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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Yo Leela Leela
First aired 07/21/11
Rank: 123/124
Reviews: 237
Rating: 45%

Leela becomes a Hollywood Big Shot after creating a hit children's television series.

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#91 by crushinatrix2009
This episode just killed me inside. I'm done with futurama forever, goodbye from the world of used to be good!!!!!!

crushinatrix2009 gave 1 point

#92 by floneus
Worst Episode so far.

floneus gave 1 point

#93 by Ben
This wasn't a 5 star episode but the negativity towards itjust because it wasn't about Bender or Fry and didn't have a typical sci-fi plot is insane. Try to broaden your horizons a bit guys.

Ben gave 5 points

#94 by HMS pinafore

One of the weaker episodes of this season but I am willing to forgive this because It is not terrible and It got some laughs out of me3.5/5

HMS pinafore gave 4 points

#95 by Otis P Jivefunk
My review; what a terrible terrible worthless episode. The subject matter and entire plot for this episode was so unnecessary and pointless. At several points during this episode I found myself asking if this was a Simpsons episode they’d forgotten to turn yellow? It felt much more like a modern day Simpsons episode than a Futurama episode. How is a plot like this making use of the future setting of Futurama? Don’t tell me they couldn’t do it on another show because of the other planet, not good enough!...

I was cringing with embarrassment at the crew dressing up as those shitty characters and going along with it. I mean really? What the fuck was I watching? Also did Dr Zoidberg really fit into that costume, or was that meant to be a joke? The Lady Ga Ga joke sucked as well. I’m getting sick of these pop culture references, absolutely sick of them! The whole plot seemed forced to me. It was kind of annoying in the sense that until that Lady Ga Ga joke nothing really misfired, yet it was still so bland and offensive in the most inoffensive way. Having said that the Slurm Queen shouldn’t have been there, stop fucking with past episodes!...

There were a few chuckles to be had, but this really is poor. I was very concerned at the premise, and the preview clip did nothing to reassure me. Sadly this episode was just as bad as I feared. If only Cubert had been there to laugh at them all and poke fun at their ridiculous costumes I might have had something to laugh at. It is still better than Holiday Craptacular, and not as boring as Bender’s Game, but that’s not hard...


Otis P Jivefunk gave 2 points

#96 by Julian
This episode was awfully childish and embarrassing. The very start with Leela trying to tell a story to the orphans was deliberately weak but in a way this reflected the whole episode. The pop culture references were lame. I want to see me more futuristic elements with more references to advanced science, math, and technology - not this kind of kid's crap. I agree with whoever said there wasn't enough of the Professor - you usually need him to come up with the more sophisticated stuff that make this series normally worth watching.

Julian gave 1 point

#97 by Bikeboy
Not among my favourites, and clearly not with some reviewers. But I'm surprised by how hurtful some of the comments are. I guess it's a reflection of the high expectations we all have for Futurama. We all want all of them to be insightful, hilarious, thought provoking, etc., etc. All I have to say about that is: If you think it's so easy, start your own damn show.

Bikeboy gave 3 points

#98 by steve-o-rama
Definitely one of the worst episodes ever. Not sure how people found this one funny. I will say that its ridiculous how people are criticizing this new season just because of this one episode. Its nice how people have conveniently forgotten about the bad episodes in season 1-5. Let's not forget about "a lela of her own" which scored a 50% on this site. "The cryonic woman," "that's lobstertainment." I could go on, maybe people need to stop romanticizing the past episodes and start appreciating the new seasons just a little more

steve-o-rama gave 2 points

#99 by Dr.Hume
Is this Futurama?

Dr.Hume gave 1 point

#100 by Scooty-Puff Sr.
the 1st average episode of the season (and i usually give 5 points!)
it wasnt that funny, but it wasn't as bad as a lot of ppl are saying. futurama comes up with episodes like this now and again, so deal with it !
i thought fry playing the trombone was funny !

Scooty-Puff Sr. gave 3 points

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