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Fry-T Night: Pt II Dernakt

Disclaimer: I do not own Futurama or its characters
Side note: this starts off where part one ended.

Fry slowly gets to his feet. Dernakt is already standing. Dernakt wears a worried face as he stares towards the east.

Dernakt: (worried) do not worry about the light yet Phillip. I mean Fry. You are not yet complete. Ill see you tonight.

Dernakt transforms into a bat and flies through the NNY sky. Fry starts to walk and almost stumbles on a crate. He looks down and sees a note on the box.

Note: courtesy of Dernakt All Night Liquor Outlet

Fry picks up the crate and sees it is full of beer. He then heads for home.

Later in the morning. The crew is sitting around the table as Hermes reads his reports.

Hermes: and that’s why cats shouldn’t smoke. Any real business?

The crew gives a disagreeing grunt and Hermes smiles

Hermes: good. Now there will be no deliveries today, but that will be no excuse for slacking.

Leela: okay lets go ahead and clean the ship.

Fry stands up first and starts to head for the supplies. Bender follows. Leela walks towards Amy.

Leela: (tone of worry) is it just me or is there something different about Fry?

Amy: yeah I noticed something but I can’t (voice starts to fail) put my finger. . .on. . .it.

Amy starts to lean to the side and Leela turns her head. She sees what Amy is gawking at. Fry has removed his jacket and is soaking wet. But instead of his usual flabby self his appearance is more masculine. He now even seems a little taller than what he used to.

Leela’s Mind: now maybe he was just working out in secret. But how come I never noticed that before?

Fry notices Leela and Amy staring at him. He looks at his reflection on the ship.

Fry’s Mind: holy cow. A six pack.

Fry then stretches out his arms. He flexes his muscles. He gives a smile just as a sponge says hi to his face.

Bender: (angrily) stop fooling around meat bag. I am not washing the ship myself.

Fry: oh right.

He flexes his muscles one last time and gets back to work with a smile of approval.

The day ends. It is now night in the city of NNY. The crew starts to leave. Bender stops Fry.

Bender: I don’t know where you got it but that beer was great. Let me know where the store is.

Fry gets a worried look concentrating on where it could be. But his mouth starts to move unwillingly and he hears his voice.

Fry’s Voice: a couple blocks due south of here. Turn right at the street light and head west for three buildings. Cant miss it. It just opened a few days ago.

Bender: (excitedly) thanks man

Bender gives Fry a quick hug and runs down the street in the direction he was given.

Fry watches Bender for a while. Leela walks up to him.

Leela: so. . . Been working out?

Fry: (a little started) uh. . .yeah. This new diet I got works great.

Leela: what diet is that?

But before Fry can answer a dark figure walks up from behind him.

Fry: well I would love to stay and chat Leela. But me and my friend have a busy night.

Fry’s Mind: how did I know he was here?

Dernakt: sorry. Am I disturbing anything? Ah Fry, shallst we?

Leela: (confused) who are you?

Fry starts to speak but Dernakt interrupts him.

Dernakt: I am Fry’s nighttime employer. I found it amusing how he so willingly signed up for the night shift. I assume you have heard of my business?

Dernakt extends his hand out to the side. Twitches his wrist and hands Leela a card. Leela grabs it and takes a quick glance at it. She looks up with a question in her eye but Dernakt wont let her speak.

Dernakt: we must go Phillip. Time is wasting.

Fry throws Leela an awkward glance with only a half smile and then follows Dernakt down the street. After Leela is out of sight Fry stops in front of Dernakt.

Fry: (a little angry and confused) I now work for you?

Dernakt continues walking and hands Fry a Five Hundred Dollar Bill

Dernakt: (a little annoyed) and with no complaints.

They walk to the store and Bender is waiting.

Bender: (angrily) come on. Open up already.

Dernakt pulls out a key and opens the door. All three of them walk in.

Bender: (whispers to Fry) cant wait to see the prices I can cheat.

Fry grabs Benders arm and pulls him behind an aisle

Fry: (with warning) I wouldn’t Bender. I work here now and I want to keep a clean record for a while. So no stealing at least until I am off work.

Bender: Okay. Fine.

Dernakt heads to the back. A mutant comes from a door and stares blankly into space and stops at the register.

Dernakt: Fry you are needed in the back.

Fry heads off and Bender starts checking the bottle labels. Fry goes into the back. Dernakt closely follows. They are now in a room that is lit by a low hanging lamp. There is a table and two chairs.

Dernakt: I guess the first order of business is to describe to you what has happened.

Fry sits down in a chair. Dernakt sits in the chair opposite Fry. Fry now notices that Dernakt looks younger and his mustache is gone.

Dernakt: well you are not a full vampire yet. Enjoy the sunlight?

Fry: yeah. You should try it sometime. Oh, sorry.

Dernakt looks down. He gives a fake chuckle. And looks at Fry.

Dernakt: better enjoy it while you still can. You are not undead completely.

Fry: uh. . .what?

Dernakt shuffles some papers on his desk. He looks at a few of them and sets them down.

Dernakt: Fry, you have yet to kill. . .or at least feast on living blood. But the temptation and hunger will drive you nuts. I will tell you this: you can only prolong the hunger by eating your meat rare. The blood of the dead is not for a true vampire. But it helps. I know. My first pupil needed it.

Fry: oh. Who? But what about the rest of me?

Fry takes off his jacket and flexes his muscles. Dernakt looks at Fry then back to his papers.

Dernakt: satisfied are we? You are now stronger, faster and a little smarter. You will discover your other gifts later. Your senses now are also heightened. Now could you tell your friend to pay for his whiskey?

Fry gives a confused look. His eyes straighten.

Fry: right away sir

Fry leaves the room. Bender is about to walk out the door when Fry grabs his arm.

Bender: hey! What gives!?

Fry: you know what. You have to pay for those.

Bender: aw crap.

After Bender pays for his booze Fry walks back into the back room. Dernakt has the papers neatly filled out and set aside. He looks up.

Dernakt: (smiling) I am canceling dinner tonight. I want to see how long it will take for you to survive without blood.

Dernakt gestures Fry to sit down again. Fry excepts the invitation and sits. Dernakt leans back in his seat.

Dernakt: so I am going to tell you my story so you know what you need. . .


Dernakt VO: my name was Tom. I was the son of a poor farmer. Always hungry. Always wanting more. It only got worse when my father got sick. I couldn’t pay rent. I knew nothing about how to do the things needed to get by. The nights became my home.

Young Tom walks through an empty forest. The sound of the wind in the trees lingers as he walks on. He stops. Tom ducks behind some trees and watches two travelers go by.

Dernakt VO: I survived the only way I knew how.

Tom jumps from behind the trees and slays the two travelers. He then goes through the bodies and takes anything of value, leaving the carcasses for the wolves.

Dernakt VO: I slaughtered my fellow man. Selling all I had taken to at least keep my father alive. The doctors and the landlords would be satisfied if they were paid. But the money was still few. And one night I would learn my mistakes. . .

Tom waits behind the trees. He jumps out in front of a gypsy and slays her. He checks the body and takes what he wants. He leaves when he hears the sound of voices.

Dernakt VO: the woman I had killed was the only child of a very powerful vampire. He wanted revenge and revenge he had.

Tom is confronted by the vampire and he tries to stab him. The vampire grabs Tom and holds him in the air.

Vampire: I loved my daughter more than anything in the world. I will not kill you, for death is too light a punishment. No, I will give you my curse so that you may suffer in the night.

All goes black.

Dernakt VO: all my years as a mortal flashed before my eyes. I remember each moment as if I were watching it in a dream. And suffer I did.

Toms skin goes pale and he cant walk yet. He crawls as best he can home. His father lay in his bed, hardly moving.

Dernakt VO: my father lay dying, there was nothing I could do. I was weak from the turning and plus the vampire beat me up to get even. I needed blood so I could heal myself.

Tom’s father coughs. Blood spill on the ground. He lay back and breaths slower.

Dernakt VO: it was like a sign, my father’s blood on the ground appealed to my new senses. My love for my father was too great, but the vampire I was needed his life giving blood.

Ends Flashback>>>

Fry stares at Dernakt who is now standing facing a mirror that casts no reflection of either. Dernakt turns around and sits back in his chair. Fry notices a tear fall from Dernakt’s cheek.

Dernakt: my senses were blinded and I was forced to kill the only thing that made me feel loved. The sunlight then became my enemy. Hiding in the forest was all I could do. Feasting on rodents and small mammals for a while. Then I went back to my killing ways. My greed and need over powered all that was human of me. I was now the ultimate killer and power of the night. I threw out my old name and gave myself a new one. "Der Nacht" is German for "the Night" and since it was now my everlasting home it was now my name. But spelling it was hard at first. But the more I killed and the more I fed I learned many things. But I kept it the way I had spelled it. I wanted to be the master of the night. I knew the one that turned me was still out there. I wanted his power. And I wanted my revenge.


Dernakt waiting behind a tree. A small passenger on a cart came by. Dernakt leaps and sends the passenger flying through the air. Dernakt is soon upon him.

Young Dernakt: I can kill you now but I need assistance. I need to find the one who changed me into a monster. I’ll let you live if you assist me.

The young passenger accepts the offer without question but with much fear.

Dernakt VO: I found I had the power to turn easily. All the killing I had done before made me strong. But something kept telling me HE was stronger still. For the next few nights the passenger fed only on what animals I killed and let him eat. He still could go out in sunlight but it burned me too much. The peasant’s name was William. He found me the information I needed and was even nice enough to get me a coffin to sleep in. he was my slave and he took me to the place where the vampire was staying. The vampire didn’t have a prayer.
Dernakt and the peasant exit the cart outside a small Inn. Dernakt looks at William and tells him his plan.

Dernakt: you will go and distract him. He may be a head vampire, but he is the reason my father died so mercilessly.

William: (worried) how will I distract him?

Dernakt: use your head.

The two go their separate ways. William thought hard on what to do when he sees the Gypsy cart. The Coffin inside it is empty.

William’s Mind: aha! If I burn his protection from the sun he is bound to be distracted for a while. What is the worst that could happen.

William sets fire to the wagon. The Innkeeper and the vampire come running out as William dances around the flames taunting the two. The vampire grows furious and leaps at the dancing idiot. They fight for a few minutes. Since William is not yet a full vampire he is quickly over taken and is about to be killed when Dernakt comes from behind the vampire and bites him hard in the neck.

Dernakt VO: I didn’t know why I did it then. Instincts took over and his blood drained quickly. He was blinded with rage and did not see me coming from behind. His power, his knowledge, everything he had was now mine.

The Innkeeper faints as the vampire falls lifelessly to the ground. Dernakt is bent over filled with the power of the leader. He raises his head and lets out a triumphant roar. Eyes now burning red as blood runs from his mouth. His hair flails wildly and the soul of the vampire leaves the body and enters Dernakt’s.

Dernakt VO: his soul is still trapped inside me. I am now the ruler of the night.

Ends Flashback>>>

Fry stares at Dernakt for a while. He is amazed at how his new form allows him to understand all that is said.

Fry: but what happened to William?

Dernakt: as I remember it he was killed. He never fed on living blood. When a village discovered he was a killer they stabbed him. He could have still lived if he had feasted. But he was too weak. The vampire blood he possessed ran through the streets and filled every house with dread for fifty years. And as for me?

Dernakt stood up and looked through the door. Customers were few but there were still customers. Every now and then one would stare at the mutant and go about their business. Dernakt grins to himself and retakes his seat.

Dernakt: my coffin was found and sealed completely. The village’s holy men tried to put a curse on me and then they sent my body to the seas. I drifted to the new world unable to escape my cell. As the years past all I can think of that may have happened is that natives of the land buried me thinking I was an ill omen. And when the city of old New York was founded and sewers and subways were built I was discovered and put in a museum until some alien invasion buried me with the rest of the city. Then a few nights ago. Some poor mutants found me and opened my prison. The impure blood they have was only enough to keep me alive until I found you.

Fry gives a shudder at the thought of what Dernakt looked like when they first met.

Fry: so I am one of you now? It’s just us?

Dernakt nods his head. Then he puts some papers in a box and stands up.

Dernakt: almost anyway. Not complete remember?

Fry gets up and heads towards the door.

Fry: so. . . When do I work?

Dernakt: Monday through Thursday, 9pm to oh let’s say. . . 3am.

Fry glances at a clock. Already it is four.

Fry: (disappointed) ah man. I got work tomorrow. Er later anyway.

Dernakt stands up. And heads towards Fry. He opens the door and points to the mutant.

Dernakt: his name is Steve. He will work the register. You will be in charge of some of the filing and sorting the liquor. Which reminds me. You might want to give slurm and alcohol a break for a while. They will only increase your desire for blood.

Fry heads out the door. He looks back and is about to ask Steve a question when. . .

Dernakt: he wont be able to answer you. He is now a mindless slave. One of the three that "rescued" me. I was generous enough to let them live. And don’t worry about the laws against the mutants being above surface. I already have legal rights to have them work for me.

Fry leaves the building and heads for home. The night air feels good and for the first time since he was turned he felt hungry, like a thirst building up in him. He knew what he was feeling. He quickens his pace and heads for home almost running avoiding anything that has a heart beat.

Dernakt VO: can he survive the work day? And will he last as long as William once did? Even without killing? (laughs out loud evilly) only time will tell.

To be continued. . .
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