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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

The Cryonic Woman
First aired 12/03/00
Rank: 118/124
Reviews: 250
Rating: 57%

Due to a career chip screw-up, Fry gets Leela's old job as a fate assigning officer at a cryogenics lab. There he discovers his old girlfriend Michelle, who froze herself shortly after he disappeared.

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#11 by damage justice
I'd give this episode a 5 if the whole thing were as good as the opening sequence (which I would LOVE to see done live action, it's just directed beautifully, comic timing almost on a par with the master Chuck Jones, rest his soul). The rest drags a bit, but I think it's due to the Pauly Shore recurring gag rather than Fry's ex. Some of the best moments are actually Fry and of course, Bender, at their new jobs as cryonics counselors: "And if you won't listen to us, maybe you'll listen to...OGG, GORILLA EMPEROR OF EARTH!" And what a fun touch at the end, with the gun-toting kids turning out to be Jewish -- a comment on Isreali politics, perhaps?

damage justice gave 4 points

#12 by kws

kws gave 4 points

#13 by Heliotrope
This is one of the few Futurama episodes that i didn't really like, it was alright though.

"Well, we destroyed the toy space ship, now what do we do?"

Heliotrope gave 3 points

#14 by vic
below average. liked it until fry's girlfriend is introduced. her voice is so annoying, and she can't stop whinging, which is meant to be funny, but it just isn't. episode suffers because it focuses oon fry and completely ignores the rest of the cast. the most disappointing episode i have seen.

vic gave 2 points

#15 by Elshaneo
I loved Fry and Bender scaring the unfrozens. And the Los Angeles of the future jokes were great. It even made me temporarily suspend my loathing of Paulie Shore.

Elshaneo gave 4 points

#16 by Bullark
This was great. The bit with Bender and Fry scaring the people they defrosted was brilliant.

Bullark gave 5 points

#17 by nuna
it plainly all the writers' fault. who feeds them? and what are those writers fed to come up with such dribble. Come on!

nuna gave 2 points

#18 by David
WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ALL TALKING ABOUT?!!?!?!?!? this is one of THE BEST EPISODES!! how the hell can you compare anything to the four AMAZING PARTS WITH ZOIDBERG?! or to this uncomprehecably funny dialogue: Bender "hey fry, i'm stearing with my ass!" Fry:"THATS THE BEST THING I EVER SAW!!!"

David gave 5 points

#19 by Harry
An exellent episode, it had to happen.

Harry gave 4 points

#20 by facehairteeth
Although Fry's girlfriend came dangerously close to ruining this episode, I agree with David's review (#18). In fact, he mentions the reason I had to review this episode - my single favorite futurama moment:

Bender:"Hey, Fry. I'm steering with my ASS!"
Fry:"That's the best thing I ever saw!"

facehairteeth gave 5 points

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