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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

The Series Has Landed
First aired 04/04/99
Rank: 78/124 (shared by 2)
Reviews: 216
Rating: 80%

After delivering a package to an amusement park on the moon, Fry shows Leela how to appreciate the celestial body. Meanwhile Bender finds a little robot romance with a farmer's daughters, which puts the whole crew in jeopardy.

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#1 by English
'Crumpet'you know notyhing.This episode was crap.By the way New York Mets suck,English poeple like myself do not like baseball,we only like icehockey.So from now on shut up.

English gave 2 points

#2 by Dieter
I'm giving this 4, mainly because of Hermes bit and Bender's folk singing as well as his reactions to being left out. It was also nice seeing Amy and Zoidberg for the first time.

Dieter gave 4 points

#3 by Dane
"The Series Has Landed" is a fun episode which adequately introduces us to the rest of the gang. The gang's mission to the moon was a step in the right direction. (I've always thought the biggest flaw of the show is there aren't enough Planet Express missions.)

Dane gave 4 points

#4 by Otis P Jivefunk
Great episode which gets better everytime I watch it. I love the Crushinator, The Moon Street USA joke was really good too. An above adveridge episode from an above adveridge season.

Otis P Jivefunk gave 5 points

#5 by Teral
Who said all sequels sucks?

They clearly wasn't watching Futurama. Because this episode was fabulous. (Yes, I use a lot of superlatives. So what? :p)

We get an introduction to the rest of the Planet Express staff, and get some additional information on Farnsworth.

Farnsworth get some more characterization. We learn how he care for his employees (not very good), his relationship with some of the others etc. Nothing standout, but very funny.

Amy, got an introduction as well. Quick and to the point: Amy Wong, of the Mars Wongs. Previous member of Kappa Kappa Wong. Good.

Hermes. Same as Amy. Quick and merciless. "Pays the bills, notify next of kin, what-have-you." Bureaucratic, and that's it.

Which gives time for Zoidberg! And what a great introduction. I dare anybody to see that scene, and not laugh, it was hillarious. His upside-down anatomy-chart, his complete ignorance of the human body, his lobsterlike apperance and the part with his mother. Oh my god, that was great. I beginnign to smile right now, just thinking about it.

The mission, and the lunar park. Not so impressed. Pretty standard fare. Funny now and then, but nothing standout. Benders folksinging was funny the first time, but got irritating later on. Benders remarks when he got thrown out, a classic though.

Good development in Fry and leela's friendship, once they get to the surface.

And then one of my favourite scenes: The talk in the Lunar Lander. I just loved. Gave Fry some substance, and Leela a chance to see the Moon with Frys eyes (no pun intended). Fry learns about maturity, and Leela learns to open her eyes for the wonders and beauty that isn't apparent at first sight. Great scene.

Good episode, lets be fair and round up. That's a 5.

PS: English, I don't know if you read this, but: This is a review section, and it doesn't include attacking others personally because the don't share your opinion. Say your opinion about the episode, and respect other peoples right to differ from that. :)

PPS: If your "review" was part of an inside joke (which I doubt) disregard the PS.

Teral gave 5 points

#6 by 7billiontonrobot
A very funny episode that always makes me laugh

p.s English people like football or soccer if you will

7billiontonrobot gave 4 points

#7 by ventolin
Any ep. that has Amy talking in Chinese is great in my book! Its just too cute :)

ventolin gave 5 points

#8 by Mojo
This episode is one of the greats. It isn't fair to judge it based on episodes that were aired after it, because it was incredible in it own time. This is the show that really sets up the unpredictability of this series, like the Buggalo scene. This was an incredible follow up to the great opener.

Mojo gave 5 points

#9 by jakem
these kind of episodes proof that the show should not be cancelled

jakem gave 5 points

#10 by Heliotrope
Brilliance, pure brilliance.
Benders songs were some of the best parts of this episode.

"Oh, no room for ender huh! Well, i'll go build my own lunar lander, with black jack anf hookers! In fact, forget the lunar lander and the black jack! Aw, screw the whole thing!"

Heliotrope gave 5 points

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