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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Anthology of Interest 2
First aired 01/06/02
Rank: 16/124
Reviews: 296
Rating: 91%

See what if Bender was a human, what if Fry a character in a video game and what if Leela finally finds her home.

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#201 by Shut Up

I loved Bender going nuts: smoking, drinking, dancing with strippers, eating a hotdog, and then he making out with her WHILE eating the hot dog (!) So nasty...Hahaha. And you have to love "WOOO!"

And the Video Game one was brilliant stuff, as everyone else said.

I thought the third story was so-so, but it had it's moments. I adored Zoidberg ("I'm the other guy." Or "Why did I have to take a cab?!")

Shut Up gave 4 points

#202 by Clobberella
Absolutely hilarious!
"hey, you like grilled cheese?"
"you watched it, you can't un-watch it!"
"2 litre bottle of shasta and my all rush mixtape"
"we resemble but are legally distinct from the lollipop guild..."
this was an episode i could watch over and over again

Clobberella gave 5 points

#203 by Futurama Rox
Great ep. all 3 stories were spectacular. i say this was WAY better than the first one

Futurama Rox gave 5 points

#204 by leo
loved it when bender became a human

alot better than the first anthology of intrest

leo gave 5 points

#205 by Darling Chibi
HISTARICAL! I almost pissed my pants i lauged so hard! Bravo!!

The part where Bender as a human is makin out with a hotdog in his mouth! OMG So gross, but that's what makes it so great!

thanks a ton!

Darling Chibi gave 5 points

#206 by Loretta
I didn't care much for the first part, Fry and the video games was hilarious, and the third part was okay. If I could I'd give it a 3.5, because it was a little better than average.

Loretta gave 3 points

#207 by Poldo Clyne
One of the best episodes....
first and second part reminded me why i love futurama sp much.
But in the end it tended to be a bit boring.. But still one of my favorites..
Havent seen number 2 yet hope its good to..
best parts:
Zoidberg: Ans another clue came 4.15 when i discoverd hte murded
body of amys dead dicieased corps...
Zoidberg:aww a letter from bender my good friend
letter from bender: Dear dr jerkberg when u read this im alredy dead the one who killed me was.....
fry:ur boring zoidberg il go watch tv

Poldo Clyne gave 5 points

#208 by Junkman
Even though that this Anthlogy of Interest set is good as a whole, it doesn't really top the first one in terms of storyline.

I hate to say this, but the first story about Bender becoming a human was horrible. The humor shown into this section wasn't Futurama-like, it was just puerile and childish. Save from a couple of parts (such as the professor bragging that he'll win the Nobel prize before Amy), this wasn't quite a strong showing. This episode seemed to have been written in the state of mind that fart jokes are good enough to make a episode on it's own, which isn't the case.

The second part about the video games definitely was a killer episode, though. This was one of my first exposures to Futurama and despite my total lack of knowledge about the show back then, I loved this part anyway. I love all the subtle and discreet references to video games: Asteroids, Donkey Kong, Missile Command, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Q-Bert and others... Great nostalgic value in this one indeed, ahhhh. It contained many funny moments as well, such as Zoidberg becoming Pac-Man for a while, thus eating everything/everyone and for some reason, the part where Fry has been defeated at Space Invaders and where he just write his high score initials whilst chuckling. That's most likely the high point of this Anthology of Interest episode.

The third part also offered quite an interesting showing, although I didn't liked it at first. However, one has to say that it's a great Wizard of Oz parody filled with the usual Futurama fun twists. Poor Fry who's being told by everyone that he needs a brain, heheheh. Other noteworthy moments in that part included Leela using the Planet Express ship's stairway to crush the Amy fairy, the gang stupidly jumping joyfully on the yellow brick road and them complaining that it's tiring and the gang being kidnapped, yet Zoidberg takes a cab to catch with everyone. The ending was funny, as well. It's quite rare that Leela manages to be that sneaky, so it's a plus. :)

If the first episode wasn't included in that AOI showcase, this would have been easily a excellent episode, but the first part just ruins the perfection that this episode could have had. It's still a pretty good episode, nonetheless.

Junkman gave 4 points

#209 by Mr Vengeance
The best part was when Bender started making out with a woman with his mouth full of food. Brilliant.
One of the best gags in Futurama ever.

Mr Vengeance gave 4 points

#210 by Some1
Higher the user rating

Some1 gave 5 points

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