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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Free Will Hunting
First aired 08/08/12
Rank: 104/124
Reviews: 81
Rating: 70%

Bender embarks on a quest for the meaning of life after discovering that as a robot he lacks free will.

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#1 by WhaaAAaaa?!?!
It was good... but not that great.

Had tons of callbacks and it was nice to see Fry and Leela in bed since they will pretty much be getting married next year.

Spoiler..oops, to late.

Easily a 4/5, but no 5/5.

WhaaAAaaa?!?! gave 4 points

#2 by UnrealLegend
For an episode from Cohen, this was mildly disappointing.

The first act felt totally wrong. There was just way too many unconnected scenes crammed together with hardly anyone other than Bender. It was nice seeing the Mafia again though.

The other acts were much better. I particularly liked the gag with Leela and the bowling ball (and might I say, she's good-looking with her hair down. )

Anyway, this episode had a good premise. It was a bit cheap having Bender shoot the Professor at the end though. It made the entire episode feel a bit pointless, but not in a good way like "Decision 3012".

Ultimately though, it was enjoyable to watch. They certainly could have come up with a better ending, but at least it didn't feel absurdly rushed like some other episodes.

I loved Mom's surprise chair, and the way she hugged Bender. That was adorable.

Anyway, this is a 7.5/10. Decent, but not particularly amazing.

UnrealLegend gave 4 points

#3 by Bigsi
I think this may be the first bad episode of this season, sadly.

Bigsi gave 3 points

#4 by Sweet Zombie Jesus
Not great. Sadly this season still only has one passable episode.

Sweet Zombie Jesus gave 3 points

#5 by DTP
To the episode's credit, I thought the concept was actually really good, but the execution was really lacking.

The major problem for me is that every scene is WAY to rushed. Every single scene comes and goes with no real build up, leaving the viewer little to no time to soak anything in. Plus the whole beginning with Bender and college felt so disjointed from the rest of the episode, it just came and went.

It's almost like they wanted to squeeze this into an hour long movie, but decided to make it a single episode, and the story suffered.

I'm personally not a fan of Bender episodes because I don't think he has enough substance to drive a whole story in and of himself, so I was biased towards disliking this one. All the other characters barely contribute to the episode, and that really bothered me.

I wanted to give this a 2, but I'll give it a 3 since the concept was nice and there wasn't much gratuitous violence, vulgarity, etc. However, I still expected much more from a Cohen episode. This was a huge downgrade from Fun on a Bun.

DTP gave 3 points

#6 by javoec
Funny story. I liked the return to Chapek 9 (the robot planet) and the Elder Robots. Interesting idea by David X Cohen.

javoec gave 4 points

#7 by Zeke
this episode was enjoyable

Zeke gave 5 points

#8 by Ishkabibble
They definitely delivered on the funny with this one. Lots of very funny gags and props to the nostalgia of the robot planet.

The plot was definitely meant to be more thought provoking rather than significant or universe-changing, so I didn't mind. It was largely lightweight entertainment and I was fine with it.

Ishkabibble gave 5 points

#9 by SGB
I'm surprised that no one got the beginning. It felt rushed, but it was on purpose. It added to the beginning theme of every decision has a unique outcome. I found this exception hilarious, of Bender quickly going through everything! ANd I'm sick of all the fans being such dicks towards the show. CALM DOWN AND ENJOY THE FUCKING EPISODES! 9/10

SGB gave 5 points

#10 by BringerOfPie
An excellent concept that mostly delivered. Acts 1 and 3 were filled with fast-paced laughs and story turns, with brief-but-always-welcome roles by Mom and the Robot Maia, but Act 2 on the robot planet dragged on to the point of boredom. It started off interesting but the monks killed the momentum. Thankfully, only 3 or 4 minutes were spent on that before we got back to the goodness. And the endings this season have been weak, but damn, I could not stop laughing at that Bender/Farnsworth resolution. Really solid story that started strong, dragged a bit in the middle, and ended strong.

BringerOfPie gave 4 points

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