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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Yo Leela Leela
First aired 07/21/11
Rank: 123/124
Reviews: 237
Rating: 45%

Leela becomes a Hollywood Big Shot after creating a hit children's television series.

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#121 by SalP
Haters gonna hate, It's amazing how everyone is a critic now. I enjoy the show and this episode, maybe is not that good, but hey, this is better that almost anything on tv nowadays. If you can't take on a single meh episode, then you cannot call you a fan. Ill normally woould gibve it a 4, but seeing all the unfairness...

SalP gave 5 points

#122 by Dom
I really didn't like it, but for some reason it is a little enjoyable to watch after the 3rd or 4th viewing. But I really didn't like it. I couldn't belive that after 3 good episodes, Now is the time we get shit on! Unbelievable, but it WAS NOT as bad as Holiday Spectacular. Holiday Spectacular was just BORING! this was a little boring too, but I really just didn't like it for TV sake. If I wanted to watch baby shows, I would hang with my little 3 year old cousins. (which would be ridiculous for a 15 year old to do). Futurama can do much better with this episode, alot better. 2nd worse so far. I sure hope All The Presidents Heads will make me feel better.

Dom gave 3 points

#123 by futurama addicts
this episode is dissapointing...i watch till the end, and i didn't laugh even a bit..

futurama addicts gave 2 points

#124 by Clinton
With all the hate going around here I see how it's unfair to say Futuramas dying go on and go back review ratings with this and CLASSIC seasons...

Each season has a low point that hits 60%. Those whining about CLASSIC Futurama are deluding themselves...

I've actively watched this show since 2000 to 2010 and own every episode I am a true fan and you cant expect every episode of every season to be gold...

I have seen the same comments said about Simpsons, Family Guy, South park, and American Dad... I've followed and watched all of these shows.

Every persons tastes are different, just because YOU believe they wrote a bad episode does not make it bad for everyone or even a majority.

Now then I can't say this episode was great or even good however i watched it till the end and didn't regret it.

My time is not important enough to be a snob unlike the other people here that obviously lose a hundred dollars each thirty minute break they take or at least how they rate and say doom and gloom over a episode in a season.

Clinton gave 3 points

#125 by Donbot
This episode was predictable and boring, bereft of scientific jokes and not high on any other kind of humor either.

Donbot gave 1 point

#126 by netl
That was so terrible I think it gave me cancer. The writers seem to have too much liberty in altering the characters.

netl gave 2 points

#127 by Hannah
There funny parts seemed to be sporadically sprinkled through the episodes. I thought the parodying of shows, such as Super Slut Club, was pretty funny, but a lot of the episode seemed to drag.

Hannah gave 3 points

#128 by Jojo Sircuss
Every time I watch this episode I have to laugh at one or more things in each scene, like the bad word song, and the young peoples's awards nominees, etc.

Jojo Sircuss gave 5 points

#129 by dave
Wow. Is this the lowest rated episode? I didn't think it was that terrible. About average... thanks to Bender.

dave gave 3 points

#130 by Faith
This was a pretty great episode, I loved the parodies of all the kids shows. One thing I don't understand is why don't the kids remember Leela or Bender?

Faith gave 4 points

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