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No Compromises Part 1

By Paul A. Metcalfe

August 1st - am

The rhythmic breathing coming from Amy's bed, was rudely disturbed by the incessant clanging of her Mars University alarm clock, informing in no uncertain terms that it was time to get up. Instinctively she stretched out her arm, and slammed her hand down on the off lever.

"Ai ya, it's morning again, and I was having such a wonderful dream about what presents I'll get for my birthday", commented Amy to herself as she threw back the covers and shuffled out of bed.

As she stood in her satin pink pyjamas, and stretched in attempt to get some wakefulness running through her body, the thought of a nice refreshing shower was strong in her mind.

Just as she headed towards the bathroom, her telephone started ringing.

"Typical, this always happens when I really need a shower", she said to herself, while picking up the receiver.

"Amy Wong." she said into the handset.

"Amy, dis is Hermes." came the voice of the Planet Express bureaucrat.

"Yeah, Hermes, what do you want at this time in the morning?” answered a slightly irritable Amy.

"Good News actually, due to an electrical fault at de office, you can come in late today, say about 9.30." came the response

"Thank you Hermes, I'll see you then." answered Amy as she put the phone down and restarted towards the shower.


Leela walked into the Planet Express Building lounge some 40 minutes after Hermes had rung Amy, and stared in disbelief at the mess it was in. There were boxes strewn all over the floor, most of the tables and even the sofa. Sitting at the only table without any boxes was Hermes, who appeared to be scribbling furiously on a sheet of bureaucratic paper.

"Hi Hermes." she said once his attention had been captured.

"Morning Leela, I gave Amy most the morning off so I could complete this inventory of her Birthday Party items, but Fry and Bender have disappeared again, so will you help?" asked Hermes with a desperate look in his eyes.

"Typical." she muttered under her breath.

"Yeah, sure what needs to be done?" she replied dejectedly

"Only that box over dere, and then we have to hide them in de Lab", he said pointing to a large rectangular box with "Banners-R-Us" emblazoned on the side.

Leela walked over to the box and opened it, and withdrew a banner, after stretching it out to full width, she noticed the wording "Happy Birthday Amy" was surrounded by multicoloured balloons.

"One wall width banner with 'Happy Birthday Amy' printed on It." she advised.

"Check, everything is here for Amy's surprise birthday party, now we have to hide it in de Lab." responded Hermes, as Leela repacked the banner.

Fry and Bender nonchalantly ambled back into the lounge, just as Leela and Hermes were taping up the last box.

"Now dat you two are here, you can store dese in the de Lab." instructed Hermes.

"Aww, why? We helped to bring them in!" responded a crest-fallen Fry.

"Yeah, why do we have to do it?" chorused Bender.

"If you two hadn't gone and left Hermes to do the inventory, then you wouldn't be moving the boxes again." retorted an angry looking Leela.

"Yeah mon, now get to it, and quick." commanded Hermes.

"Leela, you'd better go and meet Amy, and make sure she don't come in here." he added.

As Fry and Bender started removing the boxes, Hermes wandered back to his table and started bureaucratically tidying up his inventory notes and Leela headed to the front door to intercept Amy, pondering the best way to distract her.

Leela waited by the front door for a few minutes, before Amy strolled in wearing her familiar pink sweat suit.

"Hi Leela, I thought there was an electrical fault this morning?" she asked

"I managed to fix the fault, Fry had overloaded an electrical point last night, and it had blown the main circuit fuse,” responded Leela.

"Oh OK, so why are you standing there then?" questioned Amy.

"I was waiting for you to arrive", came the brisk response.

"Oh, Why? Hermes said I could get in late!" came the truthful explanation

"Yeah I know he did, but I'm having trouble thinking of a Birthday Present for you, why don't you come shopping with me, so that you can pick what you want?" she asked.

"You sure Leela, that's unusually friendly of you." responded Amy with a mischievous grin on her face.

"Sometimes I just want hit her so hard" thought Leela

"Amy, that wasn't very nice." retorted Leela.

"Sorry Leela, I'd love to help you pick my present, as long as we go to Alien Overlord and Taylor for it" answered Amy.

"Amy, that's the most expensive shop in New New York!" was Leela's choked response.

"Well G’uh, it’s the only place I shop"

“That I can see!” sarcastically replied Leela as she looked at Amy’s Clothes.

“Spleesh Leela, this is a NuevoGucci Sweat Suit, do you want to help me or not?” as she pulled the bottom of her top down a bit to reveal the logo, in a slightly annoyed manner.

"OK, just this once though, now let's go." said Leela, as she grabbed Amy's arm and dragged her out of the building and towards the Tube portal.


Fry and Bender stowed away the last of the boxes, and headed back to the lounge for another well-deserved rest.

"Fry, what have you got Amy for her birthday?" asked Bender.

"Weeellll, nothing yet, but I have plans", came the uncertain response.

"I'm gonna give her some liquor, and if she don't like it, I will." quipped Bender.

"You can't do that for someone's Birthday." answered Fry.

"Why not, it's not that important to her, she has one every year" contested Bender, as he sat down on the sofa. "Aww screw this, let's watch some TV" he said looking up at Fry, who was staring at him in bewilderment.

"Yeah, good plan" answered Fry as he sat down, and pressed the ON button on the remote control.


On the other side of New New York, in a long deserted warehouse two figures sat around a table.

"Ok, so in order to finance this project, I'm going to need to invest $10 million more" a female voice asked.

"Yeah, 'fraid so, if you wanna make this the future for robots" a metallic Italian sounding male voice responded.

"Ok, it's going to take me some time to get the capital requested" the female voice explained.

"Sure lady, and I'm the President, you have 1 week, otherwise the deal's off", he instructed.

"OK, I'll have the necessary funding by then. I have a fiendishly disgusting plan on how to get some of the money quick, my boys will kidnap the Wong's daughter, and then well hold her to ransom, they're sure to pay up" she responded.

"They'd better, or it's the end of Mom's Friendly Robot Factory." said the male figure as he got up from the table and headed out of the building.

From behind the female figure, three more people with a similar height and build appeared from the shadows.

"But why kidnap the Wong's daughter?" one of them asked inquisitively.

"Easy, her parents are loaded, they virtually own Mars University, have the largest Buggalo herd and own Wong Racing, the current holders of Universe Motor Racing Championship. So they should be able to give me the 5 million, without any trouble."

"OK, so what's your plan for kidnapping her?"

"Easy, go to her apartment and grab her, then take her to the refining plant on Europa for safe keeping." she ordered.

"Yeah, good plan as always, we can do that." came back a half-confident reply.

"Right, now that's clear, I'm going back to the office to see if our stocks are starting to rise again, after we lost millions during the crash" as she got up and left them standing there.

"OK, let's get to the delivery truck, and then disguise it, in case anyone sees it, when we grab the Wong girl." commanded the leader of the three henchmen.

"What time do we nab her?" asked one of the cohorts.

"Tonight, when it's nice and dark." he replied with an evil sounding chuckle.


Amy and Leela exited the tube and walked the short distance to Alien Overlord and Taylor's store.

"Let's have a look in the Women's Fashion Department, maybe we can both find something new" remarked Amy while staring at Leela's tank top, pants and especially her boots.

"I don't need anything new, Amy" insisted Leela, a sharp tone lacing her voice.

"Well g'uh, you could have fooled me!" responded Amy with a wry grin as she pressed the elevator button for the 5th floor.

"Just because I'm not a fashion guru, it doesn't mean I have to spend all my money on new clothes" shot back Leela venomously.

"Jeez, why did Hermes pick me for this, anymore of her sarcasm and I'm gonna go out of my mind"

"OK OK, I was only suggesting it" came Amy's stunned reply at Leela's reaction.

"Poq Gai, Leela's so touchy about people trying to help her, it's unbelievable"

Leela and Amy continued up the elevator to the 5th floor, with a stony silence between them.


August 1st - early afternoon

In one of New New York's dingiest suburbs, locally called "Little Bitaly," a gold-plated limousine drew to a halt outside of Fronty's Meat Market. Two robots armed with High-Power Laser Rifles stepped out of it, and surveyed the surrounding area, before one of them walked to the rear of the car, and opened the door.

"OK Boss, the coast is clear," he said, peering into the back seat.

The Don Bot exited the car with all the grandeur of someone used to the easy life; he patted the bodyguard on his metal face in thanks, and headed into the building, following the first bodyguard.

"Romeo, get the car back to the garage, OK," shouted the bodyguards, Clamps , Joey Mousepad and a third taller bot with large antennas on the side of his head, Paulie Lugnuts, as they followed Don Bot.

The Don Bot proceeded through the store, acknowledging the owner's greeting with a brisk wave and a nod of his head.

"OK X-Bot and Big Toni you make sure our hide-out is secure. Me and the boys will wait for the all-clear."

X-Bot walked carefully forward towards the door that led to the shop's deep freeze unit. Big Toni making certain that there was no Spy-Cams anywhere on the walls, and shelves or the roof.

After walking in and around the frozen piece of meat a few times, X-Bot yelled that everything was in order. A minute or so later, the Don Bot and his entourage entered the freezer, with Big Toni closing the door behind them.

"Good work boys, the future for us robots is looking good, if Mom can get the money that we need to take out her opposition once and for all."

"Yeah, I wanna Clamp something, NOW," shouted the Don's trusted confident Clamps.

"You'll get your chance soon enough" replied the Don Bot, giving him a friendly pat on the cheek. "One thing, however does worry me, and that is the ability of her boys to do the task" he continued

"Why? It's three human males against one human female, how can it go wrong," asked Big Toni.

"Those three couldn't organize an oil party on a refinery, let alone carry out a kidnapping."

"Oh, They're that bad? You want me and some of the boys to watch them?"

"That's a good idea, Big Toni, you and X-Bot follow them everywhere, I'll organize someone else to meet you at Wong Apartments, once you let me know, you're on your way there."

"Who? And why does this contact want to remain anonymous to us?"

"He used to work at the Nightingale Hospital, until I showed him the error of his ways, and he joined us."

"Yeah, ya know boss it's a shame that bending robot left, he would have been useful on this job."

"He would have served a purpose. Now get following those Humans!" ordered the Don Bot.

"Yes Boss" replied Big Toni, as he beckoned X-Bot to follow him.


In the garages behind Mom's Friendly Robot Factory, Walt, Larry, and Igner were busy camouflaging one of the company's delivery trucks.

"No, don't paint the windshield black as well, you dolt," yelled Walt.

"But you said, paint the front of the truck black," replied Igner

"I meant paint the metal bits black, not the windscreen, how am I supposed to drive, if I can't see where I'm going?"

"Oh, I never thought of that," replied an emotionally destroyed Igner.

"Your never think, period."

"Walt, is painting the whole truck necessary? Only covering the logos would have done the trick," asked Larry.

"The logos, cover virtually the whole truck, so it's easier to paint it all, instead of just little bits."

"OK, are you going to paint as well, or just order us about?"

"I'm the leader of this operation, so all I do is the ordering about, now get painting again."


Big Toni and X-Bot left and started towards the nearest Tube entrance.

"Well-well, what are you two up to?" a voice of soul asked them as they passed one of the many alleyways of New New York.

"Nothing, just out for a walk," answered Big Toni

"That'll be a first for you," said URL as he emerged from the shadows.

"The Police, again. Why are you always tailing us? We are just two ordinary, hard working bots walking down a street."

"Yeah and I'm a collection bot for the FF0000 cross," said URL dryly, "Better not be any trouble tonight, boys," Continued URL, "Cause believe me, YOU don't want me to get 24th century on your asses." URL's eye narrowed behind the shadow of his visor as his imposing and threatening circuits fired up, "Now don't you guys have to be someplace else?"

"Huh?" asked Big Toni, confused

"Let me rephrase that" said URL "Beat it!"

Big Tony and X-bot took the hint and walked quickly down the block towards the nearest Tube entrance.


"Hey Leela, come over here, I found something you might like," yelled Amy

"Amy, there's no need to shout," replied Leela, as she appeared from behind a rack of party dresses. This was not Hermes' best idea. Dealing with Fry is easy in comparison.

"Oh OK, I looked around and couldn't see you."

"So what have you found me this time," she spoke with disdain.

"These," answered Amy, holding up a green strapless dress with gold sequins lined around the top and bottom, and golden sequin stars interspersed across the middle of it, in one hand, and pointing at a pack of multi-coloured Tank Tops with the other.

"That is sort of nice Amy, but we are looking for your present, not clothes for me."

"I know, but I thought you'd look stylish wearing the dress on a date, plus you ought to wear a different coloured tank top instead of white.”

"Amy, when was I last asked out on a date?"

"Err, I forget, but you could ask Fry," optimistically said Amy.

"Me? Ask Fry... are you Joking?" thundered Leela.

"Leela, it's obvious he's in love with you, why can't you give him a chance for once?"

"He's not my type, plus he needs to grow up."

"Spleesh, he's the only one who is still not grossed out by your eye, and yet you constantly reject him."

"Amy, stay out of it. I am doing this to Fry for a good reason. Now I am gonna go and find you a present on my own." Leela turned from Amy and stormed off in a marked manner.

She's so opinionated, I'm only trying help thought Amy solemnly walking off to hang the dress on the rack.


"Larry, Igner get your asses into the back seats of the truck, while I go and get the briefcase from Mom, that will allow us to complete this part of her plan"

"OK, but why the back seats?" asked Igner

The sound of a hand connecting with flesh could be heard echoing around the garage as Larry slapped Igner.

"So it looks like I'm the only one in an all black truck, dolt!"

"Ow, that really hurt, I'm sorry," said Igner as he opened the truck doors and got in.

"Well, don't say anything then," replied Larry as he got in and closed the doors behind him.

A couple of minutes later, Walt opened the passenger door and carefully placed a black briefcase on the passenger seat, and then fastened the seat belt securely around it.

"OK, you two ready? We are off to Wong Apartments. Now keep quiet," as he got in the driver's door, sat down, and fastened his seat belt.

After pressing the start button, he gently reversed the truck out of the garage, pressed the VTO button, and headed across New New York towards Amy's apartment block.


"Holy Hen of Phnom Penh, time sure does go fast, when you are having Bureaucratic fun," muttered Hermes to himself, after he'd finished signing his name to yet another requisition form and looked at his watch.

"ARRGGGHH! He cut his head off!" a scream reverberated throughout the building.

Dem boys are still watching dat show. I had better tell them to get their hairy asses home thought Hermes as he put his pen down, and walked out of the office towards the lounge.

"Leela and Amy have been gone a long while," said Fry to Hermes as he walked in the lounge.

"They're girls mon, they will be there until it closes," answered Hermes as he walked in front of the sofa.

"Yeah, human females always need to look like floozies." sarcastically responded Bender.

"I know, but we've watched The Scary Door Season 1 twice now, I thought Leela would be back." he moaned

"Well, they're not going to be back, so you might as well go home," ordered Hermes as he grabbed the TV Remote Control and pressed the OFF button.

"OK. C'mon Bender let go, there's more booze at home," as he got up and headed out of the lounge.

"Yeah, yeah. Let's drink all MY booze instead of the companies," said Bender as he followed disconsolately.

"See you tomorrow," yelled Hermes as he went back into his office to finish off the last form, before he could go home as well.


Big Toni and X-Bot exited the Tube and started towards Wong Apartments, as they passed a darkened alley, they heard a strange buzzing noise emanate from it.

"psst, you guys the Robot Mafia?" a tiny voice said.

"You hear that?" Big Toni asked X-Bot skeptically

"Yeah I thought I heard a tiny voice," answered X-Bot

"Good, thought my hearing circuits was on the fritz there for a moment."

"So we going to answer that?"

"We'd better, can't let them ask every robot that question."

Big Toni and X-Bot turned off the street and into the alleyway, as they walked into the darkness a pair of Greenish looking dots appeared just above the dirt cover.

"OK, who are you? Show yourself," ordered Big Toni

"I am called Cy, and I take it you are Big Toni and X-Bot," came the answer which seem to originate from the dots.

"Toni, I'll show you who that is," interrupted X-Bot, as his eyes turned a bright green, and lights shot out from them enveloping the remainder of the alley. About 10 feet in front of Big Toni was a small oblong shaped robot, with wings instead of arms, hovering just above the ground.

"Nice trick. I was sent by the Don Bot to assist you guys," stated Cy. His wings folded into his body and arms replaced them; then his legs dropped down from his body and he stood up, barely reaching Big Toni's knees.

"So you're the ex Medi-Bot, the Don Bot told us about," asked Big Toni

"Yeah, no we'd better get going, otherwise the boys will beat us there."

As they turned around to head back towards Amy's apartment, the sound of a decelerating engine caught their attention, as they looked up, a Black truck could be seen making landing maneuvers.

"That must be Mom's Boys, let's get into position, in case we're needed," ordered Big Toni.


Walt eased the delivery truck onto the designated landing spot for deliveries on the top of Wong Apartments.

"Right you two, let's try and do this right," he said, staring at Igner in particular.

"Why are you staring at me?" whimpered Igner

"Because you're more than likely to screw something up" answered Walt.

Larry and Igner eased themselves out of the truck, and set off towards the rooftop doorway that led inside. Walt hung back a second or two, and did one last check that everything they required was in the briefcase, removed and pocked one item then followed the other two.

After descending several flights of stairs, they finally arrived at Amy's apartment front door. Walt reached into his pocket and took out what looked like the end of a metal coat hanger.

"What's that?" asked Igner

"This is how we are going to get into her apartment," answered Walt. He inserted the piece of metal into the lock, jiggled it up and down from side to side, until there was clicking noise, and the door opened. Before either Larry or Igner could react, Walt shoved them into the apartment, then shut the door behind him.

"Right, let's be quiet, otherwise her neighbors may hear us," ordered Walt.

"So now we wait then? Wonder how long," mused Larry.


August 1st - late afternoon

After a hard day shopping, Amy and Leela walked down a corridor of Wong Apartments Building, the half-burnt out florescent lights buzzing over head, were giving just enough light for them to see where they were going.

"I don't believe after spending all day in that shop, all you bought were White Tank Tops," Amy said.

"Well, they were the only clothes I needed to get," came the swift response.

"Yeah, but I thought you might have bought that pack consisting of different colors, not just plain white... again."

"Amy, I happen to like plain white tops, last time I wore a different colored one in public, a certain robot made fun of it"

"Oh, I remember seeing that one, it didn't suit you at all. Maybe white is the color for you after all," responded Amy smirking.

Before Leela could respond, they arrived at the front door to Amy's Apartment.

"Amy, one last thing. I'm sorry for exploding at you in the shop."

"That's OK, Leela. I'll see you tomorrow," declared Amy, as she unlocked the door and started to go in.

"Yeah Amy, see you tomorrow," sighed Leela, as she turned and headed back down the corridor like a lost soul. Ah well, it was nice to have company, even if it was Amy.

Amy shut the door behind her, before she could press the light switch, she became aware of someone else moving in her apartment.

"Uh, Hello" Amy nervously said into the darkness that enveloped her.

"OK, she is in here and the door is closed...get her," a male voice ordered from the darkness.

Amy did not have time to think, before someone grabbed her by the wrists and pulled her into the room, her shopping bags spilling their contents.

"Leela, Heeeellllp," screamed Amy, before she felt the impact of cold metal against her arm, and then everything started to go dark, as she lost consciousness.

"Right, we got her, Mom will be pleased with us," said one of her assailants.


Leela had just got in the elevator and pressed the button to go down to the ground floor, when she heard Amy scream! Before the doors could close, she dashed through them and ran back towards the apartment.

The front door to the apartment opened as soon as her boot connected with it, and she charged in. Hitting the light switch on her way past, she saw Amy's prone and unconscious body on the floor, with three men standing over her.

Before they had chance to react to her entrance, she threw her shopping bag at one of them and then kicked him under his chin; which sent him flying across the room. She then grabbed the other two and banged their heads together.

Leela stopped to survey her work, and then bent down to check on Amy's condition. She was relieved to find the pulse of a heartbeat.

"OK Leela, now what do you do? You can't leave Amy on the floor like this," she questioned herself.

Leela gently picked up the inanimate body of Amy, and headed into the bedroom, where she placed Amy on her bed and then tried to locate her mobile phone.


Outside of the apartment, the chosen members of the Robot Mafia emerged from the shadows.

"OK X-Bot, do your stuff, they have been too long getting the Wong's girl," said Big Toni.

"Yeah sure boss," he replied, and turned to face the outside wall of the apartment.

A mild buzzing sound started to emanate from within him, and then a greenish light emerged from his eye sockets and the wall now seemed to become translucent.

The outlines of Mom's boys lay out on the floor in the lounge, and the slightly fainter lines of Leela and Amy in the bedroom became visible.

"OK, the boys are unconscious, and the Wong girl has an accomplice, do we send in Cy now?"

"Yeah, the Don Bot says everything is riding on this kidnap working and as he thought they failed," replied Big Toni.

Turning towards and looking down at the third member of the gang, he said "Cy, We need the Wong's accomplice subduing and quickly, we'll follow you and attempt to revive those idiots."

"Okay Big Toni, I'll meet you in the lounge shortly," replied Cy, as wings replaced his arms. His legs folded into his body, before he started to hover a couple of inches off the floor, and then flew into the apartment.

"He's some weird bot," said X-Bot, as he turned off the see-through ray, and followed Big Toni into the apartment.


"Damn it Amy, where do you keep your mobile phone, I know it is the world's smallest but this is ridiculous." Leela asked the comatose body, after having searched the bedside table without success.

She started to search one of Amy's sweat suit jacket pockets, when she became aware of an unusual buzzing sound that seemed to be getting closer. Spinning around to face the bedroom windows, she noticed what appeared to be a small metallic fly coming towards her.

"WHAT THE!" she said in surprise.

"I am Cy Ringe, and now it's time for you to sleep," responded the fly, and then before Leela had a chance to react, he shot forward with speed, and collided with her arm.

"Ow, that hurt"

"Any second now, you won't have to worry about that," chuckled Cy.

Leela looked down towards Cy, and noticed that everything was going kind of hazy. She shook her head in a vain attempt to fight whatever it was that had been injected into her, but it was to no avail, within seconds, she was slumped on the bed next to Amy.

Cy flew back into the lounge and reported a successful mission to Big Toni and X-Bot. A couple of minutes later Walt, Larry, and Igner came around.

"Who are you guys," asked Walt

"We're your backup in case things went wrong, which they did," responded Big Toni

"Things were going OK, until the cyclops charged in and hit us."

"I suggest that you totally incapacitate her, so that she can't cause any further problems."

"You two, go and tie her up, nice and tight, and remove their communicators as well," ordered Walt.

"I'll remove her boots as well," said Larry rubbing his chin.

"What with Walt, we've no rope or anything," responded Igner

"Here, use this, I use it for emergency repairs," said Big Toni as he handed a roll of tape over.

"Thanks," responded Igner as he and Larry left for the bedroom.

"It's still too light for you to move them, so I'll leave X-Bot here to watch the corridor, until it's dark enough," explained Big Toni.

"Oh OK."

"Now me and Cy had better report back to the Don Bot, ciao," as he and Cy turned and left the apartment.


A few hours later.

"Right you two, let's get the Wong girl to the truck, it's dark enough," said Walt after looking at his watch for the umpteenth time over the last few hours.

Larry and Igner walked into the bedroom moved Leela onto the floor, then picked up Amy, her arms and legs taped together, and headed back to the lounge.

"Okay, now take her to the delivery truck, and be quiet,” ordered Walt.

"What do we do about the other one, we leaving her," asked Larry

"No, take her along as well, no use leaving a witness," interjected X-Bot

"Oh OK, be back shortly," as they left the apartment and headed for the roof, where the truck was parked.

"I suggest you gag the other one, she looks like she could cause trouble," said X-Bot.

"But she's tied up," responded Walt

"Yeah, but open mouths, are liable to scream and shout when unattended, especially when they've restricted movement."

"OK, and we gag the Wong girl as well, when get to the hide-away?"

"No, just leave her near the other one, maybe she can talk sense into the cyclops"

"Gotcha, we'll do that, and thanks for the information."

The other two returned and headed straight into the bedroom, they came out a couple of seconds later carrying Leela. Her legs and arms had been taped together, another piece of tape went around her waist and across her arms to restrict movement even more.

"Hold on, I've got something to add," said Walt as they started to walk past.

Taking the tape from the table, he cut off a couple of sections of it, and then placed them over Leela's lips.

"There that'll keep her quiet, now load her into the truck as well," he ordered.

"I'd better come along with you, to protect the Don Bot's interest," said X-Bot as Larry and Igner carried Leela to the truck.

"OK, but Mom isn't going to like it." replied Walt

"You three need all the help you can get, now let's go!"

After X-Bot had left the apartment, Walt picked up the door key, locked the door, then pushed the key under it, and then made a quick call on a mobile phone to Mom letting her know of the success of the mission, before following the others.

After making certain both girls were in the back of the truck, X-Bot got in with them after taking the roll of tape offered to him by Walt, just in case they came around early. Walt locked the doors behind them, then got into the driver's seat, making sure that Larry and Igner were present. He started the engine, and once the truck had cleared the roof, he pointed it at a 45-degree angle, and headed towards the depths of space.

Chapter 2

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