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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

The Cryonic Woman
First aired 12/03/00
Rank: 118/124
Reviews: 250
Rating: 57%

Due to a career chip screw-up, Fry gets Leela's old job as a fate assigning officer at a cryogenics lab. There he discovers his old girlfriend Michelle, who froze herself shortly after he disappeared.

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#211 by Chocolate Chip
Classic, like all Futurama episodes.

'That's LA for ya!'

Chocolate Chip gave 5 points

#212 by Josh
I love this episode. Especially when Bender puts on the gorilla mask. But Fry's g/f does sound a bit weird than from the very first episode. I loved this episode. Don't know why no body else didn't like it that much.

Josh gave 5 points

#213 by Callac
Great episode!Fantastic peformance by Sarah Silverman.
Great jokes about LA

Callac gave 5 points

#214 by dave
I liked this one. It has several very good things in it and the laughing at israel is also funny, altough most people don't understood it. It can be it wasn't intended to be seen like that.

dave gave 5 points

#215 by Dong
This episode is bad ass because you finally get to see Fry skateboard, Bart Simpson style.

Dong gave 5 points

#216 by Franco
It's not a terrible episode, but it's far from good.

Franco gave 3 points

#217 by Dparks
Had some good jokes and solid ideas in the beginning with the gang getting fired and fry and leela switching jobs. Unfortunately, the episode never lives up to its potetial and the guest stars along with the second half of the episode are just irritating. Not fun to watch at all. Only episode I'll never watch on dvd or tv just because I dislike it sooo much. Worst Futurama episode ever!

Dparks gave 2 points

#218 by JeffD27177
Well I think it's better than what the average rating shows, but it's not great. Some of the jokes are very funny, but Sarah Siverman's character is very annoying (obviously). And the way she shutters when the cup pieces come back together is just weird. Who wouldn't think that's really cool and useful? Being terrified of a giant lobster-man is one thing, but being frightened of a cup that reassembles after breaking? Weird.
The other joke I really don't like is the one where Fry is asked about how he feels about it not being nec. to be crazy to work here..." bit. Just a clumsy joke imo. Plus I've never seen that sort of poster so it hardly even made sense to me the first time I heard it. Especially unfunny since it follows a solid Lela joke of "Monday monkey lives for the weekend sir."

Average episode!

JeffD27177 gave 3 points

#219 by Me
I thought this was a good episode until the whole 4000 part and then it started to decline, but it was pretty predictable that it wouldn't be the year 4000.

Me gave 4 points

#220 by basscampbass
Not a good episode. Has potential to be more, just a shame it ends with such a loose explanation 'he just won't stop with the social commentary'

basscampbass gave 2 points

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