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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Roswell that Ends Well
First aired 12/09/01
Rank: 6/124
Reviews: 374
Rating: 93%

A supernova sends the crew back in time to 1947, where they land in Roswell, Area 51. Fry and Bender's head have to go in for a rescue mission.

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#1 by FrysGIRL
I say! What a great season opener. Not only was the plot great, but the jokes within it
were great as well: Fry spraying on his army suit, Fry smelling blue, Fry getting Enos is
more danger than Enos would have originally gotten himself into. One of the first things
you would have definitely noticed were the effects. There were more computerized images
and moving objects were blurred to give it a more realistic look to it. Futurama has
obviously upgraded to a better level. The cinematography is great! There are always
different methods in which to travel through time, and I think the Futurama staff did a
good job with that.

It was hilarious how Bender still managed to steal a wallet with his arm independent from
his body. Was it just me or did you just laugh your ass off when Zoidberg freaked out
when he found out that the buffet was free?! Thank God I wasn't drinking anything,
because I would have spit it out! Seeing Farnsworth and Leela in a new get-up is always
fun. It's great how consistent Futurama is; Leela did say "axe" instead of "ask" after all.
The best part was when Enos hinted that he was gay. Fry’s reaction was the funniest!
Truman is such a nut! Wait, if Enos died, he didn't get to clean the toilet! The sergeant still
ate on it! Finally, Zoidberg made a funny intended joke! Seeing the Planet Express ship
blow the crap out of the military base is always a good thing. Leela can still kick ass even
with a jetpack.

At first it was their mission to not change the past, but screw that! You know that classic
old example of how you can become your own grandfather? Who actually expected
anybody to revolve an episode around it? Again, Fry gets lucky...ew. And, of course,
gotta love all of that slapping Fry received from Leela.

My favorite quotes:

Fry: No dessert for me, just coffee!

Fry: I dunno, maybe God l loves me
Bender laughs

Mildred: No sir, I'm afraid I don't take much solace in the fact that the implosion trigger
functioned perfectly.

Zoidberg: Are you coming on to me?
President Truman: Hot crackers! I take exception to that!
Zoidberg: I didn't hear a no.

Farnsworth: Oh, a lesson in not change history from Mr. I'm my own Grandpa!

FrysGIRL gave 5 points

#2 by Dane
Fricking great episode!

Big "wows" goes out to Fry being his own grandfather, Bender's head being buried in the desert for 1,000 years... and to great quotes from Farnsworth: "Screw history!" and "Take that causality!"

Dane gave 5 points

#3 by edeltraut
This episode gets the season off to a great start. It was a little predictable in parts, like when Fry killed Enos and ended up becoming his own grandfather, but it was still funny. There were some nice quotes, and I liked Leela and Professor's outfits.

edeltraut gave 5 points

#4 by johansen smith
wow! this was easily the best episode yet. if this episode doesn't win an emmy next year, i'll be stunned. this is the sort of episode we all knew futurama's staff could make with the right amount of dedication!

between fry trying not to get his grandfather killed ("thank god you pushed me onto this pile of rusty bayonettes!") and truman and his entourage investigating tthe alien autopsy, it's hard to pick out a favorite moment. i liked the line where truman tells the army guy to invent nasa and tell them to get to work on the moon landing.

the one liners were sharp, the plot well thought out and come on, if you didn't just fall out of yer chair laughing when the prof. walks into the scene in an orange zoot suit, i can't really help you!

johansen smith gave 5 points

#5 by Plasma
Pretty good. The storyline is odd to say the least, but pretty entertaining. A good start for the new season. Also, a big plus for Zoidberg fans, as he plays quite a role in this ep.

Plasma gave 4 points

#6 by cacazoidberg
WoW, what a great season opener. Fry is his own grandfather! That is soooo funny! I really liked the parts with Fry trying to keep Enos from getting killed, and the clothes that Leela and the Prof. were wearing. Great episode. Keep it up Futurama.

cacazoidberg gave 5 points

#7 by Nixorbo
Great episode. The writing snapped, crackled, and popped. Sure, some parts were predictable, but overall this was a brilliant episode. Not my favorite, but it's up there.

"Everyone put on your seatbelts!"
"Eh, those things cost more lives than they save"
::Bender goes for a flying lesson::

"There, good as new!"
"Don't you need this?"
"Oh no, that's my, ARRRGGGGHHHH! . . . Got you."

Nixorbo gave 5 points

#8 by [-mArc-]
There, just saw it. And loved it I must say.
Liked all the star trek references ("I'll get that operational in 10 hours" "I give you *8*").
Zoidberg did a great job once again, looks like he is ranging in on my favourite character list.
The story was a sure winner with the time travel but I have to say J. Burns made it even better than I thought. The episode never dragges inspite of having an actual plot. Well done!

[-mArc-] gave 5 points

#9 by tome
Pretty good, I didn't enjoy it as much as others, only because it just seemed odd to see futurama in the past. But the graphics were incredible, especially the atomic bomb test and the time tunnel. A solid episode and i can't wait till this season gets rolling.

tome gave 4 points

#10 by PoKnow
Episode was ok...Not really as great as "Luck of the Fryish"

It had some laughs... and the fry being his own grandfather... how does that work? HAHAH

I give it a B+

PoKnow gave 3 points

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