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Because of slow news on the latest on futurama I decided to put up some 3D Art that people submitted to me over the past few months to ease the pain. Keep checking back on cgef for latest news about Futurama.

Another thing you people might be able to help me with. I'm planning a suprise present for my parents aniversary, it's a free trip to Valencia in spain. If you can find the time please click here and then click on the "send me to valentia" button to help me give them this gift.

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David X interview

David X. Cohen recently got interviewed for BBC's Cult Television (I don't know what cult tv is, but that's what their site is titled) - Here's two snippets:
Question: Do you think we'll get to see more Futurama?

David X Cohen:Well, I don't want to give false hope to any Futurama fans, because we haven't heard anything specific from the Fox network.

If Family Guy comes back and it's a bit hit, I think somebody at the network would have to turn their attention back to Futurama to at least consider it for another five minutes.

Question: Whose head would you like to see preserved?

David X Cohen: At this moment I'm going to say my girlfriend Patty. When she reads this article it's going to score me a lot of points.
I felt it was necessary to mention Mr Cohen's girlfriend on this site too to give him some extra points. Thanks to wu_konguk from PEEL for pointing this out to us.

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