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Futurama Comics Reviews

Comics #11

Release Date: 01/23/03

The Cure for the Common Clod.
Fry catches a cold. One problem. The cure for the common cold was discovered and then forgotten hundreds of years ago. Now the 20th century virus is wreaking havoc on the 30th century populace, and there's only one race that can save New New York City... the sewer mutants!

# of Reviews: 31   Rating: 87%

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#1 by BrainSluggo
Equal to the best episodes of the TV series. It had everything from little characterization "Easter Eggs" (Leela's love of books, and being humiliated by her parents at the Mutant "Orgy"), sci-fi parodies ("The Planet of Double Entendres!") and PE Ship "error" howlers (the onboard library) to lowbrow gross-out and letch gags by the bucketful. Everybody--and I mean EVERYBODY--gets a cameo, and second-tier regulars Amy, Hermes, and Zoidberg get more material than they've gotten in previous issues combined--but naturally, Bender gets the killer line:

"You don't LOOK so good, but you don't hear me complaining. ...Whoa! You DON'T look so good! I'M FILING A COMPLAINT!!"

This would've easily been a five-star episode--the only thing I'm missing are the voices--and it's a five-star issue, the shining gem of the Bongo line.

BrainSluggo gave 5 points

#2 by John C.
This was a great comic, especially towards the end. And it had some of the funniest Zoidberg quotes, too. But I'm axing you... how come people were assigned different jobs from their primal instincts?

John C. gave 5 points

#3 by Michael E. (UK)
Got my copy imported, very funny, by far the best one I've read. Any Futurama fans who haven't checked out the comic, wouldn't be seen dead... whatever, would do well to go for this one. BrainSluggo is right, this would make a quality episode, damn it's only a couple of dollars, what are you waiting for?

VERY funny stuff, 5 star.

Michael E. (UK) gave 5 points

#4 by FrysGIRL
It was great, right up until Leela sneezed up her anti-mucus cold-killer. The scenes before it actually made me laugh out loud and that is hard to accomplish. As of right now, it's the best Futurama comic I've read.

FrysGIRL gave 4 points

#5 by FRY
dis comic was off da heeeezeeey

FRY gave 5 points

#6 by Kevin
I really enjoyed this comic. I always like the episodes (or comics in this case) where they take you to Old New York.

Kevin gave 5 points

#7 by Shakara
Me Parent's went to Toronto and bought this issue back with 'em. Great stuff! Loved the lil character jokes. Nice one Bongo.

Shakara gave 5 points

#8 by James
The best in the series so far? Quite possibly. The strong story really did feel like an episode of the TV series, great script, great drawings. You're left with a smile on your face after reading this issue.

James gave 5 points

#9 by Doblodawaty
One of the best of all.Maybe the funniest Zo

#10 by Clampman
Amazing! I loved it (especialy when leela got naked)

Clampman gave 5 points

Page: - 1 - [2][3][4]

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