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Episode Sounds: 1ACV09 - Hell is other Robots

  1. Leela: "Impressive, they're busting mad rhymes with an 80% success rate."
    Bender: "I believe that qualifies as least from a technical standpoint."
    Fry: "Will you guys shut up? I'm trying to look cool."
    (download 36kb)

  2. Fry: "C'mon guys, tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999...again."
    (download 16kb)

  3. Fry: "Back in the 20th century I had all five of your albums."
    Ad-Rock: "That was a thousand years ago! Now we got seven."
    Fry: "Cool! Can I borrow the new ones? And a couple of blank tapes?"
    (download 29kb)

  4. Bender: "Uh, hey, I'm no square, but isn't that counterindicated by my operations manual?" *laughter*
    Fender: "Come on Bender, grab a jack. I told these guys you were cool."
    Bender: "Well, if jacking on will make strangers think I'm cool...I'll do it!"
    (download 50kb)

  5. Robot: "Wretched sinner-unit...the path to robot heaven lies here, in the Good Book 3.0."
    Bender: "Hey, do I preach to you when you're lying stoned in the gutter? No! So beat it!"
    Fry: "Who was that guy?"
    Bender: "Your mama, now shut up and drag me to work."
    (download 71kb)

  6. Leela: "Bender, why are you spending so much time in the bathroom? Are you jacking on in there?"
    Bender: "No! Don't come in!"
    (download 20kb)

  7. Fry: "I know Big Vinnie said he was giving me the kiss of death, but I still think he was gay."
    Leela: "Did he use his tongue?"
    Fry: "A little."
    (download 24kb)

  8. Fry: "You ok, Bender?"
    Bender: "None of your business, get off my back!"
    (download 16kb)

  9. Preacherbot: "I see a lot of fancy robots here today. Made of real shiny metal. But that don't impress the robot devil, no sir!"
    Robot: "No, sir!"
    Preacherbot: "Cause if you're a sinner, he's gonna plug his infernal modem in the wall, belching smoke and flame, and is gonna download you straight to robot hell."
    Robot: "Straight to hell!"
    Preacherbot: "So I ask you, who will stand up and be saved? Who? Who?"
    Bender: "Me!"
    (download 98kb)

  10. Leela: "Give him a break, Fry. If this helps Bender clean up his act, then I think we should be supportive."
    Bender: "Wonderful! Then you'll all come to my exceedingly long, unair-conditioned baptism ceremony!"
    (download 50kb)

  11. Waiter: "Would monsieur care to see the wine list?"
    Bender: "No poison for us, thanks. I'll stick with good old mineral oil. Ah, functional."
    (download 44kb)

  12. Bender: "Friends! Friends! Surely you're not going to eat before we say robot grace. In the name of all that is good and logical, we give thanks for the chemical energy we are about to absorb. To quote the prophet Jer-a-matic, one zero zero zero one zero one zero one zero one zero one..." *time passes* " zero one zero one one zero zero one...two. Amen."
    Fry: "Does that mean we can eat now?"
    (download 97kb)

  13. Professor: "If only he had joined a mainstream religion, like Oprahism or Voodoo."
    (download 14kb)

  14. Fry: "Whoah, whoah, wait, Bender. As long as we're here, why don't we take in some exotic dancing?"
    Leela: "Hey, great idea!"
    Bender: *gasp* "But those girls don't wear cases! You can see their bare circuits!"
    (download 45kb)

  15. Bender: "I'll be holding auditions tonight for my next movie. And even though you're all young and naive, I think you might just have what it takes." *giggles*
    (download 33kb)

  16. Fry: "Look, Nibbler's caught the scent of vodka and motor oil! Go boy, follow that stench!"
    (download 21kb)

  17. Beelzebot: "Sorry Bender, you agreed to this when you joined our religion. If you sin, you go to robot hell...for all eternity!"
    Bender: "Ah, hell. I mean, heck."
    Beelzebot: "It's all right, you can say that here."
    (download 41kb)

  18. Leela: "Who would've thought hell would really exist? And that it would be in New Jersey?"
    Fry: "Actually..." *gets interrupted*
    (download 24kb)

  19. The Robot Hell Song
    (download 344kb)

  20. Bender: "Don't worry, guys. I'll never be too good or too evil again. From now on, I'll just be me."
    Leela: "Uh, do you think you could be just a little less evil than that?"
    Bender: "I dunno. You think you could survive a seven hundred foot fall?"
    Fry: "Heh heh. Good old Bender."
    (download 55kb)

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