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Futurama The Game PS2

Short Summary

For the first time, the Futurama universe was ported to the world of video games. In this 3D action-adventure game, you must interact with other characters throughout 21 levels including both Old and New New York, Asteroid Junkyard, Sun City and Bogard Bayou. Tell other readers what you thought of it!

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Number of Reviews: 52   Rating: 89.2%

showing entry 1 to 10 out of 53 entries

#1 by silent mike
i bought this game thinking it would be just another simpsons okay or crapy game, but then i played it and i thought this game is grate. it has a funny story line as well as little clips from what the bad guys say in the level. like when you see a bunch of robot death tropers garding a star wars like chicken walker an intro comes up and you get a funny clip of, "hay are you ever atracted by no there then femail robots..." other robot looks at him "what femail humans?" "no er..robot men?" "ohhhh robot men...robot men?".

you get to play as fry, lela and bender......and once u get to this far away planet you some how meet up with zoidberg and you get to play as him.

in all you visit 9 locations most with more then one level on them. planet express, sewer, subway, old new york, new new york, comit sal and son, the sun, planet at the corner of the univers and moms factory.

to put it simple buy this game its good.

silent mike gave 10 points

#2 by Tony B
This game is just like the TV show, "highly addictive" Its fun, and when your playing it an dyou look up at the clock you cant beleive how long you've been playing it, all the great voices of the TV show, the jokes are great, it's like being in your very own episode, top notch games, i was hoping unlike the simpsons game attempts this game would not flop, and clearly its showed that a good game can be made off Fox, i give this game a trillion dollars, sorry a trillian point

Tony B gave 10 points
03.08.2003 | eMail

#3 by 3
it was great

3 gave 8 points

#4 by TaT
It's this simple, i bought it cause i love the series with a passion - the game is nothing short of a fully interactive episode of the show - so now i love the game with an equal passion. it's intuative and good to control - the graphx rule and the soundtrack and voice acting are all brilliant. buy it or die trying.

TaT gave 10 points
04.08.2003 | eMail

#5 by Skunkwerx
I had high expectations for this game and for the most part the game is meeting my expectations. What is somewhat unpolished is camera controls and the enemy targeting system. The camera angles do not always adjust forward as you would like, which adds to the sometimes dodgy targeting system.

This game is basically a run and jump and shoot. (a la Crash Bandicoot and Sonic the Hedgehog)
So, be warned.... you must have the interest in these type of platform games to be entertained. Levels are sometimes large with up to 5 checkpoints, so if you die you start at the last checkpoint that you passed, however, you cannot SAVE at these checkpoints...only at level beginnings.

Controls are simple. Jump, shoot, move. Shoulder buttons are for targeting, camera centering and weapon selection.

If find all the hidden "nibblers" in each level, bonus items are unlocked. Bonus items included music from each level passed, loading screen wallpapers, (ie; Slurm ad, Zapp Branningan recruiting ad etc .)

For any gaming 'Rama fan.... its a buy and not a rent.

Skunkwerx gave 7 points

#6 by george_timms
snoochie boochies!!! this game is awesome. buy it now DAWG!!!!!!

george_timms gave 10 points

#7 by The Baron
Great, now how about a version for the pc!!

The Baron gave 10 points

#8 by Szeno
This game is simply great, so great, that i've already finished it, story's and humour as great as the series itself.
I give it a 9, minus one bcoz i couldn't get enuff of it. heh

Szeno gave 10 points

#9 by Andrew
I bought the game as an avid Futurama fan and have yet to be disappointed.

The dialogue and story is absolutley hilarious, and manages to make fun of what every game ever stood for - Im sure Matt Groening's kids will love it! -
I've been playing it over the last few days, exept that hour when my eyeball started to bleed, but in my opinion the game is top.

The graphics have been greatly improved, I believe this is the reason of the delay as ots has been tightened up. Many surprises and lots of little in-jokes that only fans will truly understand, but I do suggest this is a game worth buying. It is definitly not just another "Simpson's" game.

This is Futurama, and like the television show, remains the strongest of Mr Groening's creations.

Well done.

Andrew gave 10 points
04.08.2003 | eMail

#10 by Kazzahdrane
I bought the game on day of release and finished it the next day, but please don't take that to mean it is bad, read the rest of my review :)

The game is really good fun, the characters are all very different to play, and the controls are responsive. The graphics are EXCELLENT, they have got the look of the show down to an art, just in 3D this time, the only slight niggles I had was that Fry's hair W is a bit badly shaped, and Leela's hair is a bit off-colour.

The much heralded FMV cut-scenes in the game are truly funny, they are just as funny and clever as the episodes themselves. For example, the Professor: "In hindsight, selling Planet Express may not have been my best idea...must be my hind caterac...." It gets better, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

The difficulty of the game remains pretty constant throughout the game, although there are a couple of puzzles in the later stages that some younger or less experienced players might find tricky.

Overall I really enjoyed the game, I just found it too short, and VERY linear, as any game with set levels is. I wish they'd made the game more like Ratchet and Clank, with the three characters travelling to different planets and getting objectives from people that could be completed in different order. But aside from that, the game is well worth any fan's money, and will provide a good fix of Futurama, much needed in these dark dark times. Better yet, the more copies sold the more likely it is that a sequel could be made, which would likely address many of the issues I've raised in this review.

I would give Futurama: The Game a score of 7/10 as a game, but that score increases to 9/10 if the player is a Futurama fan, as the little mentions to episodes from the 4 seasons are priceless, and help to create a funny, playable, well rounded game. Go out and buy it now!

Kazzahdrane gave 9 points
05.08.2003 | eMail

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