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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

The Sting
First aired 06/01/03
Rank: 13/124
Reviews: 700
Rating: 91%

On a mission to get space honey, the Planet Express crew has to battle giant outer space bees.

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#691 by FuturamaFan
Futurama at its very best. This episode is absolutely amazing and is my favorite of all time. That said, I notice the main criticism is that the episode wasn't funny. I agree, it really wasn't. Not once did I laugh, but the episode wasn't really going for humor (for the most part). Anyone who watches Futurama just to laugh should go elsewhere. There are FAR too many adult-oriented cartoon shows that are pure comedy and have no real stories or character development. Futurama has always centered around its great characters, so drama and emotion are sure to follow. The jokes are there, but they're built around the stories. It's not a story built around some jokes. It's Futurama's fine balance of humor and character that make it rise far above the other shows in its genre.

FuturamaFan gave 5 points

#692 by Lamusiqe13
Before I start, let me just say this: if you've never read the episode, don't read this review. It's impossible to rate this episode without giving away the plot.

After only watching this episode once, I've already come to the conclusion that this is one of the 5 best Futurama episodes of all time (the other 4 being Jurassic Bark, Luck of the Fryrish, Overclockwise, and Leela's Homeworld). The comedy in the first act worked very well, but that's not what made the episode great. What made the episode great was the plot in the second and third act. The way the fantasies were confused with real life and the all too plausible dreams made it seem like you were really seeing it from Leela's point of view, not an outside point of view. In fact, towards the end, it was truly convincing that Leela was going crazy, which is one of the toughest things to pull off in writing. The fact that she went crazy was incredibly touching. This was the first episode that recognized that Leela loved Fry just as much as Fry loved Leela. All throughout the episode, I knew Fry couldn't possibly be dead, but I didn't know what was really going on. Then, when I found out what was really going on, and that Fry was just as obsessed with Leela as Leela was with Fry, it was one of the most, no, THE most emotional moment that Futurama ever created.

Lamusiqe13 gave 5 points

#693 by Mitchell Cvecko
Worst Episiode Ever!

Mitchell Cvecko gave 1 point

#694 by DTP
After having watched the new season of the show, I have a new appreciation for this episode.

I would first like to address a lot of the negative reviews of this one. A lot of you dislike it because it is so story based, and focuses on the characters more than whacky humor. If you don't like that kind of thing, that's fine. It's not everyone's taste. However, do understand that other people watch Futurama for different reasons. The whacky stuff is fun, but its the story driven, emotional episodes that set this show apart. Without them, I don't feel this show would have one tenth of the following that it does.

As for the episode, it is without a doubt my favorite of the entire series. It just seemed to take everything that made Futurama great and turn it into 20 minutes of great television. Humor, sci-fi, a little emotion, and great story telling all help to make this a great episode.

I think it was when I first watched this episode that I realized Futurama isn't just a great show, it's the greatest show I've ever seen.

DTP gave 5 points

#695 by bonnie
most depressing ,beautiful, emotionally mysterious and informal episode there has been . any one who thinks another episode is sadder is mistaken

bonnie gave 5 points

#696 by Fat Kev Smith
The bird!

Fat Kev Smith gave 5 points

#697 by Mitchell Mueller
I think this and fun on a bun where the most creative episodes made by futurama this was the first episode I saw and because of this episode I'v seen every episode 2 times even this one so great job Matt Groening you should start season 8 soon even 9 so very good job!

Mitchell Mueller gave 5 points

#698 by Mark
My teachers always tell that ''It was a dream'' is not a valuable ending and that it would be a 0/10. This episode prove that they were wrong and I'm giving this episode a 10/10.

Fantastic plot, great time with Fry and Leela and an original song makes this episodes one of the best.

Mark gave 5 points

#699 by Annie
This is such a sweet and cleverly written episode that I feel a bit guilty rating it so low, but The Sting just isn't the sort of thing I'm in the mood for when I go to watch Futurama. I realize that Futurama is supposed to have more character development and emotional involvement than say South Park but I expect it to be at least *lighthearted* even if not laugh out loud funny. The Sting wasn't even that though, in fact it was quite depressing in parts. Episodes like The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings, Parasites Lost and Love and Rocket all managed to find a far better balance between comedy, character development and the more sentimental romantic material. I think that genre confusion like this is one of the reasons this show keeps getting cancelled.

Annie gave 2 points

#700 by mazo
Beautiful episode.

mazo gave 5 points

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