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Futurama Episode Sounds

 Season 01
011ACV0103/28/99Space Pilot 300025 sounds
021ACV0204/04/99The Series Has Landed32 sounds
031ACV0304/06/99I, Roommate36 sounds
041ACV0404/13/99Love's Labour's Lost In Space31 sounds
051ACV0504/20/99Fear of a Bot Planet25 sounds
061ACV0604/27/99A Fishful of Dollars25 sounds
071ACV0705/04/99My Three Suns25 sounds
081ACV0805/11/99A Big Piece of Garbage29 sounds
091ACV0905/18/99Hell Is Other Robots20 sounds
 Season 02
011ACV1009/26/99A Flight To Remember16 sounds
021ACV1110/03/99Mars University14 sounds
031ACV1211/07/99When Aliens Attack17 sounds
041ACV1311/14/99Fry & the Slurm Factory13 sounds
052ACV0111/21/99I Second That Emotion16 sounds
062ACV0211/28/99Brannigan Begin Again27 sounds
072ACV0312/12/99A Head in the Polls16 sounds
082ACV0412/19/99Xmas Story31 sounds
092ACV0502/06/00Why Must I Be A Crustacean in Love?14 sounds
102ACV0702/13/00Put your head on my shoulder15 sounds
112ACV0602/20/00Lesser of Two Evils13 sounds
162ACV1204/16/00The Deep South13 sounds
172ACV1304/30/00Bender Gets Made11 sounds
182ACV1505/07/00The Problem with Popplers17 sounds
192ACV1405/14/00Mother's Day17 sounds
202ACV1605/21/00Anthology of Interest 120 sounds
 Season 03
012ACV1811/05/00The Honking12 sounds
022ACV1711/26/00War Is The H-Word19 sounds
032ACV1912/03/00The Cryonic Woman13 sounds
043ACV0201/21/01Parasites Lost16 sounds
053ACV0102/04/01Amazon Women in the Mood21 sounds
063ACV0602/11/01Bendless Love14 sounds
073ACV0702/18/01The Day the Earth Stood Stupid15 sounds
083ACV0802/25/01That's Lobstertainment!15 sounds
093ACV0503/04/01The Bird-bot of Ice-catraz14 sounds
103ACV0403/11/01The Luck of the Fryrish16 sounds
113ACV0904/01/01The Cyber House Rules22 sounds
123ACV1104/08/01Insane in the Mainframe28 sounds
133ACV1304/22/01Bendin' In The Wind23 sounds
143ACV1405/06/01Time keeps on slippin'26 sounds
153ACV1505/13/01I Dated A Robot35 sounds
 Season 04
013ACV1912/09/01Roswell that Ends Well32 sounds
023ACV0312/23/01A Tale of Two Santas18 sounds
033ACV1801/06/02Anthology of Interest 230 sounds
044ACV0302/10/02Love & Rocket22 sounds
054ACV0202/17/02Leela's Homeworld12 sounds
063ACV1003/03/02Where the Buggalo Roam14 sounds
073ACV1703/10/02A Pharaoh To Remember12 sounds
083ACV2003/17/02Godfellas24 sounds
093ACV2103/31/02Futurestock12 sounds
103ACV1604/07/02A Leela of Her Own12 sounds
113ACV2204/14/0230 % Iron Chef16 sounds
124ACV1104/21/02Where No Fan Has Gone Before19 sounds
 Season 05
014ACV0811/10/02Crimes of the Hot16 sounds
024ACV0711/17/02Jurassic Bark12 sounds
033ACV1212/08/02The Route Of All Evil13 sounds
044ACV0512/22/02A Taste Of Freedom16 sounds
054ACV0101/12/03Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch15 sounds
064ACV0403/02/03Less Than Hero18 sounds
074ACV0903/30/03Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles14 sounds
084ACV1004/06/03The Why Of Fry12 sounds
094ACV1206/01/03The Sting16 sounds
104ACV1506/08/03The Farnsworth Parabox13 sounds
114ACV1606/15/03Three Hundred Big Boys10 sounds
124ACV1707/13/03Spanish Fry16 sounds
134ACV1307/20/03Bend Her12 sounds
144ACV1407/27/03Obsoletely Fabulous13 sounds
154ACV0608/03/03Bender Should Not Be Allowed On TV15 sounds
164ACV1808/10/03The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings11 sounds


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