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Fry-T Night: Pt III Temptation

Disclaimer: I do not own Futurama or its characters

Fry runs through the door knocking Bender on the ground. All lights are out and Fry’s face is pale in the moonlight.

Bender: (very angry) hey! What gives?!

Fry: (panting) cant. . .talk. . .now.

Fry walks over to the fridge and pulls out a thawed-out roast in a plastic bag. His canines grow in size and he bites into the package and starts draining the blood. Bender manages to stand up and witness the event.

Bender: (concerned) hey! What gives?

Fry throws the now sealed meat, drained of all blood, back in the fridge and sits on the sofa panting. Color now rushes to his face as his panting slowly dies down.

Fry: (relieved) First meal. oh God I needed that.

Fry lays down on the sofa hardly noticing Bender watching him. Bender walks over to his room.

Bender: Never seen him do that before.

Bender shuts off and Fry seems to have fallen asleep.

The next day, the PE building is as it usually is. Fry and Bender are watching "All My Circuits", Hermes is filing some papers. Leela enters with Nibbler.

Fry: hey Leela.

Nibbler stops and stares at Fry. His eyes grow wide and he runs out of the room whimpering as he goes.

Fry: what got into him?

Leela: (confused) I don’t know.

Fry’s face turns to one of realization.

Fry’s Mind: oh no. Nibbler must have one of those animal instinct things that allow him to detect Vampires. But I am not whole. I don’t think I will be.

Hermes gets a call on his cell phone. He responds to the phone by nodding from time to time. He laughs as he hangs up.

Hermes: (excitedly) okay people! We have a pickup to make.

Leela: who is it gonna be from?

Hermes: Kif, of all the people.

Leela groans, if it is from Kif there is no doubt that Zapp will be there.

Fry stands up and walks over to Hermes

Fry: what are we picking up?

Hermes: just some things he wants to give to Amy before he leaves on one of Zapp’s crazy missions.

Leela: (angrily) come on. Let’s just get this over with.

Bender: is this about the guy you slept with?

Leela throws bender an angry look and they all head off for the ship.

Later the ship is speeding toward Zapp’s ship. All the while Leela wears a face of disgust. Bender is humming a tune while Fry sits in his chair. Fry suddenly stiffens up. He walks towards the door.

Leela: Fry, where ya going?

Fry looks at Leela. His face is now pale and he looks weak. Leela notices and stands up.

Leela: (worried) are you feeling alright?

She places her hand on his forehead. At first Fry just stands there and lets her hand touch his head. He closes his eyes for a second and then looks at Leela. His eyes widen when he realizes he notices the veins in her neck. Almost as if they were calling to him. He pulls away from Leela.

Fry: I’ll be fine. I just need something to eat that’s all. Then I’ll lay down for a bit okay?

Leela: (still concerned) okay. Shall I have Bender wake you when we get there?

Fry: (hurriedly) yeah. That will be fine.

Fry walks off the bridge. As soon as the door closes behind him he makes a mad dash for the kitchen. He opens the ice box and frantically searches for anything with blood. He finds a few raw fish. He grabs them and drains what he can. He looks for more. A few packages of raw meat satisfy his need.

Fry’s Mind: this shall at least settle until I get back home.

His color comes back and he feels strong. He heads for his room and lays down. An hour later Bender walks in and cant see Fry. He scratches his head and is about to look elsewhere when he hears snoring coming out of a chest. He opens it up and sees Fry sleeping with his arms crossed.

Bender: (confused) this is weird. (breaks the confusion) Hey! Fry! I ain’t carrying that stuff onto the ship without help now get up.

Fry’s eyes open and for a second glow a bright red. Bender backs up as Fry slowly raises out of the chest without using his arms or legs. He is now dressed in all black (picture Neo with Fry’s head).

Fry: lets go then.

Bender follows Fry.

Bender: you are really tripping me man.

The PE ship docks with the Nimbus and the crew exits. Zapp and Kif are waiting for them. Kif looks nervous and has a few boxes behind him.

Zapp: well well. We meet again. The luscious Leela. What do you say we enjoy a nice dinner?

Bender: that means he wants seconds

Leela shoots Bender an evil glance and is about to respond to Zapp’s question when Fry walks in front of her.

Fry: (slowly and angrily) back off Zapp.

Zapp gets confused at this pipsqueak’s challenge. He folds his arms and tries to look stronger.

Zapp: what did you say, Shorty?

Fry shows no sign of moving. He takes a step closer to Zapp. He is now taller than Zapp. He repeats the remark.

Fry: (slower and angrier) I said: back off. Every time we run into you it is the same bull all the time. Well guess what Zapp. (Fry yells so loud all action going on in the dock stops) YOU ARE A LOUSY EXCUSE FOR A CAPTAIN AND WILL NEVER AMOUNT TO ANYTHING AND YOU’LL NEVER BE WORTHY OF LEELA!!

Fry’s eyes start to glow a burning coal red. He is panting and he is staring down Zapp. Zapp is stunned and doesn’t know what to say. All the crew of the Nimbus is staring at Fry. Leela and Bender just stand there staring at him. Kif is the only one wearing a smile (though it be only a half smile). Fry calms down a little and brushes his hair back. He then nods towards the boxes behind Kif.

Kif: (breaking the silence) oh. Yes. These are for Amy. They are to help her study at Mars University. A bunch of computer systems we no longer need here.

Bender starts to grab the boxes and carry them on the ship. Leela does the same while watching Fry who is still glaring at Zapp. They finish loading the shipment and Fry finally breaks the gaze. He turns his back to Zapp and is about to head back on the ship when Zapp gains his courage and grabs Fry’s shoulder.

Zapp: (extremely mad) now listen you. . .

But before he can finish Fry’s arm reaches up and grabs Zapp’s. Zapp is than hurled around to face Fry. His feet dangle as Fry holds him in the air.

Fry: Didn’t I make my point.

Fry then throws Zapp into some boxes several yards away. Kif stares in amazement at what someone has done to the famous Zapp Brannigan as if he were just a rag doll. Fry then heads on the ship and it takes off. The crew run over to Zapp. He stumbles for a bit and then passes out. The men check to see if he will be alright.

Man#1: darn he ain’t dead. Just knocked out.

Man#2: how long do you think he will be out?

Man#1: a few hours maybe. Day at the most.

Man#3: PARTY!!

Kif: now just a second (pauses to think) who is buying the drinks?

Back on the PE ship. Fry sits in his chair as if in deep thought. Leela gives a worried glance at him from time to time. Bender is drinking a beer. Bender finally breaks the silence.

Bender: another job well done. And Leela didn’t loose her cool.

Leela: at least I didn’t.

She cast another worried look at Fry.

Leela’s Mind: what is with Fry lately? Never have I seen him show such anger. And that STRENGTH. Zapp must be twice his weight. Could this have something to do with Dernakt?

As soon as those thoughts are made Fry sits up. He looks out at the stars. His eyes gazing and quickly moving around. He could feel something. He didn’t know what.

Fry: Leela. We have to stop the ship!

Leela: (confused and started) why?

Fry: (yells with a sound like a deep growl) Just Do it!

The PE ship comes to a complete halt. Five missiles fly past the ship and hit right where the ship would have been if it kept moving. Fry pushes Leela out of the pilots chair as the phone comes on. A shadowy figure appears on screen.

Shadowy Figure: it iss very interessting that you could ssee our misssssiless, but that wont sstop uss from docking and sstealing your goods.

Fry: I am Captain Fry of the Planet Express Ship. If you want the goods we are carrying you have to fight me for them.

There is a sound from the shadowy figure and a few other grunts from off screen. Leela is about to say something but Fry quickly puts his hand over her mouth.

SF: (bursts out laughing) a challenge. Good. It hass been yearss since someone with gutss sshowed up. Come aboard.

Five ships exit their cloaking mode. Four smaller and one almost the size of the Nimbus. The PE ship docks with the large ship. Fry grabs Leela and Bender. He pulls them to a closet and throws them in.

Fry: (upset) don’t question my actions and don’t come out until I get back got it?!

Leela and Bender are too shocked (and too cramped) to say anything. Fry closes the door locking them in. He then docks the PE ship onto the alien mother ship.

Fry’s Mind: I hope you know what you are doing. Because you may not be a whole vampire. . .yet. Don’t do anything stupid.

He walks out of the ship and sees an army of reptile-like creatures all holding guns. A huge one stands before him wearing armor. When Fry walks up to him the creature just throws his head back and laughs. The other creatures join in.

Big Creature: (laughing) thiss iss the challenger? What a pitiful excusse for a meal.

All the creatures laugh and the bigger creature walks away from Fry. He throws a metal pole at Fry. Fry catches it and spins it around.

Big Creature: Kill him. Then ssearch the sship.

All the creatures shoot at Fry. He doges a few beams and knocks a few back at the creatures. Some fall to the ground and move no more. The creatures then pull out swords and charge at Fry. Fry spins his pole one more time and goes to meet the onslaught. He swings the pole throwing many creatures into the air. The creatures try hard to slice him but he moves so fast they can hardly see him at times. Fry then throws his pipe on the ground and picks up two swords. He kills a few more aliens and then stops. All the creatures (that are still alive) have backed up making a perfect circle around Fry.

Fry’s Mind: that stench that wonderful heavenly stench.

Fry’s eyes move around the docking bay. The creatures are giving fatigued looks. The smell of blood is strong and Fry realizes he is floating in the air, he feels as though he is on the ground.

Big Creature: ENOUGH! You are sstronger than you seem. We shall let you go. Never before have I sseen ssuch an enemy.

The Big Creature nods his head towards the PE ship and the creatures make a path to the ship. Fry lands on the ground. He realizes his canines have doubled in size. All the creatures seem to be staring at them. He then walks onto the ship and then takes off. Back at the alien ships the Big Creature gets on the video phone. Zapp is on the other end.

Zapp: (angrily) what do ya mean ya couldn’t kill him?!

Big Creature: what did you ssend our way? Never have I sseen a human prey that could fly.

Zapp: enough! Looks like I’ll have to do this the old fashioned way. Hire someone else.

Fry lets Leela and Bender out of the closet. Leela is a little stiff and Bender is mad from having to hear Leela gripe. Fry goes back to his room and says nothing.

Leela: I don’t like the way Fry has been acting lately. I mean, what the hell was all that about? Then he goes and locks us in a closet and doesn’t tell us what he was doing.

Bender: I don’t get it either I mean, I never seen a human sleep in a chest. I have only seen em like that in a coffin.

Leela suddenly gets a face of concern and sets the ship’s coordinates for earth. She then heads off to find Fry. She checks his room. She sees the chest that Bender was talking about. She slowly approaches it trying not to make a sound. She slowly opens the chest. It is empty. She is about to leave when something from the ceiling falls. She looks up to see Fry. Sleeping on the ceiling with his arms crossed. His skin is a pale white and he is still wearing all black. Leela gasps. Fry wakes up and falls to the ground into the open chest. Leela closes it after him and begins to run to the head of the ship. She turns the corner and Fry is waiting for her.

Fry: (apologetically and a little scared) sorry you had to see that. Do you think you will believe me now?

Leela faints and Fry catches her and puts her in her bed. She wakes up and sees Fry sitting next to her. Just staring at the wall. He hears her move and then stands up. He still has his back to her.

Fry: we have landed and I just wanted to see if you were okay.

Leela: (sitting up) what happened.

Fry faces Leela. His face is strict. His eyes are a little bloodshot. He starts to head off towards the door. He stops in the doorway.

Fry: we better talk about this. But not here. I feel as though I need to tell you something alone.

Some time later Leela and Fry are walking down the midnight streets of NNY. Leela is wearing her green jacket and Fry is still wearing his Black (Neo) suit. Fry tells of the first encounter with Dernakt and all the events after.

Fry: I could have just let him kill me. I could have just been found dead in the park. But one thing kept me from accepting death. The thought of seeing you smile one last time.

Fry’s eyes start to water. Leela gives him a soft hug.

Leela: Fry I am sorry for not believing you.

Fry: I never want to hurt you Leela. Never.

A shadowy figure walks out from behind and alley way and pulls out a knife.. Fry tries to evade the knife but is too late. Fry is caught in the side. The figure runs off but accidentally cuts Leela’s arm when she tries to stop him. Fry panics but falls to the ground. The pain of the wound. The smell of Leela’s blood. Leela trying franticly to get him to stand up. Her calls fade more and more.

Leela: (screaming) Fry. Oh my God! FRY!

Fry suddenly shoots to a stand. His face is now white and his eyes are a flaming red. His mouth opens and his canines are sharp. He grabs Leela’s arms and bites her neck.

Don’t you hate it when it says:
To be continued. . .
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