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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

The Bird-bot of Ice-catraz
First aired 03/04/01
Rank: 60/124
Reviews: 129
Rating: 83%

Leela disagrees with the Professor's decision to use a path near a penguin preserve to ship hazardous cargo, and quits her job as captain. She's replaced with Bender, to Fry's chagrin.

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4 out of 5.Very funny.Bender and Fry worked wonderfully with each other and Zoidberg was at peak performance!As for that little star wars reference:It was good,and well timed and of course,I got it first time!Free Waterfall senoir,is the father of the hippie in The Problem With Popplers.A nice bit of continuity for us futurama freaks.Plus,the return of Bender's lawyer was pure class.

KENNEDY gave 5 points

#2 by Dieter
Some very funny stuff, mostly concerning the crew in the absence of Leela.

"In fact I think we have left space as we know it!"

Funny though, have the reviewer above said 4 out of 5 and then gave it 5. Oh well... :)

Dieter gave 4 points

#3 by Otis P Jivefunk
A slightly above averidge episode which was quite funny, especially Benders roll as a penguin, but I would have liked to see Amy, Hermes, Nibbler and more of Professor Farnsworth.

I wasn't too keen on the rescuers but I liked the addition of the cops and it was good to see Morbo badmouthing humans and I loved the ending too.

Otis P Jivefunk gave 4 points

#4 by quigly
Reasonable effort but I felt that who ever directed this episode did a bad job and let it down. The camera angles were all over the place causing the episode to loose it's rythm in the storyline department. Most Futurama episodes are brilliantly directed but this one had so many quigles.

When the penguins dive bombed down the slope the next shot showed them on there feet with no imbetween shot explaining this. I didn't like it when we had the close up of the front of the ship which gave a poor animation feel to the episode. There were many other minor faults caused by bad direction.

I also didn't like the slapstick humour such as the creature attacking the ship in space after the close up and the peace ring formed round the ship which Leela blamed the environmentalist leader for not working. Surely this would never happen unless 100 or so people are absolutley stupid and Leela is normally a captain!

I realise these may be references to films but they don't enhance the episode in any way.

As for the rest of the episode, I liked it but it laked the depth and emotion of the best. I loved the biscuit joke with Fry at the begining and I liked it when Bender fed the penguins by putting the fish in his mouth then whisking them before pooring them into the penguins mouth.

I didn't like the environmentalists at all but it was a good idea to make an episode based on an environmental issue much like episodes of The Simpsons such as "Lisa the Tree Hugger". This is what carried the episode along with Bender who gave a very good performance.

Fry was used in an uninspiring childish way when we all know his character is capible of being much deeper and Leela gave an averidge performance as the role of a protestor which fits in reasonably. We hardly see the rest of the crew, Dr Zoidberg has a short but sweet part which is correct and Professor Farnsworth created the story but was only seen at the begining, a small part with him later would have been nice. Amy and Hermes were not even present!

Overall I would say that this episode doesn't quite make the grade, if they had a decent CGI sequence of the ship crashing in a simular way to "A Clone of my Own" then I would consider raising the score but as it is, it's well worth watching and provides excellent viewing but in Futurama terms it stumbles.

quigly gave 3 points

#5 by Just Chris
There are so many funny parts in this one I don't know where to begin. That robot operating in the MASH unit really tells people what that 70's series was like. "Sound effects added to lessen tragedy" is probably the best use of subtitles. And Free Waterfall Sr. couldn't fathom spaceships moving in three dimensions!

This one is a keeper, so fire up your VCR next time you see it!

Just Chris gave 5 points

#6 by Professy
Oh my, yes, that was good. Snappy lines.

Professy gave 5 points

#7 by Splutter
Pretty good thanks to Bender being captain and Fry not liking it...
"always obey the chain-o-command"

Splutter gave 4 points

#8 by Laichzeit
"Oh, and don't forget my sled!"

Laichzeit gave 5 points

#9 by Fry/Flexo Fan
A decent episode that makes good viewing, but doens't quite rank with the best. The part in which Bender believes he's a penguin is a little too short-lived, but none the less this episode driven on the theme of animal rights is a big improvement on 'the Problem with Popplers'.
I love the idea that Pluto has now become a penguin sanctuary. One of the funniest little low-key jokes that runs throughout the series is seeing how the ecosystems have changed over time and the roles of animals have been distorted - owls and golden marmosets are now street animals, as we have learnt from other episodes. The subplot involving Fry and Dr Zoidberg trying to rescue Bender and ending up leaving space as they know it was very well done indeed. I particualrly liked the moral discussion by Leela at the end, on how maybe nature is best left to sort itself out, rather than have humans interfering and making things go wrong trying to fix them, and the last sequence, with the two armed penguins, was very haunting and poignent. Not a classic of the third season, but a good one.

And those poor penguins!

Fry/Flexo Fan gave 4 points

#10 by frodoman
It was not worth seeing twice.

frodoman gave 1 point

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