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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

First aired 03/31/02
Rank: 57/124
Reviews: 204
Rating: 83%

A new CEO replaces Farnsworth and Fry is appointed Vice Chairman of Planet Express. The new corporate order doesn't last as long as hoped though.

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#71 by PCC Fred
The best moments were the Professor's opening speech, the confusing ballot/Pat buchanan joke, and the share price fluctuating throughout Fry's speech.

On the downside, the plot was paper thin, and the colour of the 80's guy's hair was wierd. It looked fuzzy and slightly transparent.

Overall, a middle of the road episode.

PCC Fred gave 3 points

#72 by Mike
Great! Another season 4 episode that I thought was really quite good. Not as good as 'Buggalo', but definitely the second best of the season.
I've always been ahuge Mom fan, so I was looking forward to this one. Pity she wasn't in it too much, but the scenes in which she did appear were all gold. I loved the 'I don't want ass marks on my new door!' line. The only thing that could have made her appearance better was to have her being 'nice Mom' when she was in public, in her fat suit. The 'evil Mom' should only be revealed in private, like in her first episode. I had no idea who Pat Buchannan was, though, so that one fell flat on me..

Other funny bits included the very beginning, where the Professor thought he was dead, the Robot Bar-Mitzva (and the return of Pig), Fox -62, the bone-itis death scene, Elzar (his best line for a good while), Fry making his own gel, and probably other bits that I've forgotten and I'm not going to be able to see for five weeks, when I come home from uni.

Other noteable parts were the tube crossing, the PlanEx commercial (although I've never seen the 1984 advert) and Zoidberg and Scruffy being quite well written for once.

Bad bits.. I can't really think of much at the moment, except for the Ape Fight and Calculon's line, but I'm sure there were other ones, otherwise I'd be giving it a higher mark.

More episodes need to be set in New New York! This is one of the few in the season that is, and I think it benefits from it.

I'll give this episode 4/5, which is being generous. If it had been in the middle of earlier seasons I may have given it less. Still, a good episode.

Mike gave 4 points

#73 by Kev
A class episode.

"Don't you worry about Planet Express, let me worry about blank."

Kev gave 4 points

#74 by Fry/Flexo Fan
A very good, very solid episode with some wonderful moments. The input of several more minor characters was great, while Fry and Dr Zoidberg were able to earn the episode several points on their opening quest for food at the meeting. Scruffy's appearence was hilarious, and the old woman and her cat were funny too.

One of the best bits was certainly the parody of Apple's early eighties computer ad, itself a parody of 1984 by George Orwell, which was highly slick and really made this episode stand out.

I loved this episode greatly, but at the end I felt surprisingly sorry for that poor 80s Guy. The way in which he died really was grotestque, and can close to ruining an otherwise fine episode for me, but in the end I could conclude that it really deserves 5 full points. After all, no episode which involves Fry as a business man and a thawed out cave man deserves any less!

Fry/Flexo Fan gave 5 points

#75 by zeebot
too many great jokes to count!
the story itself doesnt let on to how many memorable lines and situations are packed into this episode. watch it again if poss. mom has some great lines in this one. :) funny+

zeebot gave 5 points

#76 by Don
Honestly, this episode is definatly one of the top 5 episodes, ever. That guy is so funny, I fell to the floor in pain with laughter the first time I watched it. The best thing about him are his speeches, attitude, and his accent. "Awesome. Awesome to the Max." It's so funny how he's so positive. I can't beleive anyone wouldn't like this episode.

And luck of the fryrish wasn't bad, it taught us a lot about Fry's family, and had a pretty good twist at the end. That's off topic though :)

Don gave 5 points

#77 by Joe Anybody
I really enjoyed this episode. It felt like a Season Two episode (which in my opinion is still the best). Some great comedy is mixed with an interesting plot.

Joe Anybody gave 4 points

#78 by fogginestingger
this episdoe was awesome.... awesome to the max

fogginestingger gave 5 points

#79 by Dimitri9mm
Pretty cool parody of the 80ies yuppie-culture (witch hopefully will vanish very soon). Zoidberg was great, as allways.

"See; that's what I call a hostile makeover. Hairgel?"
"No thanks, I make my own!"

Still makes me throw up in a most delightfull way.

Dimitri9mm gave 4 points

#80 by Ricky
Now THIS episode is what I call entertainment. One of the very best Futurama episodes, but I think you had to "be there" in the 80's to share my opinion.

Ricky gave 5 points

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