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Episode Sounds: 4ACV07 - Jurassic Bark

  1. Fry: "Wow! They discovered an intact 20th century pizzeria! Just like the one I used to work at!"
    Bender: "Interesting! No, wait. The other thing. Tedious."
    (download 65kb)
  2. Fry: "And for your information, lady, this was not just used to paddle my butt. It was also used to move pizzas and crush rats!"
    (download 46kb)
  3. Man: "Yes?"
    Fry: "Pizza delivery for ... Seymour Asses?"
    Man: "There is no one by that name here ... or anywhere. I hope that in time you'll realize what an idiot you've been."
    Fry: "I wouldn't count on that."
    (download 88kb)
  4. Fry: "I like you, Seymour. You're not constantly judging me. Like all the other dogs... Are you? ... Nah!"
    (download 51kb)
  5. Bender: "Nah, protesting never works."
    Fry: "You're right. I'll give it a shot!"
    (download 31kb)
  6. Music: *plays, slows* Leela: "Fry, it's been three days. You can't keep boogying like this. You'll come down with a fever of some sort."
    (download 78kb)
  7. Farnsworth: "In cases of rapid fossilization, I can press this brain scan button retrieving Seymour's memories at the precise instant of doggy death."
    Fry: "I'm gonna get my puppy back! In your face Grim Reaper!"
    Bender: "Crappy, ineffective Reaper..."
    (download 101kb)
  8. Panucci: "What's with Seymour? It's like it don't want you to go. Or it thinks your pants is too short or something. Which is crazy, 'cause frankly you look fabulous. Now get goin'!"
    (download 61kb)
  9. Fry's Mom: "But where's Phillip?"
    Fry's Dad: "I'm tellin' you the Y2K computer's got him. We'll face burning roads, rivers explodin', calculators transformed into Scud missiles. There is nothing we can do."
    (download 87kb)
  10. Robo Puppy: "Robo Puppy commencing 2 hour yipping session." *yip* *yip* *yip* *yip* *yip* *yip* *Bender kicks it* *alart sound* "Robo Puppy mistreatment alert. Robo Puppy mistreatment alert."
    (download 90kb)
  11. Bender: "Fry, I'm sorry. I should've understood how someone can love an inferior creature. Because I love you. Not in the way the ancient Greeks. But in the way a robot loves a human. A human loves a dog. And occasionally, a gorilla loves a kitty."
    (download 111kb)
  12. Professor: "Very well! Let this abomination unto the Lord begin!"
    (download 32kb)

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