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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Anthology of Interest 2
First aired 01/06/02
Rank: 16/124
Reviews: 296
Rating: 91%

See what if Bender was a human, what if Fry a character in a video game and what if Leela finally finds her home.

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#41 by SlaytanicMaggot
I like American Football, but
not enough to have it be pre-empted.
But to the rest of the men in the
USA, football is life. It's so huge
here, like your european football.
It's not as huge that people get in
melees over it, but it's pretty huge.
Anyway, I'm still wondering how
people hated the simpsons. Was it
the storyline, or what? I found the
first part hilarious cuzit was a huge
attack on our idiot president's
enviromental plan. And honestly, the
jokes were great. It was like
watching a Jackie Chan movie. Who
really gives a f@#! about the plot????
And to the people that thought the
Bender/human thing was excellent,
what are you on? It started out strong,
but they could've done a better jon with
it. It degenerated into disgusting humor
that was more Tom Green than futurama.
the second part was great, though.
and the third part was so-so. this
ep could've been much better. It
wasn't as bad as Bendless Love,
but the first AOI was just great.
you'd think they could've followed
up a little better. not thebest ep
ever (but not the worst).

SlaytanicMaggot gave 2 points

#42 by You Smell Funny
That was the best episode ever

You Smell Funny gave 5 points

#43 by Schedl
i disliked this episode. the first aoi was very nice, but this one is except the first story not funny at all. Maybe things are different in the US. but i definitelly dislike this wizard of oz topics...

Schedl gave 2 points

#44 by Teral
Pretty funny in it's own right, but as a successor to AOI I it was a disappointment.

There where some good ideas in here, that could have turned out as classics, but the stories somehow got lost.

"I, Meatbag": A very good idea, and it started out great. The atenna joke was spot on, and it was hillarious to see how Bender totally lost control of himself. I could have done without the puke-scene though, that was a little too inmature. His fascination of human emotions and temptations was great though. The ending was weak, pity. Fat Bender just wasn't funny, and the Nobel thing wasn't either. Really pulls this story down.

"Raiders of the Lost Arcade": I was one of those kids who spent a great deal of their youth (and allowances) in video arcades, so this really struck a cord with me. It was great to see all those old video games characters again, but the story was little else than cameos. I didn't laugh much through this. I like Lrr's line about the Nintendians demand though: "Quarters, a million allowances worth of quarters", LOL. Great nostalgia, nothing much in the laugh department though.

"Wizzin'": Easily my favourite here. I like Leela killing Amy after another wisecrack. Seems like it'll be a recurring thing, can't say I'm against that ;). Excellent Zoidy in this one too, great remarks: "Why did I have to take a cab?" and "I'm the other guy. Courage, not enough of it. Need some from, Whats-his-name". LOL Good story, and some very funny jokes. And Leela as a witch? Truely enchanting! Best story in AOI II.

Suming up: Great ideas, good starts, but not so good follow through. Good thing they saved the best story for last. I'd give it a 3.

Best Anthology of Interest story is still "What if Leela was more impulsive, just a little, not too much?"

Teral gave 3 points

#45 by Michael Lucas-Smith
The orange guy says (backwards) "Where can a guy get some pants around here"

I'm still trying to find the song that Fry was listening too though :)

Michael Lucas-Smith gave 5 points

#46 by penisus organus

penisus organus gave 5 points

#47 by Vizman
This entire series has been consistently hysterical for it's enitre run, but this episode took the cake. Part 2 was about the funniest thing I have ever seen on television

Vizman gave 5 points

#48 by Dane
A solid ep. I give it 5 stars mainly because I was feeling very deprived of new eps until this one aired. Otherwise, I probably would have given it a 4. The Bender as a human story didn't do much for me, but the video game world story was excellent! And as for the Wizard of Oz parody, let's just say I'm a sucker for the movie spoofs. :)

Dane gave 5 points

#49 by Christopher

BRAVOO! that wil be hard to top, i pity the next!! TALES, OF, INTEREST!!!

Christopher gave 5 points

#50 by potschien
This Episode is very funny. One of the best episodes ever. Like the Simpsons, the Futurama episodes get better the longer they exist. I'm from germany and like the english spoken version more than the translated ones. John DiMaggio is my favourite speaker. Hope the petition has success.

potschien gave 5 points

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