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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch
First aired 01/12/03
Rank: 99/124
Reviews: 202
Rating: 73%

Amy and her alien lover Kif go through a pregnancy.

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#1 by Kvantum
Eh. Usually the serious ones are the better episodes, but this one just left me a little unaffected.

Kvantum gave 3 points

#2 by Kristi
Good episode, it made me laugh a few times, and there were some semi-emotional moments.

Kristi gave 4 points

#3 by Ben
I thought this was a fantastic episode, easily the best of the season in my opinion. I couldn't stop laughing during the HoloShed scenes, and it did a great job adding another layer to Amy and Kif's characters. Every character had good dialogue. Excellent all around.

Ben gave 5 points

#4 by MasterLuke
Mmh, i don't think this episode was all that good. There were lots of great individual jokes like the angry-dome or Prof. Moriarty. Zapp and Bender were also great.
But the main plot seemed a bit strange to me. Im not a fan of all this Kif<->Amy Fry<->Leela stuff but i think Leela should have been let out of Kif & Amy.
Well, after all its Futurama which glorious days are obviously over but who knows? Maybe the final episodes are better...

MasterLuke gave 3 points

#5 by BrainSluggo
Funny--if somewhat predictable...and crawling with missed opportunities. For example:

--I'd love to know how Amy got to Kif's planet; did she stow away again? Did she even get chewed out for the first offense?
--The birthing sequence could have been better developed...grosser, weirder, less nonsensical (why so far away from the water if only outsiders bother to help them survive?).
--A Futurama first--a moment of bonding between Amy and Leela? Oh, never mind.

Still, very, very funny. Favorite bits:
--Farnsworth's invention and what it does to everyone...especially poor Leela;
--Mystery solved! So THAT's where Zoidberg lives!
--Zapp and Kif are funnier than usual
--Glad to see the "Star Trek" gags didn't end with "Where No Fan Has Gone Before." Hi, Dr. McCoy!! Aaaah, the weekly Holo-Shed malfunction...

Good, but like many season four eps, it needed one more draft on the script to be PERFECT.

BrainSluggo gave 4 points

#6 by Luke
A good episode which had me smiling throughout and laughing out loud a few times. Overall, I found the parental gender-reversal to be funny, and I liked seeing Kif and Amy get centerstage for a change.
Some moments were very inspired. The Holo Shed (especially EVIL LINCOLN), pretty much everything Zoidberg did, and Bender's explosion of rage when Kif said he was pregnant ("Let me at him! LET ME AT HIM!!") Bender was funny all through the episode since he really had nothing to do, but kept interjecting himself into the scene anyway.
An enjoyable episode all together!

Luke gave 4 points

#7 by Scott O
I liked it. It was one of the better episodes in the last 5 or so... even though I haven't seen any new ones this 'season' because of stupid football.

Scott O gave 5 points

#8 by blewismaltz
OMG! The holo-shed bit was to die for! I've always hated the Kif / Amy thing, but I loved this episode. If anyone needs me, I'll b in the angry-dome! Ha! What made that joke work was that we later saw him making angry noises in the dome. Ha!

blewismaltz gave 5 points

#9 by Russell
The shocking part for me was the Zapp went along and even helped a little. He was with Fry and bender on Kif's home world, cutting a part to the birthing pound. That most Iv' ever seen Zapp help out.

Amy getting Kif ready to take DND, but Leela being the mother. That I thought was an un-need plot twist.

Amy not being ready for motherhood, showing the fear of being tie down to a child. That sent a massage to the kids. I sure. (right.)

That was the high points for me. The little side jokes were good and well timed, as alway, but why was Bender in the locker in that one seen?

Russell gave 4 points

#10 by clownkrusty
I think that was one of my favourite episodes. cool story and developing characters make it the best series. at least imo.
I'm glad to be part of the futurama generation! hail to matt groening and his crazy ideas.
I'll give it 5 points because it made me laugh and I like the emotional aspect of this episode.

cheers clownkrusty

clownkrusty gave 5 points

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