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Futurama Comics Reviews


Release Date: 11/26/02

This is a trade paper back compilation of the first four Futurama comic books. If you missed the early comics of the series, this is your chance to catch up. It's avaiable from amazon for about $10.

# of Reviews: 33   Rating: 92%

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#11 by Sal...s
If youve gots its, you loves its! if yous donts gots it buys it nows... ors elses!

Sal...s gave 5 points
04/08/04 | eMail

#12 by fry
the best,
u get the simpsons cross over in it!!
you doont have to buy the back comics

fry gave 5 points
06/27/04 | eMail

#13 by Bob
This is a great book. With the first four issues of Futurama Comics tou can't go wrong. Numbers 1 and 4 are the best but they're all good. Also the fake advertisements are great. Buy it!

Bob gave 5 points

#14 by Omicron Persei 8
FUTURAMA-O-RAMA was a great addition to my collection. While a few people would say it's stupid to buy the same comics you have in abook, it helps. You won't have to get out those collectible new issues out anymore.

Omicron Persei 8 gave 5 points

#15 by Bender
It's so good

Bender gave 5 points

#16 by Matt
Some of the stoories in here were more funny than the actal tv show!

Matt gave 5 points

#17 by Gio
good and a little extra hidden fun a must read

Gio gave 5 points

#18 by Comic Book Guy
great comic

Comic Book Guy

Comic Book Guy gave 5 points

#19 by fryrish dude
original with loads of backround jokes and gags for fans and cute pictures of leela

fryrish dude gave 5 points

#20 by Jeff Albertson
I won this as a Prize in The Crossover Crisis 2 Part 2. Containing Issues 1,2,5 & 9 (I live in the UK, like Mr.X and Helldude), and seeing as I only Started
My collection with 3,4 & 9 Ithought it was Great!!! Werent those Shrimpy things in a Captain Squid Comic When he Eats all of them and Gets Really Fat and then Starts Selling them? Thought so.Anyway, On another Point, Sometimes Your 'Theres No Such Thing As Too Much Amy Wong' doesn't let me get onto Certain Parts. Can you please Explain? I would like the Blueprints of the Ship to add to My Miscellanious Collection of Futurama Stuff.
P.S. Although Im under 13, Im very good at drawing Simpsons/ Futurama Characters, Making up Stories Like on e where Homer Gets Braces, blah blah blah.(if u want 2 no more.just rite a message on the homepage) and doing the following Characters: Fry,Bender,Zoidberg,Hubert, Elzar,Homer,Comic Book Guy,Apu,Krusty and Wierd voices for people who never make an appearance again.

All in all Just wanted to Say, KEEP 'EM COMIN'!!

your obidient servant,


Jeff Albertson gave 5 points

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