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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

The Six Million Dollar Mon
First aired 07/25/12
Rank: 91/124
Reviews: 93
Rating: 77%

Hermes upgrades his body with robot parts.

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#1 by Tom_Apples
I felt like not only the ending was rushed, the whole episode felt rushed. The jokes were meh. I was actually happy on many returns such as the crazy alley surgent from "My Three Suns" and Roberto(I felt bummed out that the characters I like are deceased, some) The parody of "The Monster Mash" was ok from Zoidberg. All in all, the episodes are turning into nice to stale

Tom_Apples gave 2 points

#2 by Ian
Compared to the more recent episodes, which in retrospect were kind of all over the place, I rather liked this episode. I felt it was well-paced, and it had some decent twists. I also got a few chuckles out of it (plus they addressed that Bender's metal ass is not as shiny as he says it is).

Ian gave 4 points

#3 by tim
Classic Futurama!

tim gave 5 points

#4 by John
Love this episode although i hope roberto comes back

John gave 5 points

#5 by UnrealLegend
As I posted on PEEL:

Ken Keeler has done it again. This episode has it all; great plot, great character development, great jokes, and unexpected twists.

The dynamic between Hermes and Zoidberg has barely been explored since season 2, and even then it was only throwaway gags. Here, we see some real mentions of Hermes' hatred towards Zoidberg. When he was collecting the old body parts and making a puppet, it never occurred to me that he might put his brain in and the restore the original Hermes. That was an excellent twist.

Another big plus is the episode didn't feel rushed at all. Everything flowed at a realistic pace, unlike many episodes from the new run (most notably ATPH, Neutopia, and GITM).

There wasn't much Fry, Bender or Leela involved, but enough to make them part of a story that focuses on Hermes and Zoidberg without feeling like space occupiers. All the other characters were placed perfectly. The cameos from The Organ Dealer, Ron Whitey ,and the Robot Devil were fantastic, and having Roberto used as the antagonist was a great callback to Insane in the Mainframe (additionally, I loved what it said on his tombstone.) I really hope he'll be coming back. He's too great of a character to die.

There were plenty of great gags throughout. Bender pulling out the Professor's teeth, then dropping them down again was classic. And the "It's funny because it's mean" line had me rolling as well. The best part though was probably Bender's reaction to Fry commenting on how shiny Mega-Hermes' ass was.

One other thing I loved was the way it cut from "I'll never see Hermes again!" to "At least I'll never see Zoidberg again."

All in all, this episode is pretty much perfect. Definite 10/10.

UnrealLegend gave 5 points

#6 by The Magical Dreamer
This was a really good story. I'm a bit more squeamish and haven't ever liked Futurama's gorier parts, so the meat-puppet freaked me out a little...But I do have to say, it was a very intellectually stimulating episode. We got some transhumanism and a bit of Ship of Theseus in this one, as well as a sweet character dynamic in Zoidberg never giving up in his...imagined freindship with Hermes.

The Magical Dreamer gave 5 points

#7 by binkyboy448
A definite step up from last week's episode. Besides, Hermes-centric episodes tend to be fun, and seeing Zoidberg actually get a bit of respect (more than usual, anyway) was nice. Plus this episode's "shiny metal ass" bit was priceless to boot.

binkyboy448 gave 5 points

#8 by Good Game
Honestly, I think we already have gotten this season's winner here.

The whole episode was just great. It had great character development, and some realistic feel to it. The gags were great, and the pacing was perfect. I can't wait for next episode, they say it's actually a good one, I hope.

Good Game gave 5 points

#9 by flesheatingbull
Worst episode of the season, in my opinion. The whole Hermes mutilation was lame, and made this episode, like A Tip of the Zoidberg, to be too cartoony and cheezy. I didn't laugh once. Oh well. Based on the plot, I knew that I was going to strongly dislike it. I'm just glad it's over, so better episodes can come.

flesheatingbull gave 1 point

#10 by BringerOfPie
A drastic step back up from last week, and Zoidberg's role was unexpected but welcome. It wasn't relentlessly hilarious, but story-wise, it was one of the stronger episodes this season. And musical numbers just aren't done often enough these days in animation in general. (though damn, they really don't have a problem killing off notable robots lately, do they?)

Also, I'd like to commend that run-on joke with the chili falling through the floor. Lengthy extended gags like that are risky and usually miss more than hit, but that one kept getting funnier as it went on.

BringerOfPie gave 4 points

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