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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Leela's Homeworld
First aired 02/17/02
Rank: 76/124
Reviews: 261
Rating: 80%

Bender and Professor Farnsworth decipher something far more rewarding for Leela, as Fry helps her discover some long-lost secrets about her background, including what happened to her parents.

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#1 by Toby Jones
I'm not a big Leela fan, so I didn't like this episode too much. While plot development is good, none of it really interested me very much becuase -as I said- I don't find Leela that interesting. The episode had a good amount of jokes, but they weren't too funny. This isn't nearly as good as other plotty episodes like "Luck of the Fryish".

Toby Jones gave 3 points

#2 by Doug Markwith
Although not a terrible episode by any means, it certainly wasn't the best.
The story focused around Leela being human after all, which is a shame. I thought her alien background would make for some great stories.
Still, some of the classic subtle humor was evident, and overall made for some great television.
Bender had some classic one-liners that were hilarious as usual.
The professors "glow-in-the-dark nose making machine" was certainly the funniest thing I have seen for quite some time.

Doug Markwith gave 3 points

#3 by FoolishCarpenter
Hmmm my sentiments exactly. Anyway does anybody here know the name of the song which was played towards the end of the show?

FoolishCarpenter gave 3 points

#4 by Squishy
Last week's was just about perfect: a little Zoiberg, a little Amy, romance, adventure, movie parody, animal torture, a guest star playing herself, and a guest star playing another character.

This one threw its big shocker out in the open in the first six minutes, then left us spending the rest of the episode waiting for Leela to catch up (Guh!), THEN left the episode's new "issue"--Leela's still the only one of them that gets to go aboveground--untouched for a later ep.

Leela went completely out of character, the muties suddenly had to rely on balloons to reach the surface (!?!), and the most of the jokes were awful. Lord knows they can't ALL be winners, but if it weren't for Fry's bumbling dialogue and the occasional gross-out joke, this one would've been worse than the Harold Zoid ep.

P.S. Leela's parents are mutants. From ANOTHER WORLD!! Dum-dum-DUMMM!

Squishy gave 2 points

#5 by [-mArc-]
Liked it quite some, not top notch, not just medium. Still I think they should've kept this ep for like the 3rd last of the series or so. I sort of think they'll ignore her parents in future episodes (in the bunch of 3ACVX for sure). What's this with FOX changing the order all the time for no coherent reason anyway ?
Another geeky joke added, well done! (The "There is no way of knowing how long it will take. It can take an hour or a million years." DING!)

Good jokes included, like it

"Like all of us, especially him!"

[-mArc-] gave 4 points

#6 by Pizzicato Five
This episode had less on the humor and more on a touching full story arc, although it was dissapointing that the whole plot was given away at the very beginning.

Pizzicato Five gave 3 points

#7 by mtvcdm
I must say, it wasn't the funniest episode I've ever seen-- I didn't really get anything past the toxic waste cleanup. But seeing as it was clearly meant to be one of those Major Revelation Episodes, I think that's fairly forgivable. (Boy, look at this. The roles are reversed. Everybody else is ragging on it because it wasn't funny, and Mr. Only-Wants-Humor thought it was decent. This hiatus business is really taking its toll on us.)

Oh, by the way, I notice us old-schoolers are ranking it higher, and I think I can guess why. Way back in Season 2, "I Second That Emotion", someone on the Outlet message boards, forget who, brought up a point that he/she could see 2 characters in a group picture that kinda looked like Leela's parents, and speculated on Leela's possibly being a mutant. Whoever you are, either Groening saw the post and thought "That's a heck of an idea", or you are freaking psychic, because those 2 in the group shot and Leela's parents look one hell of a lot like each other.

mtvcdm gave 4 points

#8 by Timo
To paraphrase Lrr of Omicron Persei 8:

"This new plot twist angers and confuses us. Leela won our hearts as a single-eyed alien, and a single-eyed alien shall she remain!"

I immediately had the same idea that Squishy gave above - Leela's parents *are* mutants, so the sludge wouldn't change any of them, but they're alien mutants. They just don't know it, because they themselves were left on Earth shortly after being born.

(I've gotta disagree with you on Harold Zoid though, Squishy. I *love* that episode.)

Timo gave 3 points

#9 by Bender_Unit_22
I didn't think I would like this one. I'm not a big leela fan, but I found it very funny and entertaining. The professors machine was hilarius. "what?? it can do other things, why shouldn't it??!!" The way it produced hundreds of gallons of toxic waste.
Bender being the disposal guy was great too, stuffing that whale down there. And WOW I never thought leela was a mutant, always thought she was from another planet.

Bender_Unit_22 gave 5 points

#10 by A. Nonymous
Decent episode. I personally laughed at most of the jokes. Up until the end I was thinking that Leela is not really a mutant there were just aliens living in the sewer. Did anyone catch what the letter from Leela's mother actually said?

A. Nonymous gave 4 points

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