx in the red car chases after them. Cut to the truck driver you looks like the farmer from the moon, but then he turns into a Jinx. She drives the big rig right into the opposite lanes and now it is heading back in the other direction the red car follows. Cut back to leela and zoidberg and Hermes has managed to land on the roof.)

Hermes: I took care of the twins. (A laser beam also hits him and it is Jinx in the red car. Leela fires back she nails the red car and the car crashes.)

Leela: And that takes care of the Jinxes. (but then Zoidberg points in the distances and they see a road block has been formed and there are a small army of Jinxes ready to fight.)

Hermes: Sweet Clones of Rome

Leela: I wish Fry were here.

Hermes: Damn, Fry where is he?

(And no sooner Fry comes landing and he lands on the hood of a car causing it to flip over and crash. Fry jumps onto another car and jumps for the big rig. Cut back to the first car he landed on.)

Motorist: Nice going punk, I just downloaded this.

(Cut back to Big rig. Fry makes his way to the driver and fires at the Jinx and tosses her out and he begins to turn the truck around as the Jinxes open fire.)

Leela: I’ll get us a better escape vehicle. (She jumps out off the truck and lands right on a hover cycle and removes the cyclist and starts chasing after the truck to get close to it.)

(Cut back to rig. A Jinx has landed on the rig and Zoidberg gives a girlish scream and Hermes starts fighting with Jinx. Cut to Fry and Fry sees in the distance that a dozen of Jinxes have blocked the lane with a hover gas truck. Fry merely speeds up and makes his way to the roof. Fry sees Zoidberg, Hermes and Jinx at the far end and Fry flies toward them grabbing both Hermes and Zoidberg. Leela seeing this turns the hover cycle and steers up and flies with Fry. Cut to Jinx and she turns around to see the gas truck. The truck collides and causes the biggest explosion. Fry, Leela, Hermes and Zoidberg have managed to get out of harms way.)

(Next Scene. The WWW building it is night fall and it looks like it is about to rain. We see our heroes watching the WWW building from a building across the street.)

Hermes: Now when we get into the building there are two places to hit. First we can destroy the transmission room, it will prevent Ironfinger from being able to transmit his mind control waves to the people of earth. Zoidberg shall help with that.

Zoidberg: hurray, I get to be a hero.

Hermes: The next place we can destroy is the Control Room and free the keeper of internet from Ironfinger’s control.

Leela: Fry and me will handle the Control Room, while you and Zoidberg handle the Transmission Room.

Hermes: Great I get the lobster for a partner.

Zoidberg: hurray let’s hold hands so we don’t get lost.

(Cut to Fry looking at the WWW Building from the roof top, Leela then enters.)

Fry: leela?

Leela: hey, fry I’d figured we should have some time to talk. I mean, we have been through a whole lot of mindless nonstop action. Something is bothering you?

Fry: Leela, I don’t want you to go in that building.

Leela: why not?

Fry: While I was out, I dreamt you and me were fighting and we fell off a huge building and ...we ...died.

Leela: Fry, that was just a dream.

Fry: Leela, that building, (points to WWW building) was the building we fell out of. That dream felt so real, I don’t think you should go.

Leela: Fry, I know you are concerned, but we are secret agents, part of our job is to save the world from people like Ironfinger at all cost, even if it results in us sacrificing our lives.

Fry: But Leela without you, I have no life.

Leela: fry I promise to be careful.

(They stare at each other. And Hermes enters.)

Hermes: guys look at the TV!

(Points to a TV and we see Morbo and Linda.)

Linda: And that is how Morbo was defeated and got this job.

Morbo: Fear not for one day Morbo shall rule this pathetic planet.

Linda: (laughs) In other news, the proud people at the Slurm Company will air their new Power Slurm commercials throughout the world tonight at 8:00pm.

Hermes: That is less than 15 minutes, we’ve got to stop Ironfinger before those commercials air.

(Cut to our heroes at the front doors to the WWW building. The weather is starting to rain. They enter and then they have to take the stairs because the elevators are out of order. They then make it to a floor where it is just a white hallway and doors on both side. At the far end there is a door that says, “Transmission Room” underneath that it reads, “Please Turn off all Cell Phones”.)

Hermes: There it is lets go. (As they get to the middle of the hallway, they are stunned to see a Jinx appear right in front of the Transmission Room Door.)

Jinx: Did you think Ironfinger was going to make it this easy, looks like you are trapped. (The camera pans to see that a whole bunch of Jinxes have come up the stairs.)

Leela: We’ve got to split up. (The Jinxes attack and Hermes and Zoidberg fight their way through the Jinxes. Fry gets pulled into one of the doors by a few Jinxes. Leela gets pulled into another door. Hermes and Zoidberg fighting make it to the Transmission Door and they make it in and slam it behind them as the Jinxes start to ram the door. Cut inside the Transmission Room, Hermes and Zoidberg look around and they see all sorts of computers.)

Hermes: It is five minutes to eight we’ve got to prevent that transmission from being made.

Zoidberg: Hurray, I get to help.

(Cut to Fry facing three Jinxes.)

Jinx1: Come on Fry, I thought what we had was special.

Fry: forget Jinx, and that goes for you two.

Jinx2: It is better when it is a foursome.

Fry: No! (Trips all three and runs and heads inside a room and slams the door, the Jinxes pass by not seeing him go through that door. Cut inside room Fry turns around and see a whole bunch of TV showing shows like The Simpsons, Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry and other sorts of shows. In the center is Zoidberg on a chair.)

Fry: Zoidberg, what are you doing here?

Zoidberg (In different voice): What are you crazy I’m not Zoidberg, I’m the Keeper of the internet.

(Fry gasps. Cut to Leela making it up to the Control Room while fighting Jinxes and she is just outside the room. We pan to inside room and we see Nibbler sleeping on his pet bad and Ironfinger has been using the mind control software on the real Jinx.)

Ironfinger: Soon every human will be my slave and I’ll them replace one of their fingers with iron and see if they like it. What do you think, Jinx?

Jinx: (in zombie tone) Yes, Ironfinger, I think that sounds swell.

Ironfinger: Good now dance for me.

(Starts dancing in 1960's spy movie like way. Ironfinger just laughs.)

Ironfinger: It is great that I can tell you my bad childhood memories of having a finger made of iron, and you don’t complain. And since you are under my control, I know you are listening and not pretending.

(Then Leela breaks the door down.)

Leela: Shows over Ironfinger.

Ironfinger: Ah, Agent 1BDI, glad to see you. And you are right the show is over and it is time to cut to a commercial. (Turns on the TV and behold Jinx’s Power Slurm begins to air and Leela is hypnotized. We pan to the roof of the WWW building and it beams a green ray and it broadcasts the commercial to everyone computer on Earth. Humans at PE HQ, the United States and all over the world are forced to “Obey Ironfinger”. Cut back to Ironfinger.)

Ironfinger: At last, victory is mine. (Laugh evilly)

(Cut back to Fry.)

Fry: So let me get this straight you are keeper of the internet?

“Zoiderg”: correct, I’m the one who makes sure people can buy things online, copy information to cheat on essays, and visit porno sites.

Fry: Well, thank you for that, I guess.

“Zoidberg”: let me change into a figure that makes you feel comfortable. (Turns into an old man with a beard and glasses. Kind of resembles a certain cartoonist.)

Fry: Wow, so is that who you really are?

Old Man: I can take many forms.

Fry: So what do I call you?

Old Man: Call me the Artist.

Fry: Why do they call you that?

Old Man: It was either that or the Toymaker and Artist just made me sound like I was smart, which I am.

Fry: Oh, wait I remember you, you were the voice in my dream.

Old Man: yes, I was telling you how to stop Ironfinger.

Fry: Why are you telling me, I thought Hermes said you were under Ironfinger’s control.

Old Man: My mind is more advanced than humans, fry. I have to obey Ironfinger, but I still can think for myself.

Fry: Oh, but I know how to stop Ironfinger, I must destroy the Control Room.

Old Man: No you must not do that. You must restart.

Fry: Restart? That is what you said to me in my dream.

Old Man: Once you get to my main control, with a click of the mouse go to file then restart. If we’re lucky that idiot Ironfinger forgot to save the mind control software in my hard drive.

Fry: what will that do?

Old Man: Once you click restart that will shut me down erasing all what Ironfinger did and I will restart and have control over the internet once again.

Fry: That is it, you mean I have to do that simply thing? All the things me and my friends have been through, are for just doing this simply thing?

Old Man: I know it seems messed up, but whatcha gonna do?

Fry: There is something else I want to know. In my dream, Leela and Fry fall from the building, will that really happen, will she die?

Old Man: That can not be determined. You’ll have to find out for yourself. Now go Fry and RESTART THE INTERNET.

(Fry leaves and the Old Man looks at one of TVs and it is showing an episode of King of the Hill.)

Old Man: Man, this is boring. (Switches to Family Guy.)

Old Man: Now this is acceptable.

(To Hermes and Zoidberg.)

Zoidberg: (Looking at a small TV showing the commercial.) Hermes is this the commercial you were talking about? The one made by the robot?

(Pan to see Hermes in a zombie state.)

Hermes: Must obey Ironfinger.

Zoidberg: Hermes, NO!!!!!!!!

(Cut to Ironfinger.)

Ironfinger: it is working, my plan is really working. Agent 1BDI and Jinx am I a genius?

Leela and Jinx: Yes, Ironfinger.

Ironfinger: This calls for a drink. Jinx get me a beer, and you two get ready to hear another story about my childhood.

Jinx: yes. Ironfinger

Leela: Yes. Ironfinger.

(Jinx leaves just as Fry enters.)

Fry: Alright, Ironfinger at last we meet...again.

Ironfinger: Ah Mr. Fry, good to see you. I have been planning this, at first I wanted to just brainwash you and order you to jump off the building, but instead I’ll have your partner just kill you. Agent 1BDI, kill Agent 014.

Leela: Yes, master.

(Leela starts kicking Fry.)

Fry: leela I don’t want to hurt you.

Leela: I have to hurt you, Ironfinger ordered me.

(She keeps kicking and punching and Fry merely backs away blocking her blows. He gets back to a window and they both crash into it and they fall from the building and it is raining. They fall and Fry does the only thing he can grab leela and have her on top so he can take the blow. Fry hits the ground and they are both knocked out. Cut to Zoidberg.)

Zoidberg: Aw what do I do? My friend is helpless, what do I do? Ooo pretty wire. (Notices a wire that is connected to the power cell of the Transmission Room. He plays with it, using his claws and snips the wire. The moment he does it the TV showing the commercial, shows a technical difficulties logo and Hermes snaps out of his trance.)

Hermes: Where am I and why do I want to drink Power Slurm? Even though it doesn’t taste as good as the original soft drink.

Zoidberg: Friend, you are back. (Hugs him. Hermes pushes him away.)

Hermes: Get away from me you filthy crab, anyway thanks for saving the world. I guess you really were the key master.

Zoidberg: Hurray, I’m the hero.

(Cut to places around the humans are snapping out of there trances. Cut to Leela and Fry. They are on the streets and it is still raining. Leela wakes up and is shock to see Fry.)

Leela: Oh My God, Fry! Wake Up! Please wake up! (She kisses him and they both glow and Fry wakes up and Leela is alomst knock out.)

Fry: Leela, what happened?

Leela: You were hurt and I think I must have transferred my powers to you to heal you. I feel weak.

Fry: Leela, we have to restart the internet. It is the only way to free it from Ironfinger. You just lay here and rest.

Leela: (weak) I will.

(As fry walks back into the building, a Jinx comes out.)

Jinx: Mr. Fry a pleasure to meet you. You are just in time for the Revolution of us Jinxes. (We pan to see the street full of Jinxes surrounding Fry and Leela.)

Fry: Let, me pass Jinx, I don’t want anything to do with you.

Jinx: Oh come on Fry, I’m really nice once you get to know me. (Takes off her sunglasses to reveal her digital eyes. She dives and like a dart heads for Fry, Fry does the same, now he is more powerful with some of Leela’s powers. Jinx and Fry collide and boom Jinx goes to pieces.)

Jinx: Gool, I’d enjoyed that. Get ‘em.

(The Jinxes race to get Fry and Fry almost at the speed of light starts beating up on all the Jinxes and what results is a big pile of robot body parts of Jinxes. Fry stops, but there are still Jinxes to tend to, and Leela wakes up.)

Leela: (Weak) Fry?

Fry: Come on Leela. (Picks her up and races back to the Control Room.)

(Cut to the Control. Ironfinger is mad while petting Nibbler.)

Ironfinger: No!!!!!! My mind control over humans is gone. But at least I still control the internet.

Fry: (OS) not for long. (Camera pans to see fry and Leela, now up on her own feet.) I’m ending this once and for all. (Races to the control and with the mouse, goes to file and clicks and clicks restart, sign appears that says, “Restarting will erase unsaved material. Do you wish to continue?” Fry clicks yes. The rooms turns dark as the computer screen goes black and the next second the computer turns back on and the Keeper of Internet speaks.)

KI: Yes, I’m back. Ironfinger, take this. (Spits out the Mind Control disk and it breaks as it hits Ironfinger in the head.) You should’ve used Mind Control Software 3.0, instead.

Ironfinger: curses, I knew that extra ten dollars would have been worth it.

KI: Now to deal with the clones. (He does something the Jinxes start acting crazy. They repeat phrases like “Gluh”, “Gool” and such and they blow up. Cut to outside the door of the Transmission Room and Hermes and Zoidberg step out and see the pieces left by the clones.)

(Cut back to the Control Room and Jinx enters.)

Ironfinger: Jinx, the real Jinx quick kick all their asses.

Jinx: Wait a minute, Ironfinger let’s get one thing straight. I know you had me in that mind control, but I was aware on the things you had me do.

Ironfinger: you were?

Jinx: Do you know what it is like listening to you! See a therapist!

Ironfinger: uh Nibbler and I have to log off now. (He and Nibbler do a mime of taking off their VR stuff and they disappear.)

Jinx: You better be out of the room by the time I log off. (She does the same and disappears before Fry can grab her.)

Fry: Damn they got away.

Leela: Relax, Fry like you said once, we’ll all meet again. And besides whatever we’d do to Ironfinger would be nothing compared to what Jinx has in store for him.)

KI: Well, I’m glad I’m back, now can you all please leave, I have a job to do.

(Next Scene. PE HQ)

Professor: Good work everyone.

Hermes: Yes good job to you three. (Looks at Zoidberg, Fry and Leela.)

Professor: Have you made sure that Ironfinger or anybody else never try to take over the WWW building?

Fry: Yup, we found the biggest “Beware of Dogs” sign we could find and posted it on the front door.

Professor: Now, Agent Conrad I need help in my lab. (Leaves, and Hermes follows.)

Zoidberg: well I’m going to the dumpster for a feast to celebrate. (Leaves)

Leela: Fry, I want to thank you for protecting me when I was out cold.

Fry: I never would’ve done had you not given me your internet powers.

Leela: I knew you’d be the only person that would be able to stop, Ironfinger.

(Kisses him and Fry has a smile.)

Fry: I just want to say, working with you is an honor.

Leela: So what do you want to do?

Fry: Want to go online?

Leela: Hmm...okay, how about

Fry: (panicked) No, I’ll think of the place.




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