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Episode Sounds: 2ACV15 - The Problem with Popplers

  1. Speaker: "Futurama is brought to you by: Molten Boron!"
    Female Voice: "Nobody doesn't like Molten Boron!"
    (download 52kb)
  2. Leela: "Well, it's a type M planet. So should at least have rodden berries."
    Fry: "I'm experienced with foraging. I used to find edible mushrooms on my bath mat!"
    Bender: "I found some rocks! You guys eat rocks, right?"
    Leela: "No..."
    Bender: "Not even if they're sautéed in a little mud?"
    (download 98kb)
  3. Fry: "Whoa, they are great! Mmm. They're like sex, except I'm having them!"
    Bender: "You know what these would go great with? Rocks."
    Fry: "Look! Here's more!"
    Bender: "The planet is covered with them!"
    Fry: "Let's bring back a couple of pockets full."
    Bender: "No, a whole Bender full!"
    Leela: "No, only what we need. Stuff the ship!"
    (download 115kb)
  4. Zoidberg: "What do you call them?"
    Bender: "Well, they are tasty, right? Let's call them tasticles."
    Crw: "Eww. Oh my no."
    Leela: "We can't call them that..."
    Bender: "Why not?"
    Leela: "It sounds too much like those frozen Rocky Mountain oysters on a stick. You know, testsicles."
    (download 102kb)
  5. Fry & Bender: "Pop a Poppler in your mouth when you come to Fishy Joe's. What they're made of is a mystery, where they come from no one knows. You can pick 'em, you can lick 'em, you can chew 'em, you can stick 'em. If you promise not to sue us, you can shove one up your nose."
    (download 127kb)
  6. Farnsworth: "Hey! Unless this is a nude love-in... get the hell off my property!"
    Free Waterfall Junior: "You can't own property, man."
    Farnsworth: "I can. But that's because I'm not a penniless hippie."
    Leela: "What do you people want?"
    Free Waterfall Junior: "We're with mankind for ethical animal treatment. Popplers are little creatures. You got to stop harvesting them for food."
    Bender: "Or what?"
    Free Waterfall Junior: "Or we'll boycott Fishy Joe's."
    Leela: "You're vegetarians. Who cares what you do?"
    Free Waterfall Junior: "Shut up!"
    Leela: "Animals eat other animals. It's nature."
    Free Waterfall Junior: "No it isn't. We taught a lion to eat tofu."
    Lion: *cough* *pause* *cough*
    (download 274kb)
  7. Leela: "Come on, little Poppler. Say mama!"
    Fry: "Look, Leela. Even if you've heard one talk, that doesn't mean it's intelligent. I mean, parrots talk. And we eat them, right?"
    Bender: "Yeah! Maybe it just learned to talk as a parlour trick. Like Fry."
    Fry: "Like Fry! Like Fry!"
    Farnsworth: "There's one way and only one way to determine if an animal is intelligent. Dissect its brain!"
    Poppler: "No, mama! Stop grandpa!"
    Crew: *suprised*
    Farnsworth: *knife whetting sounds* "Enough chit chat! Restrain the specimen!"
    (download 203kb)
  8. Lrrr: "We demand to eat one human for each Omicronian that was eaten!"
    Brannigan: "Fair enough. How many is that?"
    Kif: "A hundred and ninty eight billion, sir."
    Lrrr: "Very well. You will provide us with a hundred and ninty eight billion humans. And small fries."
    Ndnd: "Lrrr..."
    Lrrr: "Oh, all right. Cottage cheese..."
    Kif: "Sir." *whispering to Zapp* "There aren't that many human beings."
    Brannigan: "A thought occures. There aren't that many humans."
    Lrrr: "We're willing to wait a few weeks while you sure up the numbers."
    Brannigan: "Hmm. A hundred and ninty eight billion babies in a few weeks. We'll need an army of super virile men scoring 'round the clock! I'll do my part. Kif, clear my schedule."
    Kif: *sigh*
    (download 272kb)
  9. Linda: "Tonight, the world watches in horror as an Earthling is eaten alive on network television. This grim scene of unimaginable carnage is brought to you..." *upbeat* "by Fishy Joe's! Try our new extreme walrus juice! 100% fresh squeezed walrus! Ride the walrus!"
    (download 133kb)
  10. Bender: "I'll miss you, Leela. I know you're just a carbon based life-form, but I'll always think of you as a big pile of titanium."
    Fry: "What Bender means is you're really brave and smart and beautiful. And a great friend."
    Bender: "Just like titanium!" *screams*
    Leela: "This is all a big load. I was the one trying to save the Popplers. You were sucking them down like the fat hog you are and you were stepping on them for fun! You both should be in here instead of me!"
    Bender: "Someone is acting awful aluminum."
    (download 245kb)
  11. Brannigan: "Leela! My sweet. I've come to save you! I have a devious plan."
    Leela: "Oh, great... Captain Moron has a plan. Why don't you tell it to Wingus and Dingus here?"
    Brannigan: *turns to Bender & Fry* "Wingus, Dingus, listen up. We're going to give the aliens the ol' switcheroo."
    Fry: "You mean..."
    Brannigan: "Correct! I've found a giant hideous ape that looks exactly like Leela."
    (download 132kb)
  12. Leela: "You know, this might actually work. The Omicronians seem to have trouble telling one person from another."
    Brannigan: "True. At the negotiations they thought Kif here was the statesman and I was a jabbering mental patient. Isn't that right, Kif?"
    Kif: "Please... I'm creating!"
    (download 103kb)
  13. Lrrr: "I grow hungry! Bring on the one called ... Leela."
    Waiter: "That comes with salad or soup."
    Lrrr: "Err. Salad."
    Waiter: "Ranch or vinaigrette."
    Lrrr: "Vinaigrette."
    Waiter: "Balsamic or raspberry."
    Lrrr: *gun blast*
    (download 91kb)
  14. Brannigan: "Why'd you open your bonghole, you smelly hippie? You'd sacrifice a beautiful woman to save a moderately attractive monkey? You must have smoked some bad granola."
    Lrrr: "The one called Smelly Hippie is right. This is a monkey."
    Ndnd: *eats monkey* "Yes, definitely."
    Lrrr: "Where's the real female?"
    Brannigan: "I'll never tell."
    Lrrr: *cocks gun* "Where is the real female?"
    Brannigan: "I'll get her for you."
    (download 188kb)
  15. Ndnd: "Little one ... get ouf there! I'm going to count to blorx!"
    Jrrr: "But... elder one..."
    Ndnd: "Flingel... Glorg.... Glorg and a gloob..."
    (download 75kb)
  16. Free Waterfall Junior: "Ok, that's a start. It's very earth-friendly. I'd like to lead you all in some swaying. Come on. Pay attention. I said, do iiiiiiit."
    (download 98kb)
  17. Lrrr: "Dude, my hands are huuuge."
    Crowd: *whispers*
    Lrrr: "They can touch anything but themselves! Oh, wait..."
    (download 73kb)

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