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Episode Reviews

Short Summary

Murder on the Planet Express
First aired 08/21/13
Rank: 17/124
Reviews: 63
Rating: 90%


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#1 by Philip
Great episode

Philip gave 5 points

#2 by Dom
This was probably the best of the Season. It had me at the edge of my seat during the second/third acts, and the first act was hilarious! It was so cleverly written.

I didn't like the Facebook referencing, and Leela eating Fry's kidney. Like woah. Weird.

Also, the ending. It was unexpecting, but an awesome way to end the ep. And it was so, funny with Fry and Bender at the end.

5/5 , or 9/10. It was an Instant Classic in my books.

Dom gave 5 points

#3 by Johnw1104
Great episode! There was never a stale moment in this one, with jokes throughout that really fed off of the chemistry of the Fry/Bender, Leela/Amy, and Hermes/Zoidberg pairings.

Couldn't ask for more. :)

The second half of this season is really finishing strong thus far... Hope the next two are of a similar quality to these last five.

Johnw1104 gave 5 points

#4 by UnrealLegend
I'd compare this episode with "Calculon 2.0" in that it didn't really have anything about it that irritated me. Funnily enough, it's by the same writer as well.

I was little grossed out by Leela eating Fry's kidney, which felt like it was mostly there for shock value. The jokes around it were pretty funny though, (such as the Professor getting a burger-kidney transplant) so I won't hold it against the episode too much. The rest of the first act was solid. I enjoyed the appearance of Nine and his many feet gestures, as well as the cameo from Wernstrom's pet fish. All the trust issues were entertaining, but they did feel a tad forced.

As for the whole alien-on-the-ship thing, I was impressed that it managed to constantly surprise me without becoming predictable. The fact that it actually ended up being a trust-building program after all took me by surprise, since I wasn't expecting a repeat of what the fake Professor claimed earlier.

One thing the episode nailed was tension. I was at the edge of my seat during the scene with Hermes and Zoidberg in the vents, and it was funny having Leela and Amy smack the crap out of Hermes' dangling legs. The scene with Bender and Fry outside the ship was... weird. I'm not sure exactly how Fry manged to wear Bender like an Iron Man suit, but it was amusing to see, and I've always secretly wondered what it'd look like if someone were to be inside Bender like that. Now that I've told that secret, nobody better post that on Facebook.

Additionally, I liked the nicknames "Friender" and "Lamy", mainly because they're almost opposites of each other (okay, not really).

The resolution was neat, and I like how Dan McMasters didn't consider the fact that Fry and Bender wouldn't believe him (I sure as hell wouldn't have). It was relieving to see that there wasn't any bullshit Deus Ex Machina where the eaten crew were teleported through a portal in the alien's stomach into a magic room where they all survived or something like that, which I was expecting.

I'll score this one an 8/10. It's a pretty solid effort that had pitch-perfect pacing.

UnrealLegend gave 4 points

#5 by Valens
Usually episodes strike me as a 3 or 4 out of five and grow on me thereafter (the only show I experience this phenomenon with), but this particular episode was clearly a classic from act 1 on.

My top 5 list is crowded so I'm not sure if it'll crack that, but this was a great episode! 5/5 :)

Valens gave 5 points

#6 by 420Dude
One of the all time best, easily.
It was just too damn funny.

420Dude gave 5 points

This kind of episode is gonna make me really miss Futurama when it's gone...

HERMBERG gave 5 points

#8 by Pimp-a-roo
Loved it, had great twists i wasn't expecting. And having fry and bender shoot that guy at the end was epic.

Pimp-a-roo gave 5 points

#9 by Lamy
Wow, that was a great one!

Lamy gave 5 points

#10 by BringerOfPie
What a fun episode. Balanced sense of humor, adventure, and silliness. It kept you on your toes with so many misdirections after one another that nothing was predictable, and the ending was hilarious. And yet it was also a very simple episode with one focused storyline. I wish more time was devoted to the shape-shifting sequence (it kinda flew by at that point) but a fun, silly episode was welcome after last week's heartbreaker.

Looking more promising that this mostly mediocre final season will end with a string of great episodes.

BringerOfPie gave 4 points

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