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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Yo Leela Leela
First aired 07/21/11
Rank: 123/124
Reviews: 237
Rating: 45%

Leela becomes a Hollywood Big Shot after creating a hit children's television series.

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#51 by Jacob
This made me sad. It felt like my best friend was being violated. Not saying that with a light heart. What show was this?

Where was the future? How and why is Fry familiar with Lady Gaga? Why on earth would the slurm queen leave Wormulon to appear at that crappy award show? Everyone was out of character. That is a sign of desperation. When characters do things they normally wouldn't do, and when the situations get more and more unlikely. Simpsons did it very slowly, but this was like a bomb. And it certainly did bomb.

How about some quality control, Futurama team? Do you not care about your show's integrity anymore?

Jacob gave 1 point

#52 by Everybody relax
Everyone needs to calm down. This was not the worse episode every by a long shot, that belong to In Da Gadda Da Leela. THAT sucked. This was a serviceable episodes with good laughs. Not great. It seems like any episode involving Leela and Abner Doubledeal is bound to be hated on this website. I, for one, liked A Leela of Her Own.

To sum up the episode, I'll quote another: "Average, please."

Everybody relax gave 3 points

#53 by Kornography

You guys cease to amaze me.

Kornography gave 4 points

#54 by willyd24
It was ok. Definitely better than some of the crap from part 1 of Season 6, although since part 2 of the season has been good thus far it didnt meet my expectations.

willyd24 gave 3 points

#55 by Caiti
It wasn't awful at all. It did have that sort of awkward ending that is becoming all too common in the new Futuramas. But my husband and I laughed a lot, even though it was fairly predictable.

I do agree with the poster who said that it seems Bender cares more for Fry than Leela does. How many times has he saved her life? Not to mention kept her from killing her parents?

Caiti gave 3 points

#56 by Futurama was good...
I cannot express my vehement hatred for this episode enough. After a rough and uneven season 7, Futurama was apparently beginning to hit it's stride. The goofball Neutopia seemed at first to resemble the unfunniness and badly written plots that plagued the worst episodes of Season 7 (I.e, KIller App, Proposition Infinity, Darned Katz). But, the next 4 episodes slowly started to build momentum until last week, when the first episode in a long time hit every characters personality to a tee. However, this latest episode is not only a rape to the franchise so far, but also a bane to imagination in general.

Here, in the first act alone, we see a complete lack of originality. The first two minutes of the episodes are funny when the Orphan's tell Leela that her story was bad. It's true, the joke was created by something that happened in the story. From here, it's all downhill. In the very next sequence, Leela is trying to collect her thoughts to write a better story, but all of a sudden, the Planet Express crew comes out one by one to collectively make alot of very off-kilter noises. Now normally, if Bender had a love for putting on weird attachments to his body, or Fry expressed interest in brass instruments (not the Holophoner, that doesn't count), perhaps this scene could have worked. Instead, the character's are just making random noises for no reason other than the deliberate attempt to make a funny scene with the audience knowing Leela's trying to write. It's like the writers though "HEY, SHE'S TRYING TO WRITE, SO IF WE PUT IN NOISES TO DISTRACT HER WE'LL GET A LAUGH!" While your at it, let's throw in Acme style traps and Family Guy Chicken fights!

The bottom line is, Futurama is supposed to be a show that doesn't scoop to these lows of writing in stuff for the sake of a joke. Now, if the noise scene was my only complaint, I wouldn't have likely been bitter, but instead the rest of the episode is unbearable and unfunny. Immediately after the previous scene, we see Leela back at the orphanarium ready for another attempt of a story. Immediately after, we see Abner Doubledeal showing off shows in an attempt to make a snicker at Nickelodeon. However, instead of showing us semi creative spoofs of Nickolodeon's shows, we're shown garbage low-brow humor such as "Spoil Slut Clubhouse." REALLY? Like, a joke isn't funny just because one says something. There has to be buildup for a specific joke to work. At the very least, they could have commented beforehand about how bad the morals of Nickelodeon have become.

After that, I wasn't expecting much other than low-brow garbage humor. Instead however, the audience is made to endure 30 seconds of Leela babbling unfunniness to the children. In fact, it's not even cute, it's just nauseating. There was no punchline, and no point. And how is Leela rewarded for boring her audience? Why, the great Abner Doubledeal offers her a job on this Nickelodeon that was never even built up to have any personality for the audience to humor over! This leaves the second act opened for just lazy joke after lazy joke. Leela gets another joke about how Futurama was cancelled before by the so called idiots at Fox (this is overused, even Family Guy hasn't exhausted this joke to the extent Futurama has). Of course, there's the obligatory pop-culture reference in the form of Lady Gaga, which as another reviewer pointed out, how is her presence even relevant to the show? Once again, just mentioning something to make a pop-culture reference does not make it funny (atleast Family Guy usually has a humorous scene to backup their random pop-culture references). And the buildup to the third act leads to a shocking twist! Leela was basing her story on aliens from a whimsical planet!

Okay Futurama staff, have you really scooped this low? You can't call something that everybody saw 5 miles away a twist. The first time Leela mentioned her "quiet spot," it was relatively suspicious. But by the second time, we knew something was up because you blatantly told us it when Leela said "OMG I NEED TO GO TO MY QUIET SPOT.... TO THINK......" Of course, line of thinking doesn't even include the question of how the hell did Leela find this planet? Earlier episodes would have atleast had a small montage of how the character found whatever it is their source is, but this isn't even addressed here. The writers really seem to think the audience is stupid enough to just think Leela could stumble upon a random whimsical planet, that has no backstory or anything.

And finally, we have the completely idiotic finale act. Everybody finds out Leela's exploitative secret, but everybody seems perfectly okay with it. Why, the writers even thought that a purple carrot thing talking about plumbing would get a chuckle out of the audience, because you know, all purple carrots use the toilet!!! Leela seems to have an opposite reaction from everyone else, in that she feels like she took advantage of everyone and wants remo

Futurama was good... gave 1 point

#57 by James
This is the WORST episode in Futurama. It was horrible from beginning to end, I can't believe they even made this episode, this is not the Futurama we all grown to love, I really hope there aren't anymore disappointments like this one in the rest of this season.

James gave 1 point

#58 by Futurama was good...
Sorry for the double review post, but the site cut off the last part of my review due to space limitations. On with the review!

...Leela seems to have an opposite reaction from everyone else, in that she feels like she took advantage of everyone and wants remorse. Why, this seems completely forced doesn't it? I mean for somebody who conned everybody, but is now praised despite it, what reason does she have to be so sad stricken? The episode ends with a mind screw as everybody is apparently partying while making this story-show, whilst Leela screaming for remorse. The episode suddenly goes black, with no closure, no real conclusion.

So there you have it. The worst episode of Futurama ever. It was funny for less than 5% of the episode, and thereafter littered with lazy jokes, lazy plot, mortified character usage, and just the worst low brow crap I've ever seen. If there is ever another Futurama episode like this one, I will stop watching the series. This episode shows that at least some of the writer's believe the audience is stupid and can't think on their own. I do not want to watch that writer's show, and if I could give this episode a negative score, I most definitely would be -5'ing it.

Futurama was good... gave 1 point

#59 by RAFAEL X9 hate in this page. Well, considering this was a Leela centered episode, I was on the fence. While Leela centered episodes have given me my favorite episode (THE STING), those have also been the worst episode (currently....stil A LEELA OF HER OWN). So, I'll be brief........

I loved Leela singing her story (Katey Segal always great when she sings), the first filming of the episode had some good jokes (what can I Lick?!), and Leela's breakdown actually struck me funny that she went so mascho with her self-punishing tone (really, Lady....EASY!!) Oh, and best line of the episode goes to Bender.....(Oh, You're the worst kind of rich person!)

CONS: the Orphans honestly aren't that funny anymore, or not when they're used so often like in this plot. The script's also very, very predictable (I already guessed there would be a planet of cutey creatures even before the second act surprise....HA!!

Also, and this is just personal thinking.........NOT ENOUGH PROFESSOR IN THIS ONE!!!

RAFAEL X9 gave 3 points

#60 by reason
Fuck you, "Futurama is Good...".

You shouldn't double vote. Sorry if you didn't finish your review, but those 1's counted twice. This 5 is to cancel out your extra 1. The average at 3, which is a medium vote.

reason gave 5 points

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