Toynami '09

As 2008 comes to a close, CGEF and Toynami Inc. would like to ask Futurama fans a simple question: Who do you want to play with in 2009? Don't be a pervert, we want to know what would be a killer new action figure in the line of toys Toynami has been releasing as of late.

In the vain of all things Toynami, let me remind you that Captain Yesterday Fry, Nudar, Calculon, and Super King Bender are now available at Entertainment Earth for only $27.99 in pairs of two. Each of the four figures come with a component that is necessary to put together Evil Robot Santa. Perfect Holiday gift? I think so. I managed to get my sweaty paws on the Captain Yesterday Fri and Nudar and I have to say these figures are pure quality. Some of the best toys I've obtained in a while.

Below is a poll I've put together that lists numerous characters that could potentially make it into the next line of figures Toynami puts out. Now is the time to voice your opinion and let us know what YOU, the fan, want next year! If your favorite character isn't listed in the poll, head over to PEEL right away and part-take in a great discussion we have going on right now about future Toynami toys!

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