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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

The Farnsworth Parabox
First aired 06/08/03
Rank: 3/124
Reviews: 435
Rating: 93%

Curiosity leads the Planet Express cats into a parallel universe, where they and their counterparts suspect the other is the evil version.

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#1 by Aaron Haynes
Hilarious. Fry and Leela's expressions when they met the alternate married versions of themselves is priceless.

Still, my favorite moment is when Hermes is about to shoot the box into the sun and everyone jumps out of it while it's in the airlock, and he just kind of stands there with his finger hovering in front of the 'eject' button for a while, even after the professor yells at him to open the door. He really has to think about it for a minute.

Aaron Haynes gave 5 points

#2 by chumpbender
Another great episode. I really liked this one, and I am planning on watching it again tonight. Lots of very good moments in this one. I really enjoyed seeing the alternative universe, especially the shot of Planate Express, and how the sky was a bunch of bright colors, it just looked great. Zoidberg wasn't as annoying as he has been in recent episodes, which I enjoyed because Dr.Zoidberg is one of my favorite charters, except when he's being like he was in Where the Buggalo Roam. Every episode lately has ended with hope for Fry and Leela, which is of coarse leading up to the last episode. The end of season 5 is turning out to be great, several 5/5 episodes in a row. Only hopping for the best with the last 6.

chumpbender gave 5 points

#3 by HypnoToad
Fantastic episode. I love the whole explanation of flipping coins making everyone's lives different. The interaction between the two Farnsworths was hilarious.

Farnsworth A: "Well, getting the brain out was the easy part. The hard part was getting the brain out." *laughs in a silly way*
Farnsworth: "Hehehe, you..."

As well red and blue zoidbergs. The Benders' song was hi-larious, I couldn't get enough of those two together. The chase through all of the universe was great, the crew with no eyes "We didn't see anything...ever." The Professor telling Freakworth to get a job. All of it was classic.
The animation was great when the Professor was holding the box and both crews were jumping into it. Also, I loved Herme's slow thinking about whether to push the button to eject them into the sun.

HypnoToad gave 5 points

#4 by BrainSluggo
The only flaw: thirty minutes (with commercials) wasn't nearly enough time.

Damn...Andy at "Ain't No Such Thing As Too Much Amy Wong" is going to have a hell of a time figuring out where that HUGE ejection port fits into the Planet Express Ship...

Favorite Bits: The Hippy Universe; chunky coffee; "...A year later I was beaten up at a Neil Diamond concert by a guy NAMED Scrunchie!"

BrainSluggo gave 5 points

#5 by clownkrusty
Another fantastic episode. Really well done. SHame on FOX.

clownkrusty gave 5 points

#6 by Will Burns
The last episode got me to wondering if there was going to be a downward spiral in terms of quality in the last few episodes... well'p, I was wrong! I'm usually a pretty conservitive reviewer here (come on, did "The Sting" really deserve more than a three?) but this one is a definate five! All the characters get used, and used well, rather than mainly being used for one-joke props as they were in "The Sting." And the parallel crew was awsome, especailly the gilded Bender! This one is probably #2 in my all time favorite list, right behind "Godfellas." I just wish the writers would finish milking the Fry-Leela romance thing... It's been whipping back and forth for SOOOOOOO long!

Will Burns gave 5 points

#7 by Parallel Universe
It is 3:00 AM here in the central US and I have just finished watching this episode on my recorded tape. One of the strangest episodes I have ever seen. Also, one of the funniest ones I have seen in a LONG time. Brilliantly written. Like the 3D shots from the one universe to the other.

I liked the thing with the coin flipping and the colors of the of the other people of the planet express (Hermes yellow hair...). Fry and Leela getting to see that they are married in the other universe, and at the end Leela actually agrees to go out with Fry, and the last few eps are indications that we are really reaching the end of Futurama.

It was cool seeing all of those different universes of the Planet Express gang when they were jumping into different universe boxes. Those were some hilarious scenes. And seeing Hermes, Leela, and Fry with no eyes was VERY strange and WIERD. It kind of frieked me out at first. Seeing the two Zoidbergs together and acting like the king of the universe was hilarious. And as previous people before me have said, Hermes long decision at the end to whether or not to press that eject button after the proffesor tells him not to was the highlight of the show. Best season 5 yet!!!

With this episode, though, comes the sad, cruel reality that there are only 6 new Futurama eps left in the bag (at least there is Adult Swim to rerun eps). Last few eps have been very good. Let's hope the next 6 are too!!

Rating: A+ 5 ***** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parallel Universe gave 5 points

#8 by Dave
AWESOME!!! i loved the parallel universes. that moment when we learn that parallel fry & leela are married was a real jaw-dropper, the hippie farnsworth "baby, they're somewhere, everything's, like, somewhere. place is kindof eau naturale right now". that line was *priceless*. well i'm overbubbling with the goodness of that episode, there was just so much good stuff. one of the best ever!! :):):)

Dave gave 5 points

#9 by Free Waterfall Jr.
Anyone else notice the hippy universe was number 420?

Free Waterfall Jr. gave 5 points

#10 by Kristi
It was great! I liked the colors of the parellel PE crew and world. The crew without eyes was sort of disturbing when combined with that "We didn't see anything-ever!" line. Parellel Amys were funny with the whole pink nailpolish thing. This ep actually had a nice intertwined story and didn't just go nowhere! Like how the Zoidbergs stole the box, then they had to look for the box, then the whole Hermes thing started.

My fave part of the ep was with Hermes hestitating at the airlock. I was wondering why he wasn't in the other universe in the beginning.

I love Fry and Leela and I really want them to get together in the series finale, but stop using then so much! The last 4 eps have been shippy in one way or another. It's great that the writers wanted to lead up to the series finale, but their relationship has been used too much this season! I know, FOX aired them out of order, blah blah blah, but STILL.

This episode was freaky and didn't make any sense. Terrific!

Kristi gave 5 points

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