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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

The Sting
First aired 06/01/03
Rank: 13/124
Reviews: 700
Rating: 91%

On a mission to get space honey, the Planet Express crew has to battle giant outer space bees.

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#161 by FutureFan
This is now my favorite episode.
And yes, it does deserve an Emmy.

*ahem* Shame on you people who gave it
a 3 or below!. Futurama isn't all about
comedy, it has many layers to it. Just
because it focused more on Leela's feeling
and romance instead of comedy does not
make it a bad episode. Far from it..this episode
was a testament to how much Futurama has evolved
in it's multiple seasons.

18/64?! Come on people, let's get this episode into the top 5!!

I only wish I had taped this episode. And I hope that seasons 2 through 5 come out on DVD faster here.
Shame on you Fox, I used to like your network, but you seem to like reality series more.

Long Live Futurama!!!

FutureFan gave 5 points

#162 by Junkie
Best episode ever of Futurama. Showing that while it doesn't have the audience of Simpsons, it can still lead in visual quality and story.

Junkie gave 5 points

#163 by James
This was a very emotional episode. I greatly enjoyed seeing a Leela centered episode, and Leela reveiling her feelings about Fry. Although it was a sad, emotional, even phycodelic at times, it maintained humor through-out. The one-liners cracked me up. My roommate and I watched it again later and freeze framed the furnaral scene and the scene featuring Leela's "memories of Fry" box. Great refrence to other episodes. I wish I could say I was surprised by the ending, but I called that way ahead of time. Futurama has made me cry before, (Jurrasic Bark, The Why of Fry) at it did again with this episode. I find it remarkable to be moved by my emotional attachment to these animated ficional characters. Dispite the fantastic setting it's easy to beleive that these characters are real, that they exsist somewhere...

James gave 4 points

#164 by Aaron Haynes
Brilliant episode. I didn't guess the ending, but as it got closer it did become a bit more obvious (which was probably the whole point). The twist ending adds whole new layers of significance to what happened throughout the episode - lines spoken by Fry throughout the ep having double meaning both inside Leela's dream and back in reality as he tries to get her to wake up ("I don't care if you can't hear me, I'm going to start talking and I'm never going to stop! Blah blah blah blah blah blah...").

Lots of hilarious moments too. I think this one might be my favorite.

Aaron Haynes gave 5 points

#165 by elC
great episode! great ending!

elC gave 5 points

#166 by Steven Avigliano
While this certainly wasn't one of the best, or strongest episodes, it overall wasn't too bad. The jokes in the first scene with the beehive were pretty lame, but once Fry "dies," things get better. It is nice to see the writers remeber past episodes, like in the pilot when it is mentioned (on a bag) that the previous Planet Express crew died from a giant space wasp, and there are lots of familiar faces at Fry's funeral. As for the plot, it's always fun to watch characters go insane, and the twist ending was a little predictable, but still funny. I also have to mention the "Don't Worry, Bee Happy" song, which was very entertaining. In all, this episode wasn't bad, but not real good either.

Steven Avigliano gave 3 points

#167 by Harry
I guess after making the last few episodes they realizend they had run out of any interesting comedy and decided to make to this, well, predictable and pointless spinoff of what was once the best cartoon comedy series on the t. Now I'm in doubt; which episode was less funny, this one or 'jurassic bark'.

Harry gave 2 points

#168 by PM Gorgak
The call backs like the emperior spoon, and all the girls Fry slept with really made this show for me.

I'm getting the impression that these final episodes all seem to be rewarding the loyal fans as many of the jokes feel "inside". Who else but a fan would know the origin of Snu Snu and the Amazon woman.

Thanks to the writers for keeping us in mind.

PM Gorgak gave 5 points

#169 by Julie Norman
I loved this episode. It was one of the best episodes I've ever seen. I actually cried at the end of it. Alot of great lines and great humor. Fry was so romantic. I'm so glad I recorded this episode so I can watch it over and over again.

Julie Norman gave 5 points

#170 by Green Beamer Essays
For a variety of high quality writing pieces, go to and browse our selection!

Green Beamer Essays gave 5 points

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