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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

First aired 06/23/11
Rank: 111/124
Reviews: 141
Rating: 68%

The crew crash-lands on a planet where gender is unknown.

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#1 by Kornography
An extremely strong way to start the season off. Nonstop laughs from beginning to end.

Kornography gave 5 points

#2 by John Pirruccello
This was a great episode despite a strange pace and abrupt ending. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

John Pirruccello gave 4 points

#3 by Lucky Monkey
Not a bad episode, but one I would have buried three or four weeks in to the new season. Perhaps Comedy Central gave away too much of the plot in the trailers, but this is essentially the same paradigm as "Prisoner of Benda," only with deity-like rock monster instead of brain-switch machine. And the gender stereotypes were too cute by half. My suspicion is those who make such decisions read the log line, figured the show would be in some way titillating -- which given Leela's outfit, I guess it was -- bumped it to the season opener slot.

And in case you're wondering, no hater am I. Last season got almost all 5-star ratings from me. Still, they hit it out of the park with "Benderama." The few I thought were kinda weak (X-mas Special springs immediately to mind), I refrained from criticizing in case idiot tee-vee executives read the reviews. But now that we know Futurama has at least two more seasons -- and, let's face it, probably more -- I guess I feel it's safe to be honest.

That said, wa-a-ay too many people were leaving 1- and 2-star reviews last year. Perhaps they loved it as a child when they watched Futurama during its first run on Fox, only to discover the same things they saw as hilarious as kids just weren't the same as they hit college. I loved Peanuts as a kid, and it made me laugh out loud often. I still love Peanuts, but even when Sparky was still alive, Charlie and the gang had long since ceased to break me up in the same way.

Lucky Monkey gave 3 points

#4 by Dom
This episode was a pretty good way to start off the season. Not as good as Benderama though!

Dom gave 4 points

#5 by Jeremy Fein
Loved it had a lot of Marx bros mayhem

Jeremy Fein gave 5 points

#6 by okdmq
The return of Futurama continues to disappoint. I had hoped that last season's run of mostly mediocre episodes was simply the staff rediscovering their stride, but that does not seem to be the case. These episodes have turned into the meandering, plotless messes that you find in later Simpson's episodes. They seemed to have abandoned the idea of three act comedy completely. Instead most of these new episodes seem like a "Tales of Interest" episode done over a single theme without any real effort made to build to a climax and find a solid resolution. The jokes are either a sad attempt at vulgarity or boring cliches. A clearance sale joke? Really? Mocking stereotypes and traditional gender roles is something that Futurama did so well in their first run, especially with Leela that it pains me even more to see such tired lowbrow jokes thrown together. And I have no problem with a little vulgar humor, but Futurama has never used shock humor for such a large percentage of their attempted laugh lines. The best thing that Futurama could do to bring this show back to its past glory would be to hire some of the old Fox censors as consultants. They forced the writers to use clever dialogue and witty innuendo instead of in your face vulgarity.
I realize this is a fan site and I apologize to anyone who may take offense to my disparaging remarks, but Futurama was mine and my wife's favorite show for so long that I have to say something about how terrible these new episodes are. After watching tonight's first new episode, my wife asked me to just let the Tivo record the second and not to watch it because it is just too depressing. And for the record, I'm 30 years old and while I did watch and love Futurama during its original broadcasts, I have also watched the DVD's and syndicated reruns countless times since, so I don't believe that my current displeasure with the show has anything to do with my tastes changing as I've grown older.
Please David Cohen, it is time to rethink the staff changes. The franchise is going in the toilet and it pains me so much to watch it go.

okdmq gave 2 points

#7 by Zach
It was interesting but still made me laugh.

Zach gave 5 points

#8 by flesheatingbull
I absolutely loved this episode. It was exactly like i hoped it would be. A Star Trek: TOS like theme, with the classic Futurama humor. 10/10 if i could.

Thank Yivo that Futurama is back.

flesheatingbull gave 5 points

#9 by Hoot Hoot
I don't think they should have promoted this episode so much with the Gender switching, as it was only a small part of the main plot.

That aside, it was a really good episode. I've got high hopes for this season and I haven't been disappointed yet.

Scruffy at the end made the episode. Fantastic.

Hoot Hoot gave 5 points

#10 by 420dude
This episode was a fun a bizzare romp, overall I found it to be above average on the comedy/humor and yet a little lazy on the total plot delivery.

420dude gave 4 points

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