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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

A Flight To Remember
First aired 09/26/99
Rank: 30/124
Reviews: 195
Rating: 89%

The Planet Express crew is booked for the maiden voyage of the space cruise ship Titanic. While love is all around, things begin to go horribly wrong with Zapp Brannigan as captain.

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#21 by Hallam D
This is one of my all-time favorites. I love it when shows ripp off movies. This was no exception. Very, very funny. One of my favorite lines: Bender-"Are your my sweet?" Countess: "No, luckily a family a broke my fall!"

Hallam D gave 5 points

#22 by Prem
Great Episode. Reminds me why I love this series. I hope it'll be back.

Prem gave 5 points

#23 by Luke the future fan
really,really great,so funny,I loved the bits with Bender and Zapp,it also joins on well to the amazon women episode in season 3,great,so good,really good spoof of the titanic movie.It's a must see!

Luke the future fan gave 5 points

#24 by Zekklen
Apart from having random romance, this episode has my second favourite quote:

Zapp: Now theres nothing to do but to go down with the ship

Kif: I do say sir that is quite noble of you.

Zapp: No, noble of you kif! I herby pronounce you captain.

Someone along those lines!

Zekklen gave 5 points

#25 by KRC 99014533
Let's set the way-back machine for 2000. Having completely failed to see Titanic at the cinema, and having completely failed to exert myself in any way that could have the remotest chance of ending up with me sticking it in the video recorder, a friend brings it round. After the most retch inducing film i have ever witnessed, i promptly forgot about it. But time makes fools of us all...

Making a great parody of a rubbish film has to be the most noble cause on earth. Favorite lines enclosed:

Fry:'Look... its our nebula. Whenever i see it i'll remember the time when we almost...'
Fry:'Never mind.'

Kif:'You remember that course you plotted sir?'
Kif:'Well, it's proving a little more suicidal than we initially hoped.'

KRC 99014533 gave 5 points

#26 by Walking
Countress : you will share love with other robot, were sharware =PPPP

Walking gave 5 points

#27 by blinky
"I will not ram the titanic into
black holes"-bart simpson

blinky gave 4 points

#28 by Magic Snail
Good episode.

Magic Snail gave 5 points

#29 by Kristi
Terrific episode. It was a great parody of Titanic and very funny. It was also a good start for many series-long relationships (Kif/Amy, Fry/Leela). The recurring sentimental violin background music started to get repetitive after a few times, but it was funny and didn't get too annoying.

Kristi gave 5 points

#30 by Mandy Grrrl
Sad, but still VERY funny. All the
black hole jokes were good, and even if I never saw the movie Titanic, I was very into the actual
ship for quite a while.

Mandy Grrrl gave 5 points

Page: [1] [2] - 3 - [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20]

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