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The Juicy Details 2 by erdrik

(Note: This episode takes place after "Where the Buggalo Roam", and my Fan-Fic "Secrets Revealed" All characters created by Matt Groening and David X. Cohen.)

(Special Thanks to: Kryten.)

Leelaís Apartment. Amy sits confused next to Leela.

AMY: I donít get it then when did you fall for him?!

LEELA: First of all I didnít just Ďfall for himí! I just realized I already loved him. Iím not sure why really but I was hiding my feelings.. When he gave me his Oxygen it kinda shoved them out into the open.

AMY: Umm, Ok. So how did the date go?

LEELA: It was at Elzarís, but it didnít go to well...



The restaurant is bustling with activity as customers eat theyíre meals and converse about theyíre day. Leela walks in dressed in her normal attire, and looks around for her date. She spots him a moment later in the back corner. He is dressed in a formal black tux and his hair is combed back. Leela looks down at what she wearing and suddenly feels uncomfortable. She walks over and sits, Fry smiles at her as she does.

LEELA: What are you wearing? I thought we were just having dinner...

FRY: Uhh, I thought youíd like it. Itís all formal aní stuff.

LEELA: Well I do like it, but you didnít say anything about formal wear! Iím dressed casual and now Iím gonna look stupid!

FRY: You look great. It doesnít matter what you wear, you always look good.

LEELA: (Smiling) Awh, Thatís sweet. But next time tell me if you want a formal date, ok?

FRY: Alright... wait next time!? I havenít even asked yet!

LEELA: There damn well better be a next time!

FRY: I didnít say I ...

Fry is interrupted suddenly as Elzar walks up.

ELZAR: Hey, Welcome to Elzarís! What kinda over priced cuisine will ya be haveín tonight?

Fry looks at the menu for a few seconds. Suddenly he spots one, and puts the menu down slyly looking at Leela.

FRY: Iíll have that new ĎRed Cherry Roseí thing.

ELZAR: BAM! Good choice! And the lady?

Leela looks at the menu. She already knows what she wants but she wanted to check out this Red Cherry Rose thing. When she finds it her eye widens in shock.

ĎRed Cherry Roseí

Corpse of a Red Bonal Sloth.

Sautéed in onion and Spice Weasle, BAM!

With a side of Melotion antennae.

Price: $ 1,000.01

Leela leans over to Fry.

LEELA: (whispering) Fry are you sure you can handle this ĎRoseí thing?

FRY: Of course! I wouldnít of ordered it if I couldnít afford it!

LEELA: Thatís not what I... oh never mind. (Turns to Elzar) Iíll have the Grilled Slug Steak Au Jus.

ELZAR: And a cheap meal for the cheap lady.

Elzar turns and returns to the kitchen. Fry is beaming, thinking heís impressed Leela with his expensive meal. Leela leans back in her chair and crosses her arms.

LEELA: Fry have you ever heard of a Red Bonal Sloth?

FRY: Nah, but for $1000 bucks Iíll bet it tastes great.

LEELA: Fry, the Bonal Sloth is a very slow animal. In its entire life itíll maybe move 5 inches.

FRY: So?

LEELA: But when it dies, itís corpse has uncontrollable muscle spasms.

FRY: So do chickens, so what.

ELZAR: (From the Kitchen) BAM!

LEELA: (Sighs) Except a Bonal Slothís corpse doesnít stop. They keep going until the body is completely decayed, or incinerated.

FRY: Woah! Cool!

Leela gives up and leans forward resting her head on her hand.

LEELA: (Dryly) Yeah cool.

Fifteen minutes pass.

Fry has a worried expression on his face. Leela hasnít said much since they ordered.

FRY: (Thinking): Come on man! Sheís bored, I gotta do something! Iím finally on a date with Leela, and all Iíve done so far is bankrupt myself! I gotta impress her some how...

Fry looks around trying find some ideas. Leela is still resting her head on her hand. She looks over at Fry and watches him as he looks around the room.

LEELA: (Thinking): He looks worried. I wonder if somethingís wrong. ... No heíd probably be screaming if it were serious. Then whatís he so worried about?

Just then Elzar walks up with the meals, He placed Fryís meal in front of him. It is covered with a large domed lid that is big enough for him to sit in! Elzar drops Leelaís dish in front of her and gives his customary ĎBAM!í and then leaves. Fry leans to the side at looks at Leela around his dish.

LEELA: Well?

Fry shrugs, and pulls the domed lid off the dish. Revealing a large, fried, and still moving Sloth. Fry grimaces picks up a fork and slowly moves in for the first bite. Leela nonchalantly starts eating her meal, ignoring the clangs and loud screams coming from the other end of the table. She is about to take a bite when the table suddenly lurches forward and falls over, flinging food all over her, and knocking her onto the floor. Fry stops hitting the sloth with the lid and looks over at her. He quickly moves over and helps her to her feet. Just in time for Elzar to rush out of the kitchen.

ELZAR: What have you done to my beautiful ĎRed Cherry Roseí!

LEELA: Fry I think dinners over. Lets just go.

FRY: (Sighs) Alright...

ELZAR: Ah, yes my favorite part of the meal. (Looking at Fry) Your pickiní up the tab? You can pay for this right?

FRY: Of Course! I always keep my wallet in my pantís back pocket.

Fry reaches down for his wallet. His cheeks suddenly turn red and he starts stammering.

LEELA: What?

FRY: Uh.. u-mm... wrong pants...

End FlashBack

AMY: Eeewww! Thatís horrible! You werenít too angry were you?

LEELA: Well, yeah at the time I was pretty pissed. I kinda yelled at him I little more than I should have... I guess I was still hoping heíd act coherent. But I got over it and we tried again a few days later. I was expecting a disaster this time around so I had prepared myself...


FRY: So Leela you having fun? I figured an Amusement Park has a buncha freaks in it anyway so if I screw up again, itíll be less noticeable.

LEELA: Yeah, theyíll just think youíre an act. Thatís pretty thoughtful Fry. I guess Iím having a good time, although it is hard to move.

Leela is wearing a full body dark blue, padded armor suit and a black Helmet with a clear visor.

FRY: Um.. Are you sure you need to wear that?

LEELA: What if you accidentally pour acid on me?

FRY: Where would I get Acid?

Leela points to a stand to their left. The sign reads: ĎBucket-o-Acid, $1.99í.

FRY: Ooo! Acid! Lets get some Lee-


FRY: Aww...

They walk around for a bit and Fry sees a rather large and impressive looking Roller Coaster.

FRY: Hey Leela! Lets go on that Roller Coaster!

LEELA: That what?

FRY: The Roller Coaster! Right over there (Points to it)

LEELA: Thatís a Rocket Coaster, Fry. And Iím not getting out of the padding!

FRY: Awwh, come on I wonít buy any Acid! Its not like I can break a Rocket Coaster, were just gonna ride on it!

LEELA: Well.. .. Alright, fine.

They walk over to the Coasterís line. There are only two people in line.

PERSON1: Pff what a lame Coaster. Iím gone!

PERSON2: Yeah, This is lame.

They both walk off leaving Fry and Leela alone in line. Leela takes off her padded suite and puts it in the ĎPadded Suitesí bin. Then they both get in the first Rocket. The safety bar lowers and the Rocket starts to move. Itís boosters engage and they shoot off up a small ramp. As soon as they clear the ramp the boosters cut out and they drop down into a safety net. They both climb out of the Rocket as two Grunkaís hook the Rocket up and start pulling it back to the starting position.

FRY: I donít get it. That sucked, whatíre all those cool loops and stuff up there. (Points at the Tracks)

LEELA: Tracks?! Nobody uses tracks anymore!

FRY: Oh...

LEELA: Come on lets go get some hotdogs.

FRY: Alright.

The both step up onto a track driven transport pad. Leela punches in the destination for the nearest stand and the pad rolls off. Soon they get off in front of a large fancy looking Hotdog Stand. Fry walks up to order, but before he can Leela sees someone, gasps, grabs Fry by the arm and drags him behind a nearby tent.

FRY: Wow. I didnít think youíd be in the mood, but Iím not complaining!

He starts removing his jacket. Leela looks over confused. Fry moves in and wraps his arm around her.

LEELA: Whatíre you- WHA! Fry stop that! (Pushing him back )

FRY: Wha?

LEELA: I saw Hermes! We have to hide here until heís gone.

FRY: Leela, we canít just keep hiding every time we see someone we know!

LEELA: (Panicky ) Sure we can! We just need to-

FRY: No! sooner or later theyíre gonna find out.

LEELA: (Thoughtfully ) Your right. We canít be seen in public, so we canít do this anymore.

FRY: (Standing, Screaming ) WHAT?!??

Leela jumps up and covers his mouth with her hand and pulls him back down. She checks around the tent to see if anyone heard. Once satisfied she looks back at Fry and uncovers his mouth.

FRY: (Quietly ) What do you mean we canít do this anymore? (Worried ) I know I havenít been the best date, but I can do better! Please donít leave me!

LEELA: Leave you? Iím not gonna leave you. Iím just saying we canít risk dating in public anymore. From now on you come over to my place and weíll rent some movies or something.

Fry leans in and hugs her tightly. Leela holds him close.

LEELA: (Softly ) Fry, I said not in public-

Leela stops. She can feel him shaking in her arms, she holds him tighter.

LEELA: (Thinking ) Was he that scared of losing me?!

End FlashBack

AMY: Awwww! Thatís cute!

LEELA: Yeah I know. So basically we just stuck to take out at my place, or renting movies, or .. .. umm Ďother thingsí..

AMY: Hee Hee! .. .. So whyíd it take so long for this to happen? I mean itís not like youíve seen better. What with Zapp and Alkazar, and-

LEELA: Hey! I have so seen better! There was.. .. and then.. .. shut up.

AMY: ON another note, Iím kinda curious.. You always seem to get mad at Fry when he does something wrong, but Iíve never seen you get back at Zapp. I mean you pounded the snot out of Alkazar, why Not Zapp?

LEELA: I canít beat up Zapp! For two reasons: First, as much as a stupid stuck up moron as he is, he is still a high-ranking official and Iíd get in a lot of trouble. Second, and most importantly, Heíd probably enjoy it.

AMY: oh.. .. Well maybe you can get back at him another way! Heís obviously infatuated with you, so what if you were to stroll by him with Fry in your arms!

LEELA: Iíve tried that before. Remember on the Titanic Cruise?

AMY: Well Yeah, but this time Iíll be with Kif! And itíll actually be a real relationship. Instead of just trying to fend him off with Fry, you can rub it in his face!

LEELA: No! Iím not gonna use Fry like that!

AMY: Oh please! You know heíd agree with the idea.

LEELA: (Thoughtfully ) Yeah, I guess he would.. .. But how would we cross paths with Zapp?

AMY: Iíve got the perfect Idea! See my parents are holding a ceremony in DOOPís honor to thank Zapp for (Whiny Sarcasm ) rescuing me. I can convince my parents to invite the crew!

LEELA: I dunno.. ..

AMY: Just think of Zappís face when you and Fry stroll in together and get all kissy kissy!

LEELA: Well.. .. Alright. But just so Zapp will realize Iím not interested and back off!

AMY: Sure whatever-

Suddenly Amyís cell phone starts ringing. She pulls it out of her pocket and puts it to her ear.

AMY: Hello? .. Oh Hi Kif! .. EEE! You got the night off! YES! .. ok Iíll meet you there in ten! (She hangs up the phone) Oh! Sorry Leela, but I gotta go.. ..

LEELA: (Under her breath) Thank God. (Normal Voice) uh, Alright see you tomorrow..

Leela sees Amy out the front door and returns to her bed, falling on it heavily. She pulls herself under the covers and falls to sleep dreaming a happy dream. A rare occurrence that has only increased since meeting Fry.

Down in the Sewers.

Topless, Fry lay stretched out and strapped onto a stone slab. Multiple wires are extended down from the ceiling and are connected to the back of his head. He groans and slowly pushes himself up. As he does, a dark figure emerges from the shadows. It speaks, Itís voice like flesh being ground between two rough pieces of granite.

SHADOW: Ah. Your awake, excellent. I always want the victim awake. That way I can monitor their conscience responses.

FRY: (Looking at the Shadow) Wh, who are you?

SHADOW: It doesnít matter who I am, but Ďwhatí I am. And soon Ďyouí will be whole...

FRY: Wh, What? I... I donít understand.

The Shadow steps out into the dim light revealing himself to Fry.

Fry closes his eyes, and screams in fear as the shadow steps forward. Slowly an obsidian-black hand reaches out and closes on Fryís chest. Fry draws breath, silencing his screams. The hand arches its needle tipped fingers down and scratches Fry across the chest, just enough to draw a little blood. Fry opens his eyes and looks down at his chest. Then arrogantly looks at the Shadow.

FRY: (Laughs) What? Thatís it!? Sheesh that was anti-climactic.

The Shadow turns and moves in to the dark corners of the room.

Fry is left staring after confused.

FRY: What a moro-hrk!

Fry suddenly jerks against his straps. He starts sweating heavily, and shivering. He moans in pain and his eyes roll into the back of his head. Still shivering he pulls and pushes at his straps trying to break free.

FRY: oooh, so... cold...

Slowly his shivering abides and he stops pulling. Then he stops moving altogether...

Next day.

Planet Express Lounge, its well after 1:00 p.m. Leela sits on the couch in front of a blank TV. She stares out of the window, waiting for Fry. There is a sound at the door and she jumps up rushing to the door. Amy walks in, and Leela stops for a second then walks up to Amy.

AMY: Hey Leela, sorry Iím late. Kif and I, were occupied-o.

LEELA: Have you seen Fry? Heís normally not this late...

AMY: Heís not here yet? Have you called the Robot Arms?

LEELA: Yes. There was no answer. Iím getting worried...

AMY: Maybe Bender knows where he is?

LEELA: Bender isnít here either.

AMY: Then what are you worried about? Theyíre probably still doing whatever they had planned last night. That or recuperating from it.

LEELA: But Fry didnít say anything about an all nighter...

Hermes walks in and sees Amy.

HERMES: Well itís about time ya late, girl! Iím dockiní yer pay fer díat!

AMY: What?!, oh wait... Iím rich never mind. (Pause) Hey! Hermes have you seen Fry or Bender?

LEELA: I already axed him.

HERMES: Well as I tolí Leela, I havenít seen Fry, but I do Ďav Bender down fer some time off today aní tomorrow.

AMY: See Leela Fryís probably skipped out with Bender.

LEELA: Well... I guess.

HERMES: On a betta note, Weíve been invited to a Ceremony In DOOPís Honor hosted by the Wongs. Itís scheduled tíree days from now and is formal. The meetiní for todayís deliveries is in an hour so doní go anywhere!

Hermes turns and walks out of the room.

LEELA: Sheesh, Amy, why donít you work that fast on the ship?!

AMY: Hey, I gotta set my priorities.

They both walk out of the room. Neither noticed the shadowy figure lurking in the window...

Three days later at DOOP Headquarters. Inside the large space station a banquet room is filled with people and tables and a large stage with a podium is set in front. All of the PE crew sit, excluding Fry, and Bender. Labarbara sits with Hermes, and Kif sits next to Amy. They are all dressed up and look happy to be there. Except for Leela, who though dressed for the occasion, has a very worried look on her face. She also looks worn, as if she hadnít slept in two days.

LEELA: (To Hermes) Are you sure Benders time off was just two days? Shouldnít they be back by now?!

HERMES: Ya know Bender. He probly woní be back till next week.

AMY: Ah, common Leela, Fryís fine. Just enjoy yourself.

LEELA: (Whispering to Amy) But the plan wonít work unless heís here!

AMY: (Whispering to Leela) I can find you a temp real quick.

LEELA: (Loudly) What?! No!

Everyone at the table looks over at her suddenly.

Leela laughs nervously and turns towards the podium.

The Wongs walk up to the table and address them.

INEZ: Oh, yes good, you here. Now we have filler in speech.

AMY: Aww, come on mom! They helped to! And it was Kif who-

LEO: Fine, fine. Whatever. You help, so you get honorable mention, instead of big fancy door prize.

INEZ: Yes, just stand and smile.. And look pretty. (Points at Leela) Except you. You stay in chair. Not pretty enough.

AMY: Mo-Om!

INEZ: (Sees Zoidberg) OH! Not You! You stinky Crab! Get away from Buffet!

Zoidberg looks up from the buffet. Inez chases after him waving her fists, as Leo follows yelling at Zoidberg in Cantonese.

ZOIDBERG: Ah! The Adopted parents! So whatís for dessert?

Zoidberg draps his arms around the shoulders of Inez, and Leo and heads them off towards the kitchen.

AMY: ghuuuuh...

Soon everyone has arrived and is seated. Leo goes on a length speech about how thankful they are to Zapp for saving their daughter. When finished she hands the podium over to Zapp who starts his own speech.

Zapp: Ah yes. The Martian Natives were a crafty bunch! Pulling ticks to try and distract us from our goal.

But I saw through theyíre veil of velvet lies and took charge of the situation!

After lengthy and complicated negotiations I convinced them to reveal the Wong daughter.

(pause) I mean the right daughter! The daughter of The Wongs!

Just as I was about to initiate a daring and suicidal escape plan, Kif ruined our opening and caused the Natives attack! We barely survived and after showing the Natives the error of the ways, I directed them to another place of residence. I just hope that one day they learn the true meaning.. of eco-loggy...

Suddenly there is a loud crash to the rear of the room, followed by screams. Leela looks back and sees what caused the commotion. A tall Leathery Black creature has burst from the back closet.

Long dreadlocks with dark red highlights angle back from its head, which is adorned with a wide snout featuring many sharp teeth. Its skin is covered in areas with large black scales.

Its fingers stretch out to long sharp needle like claws. A thick tail helps the creature keep its balance.

With its head is slumped down it looks straight forward eyeing the stage.

Leela gasps jumping up from her chair.

LEELA: What the hell is that!

Before anyone can react the creature charges forward, heading for the stage! Zapp having ignored the commotion is still arrogantly spouting out his speech. Leela turns and watches as the creature bounds up to the stage an leaps up, landing in front of the podium. Zapp, finally noticing whatís going on, stares down at the slumped creature. Slowly it straightens to full height, easily standing 10 feet tall.

It pushes out its chest as if challenging Zapp, a sneer forming around its sharp teeth. Looking up, Zapp drops the mic and swallows heavily. With a roar the creature rears back and backhands Zapp knocking him into the back wall.

Leela looks over at the crew.

LEELA: Did anyone bring a gun?!

SCRUFFY: Scruffy brought one.

Leela snatches the gun away from Scruffy and runs up to the stage. She jumps up and quickly fires a volley of lasers at the creature. A few of the lasers hit it in the back, and it screams in pain turning to Leela.

Leela, lowers her gun slightly from shock as the creature advances. It hunches over and brings its head down looking sideways into Leelaís eye. Leela freezes staring at the creatureís face, the blood rushing from her face. At this distance Leela can hear the creature breathing, in a slow calming rhythm.

Suddenly a strange look appears in itís eyes. It jerks back away from Leela grabbing its face with its hands, howling in misery. It looks once more at Leela then quickly turns to flee. It rushes way from her but there is no escape, only the wall.

Leela, recovering from shock and now confusion, fires again. This time one of the lasers hits the creature in the head.

Its howl is cut short as it falls to the ground and looses consciousness. Breathing heavily she walks up to the creature, and touches it with the gun. When it doesnít move she push its shoulder turning it onto its back and revealing its face. The crew walks up behind her, followed by the crowd.

AMY: Is it dead?

LEELA: I dunno, I think its just knocked out... What the hell is that thing Professor?! Iíve never seen or heard of anything like it!

PROFF: I havenít the foggiest idea.


Hermes suddenly faints falling down onto his back with a huge grin on his face. Labarbara kneels down fanning his face.

AMY: Whatís his problem?

LABARB: Doníchaí realize how many forms díere are to file the existance of a new Black Alien Creataí?!

Leela Turns back and kneels down next to the creature looking it over. She cautiously reaches over and opens itís eye lid with her finger.

LEELA: Strange... its eyes seem almost-

Suddenly the creatures head and arm twitches! Leela jerks her hand back letting the eyelid close, and The Crowd jumps rushing back to the tables to hide. Kif jumps into Amyís arms and Labarbara pulls Hermes up into hers.

Slowly the creatures eyes creep open, and Leela brings the gun up directly to its face. The eyes open and focus in and out for a second, then looks up at Leela. The creature again jerks back pushing into the wall behind it and covering its face with its hands. Leela lowers the gun, confused. Building courage she leans forward and reaches out.

She gently grabs the creatureís hands and pulls them from its face. Itís eyes look at her with fear and worry, and Leela leans in closer.

LEELA: (Thinking): Whatís going on here? This thing is scared of me for some reason! Donít tell me even horrible monsters are repulsed by my eye! Itís not like this creature is any bet-

Suddenly she jerks back in shock. She saw something familiar in those eyes, something close. Even more confused she drops the gun and grabs the creature by the face pulling it in close to her own.

AMY: (Gasps) Leela! What are you doing? Whatís wrong!?

Leela ignores her and looks into the creatures face, eye narrowed in concentration. She holds the creature like that for a few minutes, and strangely it doesnít react. Suddenly she sees it again. The same familiar look in its eyes.

She gently lets go of its face and stands turning to the professor. The creature covers its face again.

LEELA: Professor, do you have a DNA decoder in the ship?

PROFF: Why, yes I do.

LEELA: Could you go get it please?

PROFF: Why certainly.

The Professor stands there without making a move.

LEELA: Professor?

PROFF: Wha! Oh my yes, what is it?

LEELA: Arenít you going to get the DNA decoder?

PROFF: What! I said no such thing! I have important business to attend to!

LEELA: (Annoyed) Like what?!

PROFF: None of your business! Now if youíll excuse me I need to go retrieve the DNA decoder!

The Professor shuffles off heading for the ship.

Soon the Professor returns and hands the device to Leela. It looks like a gun but with a flat screen angling off of it. She quickly kneels down beside the Creature and takes itís arm. She places the device onto its forearm, and pulls the trigger. There is a loud ka-chink sound, and she pulls the device back.

She looks at its display, but gets confused. Standing she turns to the Professor.

LEELA: Professor I canít make heads or tails of this what does it mean?

The Professor takes the device and looks at the screen. After a few seconds he gasps, and hangs his mouth open in shock.

PROFF: Oh my! This so shocking Iíve been jerked coherent! According to this device, the creature is in fact... Human!

Gasps from everyone in the room. Hermes suddenly jerks up from unconsciousness, scratching his head confused.

LEELA: Human?! What how is that possible?

PROFF: Oh my yes! In fact the DNA shows that itís (Gasps) ... Oh ho my yes!

LEELA: Professor? Whatís the device say?

PROFF: What? The device? What Device you crazy girl!?

AMY: The one youíre holding, guh!

The Professor looks down at his hands and sees the device.

PROFF: oh my yes... It seems this cum-bob-ulator here matches the DNA to... Fry.


ZOIDBERG: (Looking up from the Buffet) What, huh?

Leela faints falling to the ground. Then Kif faints falling into Amyís arms.



Leela slowly opens her eyes as consciousness returns. She sits up rubbing her eye in a daze.

Then she remembers. Everything rushes back in a flash. That horrible black beast is... Fry!

Amy notices Leela and rushes over helping her to her feet.

LEELA: Wha... What happened?

AMY: You fainted, shpleesh!

The banquet hall is almost empty. People gather their things preparing to leave. The PE crew sits at a table staring up at the hulking beast that is now Fry. He sits on the center of the table, slumped down and crouched. They are all talking to each other and comforting Fry, who looks scared and worried (as much as a 10ft beastie can). The Professor is examining the screen of the DNA Decoder and typing away at a few buttons. Amy walks Leela up to the table and sits her down at a chair, then sits down herself.

Leela looks up at Fry, who looks away trying to hide his face. Suddenly she jumps up.

LEELA: Dammit Fry! What the hell did you do this time?! I canít believe you! I leave you for a few hours and you Go and turn into a big black monster!

Fry winces, and turns from her covering his head, whining like a dog. Leela climbs up onto the table and pulls at his shoulder. She tugs hard and barely manages to turn him back around. His head still covered in his arms he leans back trying to hide himself. Leela pulls his arms apart and grabs him by the torso. She pulls him close and hugs him, burying her head in his scaled chest.

LEELA: (Crying) Oh, Fry what happened to you? How did this happen?

Leela starts bawling into his chest and Fry moves to embrace her but stops, afraid of what his Ďnew handsí would do. Fry starts howling sadly.

AMY: Leela, its alright, Iím sure everything will turn out fine! The Professor is already working on the-

LEELA: (Turning to Amy)(Snapping) Alright!?! Are you serious?! Fry is a 10 ft killing machine, and you say everything is going to be alright?!?!

AMY: (weakly) well at least he can beat up anyone you want...

Before Leela can respond to this the whole room suddenly shakes violently and alarms start going off.

LEELA: (Pissed to High Hell) Now what!?!

KIF: (nervous) those alarms mean something has collided with the station...

Suddenly the room shakes again, and Kifís communicator goes off. He opens it and nervously answers.

KIF: Y- y- yes?... (Scared) Oooohhhh... ...

Kif closes the communicator and puts it back in his pocket.

AMY: What was that?

KIF: (Scared) That was Control. Weíve b-been hit by a ohh.. ship and its lodged in the stations h-hull.. The Station crew has examined the ship but its nnnnehh... empty. Hoo, err.. (Swallows)(Weakly) they think whoever was on board is on the station...

There is a moment of silence as everyone, except the Professor, stares a Kif. Leela looks around and gets off the table.

LEELA: Whereís the gun?

Suddenly Fry jerks his head up and looks around. He cocks his head slightly and starts growling.

Everyone except the Professor looks over at Fry. He doesnít notice. He crawls to the edge of the table lifting his snout into the air. Suddenly he jumps off the table knocking it over and a few of the crew as well.

Howling like a mad beast he charges the exit.

LEELA: (Yelling) Fry where are you- !

Suddenly a black streak enters the room and slams into Fry, knocking him back and causing him to slide back to the table.

SHADOW: There you are you naughty, naughty boy!

Fry shakes his head and stands roaring at the Shadow. Who now can be clearly seen. He looks almost identical to fry except his Dreadlocks are straight black. Half of his face is contorted, and twisted between the Black Leathery skin and normal human skin. His snout is shorter almost looking like a normal human mouth. The whole left side of his body is human, joined in a twisting of flesh with the Dark Leather of the rest of his body.

Fry charges at the Shadow but the Shadow ducks down and head butts him in the gut. Then he picks Fry up and throws him across the room.

SHADOW: Fool! You canít beat me! I made you what you are! I am your master! I hold your leash! Only I, Greg!

Fry ignores him and charges again. This time Greg holds his ground and just as Fry is about to strike, Greg pushes his right arm out and jams his claws into Fryís chest! Fry howls and pulls back. Palming his chest he steps back his face wrinkled with pain, and... RAGE! His eyes fade slowly to red and he starts shaking with his new rage. He throws his arms into the air and slams them down onto the floor.

GREG: Thatís right! Feel my poison! Iím in control! Bark like a dog!

Fry rushes over to Greg and kneels down, barking like a dog.

GREG: Yes thatís right! (Puppy Dog Voice) Datís a good boy, yes it is!


Instantly at the sound of Leelaís voice Fryís eyes return to normal. He looks up at Greg and roars ferociously. He twists back and backhands Greg in the chest. Greg flies back out of the room and into a window, breaking it! Immediately air starts escaping and Greg is pushed out into space. More alarms start going off and everyone prepares to leave.

Fry prances over to Leela as if he had just conquered the world. But remembers his new form half way and stops.

LEELA: Come on Fry weíre getting out of here! (She looks around) And I suppose you should go get

Zapp, too.

Fry looks over and sneers, but does as heís told and walks over to Zapp.

Zapp lay on the floor slowly awakening, He rolls over and starts to get up.

LEELA: (From Behind) Hurry up Fry help Zapp and lets get the hell out of here!

Zapp moans and sits back. Thinking for a second, trying to focus his eyes.

ZAPP: (Thinking ): That name sounds familiar. Yes, I know! itís that Mop-Top thatís hangs around the succulent Leela! Well Iíll make sure he knows who the Real Man is!

Zapp holds up his arm.

ZAPP: Help me up you whiny excuse of a man! And do it quickly or Iíll throw you in the brig!

Zapp receives no assistance, and he gets angry. He stands and quickly turns towards Fry, eyes clearing.

ZAPP: Thatís it! I warned you! Now off to the bri-

He stops short as he stares, but 2 inches away, at the gaping, toothy, drooling, grinning maw that was once Fryís mouth. He stares at Fry for a few seconds then his eys cross, and he faints again.

Fry grabs him, throws him onto his shoulder, and follows after Leela.

Soon at the PE building Amy, Kif, Leela, and Zoidberg all sit at the conference table. Fry sits on the floor behind Leela with a sour expression on his face. He whines and kicks a nearby chair, its already broken in two.

LEELA: Stop it Fry. Itís not the chairs fault you donít fit in it.

Fry whines again. Leela strokes the side of his face, trying to comfort him. The Professor walks in.

PROFF: Bad news everyone!

LEELA: What!?

PROFF: Oh wait, I mean Good news everyone!

Leela sighs and sits back in her chair.

LEELA: (Hopeful) What! What is it?!

PROFF: Iíve found an antidote to Fryís problem!

The Professor places a tray on the table holding 5 vials of a bluish green liquid.

PROFF: One vial of this stuff will revert Fry back to his lazy old self in a matter of hours!

Without hesitating Leela grabs one of the vials and turns to Fry.

LEELA: Open your mouth Fry!

Fry eagerly does so, and Leela pours the vials contents into his mouth. Fry instantly reels over coughing and gagging. He curls into a ball and starts shivering, coughing every few minutes.

Leela looks on with a worried expression.

LEELA: Is this supposed to happen?

PROFF: How should I know?! It not like I go around growing Monster People in a lab or something!

AMY: But what about-

PROFF: Shut up You! ... He should be fine in a few hours.

A few hours later.

Amy and The Professor sleep at the table.

Leela sleeps next to Fry on the floor with her head resting on his shoulder. Slowly she wakes up and stretches looking down at her stricken lover. She looks down hopeful of his recovery... then notices that he is not moving.

LEELA: Fry? ... Fry!?

She grabs his shoulder and shakes him. No response.


Everyone jerks awake and looks rushes over to Leela and Fry. Tears are falling freely from Leelaís eyes.

LEELA: Somethingís wrong heís not moving!

Just then Bender walks in whistling happily.

BENDER: Whatís up meatbags? What I miss?

The Professor looks down examining Fry. After a few minutes he looks up. Bender looks at them getting annoyed.

BENDER: Hello?! I said: Whatís up meatbags? What I miss?

PROFF: Fry is fine Leela, this new body is just a shell now. Oh my yes, he is inside, all we have to do is break him out.

BENDER: What the Hell? Jeeze I leave for 3 days, and Fry goes and gets a sex change on me! Iím gonna go watch TV.

Bender shakes his head and walks into the Lounge.

Leela looks around jumping to her feet. She rushes over to nearby drawer, opens it and grabs a hefty looking tool. She returns and immediately brings it down on the hulking shell breaking a large hole in it. She reaches in and pulls out Fry, who aside from being completely covered in a slimy goop looks just like his good olí lazy self. Leela sits pulling him close and hugging him,

Fry returns the favor weakly. Coughing slightly and spiting up some slime he smiles holding Leela as tightly as he can.

FRY: Leela... I ... Iím so sorry I... thank you...

LEELA: Itís all right Fry, just donít ever do that to me again!

Leela grabs Fry by the face and kisses him. Then she rears back spitting slime in Frys face.

She wipes her mouth, then wipes Fryís face thoroughly removing the slime. Then she kisses him again.

After the kiss she sits back, closes her eye and takes a breath.

LEELA: Ok. Now, What the hell did you do! Who was that Greg guy!

FRY: (Winces) Well after you and Amy left I paid a visit to your parents house, and ...

LEELA: What?! Hold it! Run that by me again! You visited my Parents?!

FRY: Bender left me alone, so I got bored and brought them some Pizza! I didnít tell them about us! I swear!

LEELA: (sighs) Whatever, what happened next.

FRY: Anyway after that I headed home but something grabbed me in an alley and knocked me out or something. When I woke up this weird guy was ranting about some ĎDark Geneí and then he scratched me. I was all like ĎIs that all?! That was anti-climacticí and he was all (makes a face trying to imitate Greg) And I was all Ďwhatever!í And then I got all sick and stuff, and next thing I knew I was all big an scary and ĎRooaarí and things, and that freaky guy was all ĎMWA HA HA I am you master!í and stuff and I was all ĎRooaarí and he was all ĎBark like a dogí and I was-

LEELA: Alright! Enough! At least this is over and that Greg guy is gone and done with.

FRY: Whatever, Iím just glad I can hold you again. And tell you I love you and kiss you ...


He looks at her slyly suddenly, wiggling his fingers at her.

FRY: ... and rub you down in oil.

LEELA: (Embarrassed)(Shocked) FRY!! (Pause)(Whispering) You can do that later...

They lean in for a kiss eyes locked, hands embraced. Suddenly Fry is knocked over as Zoidberg waddles by looking at the black empty shell. He leans over looking into it.

ZOIDBERG: (Cheerful Gasp) Look its just the right size, and best of all its pre-lubricated!!

Leela sits staring angrily at Zoidberg. Then she gets up and charges at him off screen.

And thus this fic ends with the joyous sounds of Zoidbergís screams.

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