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Minds Apart by AstroZombie and Paul A Metcalfe

"Good news everyone," said Farnsworth approaching the meeting table.

"Iíve been invited to attend this years LUNATIC awards on the West Coast."

"Lunatic?" asked Fry, bewildered. Yikes! Heís actually admitting heís insane, he thought.

"Youíve never heard of The LUNATIC awards Fry?" asked Leela

"Uh, eh, no canít say I have" answered Fry.

"Itís the Los Angeles, Universal And NATional Inventors Conference," said Amy " itís very prestigious, only the best scientists and inventors are asked to attend"

"How the hell did old urine pants get an invite then?" Asked Bender.

"Apparently there is a joke in the name but Iím blowed if I can find it" said Farnsworth.

"Uh huh" said Fry, twirling his finger next to his ear.

He felt someone kick him beneath the table, Leela coughed and looked at him. He got the hint.

"So when do you leave?" asked Leela.

"Today" answered the Professor "Now if youíll excuse me I have to go pack and write my dictators victory speech, I, er, I mean my award winners speech."

With that Farnsworth disappeared upstairs to his apartment.

"Ok den people" said Hermes, "Now as dere is no delivery today other than dropping off the Professor..."

"I know where Iíd like to drop him off," said Bender, interrupting

"...I suggest dat we give the building a good clean and general tidy up, prior to him leaving" Continued Hermes "We donít want to give da customers a bad impression"

"Then how come Fry still works here then?" Asked Bender with a malicious chuckle.

"Hey" said Fry.

A short time later found the staff of Planet Express busying themselves, cleaning up the interior of the building,

Leela was in the ships hanger sorting through the crates of packing materials and spare parts for the ships. Dr Zoidberg was in the medical room,

"Hmm I better check ze expiry dates on ze contents of the medical supplies"

He opened the pharmaceuticals cupboard and began to check the individual bottles and containers

"Letz zee, Ok... Too... berrr 2987," said Dr Zoidberg "vell I zink zats still good for a while, Jan...oo... harry 2993, yes zats ok..."

Amy was tidying up the meeting table area, chipping Fryís used gum off the underside of the table,

"Ewwww, this ones all hairy" she screamed.

Bender was cleaning up the TV lounge and inspecting the comfort of the couch and the efficiency of the television at displaying the ĎAll My Circuitsí omnibus.

Fry was in the professorís lab; he was looking at the professors black board.

"Man," said Fry "they say my spellings bad, but the professors is even worse, he gets letters, numbers and plusís all mixed up together, I donít even know what this is, a sum or a sentence"

He looked at the characters on the board, written in Farnsworthís scrawl

E=MC2 = å G + C3-F x( 15xÖ M x2p ) / J + 0.5Æ x2W

"Meh" said Fry pressing the boards erase button. The Formula disappeared

Fry looked around the lab; his eyes fell upon a strange looking device sitting on a trolley in one corner of the lab.

The Device looked similar to two submarine periscope eyepieces connected by some complex looking electronic components.

Above the eyepieces were metal skullcaps like those on an electric chair. Either side of the eyepieces where earpieces and below these where a keyboard and a pistol grip, and trigger arrangement.

"Cool the professors built a videogame," he said twisting some knobs and pressing buttons randomly

Fry stood in front of the machine and looked through the eyepiece, he noticed that he could see right through the device and out the other eyepiece

The device started up automatically, a boot up sequence appeared.

"ST Boot-up Sequence Initialised"

A list of checks began to scroll up past his eyes on the transparent screen between the eyepieces

"Coool" said Fry " wonder what itís about"

At that moment an eye, fringed by purple hair appeared at the other eyepiece


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" screamed Fry startled.

He shot back from the machine, banging his head on the skullcap and at the same time pulling the devices trigger

There was blinding flash of light.

Both Fry and Leela noticed that it seemed to come from behind their eyes.

Time seemed to slow down and speed up at the same time.

They felt themselves hit the floor in slow motion and at speed simultaneously.

Fry opened his eyes.

He was lying on the floor, a few feet from the machine.

His head hurt. Badly

His mind began to function again

Leela! He thought, I heard her scream!

He got up and looked around

Leela lay crumpled next to the machine

Fry rushed over to her

"Leela? Leela are you ok?" he asked shaking her by the shoulder

Her eye snapped open "Yes Fry, no thanks to you, you thundering moron, what did you do?"

"Me?" said Fry "If you hadnít a scared the shit outta me than this wouldnít a happened!"

"Oh really? Replied Leela, sternly, as she got up. "Whyís that?"

"You made me jump, I must a pushed a button or something, I guess" said Fry sheepishly. "Well at least nothing seems to be broken and your not hurt, Leela"

"Apart from your brain" spat Leela angrily, trying to hide the fact she did play a part in the incident.

"Come on lets get out of here before you do break something" said Leela "the machine looks ok, luckily for you"

"Ok Ok" said Fry timidly before muttering "Its always my fault!" under his breath.

They walked out of the professorís lab trying not to look guilty of anything, though in Fryís case he wished he were guilty of doing something else with Leela in the lab.

"Fry, go and help Amy clean the underside of the table, you canít damage that" said Leela.

"What did he break now!" asked Hermes apprehensively

"Nothing" replied Fry and Leela simultaneously

"I was just making sure he wasnít around anything he could break," said Leela

She cringed as soon as she said it, knowing how useless it would make Fry feel.

He did panic when I didnít get up she thought, He doesnít always think of himself first. And why do I feel so light-headed.

The sensation passed

Fry walked over to Amy, who handed him a hammer and a chisel. He too felt light-headed for an instant.

"Try using a trash can for your gum in future, Fry " said Amy "Eeeeeeeeeewwww"

Fry got under the table and started to chip away at the offending pieces of gum

"Here Fry," said Amy "you might need these" she handed Fry a pair of protective goggles.

"I donít need those Amy," said Fry " Iíll just close my eyes".

"Well if youíre sure Fry," said Amy.

Leela headed back over to the ship. A scream pierced the air a few seconds later.

"OOOOOOWWWWWWW" yelled Fry "My thumb!"

A couple of hours later found Fry still chipping away at a stubborn piece of gum, though he was now wearing the goggles.

Amy was fixing herself something to eat in the kitchen area.

Leela was discussing the details of the impending flight to Los Angeles with Hermes in his office.

Amy was chewing her first mouthful of Martian style Cantonese Noodles when she heard a bang come from the direction of the meeting table.

She looked over and saw Fry leaning heavily on the table, the hammer lying on the floor where it fell

Fryís eyeís where shut tight, a mask of pain in his face.

Amy ran over to him.

"Fry, whatís wrong" She asked.

"I Dunno" said Fry between strained gasps "My heads really killing me!"

The door to Hermesís office flew open, the Rastafarian appeared in the doorway.

"Someone come quickly somethingís wrong with Leela, sheís fainted!" he shouted.

Amy looked at Hermes and then back at Fry unsure of whom to help.

Fry looked at her "Go! See if Leelaís alright, Iíll be fine" he said clutching his head.

Amy ran over to Hermes.

In his office she saw Leela lying crumpled on the floor. The young Cyclops was groaning softly.

"What happened Hermes?" she asked

"I donít know Amy she complained that her head was getting sore then she fainted!" said Hermes

"Fryís head hurting him too" she answered.

Hermes pressed a button on his office intercom "Zoidberg get your shell over here now!"

A few minutes later found Fry and Leela sat side by side on the bed in Zoidberg's office. Zoidberg, Hermes and Amy stood in front of them a concerned look on their faces

"So what the diagnosis Dr Zoidberg?" Asked Amy

"Vell, to be honest I donít have a clue" answered the lobster

"Then what the hell do I employ you for?" yelled Hermes

"Uh my astonishing good looks and my rapier vit?" answered Zoidberg

Hermes glared at the crustacean.

"Maybe its something they picked up on a delivery," said Amy

"Oh you think? Vhen did you become the company doctor? How come then Bender is Ok?" said Zoidberg

"G,uh! Because heís a robot, genius!" said Amy

"Look," said Leela "Maybe weíve just been working to hard and need a rest?"

"Well I can buy dat on your part Leela," said Hermes "though Iím not so sure about Fry"

"Hey!" said Fry, before groaning and clutching his head again. "Uhhhhhh!"

Leela too clutched her head.

Fry looked up again "Heís not that lazy!" He said, before shaking his head slightly, a puzzled look came over his face. "I mean... Iím not that lazy".

He looked at Leela for a moment puzzled, but unsure of why.

He noticed she was looking back at him equally puzzled.

"Ok" said Hermes "You can both have the rest of the day off to go home and rest, but I want you back here tomorrow so the Ďdoctorí here can give you both a thorough medical examination"

"Thank you Hermes," said Leela.

"Yeah thanks," agreed Fry

"Right lets get you two home," said Hermes "Its my bureaucratic duty to escort the more senior employee home so Iíll help Leela, Amy you can take the wage slave home"

Amy and Fry both glared at him but said nothing.


The two groups left the PE building, Hermes helped Leela into his standard central bureaucracy department issue Ford Gemini, and Amy helped fry into her shiny new ThunderCougarFalconBird convertible.

"Hey Amy" said Fry "When did you get the new car?"

"After the insurance money came through from when Zoidberg crashed it," she answered subconsciously rubbing the small scar on her neck she got as an indirect result of the crash. "And my parents gave me some money for a new one as well!" she continued in a slightly more subdued tone.

Fry groaned again as the pain in his head returned.

At the same time in Hermesís car Leela felt her head begin to thump again.

The journey to their respective apartments was a silent one, save for the occasional pain induced groan.

Amy and Fry arrived at Robot Arms Apartments. Amy parked in the garage below the building. She helped fry get out of the car and they walked over to the elevators.

Fry saw a sign stuck on the elevator door.

"Aw crap!" he said

"What?" asked Amy Catching him up after locking her car.

"The elevators out" said Fry weíll have to use the stairs"

"Oh" said Amy " what floor is benders apartment on?"

"The 1100101st"said Fry, casually

"What!" yelled Amy.

"Huh?" said Fry " Oh sorry that was in binary, I get that from living with bender I guess"

"Phew!" said Amy "you had me worried there, what floor is it in decimal?"

"Deciwhat?" asked Fry, bewildered.

"Normal numbers said Amy annoyed.

"The 101st" said Fry

"Hum kah chan!" said Amy

Leela and Hermes arrived at Leela's apartment block about half an hour later.

"Mon! That was some three dimensional traffic jam," said Hermes getting out of he car

"Yeah" said Leela through the pain in her head, as she opened the apartment block door. "You donít often see that theses days"

"And that screen washer guy at the stop light, you think theyíll be able to remove that squeegee?" said Hermes as he began climbing the three flights of stairs to apartment 1i.

Yeah Hermes" said Leela in a moment of painlessness "they can surgically remove any thing nowadays"

Leela unlocked her front door Hermes helped her in.

About the same time at Robot Arms, two gasping figures appeared out of the stairwell on the 101st floor.

"Poq Gai!" Said Amy "Thank god thatís over"

She looked at Fry. He hadnít looked that well to begin with, he looked even worse now, his face was bright red and sweating profusely, gasping for air and clutching the handrail to keep him upright.

"Ho...Holy...Holy Shit! Thatís some climb!" he finally managed to spit out between gasping in lungfull's of air.

"You got that right," said Amy who was also gasping for breath though not quite as hard as Fry.

"Come on then Fry lets get you to bed" she continued, unlocking the door to benders apartment.

"Yeah" said Fry weakly holding his head.

Leela walked towards her bedroom as Hermes closed the front door behind him.

She felt the pain in her head return as she took off her jacket; she went to steady herself against the wall.

"You ok Leela?" asked Hermes.

Across town Fry too felt the pain return, he sat down on his bed, Amy took of his jacket, she noticed the grimace on his face.

"It still hurts, huh?" she asked.

"Mmm Hmmm" answered Fry through gritted teeth.

"Come on then" she said softly. "Letís get you to bed" she began to pull Fryís shirt over his head.

Fry felt the pain in his head increase he clenched his eyes in an effort to escape the pain.

Fryís eyes flickered open. A look of confusion appeared on his face.

Hermes, having received no answer to his question, moved over to Leela, concerned by her silence.

She turned her head and looked at him.

"Where am I" said Leela,

"At home" answered Hermes.

She looked at Hermes strangely. "Hey youíre not Amy".

There was a brief pause, before she spoke again.

"Hey whereís Amy."

"Uh with Fry" responded Hermes, confused.

Leela spoke again, "yeah she is, isnít she!"

Across town at the same instant Fry Looked at Amy

"Hey Amy howíd you get here?" He asked.

"Well Gíuh! I took you home."

He stopped for a second, a blank look flashed across his face.

"Yeah I know".

Amy Looked at Fry.

"Fry now you babbling worse than you usually do!" she said, helping him off with his jeans and into bed, tucking him in.

"Try and get some sleep ok?" she cooed softly.

"Ok" answered Fry closing his eyes, before drifting quickly off.

Leela sat down on her bed, Hermes, folded up her jacket and put it away in her wardrobe.

"Iíll have Dr Zoidberg give you and fry a thorough medical exam tomorrow ok, just try and get some rest." Said Hermes as he closed the door to Leelaís bedroom.

"I will, Hermes, thanks," said Leela

"No Problem." Said Hermes from the other side of the door.

Leela heard her front door shut. She took off the rest of her clothing, took the scrunchie out of her hair and slipped in the welcoming embrace of her bed.

She closed her eye and felt the reassuring grip of sleep creep into her body.

Fry opened his eyes.

Something didnít feel right to him. He soon figured out why.

He was floating in his room a few inches from the ceiling.

Fry instinctively made a grab for something to prevent him from falling.

The only thing he found was the light fixing.

Fry grabbed it and held on.

Whoooooooa! He thought, Ok I ainít falling so I think I can let go of the light

He looked at his hands grasping the fixing; he noticed he could see through them.

Aww shit! Iím dead, he thought, I must aí had another soft drink induced heart attack!

He turned his head and looked down at his bed.

He got quite a shock when he saw his body was still lying in bed, breathing and apparently asleep.

Whooo hooo! Ok so Iím not dead, Iím just having one of those out of body experience thingies.

He let go of the light; he stayed where he was, floating next to the ceiling.

"Coooooool!" he said, he noticed his voice seemed different, as though it had no physical presence and was merely an extension of his thoughts.

"Wonder if I can move around," he said to himself quietly.

Fry found that he could move around the room simply by thinking it.

He glided around the apartment in the dark. He opened the door to Bender's room.

Fry flew over Bender,

"Hehehehe" chuckled Fry, to himself.

"Whoooooooooooooooooooooooo," he wailed, "Bender! Bender! I, am a Ghost!"

Bender didnít move, he simply turned round in his alcove and muttered to himself.

"Nnnnnuhhhhhhh...Kill all humans"

"Crud!" said Fry "He canít hear me"

"Ah Screw this," said Fry Iím gonna see if I can fly outside"

He moved over to the window. He was about to try and open it, when he had a thought.

Hey if Iím out of my body then I should be able to go through the window.

Fry moved closer to the window; he concentrated and slid forward.

He felt himself move through the window, or rather felt the window move through him since it was still solid.

Weeeeeiirrrrrd! Thought Fry.

He looked down.


He suddenly remembered that benders apartment was on the 101st floor. The ground obscured by the dark of the night, far below.

"Man, thatís a long way down," said Fry

An insane thought suddenly struck him.

Fry set off towards the ground as fast as he could, screeching like a German Stuka bomber in a war movie. His arms outstretched like wings.

The ground rapidly came into view.

The specs of light growing into lampposts, road signs and car headlights.

Fry pulled up at the last minute and swooped low over the traffic. No one saw him save for a stray cat that ran out into the road causing a passing car to swerve and collide with a trashcan.

Fry soared skyward again.

He flew on through the skyscrapers of New New York their windows glinting in the moonlight.

The fact he was dressed only in a ghostly pair of light-speed briefs never crossed his mind once.

Leela lay in her bed, sleeping. She stirred and opened her eye.

The ache in her head had gone. Her bedroom felt hot and airless. She got up to open her recently installed window.

Something was wrong with the situation, but she couldnít place what it was. Suddenly the realisation hit her. She had not thrown back her bedclothes yet she could not recall them hindering her exit from the bed.

She thought about this puzzled for a moment before putting it down to her being too tired to remember.

She passed by the mirror on her wardrobe door and she froze.

Her reflection wasnít there.

She spun around and looked back at her bed.

The sleeping form of her body still lay there, snoring quietly.

"OH MY GOD" she yelled, the strange tone of her voice, shocking her into silence again.

Iím out of my body, she thought, it must have something to do with the professors machine.

Oh no! This is probably happening to Fry too! She thought. I have to go and see if heís alright!

She walked over to her body where it lay in her bed.

She got on her bed and lay down back in her body.

She felt no noticeable difference.

"OK, Here goes!" she said,

Leela got up again making a conscious effort to pull back the bed sheets. She saw her hands appear ghostlike through the sheets as she tried in vain to grasp the bedclothes.

"Damnit!" said Leela

Ok then Iíll just have to go like this.

She looked down at her naked, and now transparent, body.

Why did this have to happen when all my PJís are in the wash! She groaned. Well if I canít see myself in the mirror then hopefully no one else can.

She walked over to her front door. She was about to try the handle when she saw her hand slip through the door, unhindered.

Leela cautiously walked through the door looking around out side in case there was someone around.

I know they canít see me but I still donít want to be naked in front of just any one, she thought

She carefully walked done the stairs and out on to the street.

Sheíd gone a few paces when two people came out of the bar on the corner of her block.

It was a guy and a girl about her age.

Leela froze for a second, and covered her breasts and crotch with her arms and scurried into a doorway.

They walked past oblivious to her.

She crept out of the doorway, and resumed walking to Fry and Benders apartment.

She walked past the bar; not noticing the middle aged man exiting it until it was too late.

Leela was suddenly confronted with the man walking straight towards her, there was nowhere to run, he was too close, she opened her mouth to say something when he walked straight through her.

She stood there rooted to the spot.

OK, she thought, so people canít see me.

Leela regained her composure and set of again towards Fryís apartment.

Fry was flying through the streets of New New York at a much lower lever than before. He was now flying between the buildings rather than above them. Occasionally he flew through one trying in vain to frighten any one unlucky enough to have the ability to see him.

He felt himself shiver,

How can I feel cold when I donít even have a real body, he thought to himself, ah well I suppose I better get back

Fry began to turn himself around when he suddenly felt something unseen, pull him onwards.

"Wha...! Hey I canít turn round. I must be caught in a tractor beam or something," said Fry

He suddenly remembered where he was "And who the hell am I talking to?"

Wonder where itís taking me? He thought, Hey! Leela lives around here.

Fry glanced at the street below him; a brief flash of purple hair in the moonlight caused him to look again.

"Hey Leela! He shouted, before he registered that she was in fact naked,

Man, I wish I could see that again, he thought, but closer, and in my body... and in her bedroom

Leela heard Fryís cry and glanced upwards at the source, She gasped,

"Oh my god itís Fry!" She said "heís flying and heís only wearing a pair of light-speed briefs... he could catch a chill up there!"

Wait! I could see through him, she thought recalling the sight of stars through Fryís body, the same thing must have happened to him. So if he can fly then I should be able to do it t...

She never got a chance to finish her line of thought.

Leela felt herself being pulled of her feet. She felt her self-rising through the air the flow of air chilling her body as it rushed past, whistling in her ears.

She didnít notice the whistling she was too busy screaming.


Leela looked down and saw the streetlights of New New York passing by, below her

She looked to see where she was heading, her eye watering in the wind, she could barely make out the buildings she passed, she had to keep wiping away the tears from her eye.

In the distance she could make out the shape of a large, tall, building. The shape of it seemed quite familiar.

I think thatís Robot Arms, she though to herself, though I canít be sure, Iíve never seen it from this perspective. If I Ďm heading there, then where is Fry going?

Leela thought about this for a split second, "Oh my!" she exclaimed.


Fry sped on through the sky moments after glimpsing Leela. He wasnít that concerned about where he was going and what was happening to him, his mind was still dwelling on the sight that had graced his eyes an few seconds ago,

It was Leela and she was naked, he thought, she was naked... out on the street, NAKED!

He couldnít help thinking about how vulnerable and fragile she looked; it was strange how seeing someone naked could change your perception of them.

"I hope sheís all right," said Fry, glancing back over his shoulder.

He cast his gaze forward again, just in time to see the wall of Leelaís apartment inches from his face.



Leela could clearly see Robot Arms Apartments, looming large in her field of vision.

She felt herself slow a little, she saw she was heading for one window in particular, she knew automatically whose apartment it was, she felt herself go through the window and enter the building, she flew through the rooms of the apartment, stopping in one in particular.

She could make out the sleeping form of Fry below her.

Leela felt herself moving closer to Fryís body.

"Well at least heís still breathing," she thought,

Suddenly she felt herself enter Fryís body, she couldnít move, she couldnít resist, she was helpless.

Hermes arrived back at the Planet Express Headquarters, and then watched as Amy attempted to parallel park her car, behind his and in front of some poor innocent driverís car, only just missing both carís bumpers.

"I see, youíve improved your parking technique Amy", observed Hermes.

"Well Bíuh, I missed them both, didnít I", answered Amy as she stormed into the building.

"Amy, you go and get the ship prepared, youíre temporary Pilot for the trip to LA, as Leela is unfit". Shouted Hermes after her.

"OK, Iíll go and get changed and meet you there", came the now distant response.

"Get changed, what on earth for", muttered a surprised Hermes, as he turned towards the Professorís Laboratory.

On his way, he passed the delivery slot, where he noticed a package had been left, with TOP SECRET stamped all over it. He took the paper work, and dropped it onto his desk, leaving a memo to read it on his return, then carried on towards the Laboratory.


"You infernal machine, stop beeping", yelled the Professor at the ST Device.

"Whatís Up?", asked Hermes as he entered.

"This invention, keeps telling me itís been used, although I only just finished it.", replied Farnsworth.

"Let me see it", as Hermes reached his hand out, and took the device from Farnsworth.

"Well, if I what seeing is right, it is registering as two DNA patterns recorded.", answered Hermes.

"It must be faulty, like all my inventions, anyhoo, pack it into that case" instructed the Professor.

"Are you ready to go now, weíve got a strict schedule to keep" asked Hermes.

"Uh Yeah", replied the Professor

"Letís go already", said Hermes as he grabbed the case containing the ST Device, and headed for the door, looking behind to make certain the Professor was actually following him.

They arrived at the stairs leading up to the ship, looking around there was no apparent sign of Amy anywhere.

"Whereís Amy, sheís meant to be here as Pilot", remarked Hermes

"Amyís pilot? whereís Leela?", asked the Professor

"You old coot, we took her and Fry home ill earlier, donít you remember", asked an exasperated Hermes.

"Uh, No", came the response.

"AAAMMMMYYYYYY, get your ass out here!", yelled Hermes at the top of his voice.

"Iím here, and thereís no need to shout", came Amyís voice from within the ship.

"Oh right, sorry", replied Hermes, as he and the Professor started up the stairs.

As they entered the Flight, they were greeted by the sight of Amy wearing a full-length low-backed cerise dress, with a strategically placed bow across the top of her chest, on her feet wear pair of high heeled shoes.

"What do you think, good enough for the convention?", asked Amy.

"Holy Lion of Zion, youíre going to pilot us, wearing that", demanded Hermes.

"Yeah, why is there something wrong?", she answered in a slightly putout manner.

"Amy, weíre only going to LA, to drop the Professor off and then come back here, weíve got a Top Secret delivery to make on our return", he answered.

"You want me to make a delivery as well?", she queried.

"No, Itís going to take us at least 7 hours to get there and back, so hopefully, Leela will have recovered by then", he responded.

"Oh, so I got made up for nothing", came the upset sounding response.

"Yep, now letís get on our way to LA.", ordered Hermes.

"Hum kah chan!", replied Amy as she sat in the Pilotís chair.

She turned the key to start the engines and waited until the familiar vibration started to shake the ship, after pressing a couple more buttons, the ship rose to a 45-degree angle, and then she pushed the throttle forward, and they sped away from the Planet Express Building.

Amy then typed the destination co-ordinates into the Autopilot, pressed the start button, and then headed off to get changed back into her familiar pink shell suit.

"Well this is one weird dream, imagine me being involved in a body swap, and with Fry of all people. I wonder if this has anything to do with the accident that occurred when I caught him playing with the Professorís LUNATIC device", was the last conscious thought that passed through her mind, before sleep took control.

After what seemed like only a few minutes, she awoke and slowly looked around the bedroom.

"What the... Iím in Fryís bedroom! Maybe that wasnít a strange dream I had last night"; she uttered aloud, as she noticed that her fringe of purple hair was missing.

She instantly felt around her face and found two round eyes, instead of one large oval eye.

"This canít be!" she muttered to herself in shock, as she pushed back the sheet covering her body and noticed that she was now wearing Lightspeed Briefs and had a severely under exercised and most importantly, male, body.

"AAAAAAAAAHHH!" she screamed uncontrollably.

"Oh my god, oh my GOD, oh my god." She thought in panic, "OK, Turanga, this isnít what it seems; I couldnít possibly be in Fryís body? Could I? "

"I wonder if in among all this junk strewn all over the room, Fry has a mirror", she said to herself, noticing for the first time that she sounded like Fry.

She started to hunt through the crap on Fryís floor in search of a mirror. After moving Fryís regular clothing off the top of the pile to one side, the first item that she came across was his Holophonr Book, which looked like it was well used, "Heís still practising, thatís good" wistfully thought Leela.

After throwing some empty Slurm Cans in the direction of what looked like a Waste Basket, she came across a scrunched up piece of paper, after untangling it, she saw a very badly drawn picture of what looked like her and Fry holding hands. "It looks like Fry is still in Love with me, despite all that Iíve done to him recently" whispered Leela remorsefully.

After throwing a heavily Slurm stained white T-shirt to one side, she discovered a pair of her panties. "What the hell, does Fry want with these? And where did he get them from?" she exclaimed astonished and infuriated.

"Iíd better take them back, and confront Fry after all this over as to why he had them" she hissed.

"OK, no sign of a mirror on the floor, Iíll have to have a look around the room", she thought.

After inspecting the contents of Fryís desk and table, she looked around the walls and noticed just above the bed that there was a greyish rectangular outline of where something should have been hanging on the wall.

"Hmm, looks like behind the bed is my last chance of finding one", she thought.

After moving the bed away from the wall, she found the mirror; and stared in disbelief at Fryís Face staring back at her.

"Oh My God, itís actually happened, where is Fry" she exclaimed aghast

The realisation hit home, the dream of Fry flying over New New York, and her being sucked towards his apartment, was real.

"Oh No, If Iím in his body, then he must be in mine." She cried out aloud.

The door to Fryís room opened and in walked Bender.

"Morning skintube" said Bender "You alright? I heard some screaming n stuff?"

"Bender, do you mind Iím half-naked" screamed a still dazed Leela, as she instinctively covered her covered her breasts with her right arm, and her crotch with her left hand.

"Well Fry, itís not as if I ainít seen you undressed before, so why are you freaking out so much?" retorted Bender

"Uh, sorry Bender but I had such a weird dream last night about me being Leela" She responded

"OK Fry, Iím not that interested, its just that your crashing around was worse than normal" answered Bender

"Sorry, Iím not myself, but I think the dream affected me more than I thought," answered Leela/Fry honestly

Bender then turned around and walked out the door muttering quietly "Screwball!"

"Phew, that was close and Iíve got to remember that Iím Fry" she sighed when the door closed again

Do I keep acting like Fry? Or do I tell someone whatís happened? She thought. Itís probably best if I speak to Fry first before I decide.

Iíd better go and find him before he gets to work, She decided mentally, so we can work out how this happened and what we should do next?

"Iíd better get dressed, as I canít walk around the streets like this, people will really see me this time", she said to herself, as she bent down and started to pull on Fryís jeans.

After throwing on the rest of his clothes, she bent down and picked up her panties and pocketed them inside the jacket.

Iíd better get a move on, thereís no telling what sort of trouble Fry could be having in my apartment, she thought, as she rushed out of the bedroom and the front door.

"Freakiní humans! Always rushiní everywhere, not like us Robots, well some Robots, well me", muttered Bender.

Fry felt himself awaken, he reached up and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, his brain was telling him that something was wrong, his nose felt lower down than it usually did.

Fry dismissed this as an after effect of the stale pizza he'd found under his bed, he didn't recall eating it but he'd had weird dreams after doing this before, he glanced at the ceiling and immediately noticed that a tuft of hair partially obscured his view.

Purple hair.

He looked around him for Leela hoping he'd gotten lucky and just couldn't remember it.

He was alone in the bed.

The events of the night before came flooding back to him

His hands flew up to his face.

What he felt confirmed his suspicions

"Coooooooooooooooooooooool" said Fry, blinking and looking at his hands. The skin was smoother and the hands were definitely feminine

He soon discovered that however hard he tried he could not go cockeyed with only one eye.

He stopped suddenly as a though struck him.

Fry gingerly lifted up the blanket and gazed at the sight below.

OH MY GOD! Exclaimed fry, I'M IN LEELA'S BODY,

He clasped the blankets against him again.

He remained like this for a few seconds before taking a look under the covers again.

"Oh my god!" he exclaimed again, in a softer voice.

A number of thoughts struck him at once, Only one of which Leela would have approved of.

Acting on this he got up and wrapped the bedclothes around his or rather her body,

He saw some movement out of the corner of his eye; he looked and found himself staring at Leela, or rather at the reflection of himself in her body in the full-length mirror on the door of the closet.

Whoa, thought Fry, this is too weird,

He moved his arm around watching the reflection do the same, trying to confirm that this situation, however bizarre it seemed, was actually happening.

He noticed that even first thing in the morning and with her hair down and unkempt, Leela was still the prettiest girl he knew.

He reached for the door to Leela's closet and missed it by a few inches. He tried a few more times before finally managing to grab hold of the handle

"Damn it!" Said fry, half in realisation, half in frustration "Guess this must be that depth perception thing Leela goes on about.

Fry searched through Leela's closet until he found a bathrobe, which he quickly put on trying not to stare at her naked body.

This is stupid he thought, she couldn't know what I've been doing here, in her body, I could do anything I want...Yeah, but then I'd have to look her in the eye, every time I see her.

He looked at the reflection in the mirror, and sighed.

He went to move when mischievous though crossed his mind

He stepped back in front of the mirror slipped the robe off his shoulders and gave a little wiggle, before giggling and tying the robe shut tightly and walking out of the bedroom.

Fry walked around Leela's apartment; it was still just as bare as he remembered it, apart from the recently installed window.

He looked out of the new window; there was a brick wall a few feet from it.

Nice view, he thought, sarcastically, man, am I hungry.

Fry began searching the cupboards for something to eat each one he open was bare, until finally he opened the last cupboard. On the upper shelf there were a few tins of assorted foods and an open box of Archduke Chocula cereal.

On the lower shelf Fry saw some crockery and cutlery,

On closer examination Fry saw that there was one plate, one cup, one saucer, a soup bowl, a knife, a fork and a single spoon.

"Oh Leela!" he said softly, the full extent of her lonely life hitting him.

Fry took out the one plate in the cupboard and was about to place it on the worktop when he felt the room begin to spin around him.

Whoa!" he exclaimed, reaching for the counter.

His hand never got there. His new depth perception was seriously affecting his ability to stay up right.

The room closed in around him.

Fry hit the ground with a thud, the plate smashing next to him,

He didn't feel himself hit the ground; his mind was already elsewhere.


Fry opened his eyes, or eye, or what ever the hell he had now; he was still getting used to it,

There were sparkling lights everywhere, the room was darkened, and he could make out people moving around, dancing,

He looked down at himself or rather at Leela's body.

He sighed,

Still here huh? He thought, and why the hell am I wearing a dress made from old pieces of carpet?

And why am I standing here with my arm out like I'm holding someone but there's no one there,

He began to make out a low sound, gradually he realised it was a chant,

"One eye! One eye! One eye! One eye!"

His eyes got used to the darkness surrounding the stage, he could see the crowd around the stage pointing and staring at him.

Fry recognised one face in the crowd in particular; the average brown dinner suit was the give away.


He had his arm round an average looking brunette who was giggling and smirking at Leela

He heard Adalai shout the words "I only asked you to the prom for a dare!" at him

I'm at Leela's High School Prom, he thought, this must be a memory of hers. Boy and I though my prom night was a disaster, those bastards. That Bastard! What did she ever do to deserve this?

A voice from the crowd yelled out. Get that freaky bitch off the stage she's putting me off my food.

Suddenly a flash bulb went off in front of him; he felt himself stumble off the stage, blinded by the flash, tripping over a chair in the process of fleeing and landing in a crumpled heap to the sound of raucous laughter from the crowd.

As he lay there, Fry felt the feeling of absolute humiliation fill his entire body, as it was wracked with sobs.

He felt himself detach from this reality and the darkness returned to his vision,

Slowly another reality began to filter in, one where he was being shaken, one where some one was calling his name, where his own voice was calling his name.


Leela saw Fry's eye, her eye, snap open.

He stared at her for a few seconds, a bewildered look on his face, her face.

This is SOOOOO weird, thought Leela/Fry, as she looked down at him.

The look changed to one of relief as Fry/Leela realised who it was.

"Le?Leela? Is? Is that you?" he asked in her voice.

"Yes Fry it's me? I think? I'm not you anyway! What happened too you?" she asked

"I dunno", he replied "I think I blacked out, I think? I think I just saw a memory of yours, I was at your prom night! In your body!"

"Your delirious Fry!" said Leela/Fry "You just bumped your head"

"It seemed so real though!" he replied as he got up unsteadily.

"Whoa!" He exclaimed, "I feel kinda woozy"

"Yeah! Well too bad" said Leela/Fry, we gotta get to work and figure out what happened, which means you got to get dressed."

"Yeah I guess," said Fry/Leela

"But after you've had a shower!" said Leela/Fry throwing a towel at him.

"Cooooooool!" said Fry/Leela, smirking.

Leela/Fry opened her mouth to chastise him for this comment when she caught the strange look on his face, that in his own body would have been a playful wink indicating that he was joking, but in her body it came out a kind of lopsided grin and squint.

She actually found it hard to stop herself from laughing at it.

She watched Fry/Leela bend over to pick up the towel and miss it by inches.

He tried again, and failed.

He looked at her with her single eye.

"Um a little help here?" said Fry/Leela "I still gotta get used to this depth perception thingy"

Fry/Leela bent down in one last attempt to reach the towel, unaware that Leela/Fry was doing the same, their heads clashed with a dull thud.

"Ouch!" cried Leela/Fry "Fry! Watch what youíre doing!" She glared at him for a minute.

Fry/Leela noticed how weird it was being scowled at by yourself.

Wow, he thought so thatís how I look mad! Boy am I cute!

Leela/Fry picked up the towel and handed it to Fry/Leela

"Thanks" he replied sheepishly, before turning round and walking into a door.

"OWWW!" yelled Fry/Leela

Leela/Fry winced

"Careful Fry that's my body youíre in," she said slightly concerned

"Yeah and this is your head that's hurting now, this is really beginning to bug me, its ok for you, your used to it said Fry/Leela, "hey how's it feel to have two eyes for a change?" he went on.

Kinda weird" said Leela/Fry going crossed eyed, she'd been doing this a lot since she discovered it was possible.

She glanced at the clock on the wall.

"Címon Fry you gotta get ready or weíre going to be late," said Leela/Fry.

"Yeah yeah!" replied fry going into the bathroom,

Leela/Fry shoved Fry/Leela towards the bathroom.

"A girl has to look her best you know!" she said as Fry/Leela went into the bathroom.

He closed the door behind him and leaned up against it

Oh god he thought Iíve been dreading this bit, what am I going to do.

Simple! came the answer, youíre gonna get undressed, get in the shower and soap up Leelaís hot, wet steamy naked body....

His mind trailed off on a tangent of its own.

SLAP! his hand flew up to his face, leaving a stinging red mark,

Quit it! Said his conscience, sounding strangely like Leela, we donít have time for this now...maybe later, it went on.

"Okay Philip, hereís what weíre gonna do." Said Fry/Leela to himself, "First your gonna turn the shower on and set it to cold, then your gonna get out of the robe and step into the shower, then your gonna wash yourself, get out and dry your self off. Ok?" he asked

OK! Said Fry/Leela to himself.


Leela/Fry was tiding up the broken plate in the kitchen when she heard herself or rather Fry in her body, scream


She ran to the bathroom door, and knocked on it.

Fry are you ok? She asked

"Ye, ye, ye, yeah, Iím fi, fi, fine the waters ju, ju, just a little c, c, cold thatís all," he replied

"Well why donít you turn up the heat then?" replied Leela/Fry

"Nah, I donít think thatís a good Idea!" said Fry

"Whyís that?" Asked Leela, just before she realised why Fry would be taking a cold shower in her body

Jeeze! Turanga, you can be really dumb sometimes she thought.

"Never mind!" she said, through the bathroom door.

Fryís screams went on for a few more minutes before Leela heard the shower stop, and Fry/Leela came out,

He started to towel dry his hair, as he walked back to the bedroom to get dressed. Leela/Fry looked on with an almost shocked look on her face.

"No! No! No! Fry, use the hair dryer, youíll make it all frizzy, she said her voice slightly raised,

Fry/Leela looked at her with a slightly bemused look.

"Ok whereís your hair dryer then," said Fry/Leela looking around him? Rooting through stuff. He suddenly stumbled across her underwear drawer.

"OOOOOHH MMMYYYYY GOD!" said Fry, observing the collection of flimsy and skimpy undergarments that was far larger than the one in the PE ship.

"Oh My God, It's the Mother Lode...Iíve died and gone to heaven," said Fry in a low voice,

There was a quiet cough behind him, the kind that people make when they want you to know that theyíre there.

He spun round; Leela/Fry was standing behind him, casually holding a hairdryer.

"Ohh, uh... hey!" said Fry/Leela sheepishly, I see you found a hair dryer then.

"Youíve never put your hair in a pony tail have you Fry?" asked Leela/Fry

"Uh no I havenít now you mention it!" He replied.

"Ok then come over here to the dresser and sit down" said Leela/Fry

Fry/Leela want over to the dresser and sat down. He felt Leela/Fry take hold of his or her hair, he still couldnít figure out which.

Leela/Fry took hold of her hairbrush and moved Fry/Leelaís head to one side; she noticed a small and very faint shiver run through Fry as she touched him.

She bought the brush roughly down though the hair.

Careful now Turanga you donít want to do any lasting damage it is still your head, she thought, just enough pain to teach him not to rifle my panties drawer.

Fry/Leela grunted a few times as she brushed his hair, the bristles scraping against the scalp now and then.

She put the brush down and picked up one of the scrunchies sitting on the dresser, then she gathered up Fry/Leelaís hair and put it in to the scrunchie, then with one hand she held the scrunchie while pulling the ponytail tight with the other hand

Fry/Leela squealed in pain.


"Jeeze! Leela be careful there," he yelled, getting out of the chair.

"Ok its done," he said, now if you donít mind Iíd like to get dressed, I know how to put on a bra, remember I was attached to Amy for a while.

"Fry its nothing I ainít seen thousands of times before!" Began Leela/Fry before she heard her stomach rumble.

"Ok Fry you get dressed while I get something to eat", she said as she left the room, as she closed the door she glanced back at Fry/Leela.

He was rubbing the back of his neck, at the hairline. She saw that the skin was red and inflamed where the scrunchie had pulled at it.

She started to feel slightly guilty about it as she fixed herself some Archduke Chocula.

Well he did need to be taught a lesson but perhaps I went a bit too far, she thought, that mark on his, My neck did look kinda sore.


Fry loosened the scrunchie a little.

Damn that girls got some strength in her, He thought, Wait thatís my body sheís in, Iím in hers. Jeeze Phil, how could you forget a thing like that with these in front of you.

Fry/Leela looked down at the ample bosom a few inches below his nose.

"Ah well I suppose I better start to get dressed and take this robe off," he said with a slight grin,

Fry/Leela slipped the robe off and went back to the underwear drawer; he picked up a matching set of plain white bra and panties.

"Ok I think these should be plain enough to keep her happy" said Fry as he started to get dressed.

This sucks soo much, I finally get to be with Leela naked, kinda, he thought, and Iím putting clothes ON her.

He pulled on the panties and clasped the bra closed behind his back; Fry/Leela admired the result in the mirror

Another thought struck him.

Fry/Leela ran through a series of poseís heíd seen super models use.

"Coool! Just like one of those Super Models, except Leelaís better looking", he chuckled to himself.

Fry/Leela hadnít heard the door open a few secondís earlier

"Fry, just what the hell are you doing?", yelled Leela/Fry angrily

"Uh, errr, nothing", came the surprised and embarrassed reply.

"I leave you alone for 2 minutes and look what happens, here catch these and put them on", bellowed Leela/Fry.

Leela/Fry picked up the clean clothes sheíd laid out on her bedside cabinet the night before and threw then at Fry/Leela.

Ha! Missed! Said Fry/Leela, seconds before being hit in the face by Leelaís boots.

He picked himself off the floor and picked up the boots, he gave a cautionary sniff at them.

"Jeeze!" Exclaimed Fry/Leela "Leela ainít you ever heard of odour eaters, man, talk about boot feet!"

"Shut Up! Fry!" retorted Leela/Fry, "and get dressed"

Thirty minutes later saw the pair arrive outside the PE building.

"Ok!" said Leela/Fry "You go in first and then Iíll go in five minutes later!"

"Alright" said Fry/Leela, " but why?"

"Because it would look strange us both going into work together, at the same time," answered Leela/Fry

"You mean you wouldnít want any one thinking that there was anything going on between us, right?" snapped Fry/Leela.

"Uhh..." began Leela/Fry.

"Hey its fine!" said Fry/Leela stiffly "I know Iím an embarrassment!"

Fry/Leela stormed off toward the Planet Express building.

The doors of the Planet Express building flew open as Fry/Leela stormed through them, the bang as they halted suddenly when they hit their stops, echoing through the empty building. The doors having unlocked automatically at 8 am.

"Damn it!" Spat, Fry with a mix of anger, angst and frustration.

Why does she always have to be so self-righteous, and uptight? He thought.

He kept hoping sheíd follow him through the doors, she didnít.

He walked through the building to the employee lounge.

Fry/Leela sat down in silence; he didnít even feel like turning on the TV. He gazed out the window, the rising sun bathing New New York in its warm light.

He watched the shadows diminish as the sun climbed higher into the sky. He thought of Leela walking around out there in his body.

He looked down at his hands, her hands, they werenít at all like his, on his body, Leelaís hands were smaller than his, thinner across, the skin was smoother, there were a few small feint scars on her knuckles, from the numerous noses she had broken.

Her hands kinda some her up, he thought, tough, but fragile.

Fry/Leela felt himself chuckle slightly, his anger abating,

I can never stay mad at her for long, he thought. Sheís too damn cute... Wait does that mean that I think Iím cute, cos sheís in my body or what?

Fry pondered this for a few moments, his brain

Wow! Thought Fry/Leela I really do like her for her mind and not just her body.

Fry/Leela looked down, Her fantastically well-proportioned body, he thought.

He looked up when he heard someone else come through the doors.

He gave a slight sigh when he saw it was Hermes and not Leela/Fry.

"Morning Hermes", he said, "Guess your kinda shocked that Iím here so early huh?"

"Whyís that?" said Hermes, "your always at work early Leela, its just that your not usually in the lounge. You feeling ok today?"

"Uh yeah! Iím Leela alright, mean, eh... yeah Iím alright" said Fry/Leela remembering the situation.

"Um yes you are!" said Hermes slightly confused. Before walking out of the lounge.

"Donít forget the annual personnel medical today either, Leela," said Hermes from outside.

Jeeeze thought Fry/Leela. I gotta remember who I am.

Ok, where would Leela be right now? He thought, Checking the ship, you idiot, where else?

Fry/Leela got up and made his way down to the hanger.

The ship was sitting in its landing area, steam forming around its liquid nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere refilling pipes.

Amy was standing next to the refuelling station monitoring the ship's atmosphere, coolant and fuel levels.

Amy turned around when she heard someone approaching.

"Hi Leela!" said Amy, "See, you're looking like yourself again, still got the same boots though"

"Hi Amy, yeah they're nice aren't they" said Fry/Leela oblivious to the sarcasm in Amyís voice

"Uh, eh yeahhhh! Said Amy, uncertainly, eyeing Fry/Leela strangely.

"So how are you Amy?" Asked Fry /Leela.

"Iím fine Leela," said Amy, who was now beginning to suspect Leela was up to something.

"Uh ok, coool!" said Fry/Leela.

Damn thought Fry/Leela, Leela never sayís cool.

I need to get out of this situation fast he thought.

"Well ok Iím gonna sit over at the meeting table for a bit, now", said Fry/Leela.

"Uh donít you wanna take over refuelling the ship, Leela?" asked Amy

"No thanks Amy, it looks like you can handle the situation." Said Fry/Leela, practically running away now.

Jeeze! That was close, he thought to himself. Me, refuelling the ship? Now thatís scary,

Mental images of mushroom clouds and explosions filled his head,

Yep he thought as he sat down at the meeting table. Leela would love that, me burning the place down.

"Ouch!" winced Leela/Fry as she watched Fry/Leela storm nose first straight into the Planet Express doors.

"Goddamnit, stupid depth perception", he yelled, before grabbing the door handles pulling them back violently and marching in.

"Well, Turanga, that could have gone a bit better", she thought to herself as she wandered aimlessly down the street.

"If only he wasnít so immature most of the time, then these disagreements wouldnít happen" she spoke loudly to herself, while diverting her eyes away from passers-by that were looking at her like she was going mad.

She heard the sound of a familiar space ship engine overhead.

Leela/Fry looked up aghast, as the Planet Express ship, flew past, and headed towards the building.

"Oh my life, Iíd totally forgotten about the Professor and his convention, I wonder whoís piloting the ship" she uttered to herself.

She watched with some concern, as the ship drew to a halt over the top of the building and hovered there while the door slid seamlessly back, and then dropped nice and gently into its landing bay.

"If that was Amy piloting the ship, then Iíll have to check that everything is where it should be, the last time, it took me 3 hours to locate the Engine Manual" contemplated Leela/Fry.

"Iíll just pop into Bleichmanís Bookstore, to wile away a few more minutes," said Leela/Fry to herself as she was passing the store.

As she walked into the bookstore, and started browse through several Video-Novels, the proprietor wandered over carrying a couple of magazines.

"Mr. Fry, so good to see you again, your standing order for "Alien Babes Ė Lust And Leisure" and "Cosmicpolitan" have arrived, would you like to pay now or later" he asked with a mischievous look on his face.

"I... I ordered these" came the response, from a clearly confused Lela/Fry.

"Yeah, about 2 weeks ago" he responded as he handed them over. Leela/Fry promptly placed them in the inside pocket of his jacket.

"Ahh, good idea, so Miss Leela canít see the evidence" chuckled Mr. Bleichman.

"Uh, yeah, thatís the plan" uncertainly replied Leela/Fry, as he turned to leave the shop.

"So, youíre still infatuated with her, I canít understand why, one eyed, big nosed, purple haired for goodness sake" he asked.

Before Bleichman had the chance to register what was happening, Leela/Fry raised his hand and slapped him straight across the left cheek.

"Donít you ever say that about me... err her ever again" shouted Leela/Fry.

"OK OK, but that show of violence was uncalled for" came the shocked reply

"Let that be a lesson, never insult a woman" responded Leela/Fry, as he opened the doors and started to walk out.

"Just one thing before you go, can you tell the lovely Amy Wong, that Iíll meet her at "The Hip Joint" this Saturday" Mr. Bleichman added as an after thought, while rubbing his cheek.

As Leela/Fry exited the building, she swore she heard "mmmmm Pink Sweatsuit", but wasnít certain.

"When I get back to the office, someone is gonna pay for this!" she stated as she started purposefully in the direction of the office.

After a couple of minutes, she arrived at the main Planet Express doors, very nearly ripped the left one off itís hinges, and headed straight for the conference area.

"Alright, give da man a hand, heís only 15 minutes late today" mockingly applauded Hermes, as Leela/Fry raged towards the conference table.

"Not Today Hermes, Iím not in the mood for your frivolity" came the fiery response, as she shoved Hermes out the way.

"Mon, whatís got you so mad?" asked Hermes as he steadied himself against a chair.

"Yeah Fry, this isnít like you at all" queried Amy.

"Amy, you keep your nose, what bit of one you have, out of this" came the angry response.

"Ai ye, hey that wasnít nice Fry, and not like you at all" came Amyís hurt response.

"Yeah, remember who you are!" Fry/Leela said

After hearing Fry/Leela, attempting to placate her feelings, Leela/Fry pulled out a chair and sat down with a resigned thud, both elbows simultaneously hitting the table, as her head fell into her hands, as she felt her anger start to dissipate.

"Iím sorry everyone, itís just that someone insulted my nose, err I mean Leelaís Nose, and I got mad" the slightly muffled voice of Fry said.

"All this over her nose! Jeeze Fry! I knew you liked Leela, but taking it out on me wasnít nice" sniffled Amy.

"Yeah, itís only a nose" voiced Fry/Leela.

"OK ... Amy, Mr. Bleichman, says heíll meet you on Saturday at "The Hip Joint", although I thought you and Kif were an item" queried Leela/Fry.

"We are, but Kifís on a Deep Space mission, and Jeremy is a close friend, who I asked to the club for a bit of company" responded Amy.

"Oh yeah, right" came the scornful response from Leela/Fry.

"OK, you two stop dis now," yelled Hermes.

"Fry, you are obviously still suffering from dat illness, now go and see Zoidberg" he ordered.

Fry/Leela made to get up automatically, when an unseen foot under the table kicked him in the leg and Leela/Fry coughed somewhat loudly.

Shit, Iím Leela he though, Ok, how do I get out of this, theyíve seen me start to move.

Fry/Leela scratched his ass conspicuously, and sat down again.

"Damn these new panties of mine are really making me itch", he said aloud,

He became aware that everyone was looking at him most notably himself, or rather Leela/Fry.

She was staring at him open mouthed.

I... uh, detergents recently, perhaps Iím...uh allergic to the new one. He said trying to rescue the situation.

He looked at Leela/Fry covertly and mouthed "sorry, what else was I supposed to do?"

Leela/Fry got out of her chair and walked past Fry towards Dr Zoidbergís office, she Ďaccidentallyí, struck Fry/Leela on the head with her elbow as she past.

"Owww" said Fry/Leela.

"Oh sorry Leela", said Leela/Fry, "I didnít see you there".

"Fry, Youíre a clumsy idiot, spat Fry/Leela, enjoying, being on the other end of one of Leelaís insults for a change.

Leela/Fry looked at Fry/Leela shocked for a moment,

Fry/Leela smirked back at her, with a look that said "How do you like it?"

She turned back stunned slightly and walked over to Zoidbergís office and knocked on the door.

The door to Dr Zoidbergs Office opened, and Zoidberg waked out clutching a clipboard in his hands.

He appeared to have gripped it slightly too tight as his pincers sliced the board in two.

"Alwayz with the splitting, I swear these boards must come from a defective batch, thatís the tenth one this morning. Ah yez, Fry, your first for the autopsy." Said Dr Zoidberg.

Now firstly I need you to strip down to your underwear, He went on.

Leela/Fry began to get undressed folding Fryís clothes neatly and placing them on the chair in the corner of Zoidberg's Office, before remembering who she was and knocking them over the floor.

When all that Leela/Fry was left wearing was a pair of light speed briefs she climbed up onto the examination couch.

"Ok I am going to hook you up to the diagnostic eqvipment", said Dr Zoidberg as he connected some electrodes to Leela/Fryís Body which will test your revlexes and such, while that is going on I vant you to read the letters on the board over there, back to me, starting vith the largest. " Said Zoidberg.

"Uh ok" said Leela/Fry "L...U...A...P...D...N...A...Y...D...N...A..." He began

"S...R...O...H...T...U...A...E...H...T" finished Leela/Fry several minutes later, "Thank goodness that over and done with, sighed Fry/Leela.

"Very Good Fry" said Zoidberg Your Vision is ztill 20/20.

Zoidberg approached to remove the electrodes, forgetting that the machine had not quite finished the Involuntary reflex test, just in time for one of Leela/Fryís arms to spasm and hit him square in the face.

Zoidberg went down like a lead balloon. His pincers involuntarily slicing another clipboard in two,

WOW! Thought Leela/Fry, surprisingly there is some strength in Fryís arms.

Leela/Fry leaped off the couch and knelt down beside Dr Zoidberg, who was gradually regaining control of his faculties.

"Are you ok Dr Zoidberg?" She asked

Zoidberg sat up somewhat unsteadily.

Uhhhhh...perhaps zose 3 day-old octo-cray fish I had last night werenít so good! Feels like someone punched me in the head!" said Zoidberg

"Uhhh.... Really, wow those fish must really have been off," said Leela/Fry helping Zoidberg up.

"Am I done now?" Asked Leela/Fry getting dressed.

"Why yes send in Leela on your way out" said Zoidberg.

"Ok" replied Leela/Fry.

She opened the door to Zoidberg's office and beckoned Fry/Leela over.

"Ok Fr...Leela itís your turn now, but be careful Dr Zoidberg uh... fainted" said Leela/Fry " heís not feeling himself this morning".

"Yeah him and me both" replied Fry to no one in particular as he passed

On entering Fry/Leela saw Zoidberg Sitting in his chair looking dazed, his left eye slightly swollen, Fry/Leela turned and pocked her head back out the door,

"Ehh... Le... Fry could you maybe stay in here with me in case Dr Zoidberg faints again?" he shouted.

"Uh sure if you donít mind getting undressed in front of me" replied Leela/Fry.

" why would ...well, Iíll make an exception this one time!" said Fry/Leela.

Leela/Fry, made her way back to Dr Zoidberg's office, by the time she got through the Door Fry/Leela was busy taking off her pants,

Leela/Fry saw the plain white bra and panties Fry/Leela had chosen,

"Ok Leela, time for your test " said Zoidberg, as he began to wire up Fry/Leela with the diagnostic electrodes.

"Now read the eye chart for me while the machine tests you" said Dr Zoidberg.

" Uh ok" said Fry/Leela "E...I...D...A...M...A...R...U...T...U...F..." began Fry/Leela.

"...T...E...L...T...O...N...L...L...I...W, there Iím done!" said Fry/Leela.

Zoidberg began to unhook Fry/Leela from the machine,

Fry Leela looked at Leela/Fry, "is the underwear I picked ok?" he asked.

"Uh...Yeah...its,," stammered a slightly shocked Leela/Fry

"Oh cool!" said Fry/Leela.

Leela/Fry Leaned over Fry/Leela and whispered in his ear, "Fry, remember you're me".

"Ooops" said Fry/Leela.

Leela/Fry went to move away, but before she could Fry/Leelaís right arm shot out in a spasm and punched her straight in the stomach.

"Ooofffff!" Groaned Leela/Fry as she doubled up.

"Oh crap! Le...Fry Iím sorry!" exclaimed Fry/Leela leaping off the couch, and kneeling down beside his stricken friend.

"Oh god Iím sorry, are you ok?" he asked

"Unnngghhh! yeah Iíll be ok, I think, Itís ok, I kinda did the same thing to Zoidberg!" answered Leela/Fry.

"You sure your gonna be ok?" asked Fry/Leela,

"yeah, said Leela/Fry,

She Looked at Fry/Leela who from the way he was kneeling was revealing slightly too much cleavage for Leela/Fryís liking.

WOW! They are kinda big from this angle, thought Leela/Fry.

"Uh hadnít you better get dressed?" asked Leela/Fry

"Eh? Oh Yeah!" said Fry/Leela, who made to pick up his clothes.

"But Iíd see if Dr Zoidbergís finished with you first though," added Leela/Fry

"Huh? Oh right!" said Fry/Leela, "Am I done Dr Zoidberg?" he asked.

Zoidberg looked up from yet another broken clipboard.

"Are you done?" Said Zoidberg blankly, "Done what? Oh yes vith the exam, yes, yes Leela you can get dressed now. " Ok you are both fit to continue working, so if youíll excuze me Iíll go tell this to Hermes." Said Zoidberg.

Leela and Fry left Zoidbergís office, a moment later Amy joined them as they headed back to the Conference Room.

"So, you two OK now?" asked a concerned to Amy.

"Yeah, weíre fine", answered Leela/Fry.

"Zoidberg said we were our normal selves," added Fry/Leela.

Zoidberg left Hermesí office, and scuttled off, leaving a slightly confused Jamaican behind.

"Why, we still employ him Iíll never know" he muttered while scratching his head,

"Now back to de paperwork, for dat trip to Los Angeles, we successfully delivered de Professor and his Synaptic Transposition Invention" he said aloud, just as Leela, Fry and Amy were walking past.

Outside, Fry/Leela glanced at Leela/Fry with a look that said "So thatís what it was!"

Hermes looked up, and yelled "You three, get in here now, weíve an urgent Top Secret delivery to make"

"First things first, are you fit enough to fly de ship Leela"

"Iím OK Hermes, never felt this good before", replied Fry/Leela, while avoiding the baleful stare from Leela/Fry.

"OK, well before we took de Professor to Los Angeles, a Top Secret package was left here, and I need to go through the paperwork with you", explained Hermes.

For a brief second Fry/Leela, looked a bit unsure of herself.

"So what do we do, Leela, we donít need to be here", asked Leela/Fry, still thinking it odd having to ask herself what to do.

"Fry, you and Bender, go get the package loaded onto a cargo dolly, and get it to the Docking Bay", answered Fry/Leela, after a couple of seconds thought.

"Aye Aye Captain", responded Leela/Fry, with a slight look of concern on her face, as she headed down the corridor.

"Amy, you go and remove whatís left of Fryís chewing gum from under the table", instructed Hermes.

"Poq Gai, not that again", muttered Amy, as she headed towards the lounge area.

"OK, Captain, deal wit dis paperwork", said Hermes as he pointed to the chair on the other side of his desk.

"OK, dis package is an urgent delivery to ĎThe Nimbusí he continued

"Zappís ship, what is it?" asked Fry/Leela.

"I donít know, all it says is dat itís Top Secret and needs to be urgently delivered", he responded.

"Oh, Amy ought to come with us, so she can see Kif, again", responded Fry/Leela.

"You think thatís wise", came the surprised response.

"Yeah, I do, she deserves some time with him", she replied

"Dis, is unlike you Leela, but OK, Amy can go along", he acknowledged and handed her the paperwork.

Fry/Leela, reached out for the paperwork and closed her hands on thin air.

"You sure youíre OK, Leela" asked Hermes.

"Yes, I am, just a bit of perception trouble, it still happens to me", he honestly answered.

"OK, dat I can understand", he responded and this time pushed the paperwork across the desk. Fry/Leela reached out and grabbed it this time, while allowing a little smile to creep across his lips.

"Iíll head for the Docking Bay, and make sure those two have done what I asked", he said, and left Hermesí office.

"Amy, get to the Docking Bay, youíre going on a delivery run to "The Nimbus", with Leela and Fry", instructed Hermes over the intercom.

"Yay, I can see Kif again", came the excited response.


Leela/Fry, Fry/Leela, Amy and Bender, stood next to the "TOP SECRET" package, waiting to be loaded into the PE Ships cargo hold.

"Now remember youíre me, Fry," whispered Leela/Fry. "So youíll have to give the loading orders to me and Bender"

"I know, Leela, Iím not that stupid," replied Fry/Leela, also whispering.

"Ok then, prove it, by acting like me and not screwing it up" shot back Leela/Fry.

"Amy, you work the Magnetic Grab. Bender, Fry, move the crate and dolly into position" ordered Fry/Leela, trying his best to use the same tone and body language as Leela would.

Leela/Fry moved towards the control panel, whispering "Good" as she went past.

Amy stomped off towards Magnetic Grabís control muttering

"Poq Gai" under her breath

"Iím only here for the chance to meet Kif," she said out loud.

"Amy, just do as I tell you," shouted Leela/Fry as she headed towards Bender. "Err, I meant do as Leela tells you", she corrected realising what she had said.

"Bíuh, what?" responded Amy looking at Fry/Leela for help.

Before Fry/Leela could respond, Bender interjected with "Fry hasnít been Fry all day"

Leela/Fry stopped in her tracks; she turned to look at an equally shocked Fry/Leela.

They both mouthed, "How does he know!" at each other.

"Iím sorry Bender I had a weird dream last night" said Bender in a mock Fry voice, "Jeeze! You skintubes are weird, letting things like that affect you. All I ever dream about is electric sheep!"

Looks of relief appeared for a second on Fry and Leelaís faces.

"Amy, just work the Magnetic Grab and Fry, you get on with helping Bender", ordered Fry/Leela.

Bender and Fry pushed the dolly to the centre of Loading Bayís open hatch.

"Amy, load the crate onto the ship, Bender go to the Cargo hold and stand guard until further notice." Leela looked at Fry who was sweating, profusely, "and go sit in the Bridge", ordered Fry/Leela.

An exhausted Leela/Fry passed by.

She muttered, "How the hell, do you live in this body?" to Fry/Leela

Fry/Leela just shrugged his shoulders in response.

Amy successfully loaded the crate and Bender stored it away, before taking up his usual guard duty position, and shutting down.

"Must kill all humans," he muttered

Fry/Leela headed for the Flight Deck, while Amy headed for her cabin for a nice cool shower and to get changed in preparation for meeting Kif.

On arriving at the Flight Deck, Leela/Fry headed towards Fry/Leela, who was sat in the Captainís chair.

"Um, isnít that my seat, Leela" asked Fry/Leela

"Itís my seat, Fry, yours is over there" responded Leela/Fry, pointing to the back of the bridge.

"OK, but wonít it look odd, me being you, in my chair, if Amy comes in", enquired Fry/Leela

"This is my idea for keeping me as Pilot, while you act as Captain" came the response

"Leela, please give me a chance to show you I can pilot the ship through lift off, Iíve already proved I can pilot it" asked Fry/Leela

"OK, just this once, since you are me." sighed Leela/Fry as she got out of the chair. "Iíll stand here and advise you until Amy appears, after that Iíll try and keep watch on you, without giving the game away, OK"

"Thank you, Leela", responded Fry/Leela as he made herself comfortable.

"And stop calling me Leela," warned Leela/Fry

"Well you called me Fry, a minute ago," retorted Fry/Leela

At that moment, Amy walked in resplendent in the red dress she wore that Valentineís Day, "What you think? Do I look good enough for Kif?" she asked.

Leela/Fry looked disapprovingly, but said "Very Nice, Amy."

Fry/Leela turned around, "The last time I saw you in that, my head was on your shoulder"

"What did you just say Leela?" responded Amy, shocked

"Err, I meant Fryís head was on your shoulder", stuttered Fry/Leela

"That was dumb, now weíll have to tell her," Leela/Fry whispered to Fry/Leela "otherwise sheíll never stop asking!"

"Sorry, Itís just seeing that dress and the memory flooded back, I couldnít stop myself." Fry/Leela whispered back

"Are you two OK?" asked a bewildered Amy.

"Amy, I know youíre going to have a hard time believing this coming from Fry, but what Iím about to tell you, itís the truth", said Leela/Fry.

"Uh huh", responded a dazed Amy.

"Yesterday, before me and Fry were taken unwell, we accidentally touched the Professorís invention, the one heís showing at LUNATIC, and somehow, me and Fryís minds switched bodies" said Leela/Fry.

"So youíre not Fry, youíre Leela, and sheís not Leela, heís Fry", a now totally perplexed Amy responded.

"Yes" they replied simultaneously.

"Now Amy, youíre not to tell anyone this, until we work out how to get our minds back into our own bodies", instructed Leela/Fry.

"Bíuh! I can do that." came a half confident reply from Amy.

"Good, now that you know, I can pilot the ship as Fry", said Leela/Fry

"Aww! I wanted to make the ship Blast Off", came the strangled response from Fry/Leela.

"OK, just this once you can, but as soon as weíre clear of the Earth, we switch positions." Instructed Leela/Fry.

"Thanks, Leela, said Fry/Leela relieved.

"But if we swap positions, wonít Zapp know something is wrong?", he added after a moments thought

"Youíll have to explain to Zapp, that youíre teaching me to pilot the ship" answered Leela/Fry.

"Uh, OK, I think I can manage that", stuttered Fry/Leela

"But before we blast off, this time, make sure the Diamond Tether is not attached to anything first", asserted Leela/Fry

"One small mistake, and you wonít let me forget it", responded Fry/Leela

"That small mistake, got us and Bender fired, we were lucky the Professor gave us our jobs back" answered Leela/Fry. "I donít want to be a Pizza Delivery Person again."

"Neither do I", muttered Fry/Leela under his breath

"OK, OK, you win, will you guide me, please, Leela", pleaded Fry/Leela

"Sure, Fry, on the condition that you do exactly what I say" answered Leela/Fry

"You know Iíll do anything for you, Leela", smiled Fry/Leela back at her.

"Before we take off, Iíve a question for Fry" asked Amy trying not to look at Leela/Fry

"Yeah, sure Amy", responded Fry/Leela

"Does it feel any different being in Leelaís body, than being on my shoulder", inquired Amy, putting a hand on her scarred left shoulder.

"Amy! what kind of a question is that", came the stormy response from Leela/Fry, "Now sit in Benderís place and please keep quiet."

"Yes, Sir, err Maíam" responded Amy.

"Leela, did you have to snap at her, she only asked a question", reacted a puzzled Fry/Leela

"Forget it Fry, weíve a package to deliver to Zapp", responded Leela/Fry with disdain.

"OK, so what do I do next, the Diamond Tether is fully retracted", asked Fry/Leela, having first double-checked the console.

Leela/Fry took Fry/Leela through the launch sequence step-by-step.

"Ok Fry now you can start the main engines" said Leela/Fry finally after numerous checks and rechecks

Fry/Leela pressed the illuminated button marked "Main Engine Start"

He felt a vibration pass through the ship and heard the thrum of the engines begin to build in his ears.

"Now Fry" said Leela/Fry "Move the ship into launch position, and raise the blast shield.

Fry/Leela hit these buttons in turn

He felt himself being raised through several degrees; he saw the view through ships window change from the far end of the hanger to the steely grey of the cloudy New New York sky

Behind the ship a large flap of metal flipped up out of the floor to deflect the exhaust gases of the ships engines away from the rest of the Planet Express hanger.

"Ok Fry said Leela/Fry "now slowly throttle up the engine power all the way up to full"

Fry/Leela took hold of the throttle control and slowly moved the handle up to full power.

The thrum from the engines began to change pitch and build in intensity to a whine.

The vibration began to increase until after what seemed an eternity; Fry/Leela, Leela/Fry and Amy felt the ship lift off the launch pad and blast off and head into space.

Leela/Fry nodded approvingly at Fry/Leela and commented "Nice Take Off, couldnít have done it better myself".

"Now we switch positions?" asked an obviously disappointed Fry/Leela.

"No, I think I can trust you to get us there, plus Zapp wonít think anything is wrong." Replied Leela/Fry; "Although I will keep an eye on you to make sure nothing goes wrong".

"You mean two eyes", came the quick response from Fry/Leela.

"Yeah, yeah, OK." responded Leela/Fry as she headed back to her chair.

"Leela ... err I mean Fry, sorry for asking that question earlier", said Amy.

"Thatís OK, Amy, I know it must be especially confusing for you, and please remember Iím Fry." replied Leela/Fry.

"Ok, Iíll do my best", responded Amy

"The best way, is look at me and think Fry, as that is who you are looking at, similarly the same goes for Leela", advised Leela/Fry

"Yeah, I can do that and youíd better act like Fry as well", answered Amy.

"I am, Iím in his chair", explained Leela/Fry

"No, you havenít got your feet on the console, and youíre not relaxed enough", stated Amy

"OK, Iíll do that." Replied Leela/Fry, as she twisted the chair around and hoisted both feet onto the console, and crossed hands behind his head.

"Thatís better, you look more like Fry now", chuckled Amy.


On the bridge of "The Nimbus", Zapp was sitting in the Captainís Chair, looking expectantly at the forward view screen. Kif was at his monitoring console, when it chirped into life, informing him of the news that both of them were waiting for.

"Captain, the Planet Express ship carrying the TOP SECRET cargo and Amy is on itís way towards us" remarked Kif

"Good, Good, I canít wait to see the Lady Leela again." replied Zapp.

"And I canít wait to see Amy again", wistfully replied Kif.

"Kif, Do you think Leela will like my freshly washed Velour uniform", asked Zapp.

"Yes, Captain", sighed Kif despondently.

"How long until they arrive, I can hardly wait" enquired Zapp.

"Theyíll be here in 2 to 3 hours, Captain", responded Kif, after checking with his console.

"That quick. Iíve got to get the Lovenasium ready. Kif youíre in charge", as he got out of his chair, and headed for the doors of the Bridge.

"Oh and Kif, inform me when theyíve arrived, so I can meet them, we really need that box." informed Zapp, just before the doors to the bridge closed, narrowly missing the end of his nose.

Kif sighed "Yes captain", as he sat reluctantly in the Captainís Chair.


Back on the Flight Deck of the Planet Express Ship. Leela/Fry stood behind Fry/Leela, watching every move, like Hawk watching itís prey.

"Leela, why are you stood behind me?" asked Fry/Leela

"Just checking, that youíre doing everything correctly, which you are", Leela/Fry answered in surprise.

"OK, OK, now go and check on Bender, see that heís guarding the crate", instructed Fry/Leela

"Hey Iím the Captain, and I give the orders around here", answered Leela/Fry.

"Leela... err Fry, youíre Fry not Leela, I think thatís what I mean", came a confused explanation from Amy.

"Yeah, you are, now get to it", ordered Fry/Leela.

"Ok, I forgot who I was for a moment, and do I act like that all the time?" responded a shocked Leela/Fry.

"Yeah, you do", came in unison from both Fry/Leela and Amy.

Leela/Fry headed for the Flight Deck door, muttering "Iím learning a valuable lesson here, if I ever get my body back, Iíll remember this."

"How are you adapting to only having one eye, Fry?" asked Amy, when the door had closed behind Leela/Fry

"Itís still a bit weird", answered Fry/Leela.

"So, youíve got used to the Depth Perception problem?" enquired Amy.

"Sorta, I still miss things first time. Now I know how hard it must be for Leela", truthfully replied Fry/Leela.

"OK. I hope Kif is there to meet me. How much longer till weíre there?" queried Amy

"Itís going to be at least 2 hours, Amy", replied Fry/Leela

"Oh, Iíll go to my Cabin and do my make-up until then." answered Amy, as she stood up.

"Amy, stay here, please?" reacted Fry/Leela.

"Why?" responded Amy

"Itíll be no fun up here, on my own and I could use your company", replied Fry/Leela.

"Oh, OK." answered Amy, as she sat back down again.

As Leela/Fry walked down the corridor towards the Cargo Bay, he passed through the Galley, and came to the crewís cabins. After passing Amyís and Benderís, she stopped outside Leelaís for a brief moment, looked at it wistfully and thought, "Oh well, no sleeping in there later on."

The next cabin was Fryís, "Better take a look at my new room, for one night, I hope", she muttered to herself.

On opening the door, she stood dumbfounded for a couple of seconds, the room was an absolute mess, and stuff was thrown everywhere.

"How, the hell did Fry get this cabin to look like this? Iím meant to sleep in here?" an irritated Leela/Fry thought to herself.

She slammed the door shut, and set off purposefully to the Cargo Bay.

After entering the Cargo Bay, which contained one "Top Secret" crate and an apparently sleeping Robot.

Leela/Fry yelled at the top of his voice, "I thought you were meant to be guarding the crate, not sleeping, Bender".

Benderís eye plate gently rolled back, as he seemed to come back into operation.

"Fry will ya quit yelling, Iím trying to sleep here", answered Bender.

"Youíre meant to be guarding the crate, not Sleeping", angrily responded Leela/Fry

"Whereís it gonna go, " shot back Bender, sarcastically.

"Itís TOP SECRET cargo, you canít be asleep and guard that." retorted Leela/Fry.

"Jeeze! Fry whatís got into, any one would think you where Leela." retaliated Bender,

Everything went still in the Cargo Bay for a couple of seconds, while Benderís last statement hit home.

"Oh sorry, Bender, that dream must still be affecting me", meekly replied Leela/Fry.

"You humans and your dreams, sheesh. I give up" responded Bender, as he got a bottle of beer out, and started to drink it.

"OK, Bender, try and stay awake then?" asked Leela/Fry.

"Yeah, yeah, alright", disdainfully responded Bender.

"Iíll go and tidy my Cabin, if Iím to sleep in there", Leela/Fry muttered to herself, as she turned and left the Cargo Bay.

As soon as Leela/Fry was out of sight, Bender muttered "Humans", and then closed his eye plate and went back to sleep.

Leela/Fry stopped outside of Fryís Cabin and with a certain amount of apprehension, opened the door and went in.

"Jeez, where do I start in here, talk about an Impossible Mission", she said to herself.

"Iíll start by attempting to remove all that crap off the bed, so at least I can get some sleep in here, if nothing else" she muttered.

As she approached the bed, suddenly everything went black. She staggered to grab hold of anything in an effort not to fall down, and by chance grabbed hold of the top of his chair. Suddenly the blackness seemed to fade away, and an angry looking face was yelling at her.

"Phil, I thought I told you to make your bed, you havenít touched the sheets your mother placed on the bed in anticipation of you making it, and donít tell me you slept on the floor again!"

"Whoa, this must be Fryís father, I guess Iím somehow seeing one of his memories and Fry wasnít lying to me earlier today, Iíll have to apologise to him", she noted subconsciously.

"I did" she heard Fry respond

"Why?" came the stormy response

"I didnít want to make the bed wrong again." came the feeble sounding response.

"You didn't want to make the bed wrong AGAIN!" Yancey Sr. yelled incredulously.

"Iíve shown you so many times, how to make a bed to proper military standards, now get to it, before I ground you" Yancey Fry Sr. screamed.

"OK Dad, Iíll try to", came Fryís weak response

"Youíll TRY! ... Iíve told you God knows how many times, and you still have to try", he yelled even more venomously, the blood vessels in his face looked like they were trying to escape.

"OK, but why do I have to make it that way", Fry asked nervously.

"Phil, if you donít make start on making that bed within the next 60 seconds and stop asking dumb questions, there will be hell to pay", he roared.

"OK Dad, Iíll start now", meekly responded Fry as he turned and started on the task in hand.

"Good, Iíll be back in 3 minutes, and God help you if it isnít done right", yelled his father as he left the room and slammed the door behind him.

Almost as suddenly as the memory had started, it faded away and Leela/Fry felt her equilibrium return to normal.

"Well that was educational, I didnít know Fryís dad was that rough on him, that explains why heís so untidy, heís still rebelling against his dadís enforced authority", she whispered quietly.

After spending the next hour and half, giving the Cabin a sense of tidiness, Leela/Fry stood back and admired a job well done.

"Phew, that was hard work, especially in this body, Iíd better take a shower to remove this sweat", she thought to herself.

After hunting through Fryís clothes chest, she eventually located a clean pair of Lightspeed Briefs, another white T-shirt, and hidden at the bottom was a large towel, she headed towards the door that led to the bathroom.

On entering the bathroom, she was more than a little surprised to find it mainly clean and relatively tidy.

"Wow, heís even got some Shower Gel and Shampoo", she expressed in surprise.

She then proceeded to remove his clothing, placing the sneakers, jeans and jacket, outside the door, and placed the T-shirt and briefs into the chute, that eventually deposited them on the floor of the Laundry Room.

After stepping into the shower, and out of instinct, pulling the curtain across the doorway, she looked down and seeing Fryís naked body from a different perspective, muttered "This is one body, more in need of a fitness regime, than any other known to man. Maybe I should offer to help Fry get it into a better shape."

After turning the faucets, and waiting for a few seconds while the water temperature reached an acceptable level for showering, she proceeded to rinse away the sweat, and then after grabbing the Shower Gel, she started to cover his body in it.

"Jeez, when did Fry last shower properly, Iím gonna have my work cut out cleaning up his body as well", she said aloud to herself after discovering dirt between his toes.

"Leela, weíre approaching The Nimbus, and Iíd like some help", came over the intercom system.

"OK Fry, Iíll be along shortly, Iím in the shower" she responded.

On the bridge Fry/Leela looked horrified, as that bit of information filtered through his mind.

"Sheís showering my body and Iím not there", he managed to stutter.

At her console, Amy attempted to suppress a chuckle.

"What was that for?" he asked.

"Oh, I just found it amusing ... the thought of Leela washing your body", she responded.

"Yeah, I sípose it is. Not like she hasnít seen it all before", admitted an ashamed Fry/Leela, as he turned to concentrate on the steering the ship towards The Nimbus.

About 5 minutes later, Leela/Fry stepped out of the shower, and admired the level of cleanliness sheíd achieved, and the fact that she'd only just remembered not to try and put her hair into a ponytail.

"Better get dressed and go and help Fry out on the Bridge, we must be close to The Nimbus by now", she thought to herself.

A few minutes later, Leela/Fry entered the bridge and noticed that The Nimbus was looming large through the main windows.

"Fry, I think all Shipís communications should be done by Amy." Leela/Fry instructed.

"But, why?" came the strangled response from Fry/Leela.

"You might accidentally say something that will give away what has happened to us", came the forceful response.

Fry/Leela shrugged her shoulders and despondently vacated the Captainís chair saying, "Youíre still the Captain, after all".

"Amy, now be careful what you say to Zapp, please", asked Leela/Fry.

"OK, I can handle this", confidently answered Amy as she sat in the chair.

"Fry, Iíd like a quiet word with you in the hallway", Leela/Fry informed Fry/Leela.

"OK, what have I done now?" he responded.

"Nothing, now come on", answered Leela/Fry as she turned from the captainís chair and headed off the flight deck, Fry/Leela followed albeit with some reluctance.

"Fry, Iíd like to apologise to you for doubting you this morning, when I found you unconscious, and then you told me it was all due to a memory of mine." said Leela/Fry, once the Flight Deck door had closed behind them.

"Yeah, I remember that", he responded.

"Well, Iíve just had a similar vision of your past, so now I know you werenít lying to me about it" she expressed.

"Thatís OK, Leela, Iíve already forgiven you for doubting me", he answered.

From the Flight Deck, Amy excitedly yelled, "Hey, I can see The Nimbus."

Leela and Fry walked back in, and stood next to the Captainís Chair, Leela/Fry watching Amyís every move, with all the intensity of a tiger stalking itís prey.

"Captain, the Planet Express ship is within visual range", reported Kif to Zapp via The Nimbusí Intercom.

"Good, Good, give them permission to land, as soon as Leela contacts you", replied Zapp.

"Aye Captain" responded Kif.

A couple of seconds later, the Shipís Communication Panel chirped into life.

"This is the Planet Express ship, with a Top Secret cargo, requesting Docking clearance?" asked the voice.

"Amy, this is Kif, are you in charge of the ship?" he responded quizzically.

"Gíuh, Iím the only one on the Bridge at the minute", answered Amy

"Whereís Leela?" asked Kif

"She and Fry are in the... uh... Cargo Hold, making sure the crate is safe", uncertainly answered Amy.

"Oh, OK, well, you can dock in Bay 5, then", replied Kif.

"Thank you, Kif, you are sweet and I really need to tell you something... OUCH!" responded Amy.

"What happened?" asked a concerned Kif.

"Nothing much, I... uh, hit my knee on the Steering Column", answered Amy.

"OK, Iíll see you in Bay 5 shortly, and be more careful" replied Kif as he closed the Communication channel.

"Sir, The Planet Express ship will be landing in Bay 5 shortly" he reported to Zapp via the Internal Communications Channel.

"The Lady Leela and my crate, nearly here." gasped Zapp

"On my way" he continued.

On the bridge of the Planet Express ship, Amy stood next to the Captainís Chair, rubbing her leg.

"Why, did you kick me Leela? " she asked Leela/Fry.

"It was to get you off the Comms Channel before you told Kif, what happened to us", she responded.

"Flíuh, I said I wouldnít tell Kif, didnít I." Amy responded.

"Err, Leela can you help me, Iíve never landed a ship before", interrupted Fry/Leela.

"OK, Fry, letís do this step-by-step", responded Leela/Fry.

"Ok" responded Fry/Leela.

"First move the ship and come round till youíre lined up with the nimbusís docking bays" Said Leela/Fry.

Fry adjusted the PE ships course and reduced the amount of thrust produced by the engines, the thrum from the stern of the ship decreased slightly.

"Now steer the ship slowly towards Bay five" said Leela

Fry reduced the main engineís power again, the thrum decreasing even further.

He altered course slightly again heading straight for the opening of docking bay 5, the Nimbus now filling the PE ships cockpit windshield completely.

"Fry", said Leela/Fry, "See those lights in the centre of the docking bay?"

"The oneís in a line?" Asked Fry/Leela.

"Yes", said Leela/Fry, "keep the ship dead in line with them"

"Ok, captain" answered Fry/Leela, with a grin.

"Once weíre through the magnetic field retaining the Nimbusís atmosphere, shut down the main engines and engage the forward retro thrusters, to bring the ship to a stop. Said Leela/Fry. Then give the landing thrusters a short burst to cushion our touch down.

Aye, aye, captain, said Fry/Leela with a cheeky grin,

Leela/Fry took a step back; she was interested in how well Fry would do with out her constant instruction.

She was pleasantly surprised.

Fry followed her instructions regarding landing the ship almost to the letter, his landing was only marred by a slightly less than perfect touch down due to him not giving the landing thrusters a long enough burst.

Not bad, not bad all, she thought, He is getting better at this.

"Well howíd I do Leela?" asked Fry anxiously.

"Ok" said Leela, "Still needs a little work, though"

"Yeah I guess" said Fry slightly down trodden, as he walked off the bridge.

"Still needs a little work! Pshhh!" said Amy quietly to Leela/Fry.

"We both know that for a first time, ship to ship docking, that was good. Even you dented the nose the first time you tried it" Amy continued.

"Amy, Iíve got a depth perception problem, that you seem to forget about, thatís why we had that accident"

"Yeah, but Fryís now got that problem, and heís had it for less than a day, and look what he did"

"Amy, I donít need to be told, I saw myself!" said Leela/Fry

"But, he did really well, you ought to praise him" said a despondent Amy as she walked slowly away

"Yeah, I know, I didnít want fry getting too cocky about it, replied Leela/Fry.

Iíll let him fly a bit more often from now on though,

"Címon we better go and get this over with" continued Leela/Fry

"Before we go and meet Zapp and Kif, letís remember who we are!" instructed Leela/Fry to Fry/Leela and Amy, at the top of the shipsí stairs.

"OK", they both responded.

Fry/Leela walked down them, doing his best to walk like Leela. Leela/Fry followed, with Amy pointing out, that Leela/Fry needed to slouch more to walk like Fry.

"Ah, the Lady Leela and others" greeted Zapp

"Huh, Hi Zapp, nice to see you again" replied Fry/Leela. Behind him, Leela/Fry slapped his hand against his head.

"Remember youíre Leela, act like her", a voice kept saying in Fryís mind.

"So, youíve come to your senses and want more of the Zapper", responded Zapp.

"No Zapp, weíre only here to deliver the package and get out-a-here." forcefully responded Fry/Leela. Leela/Fry inwardly allowed herself a small smile of thank you.

"Fry, you go and help Bender unload the cargo" ordered Fry/Leela.

"Yes Maíam", said Leela/Fry as he headed off to the Cargo Bay.

"Deliver the Cargo to my quarters, when youíve unloaded it," shouted Zapp.

An unintelligible response was heard coming from Leela/Fry.

"Um, what about me?" enquired Amy.

"Amy, you go and talk to Kif, youíre not dressed to work", replied Fry/Leela.

"OK, Fry... err Leela, Thank You", answered Amy as she walked over to Kif.

"Right Zapp, letís go and sort this paperwork out", instructed Fry/Leela, before Zapp could notice Amyís Freudian slip.

"The Lovenasium is set-up and ready my darling", replied Zapp

"The what?" queried Fry/Leela

"You donít remember that night, but I do." purred Zapp with a grin that would have done the Cheshire Cat proud.

"Remember youíre Leela, act like her" the voice repeated in Fryís mind.

"Oh THAT night, anyway, the Bridge is more of a suitable place to conduct this kind of business, and what is in the crate, thatís so TOP SECRET?" asked Fry/Leela as she headed towards the Bridge.

"I shouldnít say, but to a fellow captain who Iím in love with, Iíll tell you", answered Zapp.

"Itís my new Full length, multi-sensory enhancing vibrating bed, you want to help me test it?" he asked quickly.

"Zapp, I wouldnít lay on the same bed with you again, if you paid me, now Letís Go!", angrily responded Leela, as she set off out of the Landing Bay.

"But...but" responded a shocked Zapp, as he followed her.

"So Amy, what do you want to do?" asked Kif, as Leela and Zapp went past them.

"Well, Kif, something your cabin is well suited for", answered Amy, with a lecherous grin on her face.

"Uh, err, OK, Amy", replied Kif, as Amy grabbed him by the arm, and started to drag him out of the Landing Bay.

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