Futurama Movie 2 preordering

Amazon has the second Futurama movie "The Beast with a Billion Backs" up for preorder at $19.99. They list the release date as June 24, 2008.

Small update: I put a bit more information on our "4 Futurama Movies" page. Mostly the extras according to a press release and a plot synopsis.

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Bender's Big Score on Comedy Central

Comedy Central will be showing "Bender's Big Score" on Easter Sunday (March 23rd) at 8:00 PM. The movie is split into 4 parts, going to 10:00 PM including commercials.

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CGEF Downtime

We had some unforeseen downtime this week. Hopefully this won't happen again.

Since the mail server was down too, all mail to *@gotfuturama.com was rejected. If you mailed anything important to us, please remail.

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