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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

The Sting
First aired 06/01/03
Rank: 13/124
Reviews: 700
Rating: 91%

On a mission to get space honey, the Planet Express crew has to battle giant outer space bees.

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#71 by Kristi
It was great! The dreams, the hints, and the continuity with the old crew were all good. I guessed near the end of the ep (right before Leela really woke up) that she was in some sort of coma.

In the last episode Fry said he had brain in his butt and in this one he said he has honey in his underwear. Is this gonna become some sort of running gag?

Terrific episode, the best of the season (so far)!

Kristi gave 5 points

#72 by Exus
No, it wasn't a laugh out loud hillarious episode, but it didn't need to be. It was an unexpected change from the normal goofiness of much of the other episodes, and I think its great.

Exus gave 5 points

#73 by Smitty
Hermes: "The honeycomb is big. Yeah yeah yeah."
Bender: "It's not small?"
Hermes "No no no."


Bender and the bee bits were funny too.

Great episode.


Smitty gave 5 points

#74 by Ayep.
Yet another impressive episode. One thing that always floors me about Futurama is how adept the writers and directors are at the use of sound; it's extremely unusual in American animation, but of course, Futurama is extremely unusual. I first became aware of this with the Harlem Globetrotters' theme song at the end of "Time Keeps On Slippin'," and it's held true for all of the later "serious" episodes. But this time, it wasn't music that made me choke up--it was the voice acting. When I heard Fry's voice at the end of the episode begging Leela to wake up, I nearly choked up; Bender's few heartfelt (well, processor-felt?) laments were surprisingly touching as well. This episode proves that it's not the idea that makes something great--it's the execution. Here's an episode whose bones are made from cliches, and it's still the most beautiful thing on TV today. Fox isn't good enough for this show.

Ayep. gave 5 points

#75 by SQFreak (Michael)
(Originally posted on PEEL)

Patric Verrone has done it again! He has yet again written an episode that the fans will treasure forever, like "A Fishful of Dollars" and "The (My) Problem with Popplers." This is truly an episode dedicated to the fans. I'm surprised no one has caught this yet:
In one of the commentaries, Verrone makes a point that the word "underpants" is considerably funnier than "underwear." Thus, Fry says, "I've got jelly in my underpants."
The plot kept you guessing to the end. Was Fry dead, or was the whole series all in Fry's dream (Probably not a good suspicion, but I saw how it could pan out.)? I suppose the line that captured my attention into the episode was, "Collect honey, just ordinary honey...This is no ordinary honey!"
The animation! Oh, so perfect. The background of the honeycomb, the flowers in space (a la the houses in "The Route of All Evil" ), and, for the first time, I actually paused the tape and stared gaping at the animation after Bender was flying around on the stinger inside the Planet Express ship. We have been vindicated! (Re: 28 frames per second thread) The blurriness was just amazing! Motion blur extreme! (I think it's almost as good as the title sequence.)

The episode had cheap jokes that came in there. But the story was overall funny, and it made it as one of the better episodes for comedic storyline. I mean, Leela going crazy over Fry? It's what Fry-lovers have wanted forever. Leela loves Fry; we know it now - or do we? Was it just guilt that Leela was feeling over killing Fry? So the episode leaves questions unanswered - another mark of a good episode. As Fry said, "Clever things make people feel stupid and unexpected things make them feel scared!" Well, I can say that feeling scared for the fate of Fry kept people in the game for the duration of this episode.
This was an episode for the fans. There were so many throwbacks, including one that I don't think has been caught: the coffin was from "Fear of a Bot Planet" I believe. The Orbiting Meadows graveyard was from "Luck of the Fry(r)ish."

Nothing was wrong with this episode, nothing was bad. I loved it. I watched this three times already. This is my perfect episode of Futurama. Yes, better than TWOF, which said a hell of a lot less than I expected. We knew Nibbler was there when Fry went in, we knew he lacked the Delta wave - we put it together without the episode. And, it wasn't that terribly funny. It was plot development, pure and simple. "The Sting" helped the plot and was an excellently-written episode; one of the funniest ever.

10/10. A+.

We'll miss you Patric. Come write some fanfics (though they wouldn't really be fanfics...) for us sometime!

SQFreak (Michael) gave 5 points

#76 by Flexo
I love the priest that was a hybrid of every religion at Fry's funeral. The touching stuff with Fry and Leela was great.And most of all the call back to the first episode when the crew gets their career chips. "Contents from Space Wasp's Stomach".

Flexo gave 5 points

#77 by Ohsogreat
You mean Father Changstein Algamahl?

He was in Godfellas.

I really liked this episode, Leela going crazy... heh great.

Ohsogreat gave 5 points

#78 by I
That was one of the better episodes i've seen, it didn't rely on phoney love, or cheezey one liners(not that i'm against them) but it did freak me out a little, like the 2001 refrence, or the song.......

I gave 4 points

#79 by WaffleKing
I really liked these episodes - the ones that are pretty touching. I enjoyed it a lot. The ending wasn't a cheap cop out either. I'm missing this show already

WaffleKing gave 5 points

#80 by Surfing Panda
Simply an amazing episode. This worked perfectly, the mixture of humor and emotion was just perfect. I think this episode had the combination of depth and rolling-on-my-sides humor to prove that the show has a sophistication and pure entertainment value that cannot be matched. FOX is evil to not realize it. I just wish that it wasn't the end soon.

The episode was just a mindtrip for me, I honestly didn't know what to expect at the end. The episode had me so involved I just didn't think that much ahead. The 2001 effects in Fry's coffin were awesome. And just the way he'd say "Wake up" gave me faint chills.

I couldn't stop laughing during the "Don't Worry, Bee Happy" scene. The little bee was just insanely funny and adorable, and it was so surreal that I just fell over.

I now believe that Futurama is far more flexible than the Simpsons could ever be. Something about the development has lead to the amazing ability to laugh and just FEEL the emotional depth at the same time. It's beyond description how well the show is working right now, I can't believe they're cutting it off when it's reaching a new level. Augh.

I want some space honey. Maybe with three spoonfuls, I could sleep forever and be in a dream of Futurama.

Surfing Panda gave 5 points

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