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Futurama DVD Season 3

Short Summary

The 3rd Futurama DVD set was released around Europe in June 2003. With 22 episodes (each with commentary) it is the biggest of the Futurama DVD sets. Additionally, it has extra commentary for the Emmy winning episode "Roswell That End Well", a stills gallery, a video game trailer, a "how to draw Fry & Leela" guide, 3D models, a gallery for "Parasites Lost", an animatic for "Anthology of Interest 2", deleted scenes and some great easter eggs.
Number of Reviews: 41   Rating: 92.4%

showing entry 1 to 10 out of 44 entries

#1 by James
Haven't had a chance to check out all the epesodes yet, but the video and audio is of VERRY high quality. The commentarys are verry interesting and It is well worth checking out all the exteras. 10/10

James gave 10 points
02.06.2003 | eMail

#2 by zimba
Some really good episodes, but some are the suck. The good episodes such as Roswell, Luck of the Fryish, AoI2 and many more, plus some really good extras, pull this set up to 8 stars :P

zimba gave 8 points
02.06.2003 | eMail

#3 by Chris
This set is as expected..Amazing!!! The quality of the set-up is 100%. Really good extras aswell! If you have seen the Main Menus of Season 2 DVD then you will be pleased that season 3's are much better(though season 2 was good). I have yet to discover all the easter eggs but so far so great!!! All I can say is: BUY BUY BUY

Chris gave 10 points
02.06.2003 | eMail

#4 by Samuel X Diamond
This set had me spinning in delight just knowing what the episodes were. Parasites Lost, Luck of the Fryrish, The Day The Earth Stood Stupid, Time Keeps On Slipping, Roswell That Ends Well and Godfellas are some of the finest 22 minutes of television ever broadcast. Okay, this set contains the series' weakest episode (A Pharoah To Remember), but even that has some great moments and a laugh-out-loud Audio commentary.

Sublime presentation, scrumptious extras and succulent entertainment. Buy it.

Samuel X Diamond gave 10 points
02.06.2003 | eMail

#5 by Bending Unit 4
Great as ever. This time there are even more gags about the alien alphabet(s). Even a whole copyright warning written in alien - anyone have a translation yet?

Bending Unit 4 gave 10 points

#6 by Otis P Jivefunk
This set is absolutely awesome, it's packed full of quality eps, and a lot of my faves, such as 'Parasites Lost', 'A Tale of Two Santas', 'Luck of the Fryrish', 'Insane in the Mainframe', 'Roswell The Ends Well, 'Godfellas', and the list goes on...

The packaging is fantastic, just like the first 2 sets. I love the pic underneath the slipcase, very cool. And the episode montage on the individual cases is so awesome, with the main pic of Bender floating through space from 'Godfellas'. I love how all the sets have montages on the cases, and similar aesphetics. The animated menus on this set are amazing, they've really outdone themselves here. The Season 2 menus were really cool, but they weren't perfect with things like the fish on the first menu looking out of place. But on Season 3 everything's been polished, and the menus are a pleasure to watch. Set in space, they're all different, but have a similar theme.

The extras on this set rule too, it's loaded with deleted scenes, including a hilarious car crash scene from 'Cyber House Rules'. And the commentarys are very informative and entertaining. I also love the 3D models extra, neat touch. It's a pity there weren't more character sheets, and I wish they included the awesome Season 3 trailer. The picture quality is razor sharp, another superb transfer. The colours bright, and the blacks dark, and awesome definition with plenty of detail. The sound is crystal clear too.

And as for the eps, in this Season Futurama got a lot deeper, and things develpoed a lot more. Plenty more emotion and drama, but stull full of humour too. This season makes Futurama deeper IMO, and it shows off what Futurama is capable of. But the balance is perfect. It has a few weaker eps, such as my least fave 'That's Lobsertainmeant', but they're all great, and the classic eps more than make up for that. Discs 1 and 4 are absolute gold! easily 10 out of 10.

Otis P Jivefunk gave 10 points

#7 by James
Season 3 is the best Futurama DVD set yet! Every aspect is on top form. For One, I have to say that overall, season 3 contains the highest number of classic episodes, Parasites Lost, Amazon Women, Godfellas, Roswell, Luck of the Fryrish, The Day the earth stood stupid, (and the equally brillaint, but horribly underated by most peaple)I Dated a Robot, and The Route of All evil. The only episode that remain flawed (no matter how forgiving you are felling) is That's Lobstertainement. Despite the cast and crews best efforts to defend the episode in the commentary, you just don't buy it.
The commentaries are also the best yet. Season One commentaries tended to fill the whole episode out well, and be very informative, but lacked lots of laugh out load moments. Season two commentaries are full of funny lines, but they tended to go for long periods of silence. Season 3 combines the best qualities of the previous commentary tracks. It's also good to hear other voice actors in the commentaries, Morice Lamarche comes across as an incredibly talented actor, with a totally unique vocal qualtity, and range (he does voices like Morbo and H.G Blob, but then tones it down for Kiff and and Calculon) In his real voice he sounds alot like his character from Pinky and the Brain.
Anyway, to sum up the set, it's truely brilliant. The commentaries especialy, demonstrate (incase you didn't already know) that this is a truely unique, show, created by very very talented funny people.

There are far too many brilliant things to mention about this DVD in this review, but believe me, it is an essential perchase for any fan, no wait, an essential purchase for anyone!

James gave 10 points

#8 by Uncanny Antman
What need be said? Great stuff.
They've finally added a "PLAY ALL" button, the menus are great, (including all the FBI warning stuff) and the commentaries are as funny as ever. If you don't laugh at the Shatner anecdote during "Amazon Women in the Mood" then you are without humour. ;)

Go buy it right now!

Uncanny Antman gave 9 points
05.06.2003 | eMail

#9 by Walshyboy
Another great achievement for futurama, the 3 season is no doubt a best of selection, althought there are some bad episodes by futurma standards, but compared to other animated series these are still good. All of the extra's are still there, deleted scenes, anamatics and a few more.The great DVD commentaries are still present, with John (Bender), Billy (fry), Matt and David X Cohen (funniest man on the commentaries, there is also some appearances from Tress McNeil, watch out for "A Pharaoh to remember" commentary which see Billy and John stay in the characters of Fry + Bender through out.

A great buy and still showing the world why Futurama is the best cartoon in the world.

Walshyboy gave 10 points

#10 by Melllvar
Right up there with the other sets. Amazing.

The quality of the episodes and the quality of the extras are fantastic. Hilarious commentaries, and brillient easter eggs too.

Fine addition to the set.

Melllvar gave 10 points
05.06.2003 | eMail

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