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Historical Timeline:
  • Prelude:
       Sudden Strike
  • Chapter 1:
       Operation Wise Fox
       + sign petition
       + snail mail (!!)
       + email the fox
  • Chapter 2:
       Operation Publicity
       + spread the word!
  • Chapter 3:
       Enduring Defiance
       + email again
       + forward answers
       + Reports Feb 14th
  • Chapter 4:
       Distributed Influence
       + phone affiliates
       + mail affiliates
       + Reports Feb 15th
  • Chapter 5:
       Operation mailman
       + Fox Affiliates
       + Reports Feb 16th

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    Futurama Cancelled

    Chapter one: Operation Wise FOX

    1. Let's face it, this is going to be hard battle and we doubt that online petitions will help much, but we do not want to exclude these options: There is a petition by CGEF going at petitiononline. Click this link to open a new window and sign away. I will wait here till you are done.

      Results: The next morning: over 14k signatures in 10 hours. Neat. More. No signing twice though. We made it #1 Petition at petitiononline. Sorry for the spelling errors, I'm German and was up way too long. Most are corrected now and the remaining should be gone soon, too. My edel spell checker was driving through the USA at that point.

    2. This wasn't too hard. But now comes the most important part. You need to write letters. Go buy 6 letters and stamps at the local mall/post office, we have some mailing to do during the next few days. International public, too! Airmail is only a like 1 or 2 euros or equivalent. A letter is worth about 1000 petition entries. Some stuff to include: Hugely popular overseas, potent quality public, never having a chance to grow due to severe time slot sabotage. Have a look at the petition text for hints on what to write and add anything YOU can think of. It's your letter. No excuses for not getting a pen right now!

      So, here are our first 2 targets:

      Ms. Gail Berman
      Building 100 Room 4450
      10201 W. Pico Blvd.
      Los Angeles, CA 90035
      United States of America


      Mr. Sandy Grushow
      Building 100 Room 5110
      10201 W. Pico Blvd.
      Los Angeles, CA 90035
      United States of America

      Did I stress how important it is that you write those two letters, too? Good.

    3. You did mail, right? It's time to email the adversary. Be polite, it's a worthy adversary. Tell them why you think they would be better off ordering new episodes. No swearing. Same stuff as above as content is fine.
    2-12-2002 | [-mArc-] | Comments

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