Billy speaks about DVD movie

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Well, I spoke to David X.Cohen because we did promos for a new Futurama compilation and he said that they did have talks with the top guys at FOX and they were extremely impressed with the sales of the Futurama DVDs. The idea was to make a Futurama movie right to DVD and then a 2nd and a 3rd. That's what's being discussed. Fox is trying to figure out a budget for the whole project, and it sounded like David X. was very jazzed!

I would love more than anything to do that show again. I thought it was best experience on every level... creatively, voice-wise, writing, animation and the laughs. The laughs. Writers and performers that respected each other.
This is very awesome news. Thanks to Waffy from PEEL for pointing this post Billy made out to us.

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Talk about Futurama Direct to DVD

Good news, everyone?

Over the last week, several sources from within the animation business have indicated to us that there is renewed talk at FOX about bringing fresh Futurama content directly to DVD. We corroborated this with other sources close to the show before publishing the information.

The talk is of course still in a preliminary stage. Options reported to us include one or more Futurama movies in case of a go-ahead.

Even though Futurama is not sure to return and the likelihood of its return is currently unknown, this is the first time in the past few years that we have heard of Futurama being discussed at the upper levels of FOX. They'll likely have a good look at the sales of the upcoming Futurama Monster Robot Maniac Fun Collection.

As soon as we get more information on the Direct to DVD story, we'll let you know right here.

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Free Comic Book Day

May 7th is Free Comic Book Day at every comic book shop throughout the US. So go pick this up:

by Matt Groening

This year, the comic book company that brings you The Simpsons and Futurama in the fantastic four-color format jumps into the fray on Free Comic Book Day with a comic cornucopia of tantalizing tidbits and a spectacular sampling of the best in humor comics!

7x10, 32pgs, FC..........FREE!

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