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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Anthology of Interest 2
First aired 01/06/02
Rank: 16/124
Reviews: 296
Rating: 91%

See what if Bender was a human, what if Fry a character in a video game and what if Leela finally finds her home.

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#181 by Aaron
Ok, let me review these one by one. Ok, the first skit of this. Bender wonders what would happen if he were human. Interesting. His little 'antenna'. A bit gross, but funny. Interesting that the last line spoken in this skit is the same as the other one in the 1st anthology of interest! I guess it was ok, maybe a 4. Now, the second. This is where it all shines. Everything is hilarious! I'm mostly a gamer and this was as funny as heck! Dang, it was pretty good. Very good for gamers who like this show. it gets a solid 5! Now, my least favorite one. This was a little boring. Now, I didn't like this one very well because I just fell asleep in front of it. a little funny. I'd give it a 2. Now, this little thing shall get a 4.

Aaron gave 4 points

#182 by gf
it was good

gf gave 5 points

#183 by Cody
this has to be the best episode ever. it is extremly funny i like the woo joke with bender after he died at the party. i give this episode 5 f*ck*n stars two thums way up all the way to the planet express ship on its way to the robot planet

Cody gave 5 points

#184 by Benderfan12
Yo, Wat Up! Bfan12 is back in buisiness, kickin' butt and takin' names. There was some confusion over my review of Godfellas when Jason Smith came up for my user name, but no, it was me.
It feels good to be back on this site after taking a couple weeks from reviewing to catch up on my box set watching. I own volumes 1, 2 and 3 and i still haven't gotten around to finishing 1 and 3.
All right, I'll stop with all this crap now and get on to the review.

After this song: .......... ... .......... it'll feel so empty without me.
La La LA la la, la la la la la, la la la la la, la la la laa.
Yeah dat' s da stuff.
Well, here I go.

Anthology of Interest 2 is the second (obviously),and sadly final,intallment in the the Tale of Interest series. They are da bomb.

Benderfan12 gave 4 points

#185 by Musty
i loved it but i want to know the rush song fry was listening to when he was fighting the invaders. the best part of this episode was the second one, "increase speed, reverse direction!" and the "all your base are belong to us".

Musty gave 5 points

#186 by It's a-me, Mario
It was a-so funny! It was also great that Mario, Donkey Kong, and Pacman were in there. A great episode. Though the only thing that would make it better if they made Yoshi and Princess Peach make an appearance...

It's a-me, Mario gave 5 points

#187 by Jigglesbig
i shall review this episode by each part.

if you get the season 3 dvd boxset, and you watch the animatic to this episode, they leave out funny bits, like in the pac man bit one fry's what if, a monster chases bender and he shouts
"quit biting my shining metal ass",

Bender: this was funny, i thought the bit where he kisses the professor on the lips was great
"ah, it didn't feel so good"
prof: "speak for yourself"

rating: 5

Fry: the animatic for this episode was great, but the proper part was brill. planet Atari 2600 was eventually replaced by nintendu 64. anyway, this had the best jokes.

rating: 5+

i don't know why this bit gets slagged off, i liked it. the final part of this episode with the proffesor was great. one of zoidbergs best performances.

"i'm the other guy, courage, don't have enough of it, need to see whats-his-face"


"what do i, smeel or something" (sniffs himself), "oh"

the second best line in the episode.

"and why did i have to take a cab?"

funny every time i watch it.

"who needs courage, when you have: a GUN?"

had me in hysterics. the best line in the episode and agurably the best in the entire show.

"i think theres a problem with your upstairs toilet"


Rating: 5 by miles.


one of futuramas best episodes, along with:

Insane in the mainframe
Bender gets made.

if you haven't seen it, you don't know what you are missing.

A confident 5.

Jigglesbig gave 5 points

#188 by Matt
Excellent episode, all the way down to the little details like D.U.I. Friday's. Fry's "I had another guy" reference was perfectly executed. People have been disliking Wizzin' more than the other two, but I don't agree with that. It's wonderful. "Who needs courage when you have a gun" and Zoidberg's "I'm the other one. Courage, not enough. Need some from What's-his-face" lines were brilliant. The thing that got me though, was right after Tin Man Bender burped, Fry caught on fire a little bit. That fit perfectly like when in the real Wizard of Oz, the Wicked Witch burned the scarecrow at that time. Those little details in the episode I love.

Matt gave 5 points

#189 by biguc
bender is even more hillarious as a person than as a robot.

biguc gave 5 points

#190 by Bender is No.1 DUH
this is the best episode this season. if Fox (or the TV critics)did'nt canceled it there would had been an Anthology of Interest 3.Superb!!

Bender is No.1 DUH gave 5 points

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