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Title: Fry-T Night: Part 1 The Turning

by Zomono

It is night in the city of NNY. The PE crew lands after making a delivery. Leela looks angered as fry stumbles out of the ship drunk out of his mind followed by an extremely happy Bender.

Leela: (exhausted) man, I am glad that's over

Fry: I'll never forget that mission.

Bender: yeah Planet of the Duff was great

Bender hands Fry the keys to the apartment and starts to head off.

Bender: I cant go home tonight. I promised the Robot Devil I'd cook for him.

Fry: (confused) what's in it for you?

Bender: two years outta Robot Hell

Leela heads out the door followed by Fry. He stumbles every now and then. They head their separate ways.

Fry walks down the deserted moonlight street. He starts past an alley way when an eerie noise is heard.

Fry: (nervously) hello?

Voice O.S.: (weakly) help. . . Me . . .

Fry slowly steps into the alley

Fry: hello?

A figure dashes from behind a dumpster. Eyes burning red, long black hair, thin and almost naked (think of a very tall Gollum). He grabs Fry.

Creature: I tire of the sewers

He opens his mouth to reveal two long sharp canines and pulls Fry's head towards him. Fry lets out a scream and all goes black.

Fry opens his eyes. He is in a hospital bed. The PE crew are gathered around him.

Fry: (wearily) what happened?

Zoidberg: you passed out in the alley where I was eating. Luckily it was I who found you.

Zoidberg raises his hands in victory.

Zoidberg: hooray now I am the hero. Apparently though you were drunk from your delivery and got scared by a black cat in the alley.

Voice O.S. : yet that does not explain the unusual amount of blood loss suffered with no visible marks.

A doctor enters the room holding Fry's chart. Fry grabs at his neck. He wears a panic expression but then calms when no holes are felt.

Fry: must have been hallucinating. I could have sworn I saw a vampire.

The crew and the doctor: a what?

Fry: (confused) you mean you never heard of a vampire?

Leela: no. What is it?

Doctor: sorry but I am going to ask you people to leave (checks his watch) visiting hours are over and Mr. Fry needs his rest.

The crew bow their heads and start to leave followed by the doctor.

The lights go out and Fry leans back in his bed. He falls into a dreamless sleep when suddenly. . .

Voice From Alley: Comfy?

Fry sits up and sees a figure standing by the curtains. He is standing up straight and is wearing a dark overcoat. His eyes less red now.

Fry: (weakly) who are you?

Creature walks up to Fry and pulls up a chair.

Creature: the name is Dernakt. Pleasure to finally meet a pure blood.

Fry: ( more confused but a little relaxed) a what?

Dernakt: a pure blood. Not a mutant that I had to survive on for the past month.

Dernakt shifts in his seat and looks at Fry then his face gives a grave expression.

Dernakt: (darker tone) I could kill you now, but after being dead for over fifteen hundred years I find I need some entertainment.

Fry: (back to weakly) uh okay. . .

Dernakt looks down at Fry and stands up. He heads towards the window. He glances back at Fry.

Dernakt: I'll see you soon Phillip.

Fry watches in horror as Dernakt transforms into a bat and flies through the air into the streets of NNY as the sun begins to peak over the horizon.

Days pass and Fry is fully recovered yet when he tries to explain what he saw in his room that morning the professor just passes it as a hallucination while dr. Zoidberg takes notes.

Fry: (angrily) I'm telling you I saw a vampire, his name is Der. . . something but I am not kidding when I say vampire.

Leela: Fry, come on. I mean a human that drinks the blood of other humans? And you don't even have a mark of any kind on your neck to prove he bit you.

Fry: (defensively) then how did I end up in the hospital? How did I lose so much blood?

Zoidberg: you were drunk and delirious, maybe you threw up some blood before you passed out seeing the black cat.

The rest of the crew nod their heads and Zoidberg smiles to himself.

Fry: but what about the hospital?

Everyone gets a little nervous. Then the professor gets up.

Prof. : maybe just a little delirious from the medications (under his breath) lucky bastard.

Later Fry walks to the alley where he was attacked. He sees a black cat sitting on a trash can. The cat watches him.

Fry: (angrily) so there you are. I want answers.

Fry reaches for the cat. It screeches and scratches at him then runs down the alley. Fry grunts in pain and then chases the cat.

Fry: (panting angrily) ill kill you, you bastard, I'LL KILL YOU!

The cat rushes down a drain pipe. Fry lifts the cage and follows

Fry: hiding won't save you.

Fry looks around. The stench of death is in the air. He plugs his nose and continues the hunt for the cat. He sees the cat head down one of the tunnels. Fry follows the cat. They run through a series of pipes and then it finally comes to a dead end.

Fry: (triumphantly) aha! Cornered!

Dernakt swoops from above Fry and snatches the cat. Fry falls back in fear and grasps his mouth trying to keep down his lunch. Dernakt stands up and tosses the lifeless cat to the ground and turns around. He slowly starts to change before Fry. He now has a mustache and has more flesh on his bones

Dernakt: (angrily and very tired) WHAT DO YOU WANT!?

Fry screams and turns to run. As soon as he turns the corner Dernakt is already standing in front of him. Dernakt's eyes have gone back to the burning coal red. Fry falls and lands on his butt.

Dernakt: (stepping towards the fallen Fry) so thinking you can just waltz into my chamber thinking I can supply you with the answers you want at any time you want?! Oh Phillip, Phillip, PHILLIP!

Dernakt Grabs Fry and pulls him up. Fry's feet dangle below him as he is raised higher in the air. Dernakt hold Fry face to face.

Dernakt: ( Angrily) I will meet you at sunrise to see if you like surprises.

Fry finds himself in his own room. No memory of how he got there but the image of Dernakt madder than the Robot Devil on Easter remained. Bender walks into his room.

Bender: (startled) hey meatbag, how did you get here before me?

Fry looks at Bender. He thinks on telling him about what happened but then he realized what Bender might say.

Fry: I uh got lost and found a short cut

Bender: oh okay. Funny though how I saw you go into the alley that Zoidberg found you in.

Fry nods his head and Bender sits down on the couch and turns on the T.V.

After a few hours of nothing good on, Fry looks outside and sees the sun going down.

Fry's Mind: I need to speak to the vampire and find out what he knows and why is he keeping me alive.

Fry: Hey Bender, how are we fixed for beer?

Bender opens his stomach and pulls out a bottle.

Bender: last one. And no you cant have it.

Fry: okay. I'll just go out and get more. I heard about a new liquor store and I want to check it out real quick.

Bender: (shocked) What? New liquor store? And you didn't tell me?

Fry: uh. . . I just heard about it today.

Bender calms down. Then he sits back and changes the channel. Fry leaves the apartment. He walks down the street until the lights start fading and soon the streets are dark. A figure walks out from behind a dumpster

Thug: hey Mac, got the time?

Fry: uh no actually I am just on my way to meet someone.

Thug: and I says you did.

The thug starts to close in on Fry when a shadow suddenly appears behind the thug.

Dernakt: I hope I am not disturbing anything. Ah Phillip there you are. Our appointment wasn't until dusk.

The thug turns around and is soon drained of blood. Dernakt lets him fall lifelessly to the ground. Then burps.

Fry: (weakly) I wish you wouldn't do that in front of me.

Dernakt: (wiping blood from his lips) do what?

Fry and Dernakt are walking down the street side by side. Fry nervously watching Dernakt as they go. Dernakt stops in front of Leela's apartment.

Dernakt: I know you Phillip or shall I call you Fry?

Fry: just call me Fry. Everyone else does.

Dernakt: very well. Fry. Anyway I drank your blood and was interrupted. I could have killed you then and I could change my mind.

Dernakt casts Fry an evil grin.

Dernakt: but I have a strange sense. I need someone to talk to. Someone who knows what I am and what I do and at the same time is what I am. Fry, I have selected you because out of all the blood that I have feasted on. Yours is the only one that responded to the fangs.

Fry: what?

Dernakt looks at Fry then looks up at Leela's window.

Dernakt: the blood cries to a vampire. And if the blood does not die it tells the vampire a story. I now know more about you than anyone else. And I want you to be a vampire with me.

Fry: (shocked) what?!

Dernakt: you understand these times and I don't. the prey may get harder to catch now that three are dead and the strange marks are on their necks.

Fry: I haven't heard anything about that.

Dernakt: and you wont yet. They still need to find the first two. I think it is time to make us known.

Fry: uh . . .what do you mean us?

Dernakt grabs Fry by the throat and they go soaring through the air. They land in the middle of a park.

Dernakt: think about where we were, where we stopped.

Fry: (thinks a bit) Leela's?

Dernakt: Exactly. And I know what you hide inside. I am a vampire remember. And I want to give you a chance. A chance to be free of this mortality the pain and suffering. A chance to be cool.

Fry stirs. He looks up at the night sky. Then suddenly he sees Leela's smile. She liked him for who he was.

Fry: I don't know if I can

Dernakt: (bows head) suit yourself

Dernakt grabs Fry and Throws him into a tree. Fry gasps for air as Dernakt makes another advance. Fry is hurtled into anther tree and lands on his face. He reaches for a dead branch and stabs it into Dernakt.

Dernakt: (sarcastically) oh the pain. The pain.

He grabs Fry and holds him above his head.

Dernakt: old movie tricks won't work.

Dernakt bites hard into Fry's Throat and Fry screams in pain. Dernakt lets F ry fall to the ground. Fry still alive scrambles on the ground trying to breath.

Dernakt: I can leave you here and you will die. But I can stop the pain and you can live another life.

Fry's Mind: the pain . . .the pain. LEELA!

Fry's mind races as all he can now think about is just once more to see Leela smile. He can't stand the pain. . .

Fry: (weakly) help. . .me. . .

Dernakt: I knew you would understand

Fry's life flashes before his eyes. All the days before he was frozen melt to all the ones after. The world spins around him as he lay there on the grass. The lights seem brighter and sounds come clearer. Fry sits up. Dernakt is on the ground next to him laughing while gasping for breath.

Dernakt: (gasping) welcome. . .to. . .my. . .world.

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