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Fry-T Night Pt V: The End of the Night

Disclaimer: I do not own Futurama or its characters

William holds out his hand. The swords in both his and Fryís hands shatter into dust. The ring of fire dies and leaves the group in darkness. William walks towards Fry.

William: you have past the test. You are strong. But not strong enough.

Fry: (confused) strong enough for what?

Leela bursts in.

Leela: what the hell is going on?

William: (angered) SILENCE WOMAN!

Leela suddenly cant speak. She grabs at her mouth, but it is no longer there. William turns to Fry.

Fry: (really mad) WHAT DID YOU JUST DO?!

William: (calmly) temporarily put her out of service.

William gives a half smile and looks at Leela as she dances around trying to figure out what just happened to her lips. He then walks to where he is standing face to face with Fry.

William: to be honest. I am tired of trying to find Dernakt. For fifteen hundred years I have searched and killed trying to regain my humanity. I am strong enough to. But only you can.

Fry: (confused) why?

William: before you were turned into a full vampire, do you remember killing anybody in cold blood?

Fry: no . . .

William: YOU STILL HAVE A SOUL! You could not bring yourself to kill an innocence.

William points to Leela who is sitting with Amy rubbing her mouth. Amy has her arm over Leelaís shoulder. Hermes is scratching his head trying to figure it all out and Bender is laughing.

William: your pure love for this woman has given you the power to fight Dernakt. But you are still not strong enough.

Fry: why not?

William: who was the last human you fed on?

Fry shakes his head. He looks at William with a sudden realization.

Fry: Leela. . . But she lives and I havenít done anyone else any harm. . .well save a few rats.

William: your last wish to see her smile may come true. But you have to do something.

Fry: what?

William: we need to share our blood. I give you my strength and then you can face Dernakt. Then we both can live as humans again. I havenít seen the sun for so long.

Amy: (walking towards William) how have you managed to survive all this time?

William looks at her and smiles. He puts an arm on Amyís shoulder.

William: ever heard of the bubonic plague? Or even one or two nazi concentration camps? I spread like the plague in Europe searching for Dernakt. My travels failed. His aura was no longer in the area. I was a nazi for a time, but only to survive.

William pats Amyís shoulder and walks over to Leela who is starting to cry but can only mumble. He kneels next to her.

William: I am going to remove this spell if you promise to stop these outbursts. I am here to help Fry. Not harm him. Understand?

Leela weakly nods. William snaps his fingers and Leela takes a huge gasp of air. William stands up and looks around. He points to Hermes.

William: this meeting never happened. You delivered the crates and got paid.

As William spoke the third box rose up from the ground and shot wads of cash to each of the crew members (excluding Fry). All with Al Goreís face on them.

William: we cant have the police involved. But for now me and Fry need rest. Go. We will contact you if needed.

The crew leave. Glancing back at Fry and William every now and then until they are back in the streets of NNY.

* * * * *

William sits on a rock watching Fry as Fry tries to catch and eat a few rats. William is tearing bits of flesh from a rat in his hand.

William: (calmly) you are going to need to catch bigger prey.

Fry: but I cant hurt anyone!

William: (still munching his rat) who said it had to be human? Stray cats are bigger. Owls are bigger. Feast on a crocodile if you wish.

Fry stops his hunt and looks at William. He walks over and sits next to him.

Fry: how can I hope to face Dernakt? I can hardly catch a rat.

William: then it is time to gain power.

In an instant William is behind Fry holding his neck. Fry grabs Williams hands and tries to break them off but he cant.

William: how could I think you could free me? How could you be the one chosen to end this cursed life? Well when I am finished with you all that you love will be my prey!

Fryís eyes glow a deep blue and he throws William into an abandoned building. William lands on the ground and jumps towards Fry. Eyes burning red. Fry evades the attacking vampire and jumps on top of his old house. William stares at him.

William: ill turn them into a stew and string up the bones. (he pauses then a huge grin appears on his face) except for Leela. Ill have fun with that. . .

But before he can finish Fry takes a dive at William and knocks him down. Fry tries to bite Williamís neck but gets his arm instead. William grabs Fryís left arm and sinks his teeth into it. They both are locked. Drinking each others blood. Fry falls over to the side and all goes black.

* * * * *

Leela is pacing back and forth in the lounge at the Planet Express. Her eye constantly glances at the clock and out the window. The sun is beginning to set. Bender is watching her and counting how many times she crosses in front of the TV.

Bender: will you just give it up?! Fry is going to be fine. He CAN take care of himself ya know.

Leela sits down and puts her head in her hands.

Leela: I just wish I could help Fry. How did he get into this mess?

Bender: who knows.

Bender reaches in his stomach, pulls out a beer and chugs it. Leela sits back and watches the sun set.

* * * * *

Fry wakes from a dreamless sleep. He lays on his back staring at the ceiling. He turns his head and sees Williams body laying lifelessly to the side

Williamís Voice: well done Phillip.

Fry looks around but sees nothing. He is completely alone.

Williamís Voice: donít worry Fry. I just transferred my vampire spirit into you. Now you are a powerful vampire. We need to go.

Fry: (confused) go where?

William: first we need to feed. Do you think you can remember the person who made you bite Leela?

Fry: I could probably sense his presence but what. . .no I donít think I can.

William: FORGET ABOUT SIMPATHY! You need revenge to gain the strength you need. Once a vampire has taken revenge the soul is trapped. . . But you have the special ability to keep the mortal soul living. Like I told you PURE love.

Fry: but what if I cant kill him?

William: you can. And will.

* * * * *

It is night in the city of New New York. The attempted assassin is polishing off a drink in a local pub. A man is sitting across from him . Another figure is standing beside the man. It is Kif and Zapp.

Zapp: you have failed. Why do you want to be paid?

Assassin: I donít work for nothing. I did what you told me to do. How was I to know what he was?

Kif: he has a point, sir.

Zapp: I donít care!

Kif gives a deep sigh and steps back. The assassin takes another drink of his beer. He leans forward. And Zapp does the same.

Assassin: I have heard rumors of what this. . . Man is. I know only of one weakness. The sun.

Zapp looks puzzled. He sits back and grabs his own beer. Kif looks confused.

Kif: how can the sun kill him? He walked through the streets during the day. I knew this man.

Assassin: good question. This creature is of pure evil. Even the robot devil himself would be afraid. The feasters of blood are very proud and dignified. This one however was just turned by a feaster. donít worry. I will have him dead. But that will cost you extra since I am not just going to stab a man I donít know for free.

Zapp: as long as Leela is mine again. Kif. Give him your paycheck.

Kif sighs and hands the assassin an envelope. Zapp then stands up and the two leave. The assassin finishes off his drink and heads out the back way. He opens the door and Fry is standing there.

Fry: miss me?

Fry backhands the assassin and he goes flying. The assassin lands on a table and it shatters. The bartender is about to call the police but Fry appears and yanks the cord.

Fry: (to the bartender) you saw nothing. You will not be harmed. (to the assassin on the ground) you however are a different matter.

The bartender slowly leaves and Fry walks towards the assassin. Fear in the eyes of the man on the ground. Fry picks him up and sinks his fangs into the assassins neck. The assassin lets out a scream of pain. It is night in the streets of New New York.

* * * * *

Back into the stinking sewers Fry sits on a rock next to Williamís body. Blood still stuck on his clothes. Tears run from his eyes as he reflects upon the events that happened. He breaths slowly.

Williamís Voice: why does it weep, the ruler of the night?

Fry: the man did not know me and yet I killed him and saw his life.

Williamís Voice: the mind is weak. But how does the flesh feel?

Fry stops weeping. He breaths in deeply and his eyes glow a burning red.

Fry: sinfully refreshed.

Williamís Voice: you are now ready. Tomorrow night comes the end of Dernakt.

* * * * *

It is midday and it is raining. The city is completely dark. Dernakt is in his store. Awake. Pacing back and forth. Something seems to be troubling him. His mutants sit watching him.

Stinger: what seems to be the problem, massster?

Dernakt: there is a presence I have not felt in years. Another vampire. But too familiar.

Lizzaard: not this puny Fry is it?

Dernakt: no. something more powerful. Wait.

Dernakt stops pacing. He comes to the sudden realization of what happened.


He continues by swearing in German. The mutants back into the wall. Dernakt turns to face them.

Dernakt: we must find us some appropriate lodgings for them to die in.

The three mutants stand up and follow Dernakt into the streets. He walks towards the tallest building. The home of Momís Friendly Robot Factory. Dernakt changes his form to look like Fry and walks in.

* * * * *

Fry wakes. He hears screams and feels pain. He sits up. Williamís body still lays lifeless where it was.

Fry: what is happening? The sun is still out.

Williamís Voice: Dernakt is killing during the day! A vampire who kills in the day is the bravest fool ever. The pain of his victims reaches the other vampires to show them they are weak compared to him. Just to scare his enemies. We have to move now!

Fry jumps up to his feet. Sounds come from outside his house. He looks out the window. Leela is approaching. Fry jumps out the window and runs to her.

Fry: Leela what is going on?

Leela: I couldnít believe what I saw on the news I had to make sure it wasnít real.

Fry: What?

Leela: Mom is dead. Her three sons are being held prisoner and three mutants are halting every effort the police are making to rescue them.

Fry: how did Mom die?

Leela: fell out the window from the top floor.

Williamís Voice: we can save the sons, Fry!

Fry: lets go. But wait! What about the sun?

Leela: there is a terrible storm outside and the city is really dark.

Williamís Voice: that is good enough. LETS GO!

* * * * *

Swat cars are outside the building. Police are running around setting up perimeter guns and trying to clear out the streets. A female pedestrian turns and looks away from the building and lets out a blood curdling scream. The police turn to see Fry floating down. A few take fire but the laser blast bounce off of Fry.

Fry and Williamís Voice: there is nothing you can do to stop this creature. I must face him alone. Wait for the hostages to come out of the building.

After seeing the lasers bounce off Fry the police move out of his way. Fry walks towards the building.

Williamís Voice: like Moses parting the waters.

Fry cracks a smile and heads inside. The lobby is empty save for a few dead bodies. Fry walks on and stops. The three mutants jump from behind the front desk. Fry holds out his hand and a sword appears.

Williamís Voice: you can still save them.

Fry puts the sword in a hilt now attached to his belt. He extends his hand and a light saber club flies from an officers hand and into Fryís.

Frost: let us have some fun with this one.

The three charge at Fry. He jumps in the air over their heads. He turns and dodges an attack from Stinger. Frost throws an ice spear at Fry but misses. Fry swings the club and knocks Lizzaard out. Stinger is next to fall. Frost creates a shield of ice and makes a sword. Fry swings and shatters the sword. Frost backs up and takes the shield over his head and knocks himself out with it.

Fry: they live. But what will happen to them.

WilliamĎs Voice: nothing. They will not be held for Dernaktís actions. Watch.

The three mutants suddenly vanish leaving only there outfits.

WilliamĎs Voice: I feel sorry for the first people to find them in the sewers. Anyway on your way out tell the police they are dead.

Fry finds Momís three sons tied up behind the desk. He unties them and points outside. They run for the door. Fry turns and goes up the elevator. The doors open and Fry walks down the long hall. He opens the door and finds the room is empty.

Dernaktís Voice: did you really think it was going to be that easy? Come on up if you want a real challenge.

Fry jumps out the window. It is still raining hard if not harder. He flies to the top of the building and sees Dernakt standing watching Fry. Dernakt is holding his own fashionable blade. Fry pulls out his own.

Dernakt: you come here seeking the day. One more sunrise is all you ask well here you are. Come and fight me if you can.

Fry flies at Dernakt. The swords clash and swings are taken. The two continue to fight. Swinging and blocking as lighting and rain crash around them. One more clash and the two back away from each other.

Dernakt: youíre pretty good. My old friend. But I prefer a fair fight. I shall deal with you later.

Dernakt holds out his hand. Fry can feel the vampire soul of William leave his body. His sword shatters.

Williamís Voice: (fading) Noooooooo!

Fry is now standing facing a vampire with no weapon. Dernakt is about to take a swing at Fryís head when Fry remembers the club he took from the officer. Dernakt makes his swing but it is blocked. Sparks fly from the blade as it touches the light. Dernakt lets out a scream. Fry takes the opportunity and hits Dernakt in the stomach. Dernakt drops his sword and lands on his hands and knees. Fry picks up the sword, but all is burning. The clouds have broken and the sun is out.

Fry: Weíre going to Hell TOGETHER!

He plunges Dernaktís sword into Dernaktís chest. Dernakt lets out a loud scream and the sunlight hits him. Dernakt vanishes from the face of the Earth. Fry drops the blade and it shatters like glass. The sunlight burning him and he feels weaker. He falls down and all goes black.

* * * * *

Fry wakes up in a hospital bed. He could feel his strength and his intelligence fail. He was now human again. Back to the way he used to be. His friends stand around him all in tears until he moves. They are all shocked and start crying with happiness.

Fry: what happened?

Hermes: it is over, mon. you rescued the new heads of Momís Friendly Robot Factory and are now a hero in the paper.

Voice O.S.: and better still you are free.

The group turn to see William standing in the doorway.

William: and so am I.

William walks up to Fry and shakes his hand. He then looks at the faces of the Planet Express crew.

William: thank you my friends. May we meet again later.

William puts on a hat and leaves the room. Leela walks up to Fry and gives him a hug. Fry responds and hugs her back. His eyes go wide and he holds Leela at arms length.

Fry: Quick! What time is it?

Bender: Five minutes till sunrise old buddy.

Amy pulls back the curtains and they all move out of Fryís line of sight. He looks out the window and for the first time in a long time enjoys the sunrise as if it was the first.

No more need to say "to be continued". . .

The End

Authorís Note: this was my first fan fiction I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for your reviews.



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