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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Anthology of Interest 2
First aired 01/06/02
Rank: 16/124
Reviews: 296
Rating: 91%

See what if Bender was a human, what if Fry a character in a video game and what if Leela finally finds her home.

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#81 by hanno

hanno gave 5 points

#82 by Rob
Really loved this one.... the human bender was not too funny... the video game really had some great jokes in it... but the third part really was excellent!!!! I don't know why everybody dislikes it, it's such a well-done 'homage' to the 1939 classic!!! (Just see that movie and view this episode again, you'll roll over the floor I tell you!)
Really really entertaining!

Rob gave 5 points

#83 by Dave
The video game segment makes this episode. Mario, Donkey Kong (smashing the UN), Pacman, Asteroids, space invaders, Battlezone, missile command, moon patrol references and the appropriate sound effects made this episode superior. I had more laughs/smiles during these 10 minutes of TV than I do in 6 hours of sitcoms.

"That's so plausible, I can't believe it!" - nice line

"What if..that thing I just said?" -classic Fry

Dave gave 5 points

#84 by Søte Besj
This is a great episode, well not all off it but the part when Fry said "what if the world would be more like a computer game" is fantastic, it's totaly amazing and funny all the time. The other two question was not so funny, rater disapionting. I give it in the end 4, but if it was only the first I would gave it 6 (or more) :) Keep on with the goood work.

Søte Besj gave 4 points

#85 by Nikem
nearly as good as AoI1

Nikem gave 5 points

#86 by Will G
'Cower in fear at our 3 different kinds of ships' - now thats gangsta

Will G gave 4 points

#87 by HAHAHA

HAHAHA gave 5 points

#88 by uruseiranma
another anthology of interest, and once again, Amy, Hermes and Dr Zoidberg are left out of the loop, as we focus on Bender, Fry & Leela:

Part 1- the Professor comes up with a machine to turn robots into humans. Bender tries it out and begins to become corpulent in his lifestyle, eating and drinking non-stop. Ok, but the ending had me a bit sickened. I give it a C

Part 2- Fry's wondering if life were a video game had some great pop culture jokes, from the 'Milatari HQ' building, to the simple pixellation and return of Lurr (only now from the planet Nintendoo 64). I give it a B+

Part 3- Leela's wish for a place where she belongs sends her in a dream to the land of Oz, where kills the 'Manwich of the North,' and finally gets the upperhand on Amy's insults. I give it a B-

uruseiranma gave 4 points

#89 by PClev
The first one was so-so, but I loved the other two. The second one was just full of jokes and showed more about Fry's character. The third was like the Simpsons when they did the fairy tales (hansel and gretel, etc) or the classic stories (The Odyssey, Hamlet, etc.) because it puts the same characters in similar roles in a different setting. The characters correspond well to the ones in the Wizard of Oz (except Leela at the later part of the segment). They should have left Amy in for a few more jokes before rubbing her out, but it was still a fun episode.

PClev gave 5 points

#90 by tommy m
As the Comic Book Guy would say "Best episode ever." Leela's was a disapointing.

tommy m gave 4 points

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