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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

The Sting
First aired 06/01/03
Rank: 13/124
Reviews: 700
Rating: 91%

On a mission to get space honey, the Planet Express crew has to battle giant outer space bees.

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#21 by Tania
What a great episode... leaves you guessing until the end. It wasn't as funny as some other episodes I'll admit, as they focused more on the romantic/dramatic side, but they still managed to make whatever humor was in the episode work without being crude or offensive (With the death theme and all). And the ending of course was brilliant. Not giving away anything, but... wow. I don't think anyone saw that coming.

Easily my favourite Futurama episode.

Tania gave 5 points

#22 by Jabsta Mcnasty
The crew should stick to writing serious shows, they're awfully good at them (If they were still making them and all...) Well anyway, great episode.

Jabsta Mcnasty gave 5 points

#23 by McGrady
I liked the episode. Tons of references to earlier episodes, including the box of Fry's stuff and all of his snu-snu women.

I liked how the stuff given to Leela in her coma/dream was actually stuff in her room in the hospital, such as the picture on the wall and the squeeze toy.

Well written, good one liners. Heavy on the romance, but didn't feel extremely forced. I probably caught on to what was happening the first time Leela woke up from the dream inside a dream, since several movies have had similar stories.

McGrady gave 5 points

#24 by Joe Crank
This was easily one of the best episodes of the show ever. Belly laughs the whole way through. I could not believe how hysterical I was during the DOnt Worry Be Happy bit... when that happy little bee stung Farnsworth in the head, I was gone. Classic. Excellent script also... I cant believe Fox isnt renewing, what jerks... I made myself sad

Joe Crank gave 5 points

#25 by Teral
Great episode. Had a few dull moments here and there, but overall one of the best of McSeason 5.
I loved the idea of Leela going slowly going insane, and Fry's voice reaching through to her subconsciousness. The ending actually surprised me a bit, and some developments in the show threw me off. Great writing there, mr Verrone! I looked at the timer with about 4 minutes to go, and wondered how they would go about finishing it in time. I had a feeling it would involve Leela dreaming part of it, but not the whole thing.

The "Don't Worry, Bee Happy" song was one of the funniest so far in Futurama.

My favorite moment was when Leela took the ship to get Fry's corpse. Sitting in the pilot seat, twitching and tripping her feet nervously, while saying: "I'll find Fry's coffin, get his corpse and keep it under my mattres to remind he's really dead. That'll proof I'm not insane." I nearly choked with laughter.

Lots of great jokes and moments, while not being a s shippy as I had feared. I liked how Nibbler was violently thrown around when Leela woke up.

Great episode. Good job, mr Verrone. 5/5

Teral gave 5 points

#26 by aslate
Wow, confusing episode or what? The beginning was good, has enough jokes. Loved seeing Scruffy on the bagpipes, but what happened to Space Wasps? Ah well.
The middle was weirdly confusing, i loved the "Bee Happy" song, totally out-of-place, which is probably why it worked so well. The dream-sequences were done well, i loved the:

Oh Fry you must be alive, i've never been treated so romantically by my own imagination before

And then when she wakes up, throwing Nibbler off the bed, loved that gag.
The ending was great, the bit with Fry as the picture and Leela. Leela turning to Fry in her most desperate moments and when she wakes up, so emotional, truly great work.

Full marks, ranking nice and highly.

aslate gave 5 points

#27 by Aster
The beginning of the episode was maybe a bit less than the rest of it, I mean, the first jokes were pretty predictable... The funeral scene was a really strange experience to me. So many 'old friends' from previous episodes. The water-beings, the Omicronians, and even those wannabe-pizzeria-aliens, but where the **** were Zapp and Kiff on that funeral?? You'd expect to at least have Amy and Kiff together too... That was a bit strange, but hey... The guillotine-joke really had me ROFLing, the 2001: A Space Oddysee-reference in Fry's cascet too.

The whole dream Leela had during het coma, it just showed her her true feelings for Fry. Maybe this is one of those "god works in mysterious ways"-things for Leela? It was again one of those very emotional episodes that I appreciate so much. I'm actually a bit scared that one of the next episodes would seem disapointing because it doesn't have the same level of emotions, of storyline in it.

Futurama is really an experience, and I will really miss it when it will be "walking on sunshine".

It has earned every of my 5 points! Great work gang!

Aster gave 5 points

#28 by Chris
This episode was pretty funny. I was suprised that the stinger actually went through Fry and struck Leela instead. I was cracking up during the musical number and the tape recording with the agonizing screams of Professor Farnsworth's last crew. It was also funny when Bender was playing virtual reality golf. And unlike most shows with twist-endings, I actually understood the entire episode. Leela's dreams with Fry were also pretty sweet. Overall, this was a really funny episode. Five out of five.

Chris gave 5 points

#29 by The JR
"The only thing they did better than us was suck and die."

The JR gave 5 points

#30 by Enomis
What a great episode. I loved all the 'shippy' parts, and I had no idea how the episode was going to end, even though the writer threw in hints throughout. My favorite part was the amazon woman with "snu-snu" and all the other characters in the background going "meh". I was dying when I saw the radiator on the side. The part when Leela was going to find Fry's corpse was also hilarious.

Enomis gave 5 points

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