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Fry-T Night Pt IV: The Hunted

Disclaimer: I do not own Futurama or its characters

The years of Leela's life flashed before Fry's eyes. As Dernakt had said, the blood of the living told stories. Fry suddenly broke off the deadly kiss and his eyes changed from red into a deep blue. Tears ran from his eyes as he slowly set Leela to the ground. She had passed out, and there was still a shred of life in her.

Fry: (scared) oh God! Leela! What have I done?

He picked Leela off the ground and held her close to him. The blood from her healed his wounds. Yet the internal wounds of his broken heart may take forever to heal. He broke his promise.

Fry's Mind: (disturbed) how could I have done this? Now am I forever cursed never to see the sun?

Dernakt's Voice: this is so touching. Yet the blood of the impure, eh, whatever works.

Fry jumps at the sound of Dernakt's voice. Dernakt is nowhere to be found. Fry gets angry and picks Leela up and holds her in his arms.


Dernakt's Voice: this is really touching. But while you were away I took the liberty to have some fun. I hope you like visitors.

Fry jumps straight in the air and flies to the nearest hospital. He gently sets Leela down on an empty stretcher. Tears flow from his eyes as he watches her gently breathing.

Fry: (sadly) live for me Leela. I and hope you will find time to forgive me.

Voice O.S.: there he is!! That's him!

Fry turns to see a group of doctors and officers looking at him. One doctor is pointing and the officers move towards Fry. Fry realizes this is not a friendly welcoming party.

Fry: (worried) what's going on?

Officer #1: you are under arrest buddy.

Officer #2: don't try anything funny. We don't want any trouble

Officer #3: can I shoot him now?

Officer #1: quiet Jimmy.

The first two officers pull out the club sabers and the third officer is about to reach for his gun. The vampire in Fry awakes once again and he holds out his arms and opens his mouth. Fry lets out a roar and shoots violently backwards out the door and flies into the air.

Officer #2: he's getting away!

Officer #3: can I shoot him now?

Officer #1: quiet Jimmy.

Fry lands outside Dernakt's All Night Liquor Outlet and walks inside. The place is as empty as a tomb. Fry walks to the back of the store. Dernakt walks out of the door before Fry reaches it.

Dernakt: now it is finished. You can no longer dwell amongst the living in peace.

Dernakt gives Fry an evil grin. He walks closer to Fry and is followed by three mutants. All the same height. They all seem to be dressed in something from Mortal Kombat.

Dernakt: you already know Steve.

Dernakt points to the mutant wearing the Green "reptile" outfit.

Dernakt: I now call him Lizzaard. And this is Stinger and Frost.

He points to the other two mutants. "Stinger" has claws like Zoidberg and his head has a ponytail that is a scorpion tail. "Frost" is a bluish color and all we can see through the mask are his eyes, which have no color whatsoever.

Fry: (angrily) these are your goons now?

Dernakt: yes. And it is thanks to them I managed to arrange a surprise for you when you got back. The bodies of my other meals have been found. And its thanks to modern technology that I was able to get away with each and every death. Observe.

Stinger pulls out an object that looks like a ray gun points it at the floor and shoots. But instead of a ray of death a holographic image appears.

Lizzaard: the events took place at exactly 9pm two days ago. As you can plainly see this is the murder of one of the wealthiest members of the watchmen's club.

Fry watches as the holograph shows a man being slaughtered by what looks like him self. Fry looks at Dernakt who now looks exactly like Fry.

Dernakt's voice: as you can see. I know how to use the power of blood to change my image. You are now the second most wanted killer in New New York. Just kill two more people and you're there.

Dernakt changes back to his normal form. Fry is stunned beyond words. Dernakt smiles.

Dernakt: this is the most fun I have had in a thousand years. Taking your form and turning it against you just to see if you could survive and low and behold your timing makes the fun increase. (tilts his head back and laughs)

The three mutants stare at Fry. Dernakt stops laughing and snaps his fingers. Now the three mutants are laughing. Fry backs towards the entrance. He shakes his head.

Fry: you will not get away with this.

The mutants stop laughing and Dernakts eyes glow red.

Dernakt: (smile appears) I already have. Oh Phillip, I already have.

Fry is suddenly knocked out the door. He lands on the streets outside. Dernakt appears in the doorway.

Dernakt: you are in no state to talk Phillip. Its like I said. I need to have fun after being stuffed in a coffin for over fifteen hundred years. And you my friend picked the lucky number.

Dernakt lets out an evil laugh and heads back inside. Fry is left sitting in the streets. He hears the sounds of sirens and police vehicles start to flood the street. Fry runs into the nearest alley.

Fry's Mind: c'mon man think. You cant live a life like this.

Smitty's Voice: attention criminal. We have you partially surrounded. Come out or we'll be forced to shoot. . . so stay where you are.

Url's Voice: we gonna have some fun with this deadbeat aw yeah.

Fry looks around. He sees at the top of the sky scrapers the sun is coming up. Flying is no longer an option. He sees a sewer vent.

Fry's Mind: I hope this works.

Fry lifts the lid and jumps into the sewers.

Leela wakes from a dreamless sleep. She is laying in a hospital bed. The sun is already up and it seems to be sometime in the early afternoon. Leela can feel a bandage around her neck. All her friends (excluding Fry) are seated around her.

Amy: (excitedly) hey! She is starting to wake up!

Hermes: that is wonderful news!

Bender: hey that's great! (whispers to Hermes) I owe you ten bucks.

Leela: (groggy and confused) wha. . .what happened?

Professor: apparently Fry was the one responsible for those mysterious deaths. Oh my yes. But for some reason he didn't kill you.

Leela: wait a minute! What deaths!?

Hermes: over the past several days now people have come up missing. A few of them found dead with the same marks that were found on your neck. It seems this so called "vampire" Fry was telling us about is true. Yet video surveillance shows he was responsible for the killings. And I dare not watch that footage again.

Hermes shudders. Leela is fully awake and sits up. She looks concerned.

Leela: what about Dernakt? Have the police questioned him?

Bender: they tried. Or at least I think they did. All I know is I have had it with them visiting me and asking me about Fry's sudden weird behavior.

Professor: however they say they are going to guard you tonight just in case Fry comes back for you. They think he might since you were the only survivor so far.

Leela: but why would he?

But before anyone can answer a nurse unit enters the room and tells the group visiting time is up.

Amy: its good to see you are recovering Leela. Maybe I should take you to a diner when you are fully well.

Hermes: so long Leela. Oh and the Professor agreed to pay off the insurance. But just this once.

Professor: huh wha?

The group leaves the room and Leela is left alone. She lays her head back down and slips into another sleep. Dreaming of the past events and what made Fry attack her.

Fry is in the basement of his old house. No one would even think of looking for him there. He sleeps on the floor, curled up like a cat. He slowly wakes up, crying.

Fry's Mind: so this is what I get for making promises to those I love. This is the price I have to pay for wanting to see Leela smile one last time. I don't even think I saw that anyway.

He pulls himself off the floor and stretches. He walks out of the house. He looks up to the roof that holds NNY. Some light shines through the sewer vents. Day is still there but wont be for long. He wanders through the streets of Old New York.

Fry's Mind: rats, lizards, small non-humanoid mutants, one could get used to this diet.

He rummages through the debris searching for his nightly feast. He promised himself to not take the blood of the innocent anymore. No one would be hurt by him. He catches a rat.

Days have passed since Fry disappeared into the sewers. The manhunt still continues as the body count still seems to rise. Dernakt has not been questioned further. Leela has made a full recovery and  Bender has had enough of the police searching his home and asking him questions. The PE crew are seated around the table while Bender prances back and forth complaining.

Bender: (almost yelling) is it too much to ask to leave an honest robot alone?

Amy: (raises her finger) uh. . . Bender. . .

But before Amy can continue there comes a knock at the door. Leela jumps up and heads for the door.

Leela's Mind: (worried) it could be the police just asking more questions. . . But what if they found him?

She reaches the door and answers. It is not the police but a short man. He looks old and disoriented. Almost like he could be a mutant (think hunchback). He holds a piece of paper in his hand.

Short Man: I bring a message. You are to pick up this item on the list and bring it to the specific location here.

The short man points to the paper. The item is somewhere in Europe and it is to be dropped off in the streets of Old New York at nightfall. No other time excepted. Leela looks carefully at the list of instructions.

Leela: this is an interplanetary delivery station. . .

Short Man: (interrupting) the master requested this specific crew and this specific delivery service. The demands are to be carried out immediately. He promises to pay handsomely.

Leela: (angered and confused) wait. Who is this "master"?

Short Man: he told me to tell you all will be revealed in time.

The short man pulls out a vile and throws it to the ground causing a cloud of smoke. He vanishes and leaves Leela alone with the list. She takes one last glance and heads to the table where the rest of the crew are sitting. Bender included now. Leela hands the list to the Professor. He takes a quick glance and then hands it to Hermes.

Professor: good news everyone! You all have a very important delivery to make.

Bender: what is the delivery?

Hermes: (reading the list) three small boxes and a very large box all containing a symbol of a dragon skull. Contents to be announced. Captain Leela, Bender, Amy, Zoidberg, and Myself must go and make the entire delivery.

Zoidberg: (excited) hurray! I'm going on a mission with friends!

Professor: so long everyone. And Hermes you know what to do in case anything happens.

Hermes: return alive and well and bring back the organs needed. Gotcha.

The crew heads towards the ship. The ship flies off and heads for the location stated on the instructions.

Bender: why would someone hire an intergalactic space crew to pick up and deliver something on the same planet?

Leela: I don't know, but this whole thing seems suspicious.

Leela's Mind: could this have something to do with Fry?

Hermes: I'm just concerned about getting home with the handsome pay.

Amy: but why are the locations in Germany? And why does it have to be at nightfall?

Hermes takes a look at the instructions and shakes his head. No information given. The ship lands outside a small deserted German village. The place looks worse than the ruins of Old New York. A few people are running around wearing rags.

Bender: (sarcastically) cheery place.

Leela: well lets get this over with.

The crew starts searching for the four crates needed. The people in rags stay outside of vision of the crew but stay close. The crew walks towards a house that still looks intact. The short man is waiting in the doorway.

Short Man: the master grew tired of waiting. The boxes are just inside.

The short man disappears into the house and Bender is about to follow when Leela stops him.

Leela: I don't like this. It could be a trap. Someone should check it out.

Bender: good thinking!

Zoidberg enters the house alone. He looks around. The place seems to not have been lived in for years. There are four boxes, three small and one large. The larger one looks big enough to hold a body. Zoidberg grabs a small box and heads out the door.

Zoidberg: hooray! I'm useful. But did I also have to be expendable?

Bender: can it lobster!

The crew starts to carry the boxes towards the ship. Bender and Leela pull the bigger box on a cart that the short man lent them. It is still a few hours yet till they are to reach their final destination. The crew gets suspicious.

Bender: I'm for checking out what we have to deliver.

Amy: I agree on this one. I mean why does it have to be delivered to Old New York? Is it something for the mutants from German Hobos?

Leela: normally I would be against this. But I'm also curious to see why we have to do this strange person's errand.

The ship stops over the ocean and the crew head down to the cargo area. Bender starts checking the smaller boxes first.

Bender: (angry) HEY! All these boxes have are sand in them. What gives?

A voice comes from the larger box.

Voice: that is not to be given now. Close the lids and leave until it is time to deliver usss.

Leela, Amy and Zoidberg (who were closer to the bigger crate) jump away from it. Bender walks up to it and starts to open the larger crate.

Bender: (really angered and unfazed by the talking box) NO BODY TALKS TO BENDER LIKE THAT!

Leela tries to stop the angered robot but is too late. Bender throws open the lid and a huge dust cloud fills the room. When the dust settles they peek into the box. It is empty. Scared Bender closes the lid. The crew leaves the room to wait till it is time to deliver the crates. When the last person is gone and the door closes a shadowy figure falls from the ceiling. He then opens the crate and lays down in it.

Fry's dreams have been nothing but nightmares for the last few days. And yet all the dreams are the same: he is walking through the decaying ruins of Old New York, a light is shining in the distance. When he approaches the light he sees the bodies of his friends laying lifelessly on the ground all except Leela who is nowhere to be found. The light gets brighter until there is only white surrounding him. A dark figure approaches and begins to speak but Fry wakes up before he hears what is said. Dernakt must be trying to get to him.

Fry's Mind: it is only your imagination. Nothing more. I don't think Dernakt wants anymore from you. But what does this nightmare mean?

Fry's thoughts are soon interrupted by the sound of movement outside his house. The noise couldn't possibly be made by a rat. What was coming? He got off of the floor and headed up the stairs. Cautiously he heads towards the window to see who it could be.

Fry's Mind: I must be careful. The police are still after me and I am sure Dernakt wont just  give up his feedings until I am put away. . .or worse.

It is the Planet Express crew heading for the place where the directions were given. Zoidberg and Bender are carrying the larger crate. Leela is holding two of the smaller boxes and Amy is carrying the last one. Hermes is in the lead holding the instructions following what it says and looking up every now and then. Fry uses his vampire senses to hear what they are saying.

Hermes: (excitedly) we are just about there. Just a few more steps.

Bender: that's what you said an hour ago!

Hermes: but this time I am sure of it.

Amy: you said that half an hour ago.

Fry sees the group is starting to argue but his sense are picking up something else. A strange presence. Another vampire. It is nearby, but where? It cant be Dernakt. The signal is different. A strange voice speaks to Fry.

Strange Voice: are you worthy to end the suffering? Can you restore the order? Are you strong enough to regain a normal life? Will you get your wish to see her smile? We shall soon see. Oh we shall.

The PE crew stops and they set the boxes down. Leela sits on top of the two she is carrying. Bender and Zoidberg sit on the larger crate. Amy sets her box down and sits next to Bender. Hermes takes one last look at the instructions before sitting down on a large chunk of debris. Fry looks at the larger crate and realizes its size.

Fry's Mind: that is no ordinary crate! It's a coffin!

Fry: (yelling as he runs to his friends) don't! Stop! it's a trap!

The crew, startled by the sudden appearance of Fry, jump to their feet. As soon as Fry gets close the crates start to shake. They soon fly through the air and the three crates circle the whole group. The three keep circling and the larger crate lands in the center of the circle. The PE crew and Fry are surrounded by the spinning boxes. The three crates open and while they circle a ring of fire is created. The larger box opens and a huge cloud of dust forms over head. It soon creates the shape of a vampire's skull.

Cloud of Dust: let us see what this so called vampire is good for.

The three crates fall to the ground but the ring of fire remains. Leela, Amy, Zoidberg, and Hermes are slowly lifted off the ground and are about to be eaten by the floating skull. Bender just watches and starts making bets to himself on which one gets eaten first. Then he realizes he is being ignored.

Bender: oh no room for Bender huh? Ill just get eaten on my own then.

Fry watches in horror not knowing what to do.

Fry's Mind: think man! Think! Your friends need your help!

His eyes follow them as they slowly get closer and closer to the teeth. Fry sees Leela. Her eye is watering up as she struggles to move but cant. His eyes start to glow a deep blue.

Fry: NOOO!

He flies through the air and right through the back of the skull. The dust flies in all directions and the PE crew fall to the ground. Fry lands close to Leela. The ring of fire still swirls around the group. The sudden sound of laughter can be heard. The dust cloud reappears and then starts to take a solid shape. It takes the form of a man.

Mysterious Vampire: is that all Phillip? SHOW SOME FEELING IF YOU WANT A NORMAL LIFE! FACE ME!

The Vampire reaches out his hand. One of the smaller boxes rises from the ground. The opening covers the vampire's hand and slowly backs away. As it backs away the vampire is holding a sword (kind of like a magic trick). Another crate lands at Fry's feet. The opening lays face down and the box rises off the ground. It leaves a sword for Fry to grab. But before he can Leela runs and grabs it. As she does Fry is forced into a tall rock and lays still. Leela looks at the Vampire.

Leela: (angered) I don't know who you are but I have had enough of this vamp. . . Whatever. LEAVE FRY ALONE!

The vampire stares at Leela for a while. Then he smiles and laughs. He raises his sword and points at her.

Vampire: don't you ever think, Impure? (he pauses and then smiles again) alright. I except your challenge. And if you win I'll "leave Fry alone". and if I win you will die and so will everyone else.

He waves his sword around pointing at the rest of the PE crew. He charges for Leela. The two fight. Slashing away, both dodging and barely getting hits. Fry slowly stirs and sees the two tangled in a web of flashing silver.

Fry's Mind: I have to do something! The vampire is just toying with her! She doesn't understand the creature's strength!

Fry: I'm coming Leela!

Fry jumps up and lands right beside the vampire. He grabs the arm that is holding the sword and sinks his teeth into it. Leela is about to take her move and stab the vampire when she is pushed back. She falls to the ground and Fry and the Vampire fly into the air. Fry reaches his hand towards Leela. The sword she is holding flies from her hand and lands in Fry's. he then switches his gaze and looks at the vampire. He thinks suddenly.

Fry: I know you! I know who you were!

Vampire: the blood taken from a vampire by another vampire is no different than that of a pure or impure blood. All blood tells a story.

Fry: You are William! Dernakt's old pupil!

To be continued. . .



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