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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

A Flight To Remember
First aired 09/26/99
Rank: 30/124
Reviews: 195
Rating: 89%

The Planet Express crew is booked for the maiden voyage of the space cruise ship Titanic. While love is all around, things begin to go horribly wrong with Zapp Brannigan as captain.

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#91 by Hillbilly
I was actually touched by this episode, really funny parody and some great Zapp (what's that short for) moments; "If you so much as glance at another woman, I'll be all over Leela like a fly on a pile of very seductive manure".
Also, this ep. hold the single worst joke ever on Futurama, the "Shareware" line but it was redeemed by the dvd commentary with David X. Cohen saying "Still proud of that one Eric?" to the writer

Hillbilly gave 5 points

#92 by Lil Jon
So far this is the BEST Futurama episode I've seen! It is hilarious.

Lil Jon gave 5 points

#93 by jamil burns

jamil burns gave 5 points

#94 by Psychotic Ape
A Fry/Leela moent, more Zapp, and all the little stories made this episode my favorite of season 1

Psychotic Ape gave 5 points

#95 by FA-Twister
Out of the many story rips by MG, this perhaps was his first, lol, and there were soon be many more. I LOVE THIS EPISODE! except for the fact that leo dies in titanic, this time benders "female robot" friend is sucked into a black hole.

FA-Twister gave 5 points

#96 by Dean
One of the best episodes from Volume 1. Hillarious!

Dean gave 5 points

#97 by What's it to you?
loved it!!! love the way bender and the countess escape from the flooded room. and the spoof of all the famous titanic scenes. My favorite qoute was..

Leela: Worst mission yet!!
Fry: mmmm i'm never going to a planet called cannabill rama again!
Bender:Food was good though

What's it to you? gave 5 points

One of the best episodes line of the episode ,"a family broke my fall". best bit:when bender finds out the diamond necklace is fake.a lot of everone and hermes limbo olympic disaster is pure class

DR.ZOIDBERG gave 5 points

#99 by Benderfan12
Yo, wat's flyin' dawgs. Me be here today to *reevew* da Futurama episode A Flight to Remember.

Ummmmmmmmm ... mmmmmmmm.
Sorry about that. Thats what happens when you drink Tide washing detergent straight from the bottle.
Anyway heres the review.
(Readers Note
I must admit, right off the bat, that I havn't seen this episode in quite a while so if any of my facts are completley wrong or trivialy inacurate, please, all you die-hard Futurama fans out there, forgive me.)
Now, seriously, heres the review.

A Flight to Remember was the season premier of the second season of Futurama, and even though I don't think it was a tremendously worthy candidate for a premier episode, ( I'd have rather seen other season two classics such as, Why must I be a Crustacean in Love or the witty political satire, A Head in the Polls as the premier, not only for their stronger storylines, but also for their more appealing topics, for me, that is...)it did a decent job, and deserves some recognition.
What I do remember of the episode is thatthere were a lot of intermingling love problems, especially with Fry, as Amy and Leela were both posing as his girlfriend for diffrent reasons.
Also, Benders relationship with the wealthy female robot ( I forget her name), was very interesting.
Zapp, as the captain of the cruise spaceship that ends up crashing, is funny as always, and we all know how halarious Kif can be when he wants to.
All in all a nicely done episode, not one of the best, not one of the...
I gotta go. My mom just got home from Shop Rite with a new bottle of Tide, and damn am I thirsty.

Benderfan12 gave 3 points

#100 by Steve
I love this episode, especially the combination of parody and original emotion. There's an interesting little callback to it in the Amazon show.

Steve gave 5 points

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