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Futurama DVD Season 1

Short Summary

The Futurama Season 1 DVD set includes 13 episodes each with an alternative commentary track. It was released a over one year ago around Europe. In November 2002, the Australian Futurama DVD release followed. On March 25th 2003 - 5 months after Europeans were enjoying their Season 2 DVDs - the American fans finally get their fix, too. Are they worth their money?
Number of Reviews: 63   Rating: 94.4%

showing entry 1 to 10 out of 66 entries

#1 by [-mArc-]
The first Futurama DVD set has really great main content (the episodes) with neat and informative commentaries and deleted scenes, but also some glitches in the menu design and sound format. Are they worth their money? Yup! Buy it!

[-mArc-] gave 9 points

#2 by Teral
All 13 episodes of season, in clear and crisp digital format, could you ask for more? No, but the producers of this DVD disagreed.

And with that disagreement came the splendid audio commentaries, the cut scenes, the animatic and script for SP3K, etc.

The audio commentaries is a cornucopia of information and entertainment. You get a lot of knowledge about the background of the characters, jokes and plots. Lots of friendly jibes and injokes among the group make you feel like your watching the episodes with a group of friends. I would be this set for the commentaries alone.

The rest of the extra material is equally stellar, although the featurette could've been longer and more in-depth.

The menus are the worst part of the package. Static and with an annoying background street-noice. And when used on a PC-DVD drive the language selection can be a bit of a hassle to work.

All in all this doesn't detract from the vlaue of this set at all. If you're a Futurama-fan (and if you aren't, why do you read this site?), you have to get this set. It's worth every single penny/cent/whatever coinage you use!

Buy it today, not tomorrow.

Teral gave 10 points

#3 by James
Ditto to all of the above, Ive had my DVD set for over a year now (I live in the UK) and along with the season 2 boxset this is the most regularly watched DVD in my collection. And since i've got over 150 DVD's at this point that's shows just what good value these sets are.
The static menus are colourful, but ultimatly dull, but don't worry about that, by season 2 the menus get sorted out with fully 3-Dimensional animated menus!

Tip: try to find all the easter eggs on the season 1 menus.

James gave 10 points

#4 by Xmpel
10 - Superb

That Describes it well.

Xmpel gave 10 points

#5 by Matt
I live in America, and imported season 1 and 2 on DVD. They are both great, and both my favorite DVD's of my collection. I know this is a review of season ! set, but they are both equally superb. I can't wait for season 3 to come out over there, which isnt that far off. That's my favorite season. But anyways, anyone wanting to make a great, worthwhile DVD purchase should get this boxed set. You won't regret it, like FOX will regret cancelling our beloved show.

Matt gave 10 points

#6 by Jason M. Peavey
Ahhh... what us Americans have all been waiting for is finally here! I just took my set for a test drive and, what can I say? It's excellent!!! I'm so glad they decided to go with all of the episodes PRODUCED for Season One, rather than just the first 9 episodes. I never thought I'd see a DVD release here in the states. Fox actually made a good move here!

Jason M. Peavey gave 10 points

#7 by Kazzahdrane
I live in the UK and got the Season 1 set on day of release, having seen an ad for it in the Simpsons season 1 dvd box set. I had seen most of the first series of the show on TV, and remembered it being "pretty funny".

How wrong I was.

The first season of Futurama *should* be the single dvd set that every person in the world owns, anyone who fails to find a single laugh within a 5 minute period of any episode needs to be put down frankly.

Some of the eps are some of the best ever made (Fry and the Slurm Factory, SP3K, When Aliens Attack) and the rest are all very funny too. The menus aren't really up too much, but frankly that doesnt matter and at least they don't take a minute to go through boring SFX like some big budget DVDs.

Buy it now, I only gave it 8 points because Season 2 is even better and that can't be over 10 :P

Kazzahdrane gave 8 points

#8 by DBCrader
Well, I did my part... bought it the first day it was available here in the U.S.! Don't need to review the episodes, as we all know they are great, and haven't had time to watch it yet to check out the extras (which there seem to be plenty of)...

BUT... I will go on record as saying I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging... thinking we would get the same deal that we got with THE SIMPSONS, I was surprised to see each of the three discs in its own "slimline" DVD case, each with individual new art for the cases and chapter stops listed inside... not only that, the three cases slip into another case, and then the main cover goes over THAT!!! WELL DONE!!!! And BRING ON SEASON TWO!!!

DBCrader gave 10 points
25.03.2003 | eMail

#9 by MonstrZ
Just got the US release of Season 1 today. Funny as all get out. Sad to here of this show's demise on FOX. Hurray for Cartoon Network & the DVDs!

As for this release . . .
The packaging is nice, especially the slim-line DVD cases for each of the 3 discs. DBCrader gives a nice detailed overview of this. As for the DVD quality, I don't know if it's just my discs or what?! I've only gotten to watch the first disc so far, but I've witnessed a number of artifacts. The pilot episode is the most affected, with only minor glitches in the remaining three shows on the first disc. Has anyone else noticed this? Sure, the episodes are funny enough to overcome these minor flaws, but I thought both the show and the dvd medium were supposed to be done in "digital" perfection.

Bottom line . . .
Funny, fun & (even with some artifacts) well worth the purchase.

MonstrZ gave 8 points


BAGGER THE JERK gave 10 points
26.03.2003 | eMail

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